i'm sorry i just really like his face ok

Ok can I just say how much I love and appreciate phil Michael Lester! Hes such kind, sweet and and creative guy wth! Like I just love to hear his voice and laughter, it always brings a smile to my face! And when ever I’m feeling really lonely I can always watch one of his videos and just lay down and listen to what ever wacky thing that has happened to him. It’s like listening to an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while telling you all about the crazy adventures they’ve been on. I’m not really good with words but heck I just really appreciate Phil so much I just need to express this!! <333


the evolution of enjolras’s hair, from high school through college (because i’m a lazy asshole who can’t be bothered to try to figure out france’s weird as hell school system)

edit: i am aware america’s school system is weird too, but omg forgive me for not doing research for one ridiculous piece of fanart, is it completely necessary to comment on that instead of, oh i don’t know, the art itself? (and at least our system makes numerical sense ok)

hello there ok so first off i really really liked your drawing of castiel with a cigarette! could you draw dean smoking? that would be awesome :D “ ~ Nonnie.

Well Nonnie, for you I can at least try ;__;

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Hello :D I'm sorry to ask this, I'm really curious, I just see daiya 62 raw and I see your post about daiya spoiler another day. If it's ok I want to ask why miyuki ask eijun to wait for him? Is he going to catch for him? And is it explained why eijun has such a look on his face? He looks kinda mesmerized by miyuki and I'm dying to know why. I'm sorry to ask eventhough you don't like daiya spoiler ask. Please ignore this if you don't want to answer this. Thank you before and have a nice day ^^

Don’t worry, as long as it’s not a one liner a la “Where’re my daiya spoilers!!1!!”, I’m always happy to answer daiya no ace related asks! :D

  • why miyuki ask eijun to wait for him?

Miyuki has just finished his batting practise, so he asks Eijun to wait a little because he needs to clean things up.

  • Is he going to catch for him?

Yess, Miyuki promised Eijun to catch for him! I guess they’re going to practise the “numbers”. Right before that last page with Miyuki and Eijun, there’s a short dialogue between Yui and Eijun which goes like

Yui: Will we do a meeting in Miyuki-senpai’s room today, too?

Eijun: No, today he’s going to keep me company at my practise.

Yui: You look so happy.

Eijun: Wahaha, it’s rare that Cap himself offers to keep me company!

  • And is it explained why eijun has such a look on his face?

No it’s not explicitly explained, so it’s up to your imagination interpretation! To me it 100000% looks like Eijun has just fallen in love with Miyuki AGAIN, but putting my shipper-filter away, maybe he was amazed at how earnest and hard-working Miyuki actually is when it comes to baseball? Not that Eijun never saw him practising before, but it was mentioned several times that Miyuki doesn’t really want anyone to see him working hard or making effort, so maybe it was rare for Eijun to see Miyuki practising so eagerly??

Though, tbh I still think it pretty much looks like a typical shojo manga scene! XD

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I see no difference.

Do you ever just take a moment and think how far Harry has come with himself. Remember on “A Year In The Making” when 17 year old Harry was upset with his vocal performance and purposely looked up hate to make sure he was right about how he felt. Now look at him. He pretty much has a permanent ear to ear smile on his face featuring that beautiful dimple of his. He likes to joke around on stage and check on random people to make sure they are ok. He is so open about his humor and so obviously silly and happy. He is so easily loveable it is ridiculous. Anne definitely got it right saying he has a heart of gold and boots to match. I’m honestly so proud of him.

My agent, Joe, called. I think he probably called before they even said my last name. He wanted to call me, and I woke up and heard the phone ringing, and he said, ‘Good morning Tony-nominated Zachary Levi.’ [I’m] completely beside myself. Based on everything, all the warm things we’d been hearing, nominations and stuff, I thought maybe [it was] a possibility. But I was in bed last night and just prayed and wanted to be ok if I woke up in the morning and it didn’t happen — to just be at peace knowing I had a job to do and do the best I can. So, to wake up to that kind of news was really… it’s humbling and I feel gobsmacked.”