i'm sorry i just love this video a lot


So when I first saw Genji’s new dancing emote, a lot of the moves reminded me of the Kinjaz, so I went to go investigate.

The original Kinjaz video

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Wanted to say that I love your Walking Dead video and I'm sorry so many people are treating it so hostilely. I hope you are able to get more sponsored things on the future. Also I was wondering, do you like the Walking Dead regularly, or was it just a one time thing with the game?

Thank you! But it’s all right. I knew I was going to get a lot of hate for the sponsored video. I think the it got even more vitriol than normal is because it’s a mobile game. There’s an extreme prejudice against them, no matter how good they are.

That said, I needed it. I’m still potentially losing my house, and I needed some quick funds because I’m scared. If I wasn’t going through this, I would’ve just put it on my side channel instead.

Yo, I need more content on my dash so if you reblog a lot of

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I hate t when my dad just criticizes my idols (Ethan, Mark, and Jack and Dan and Phil) right in my face because they're "annoying YouTubers". He knows I love them and that they've helped me trough a lot but he still just rolls his eyes whenever I say I'm going to watch them and that they're all idiots who I'm wasting my time watching. And sure I know I'm probably not going to care about them when I'm older, but for now they have helped me through a lot. Mark even "convinced" me not to kms.

I’m sorry nonny…
I was in the same situation when I was younger, except that you replace Youtubers by video games, and Mark by Kingdom Hearts.
What I can only tell you is to ignore your dad’s remarks, he doesn’t control your life and what you like. You shouldn’t try to justify why you like them to him if he refuses to listen. That’s what I did, and now my dad pretty much leave me alone.
That’s the only piece of advice I can tell you nonny. Sorry I can’t help you more.
Stay strong, we love you here. 💖 - Mod Lily

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More of just a cute observation. Sean's faces when he's really getting into his playing, like how he is in his Chop Suey video. Super intensity into playing = adorable faces. It's a drummer thing. One of my fav drummer things XD (Sorry I'm done)

No dontgo he’s seriously one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen I love him a lot

  • Fandom Max: gay gay gay gay. so gay for chloe everyone else is shit i love chloe so much.
  • In game Max: Chloe is an important friend and I care for her deeply. Though, I care for other people too. I try to help people by doing the right thing as much as possible. I may or may not love Chloe in a romantic way.
  • Fandom Chloe: really hella gay for max caulfield only im gonna slap a bitch if there was anyone else for her. she loves me i love her.
  • In game Chloe: Yeah Max is my friend and I probably like her but man I wish Rachel was here right now. Whenever I die, Max becomes a hero and saves me so it's okay if we screw up. I just really miss Rachel.
  • Fandom Kate: can not sin did you just say a bad word God please bless these not nice people
  • In game Kate: People are so stupid. Ugh. Why can't you just understand me. Pls stop doing what you're doing and just apologize smh
  • Fandom Nathan: sigh im such a nice person why does this happen to me.
  • In game Nathan: I just killed a few people and fought a lot but I really feel guilty about it. I didn't think about my actions and I am just an abused but spoiled kid.
  • Fandom Victoria: kate should forgive me and we should hook up bc i would change for her and do anything for her i just really love kate
  • In game Victoria: I took a video of Kate on the roof about to jump and I really don't think it's my fault she was up there. I laughed at her and called her names whether she was there or not. I'm sorry though but I didn't do anything.
  • Fandom Rachel: goddess, princess, im everything bow down to me im your main bitch
  • In game Rachel: I'm actually dead but I was flirting with people secretly and probably used Frank and Chloe for reasons

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Hi Melly :) I've recently been reading all I can about Zayn leaving and am 1000% convinced it's a stunt. I'm embarrassed I bought into the narrative for so long! So sorry if you've covered this but I read somewhere that 1D was obligated to Syco for 6 albums? Do you think it's possible that the boys worked it out so MITAM would be their 5th and Zayn's would be the 6th, so they'd fulfill the contract sooner? Or is that not even feasible? Love your insight, so just wondering your thoughts. TYSM! :)


Don’t be embarrassed at all! Honestly, sometimes believing the narrative makes things a lot easier. I told myself this just yesterday when I was watching that video on Liam’s instagram and whispering to myself “That house is so nice, but it looks so impersonal, like a Bluth Model Home. And that’s probably not even his REAL dog. I bet that’s a stage dog.” I then sat quietly for several minutes while “Hazy Shade of Winter” played dramatically in the background, wondering how I got here and what kind of life choices I made to be in a fandom where hired stage dogs and Babygates are possible. 

But I digress! Let’s talk about the possibility of Zayn’s solo album acting as the alleged sixth and final album on the One Direction Syco contract. I should preface this by saying that this has been debated before by people that A) wear pants more often than I do and B) are smarter than me, but I’ll try my best. 

What you read about there being six albums on the One Direction contract looks correct. 2 days after Zayn left One Direction, Billboard ran a story that discussed the contract, and this blurb more or less confirms it (it’s worth noting the story originally was broken in 2013 by 1DHQ mouthpiece The Sun):

When the story ran in publications, it listed that it was a 36-month, 1 album a year deal, with the final album being delivered in 2016. Most folks figured that sixth album would be a Greatest Hits, but let’s say that album was Zayn’s solo record. “So Melly, “ you might ask, “what exactly could that mean?”

A few possibilities! It would explain the seemingly nonexistent non-compete agreement and the reason why Zayn was ultimately allowed to release recorded music less than a year after leaving the band.   It would mean that Zayn would potentially still be subject to Syco/1DHQ fuckery for a longer period of time than the other boys, since his Syco contract wouldn’t be over until all promotional obligations were fulfilled for Mind of Mine. It could also serve as a reason for why his album promotion  is so sparse and sporadic.  For example, if the contract stipulates that he needs to do x amount of promotional appearances, they could keep control of Zayn longer by keeping him from doing those promotional appearances all at once. 

While there’s obviously no way for us to reallyyyyy know, I totally think it’s  a valid theory. 

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Sudden anxiety that ruins everything is awful- I'm so sorry. For what it's worth, I recently started following you because I'm feeling the exact same thing and your blog calms me down a lot. Thank you for everything!!! ❤︎

Awww you’re so sweet love!! Dw I’ll be okay I’ll just watch some Dan&Phil videos and calm down eventually :’D anxiety’s a bitch. It means a lot that my blog can truly be a sanctuary for you?? I hope you feel better and wish you the calmest rest of the day!!!

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Omg Olivia I just watched that video of matt daddario where he's signing things for fans and one of the fans hands him her phone as a way of asking if they can get a picture but he's distracted and signs her case instead and when he realizes he's like "DID I JUST SIGN YOUR CASE?! THATS NOT WHAT YOU ASKED ME TO DO!" and he's so genuinely sorry and the fan is just like "no it's fine!" I'm crying I love him a lot

that video is one of the most precious things I have ever seen cause he’s so???? himself???? like how precious is this man apologizing for signing her phone case when like who WOULDN’T want him to sign her phone case. “you can probably buy a cheap one off of EBay” HE FEELS SO BAD LIKE IT’S ADORABLE

he’s so friendly and sweet and goofy like “idk why you’d want to hug me I’m all sweaty” and “IS THIS ILLEGAL?!” when asked to sign a dollar bill and “Oh no I don’t want to mess it up!” when asked to write out “Alec” for a tattoo someone wanted to get and “Tell me if it’s blurry we’ll take another one” after taking a picture with this one fan like I LOVE HIM AND HIS SWEET HEART

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Can I request HC's of a male (or gender neutral) S/O that adores cute animals so much they often cry watching cute animal videos and/or owns a lot of small pets (ferrets, bunnies, doggos)? ((I'm sorry but I just love your writing so much, they way you write Goro is so amazing I can't help myself :,,,D))

Originally posted by geekylaugifs


(Also thanks for your patience;;;;)

- The first time S/O had cried in front of Goro was when they were watching an animal video, surprise surprise

- They had him so worried!! He was afraid it was something he did/didn’t do, or someone was hurting them and they just couldn’t hide it from him any longer.

- Seeing the slight smile on their face didn’t help him at all. Just got him more confused.

- He expected them to be watching something that moved them to tears at this point, but the way and how much they were crying really through them off.

- He also didn’t expect it to be an animal video. He didn’t know what else they could have though he just… didn’t expect that.

- He starts watching the video with them, which is a small puppy running around for the first time and falling over several times only to get back up with the same motivation and resolve. 

- He can’t say he doesn’t see the appeal. He just can’t find much emotion from it.

- “Why are you crying over something like this…?” “HOw can I nOT, Goro?!?!?!”

- He knew they had quite a few small animals at their home, but didn’t know that the reason behind it was because they thought they were the cutest thing on the planet. He could’ve never figured that.

- He gets jealous how much love S/O gives their pets sometimes don’t deny.

- When he visits their house, they always have him go around with them, checking up on each and every little creature they own.

- They also have him hold some of them, despite him declining their offer.

- He finds strange calmness holding their rabbits. The ferrets and the guinea pigs too!

- Though he has to admit he does favor their dogs more than any of them.

- S/O doesn’t even need to ask. Goro will go with them to walk their dogs. Even hold some leashes too.

- Any time they see others’ small animals, they freak out and start cooing them and even crying a bit as well. It takes some time but Goro does eventually tear them away so they can move on with their day.


- Soooo much convincing is needed to get them to change their mind. Sometimes Goro just simply tears them away from the idea.

- Bonus: S/O’s small pet family helps him through his therapy/recovery <3

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Hello, I was watching your haunted dolls video (great video btw) and I noticed while demonstrating your walking doll that you have some sort of weird mark on your arm (I'm guessing a birth mark), I'm really curious on what it is if not a birth mark. Sorry if this comes off as rude or weird, I don't mean it that way. Love your videos, hugs from México! :)

The day I shot the scene walking the doll outside, I also shot some stuff for another video with a lot of fake blood. The dark marks down my arm are just some dried up blood :)
Thank you! :D

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/post/162252334275/dirkar-ive-been-seeing-a-lot-of-posts-about-the op ships incest and that's why they're claiming fiction has no effect on reality. I can't find anything by searching your blog but are you ok with incest (I don't care if it's "just fictional") in any capacity? (Sorry for the aggressive tone I'm just really upset by seeing that)

I reblogged that post because it’s true. As a kid who grew up playing violent video games and who loves horror movies and gore, I’ve constantly seen people claim that consuming things like that are a reflection of the person playing them. We all know that’s not true. Just because I like to murder people in GTA, doesn’t mean I condone actual murder. And I specifically like gore because I know that it’s not real but I can’t at all handle even seeing pictures of people’s real life injuries most of the time. Since the beginning of the existence of media, people have been making these kinds of claims and time and time again they’ve been proven to not be true.

I’m not into incest ships at all and never will be and tbh they creep me the fuck out, but at the end of the day shipping something like that isn’t hurting anyone and honestly no one will ever be able to stop people from shipping what they want to ship anyways, so I don’t really feel like it’s my place to even actually condone it or not (I really do not like judging people when they aren’t doing something or believe in something that directly hurts others). So yeah, that’s not gonna change my support of that post.

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I'm sorry I LOVE your art!!! Could I make a lil request??? Could you draw a picture of blake?? Maybe a lil angry or sad or something - whatever you are comfortable to make!! I don't mind if it is with or without background. And idk if you will say yes to the next part but would I be allowed to use it in my videos?? I made AMVs and MEP parts for RWBY and I just think your art is so amazing!!

!!! thank you so much for the request and your kind compliments ♡ your interest means a lot! i would *love* for you to use this in your MEPs and AMVs oh my gosh ^^

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Do the voice actors of Sebastian and ciel ship sebaciel? I heard that brina did but I'm not sure if it was just a rumour. Also apparently the whole thing was supposed to have romance between them but the creator decided not to? I'm new to the fandom so I don't know a lot if things sorry

Hello there Anon , yes Brina , Ciel’s voice actress ,does indeed  Ship Sebaciel here’s a link to a video where she says she believes that the two are in love  , there’s also Ciel’s official love confession to Sebastian XD here enjoy :


 as for Michael tatum  , there’s this video where he made a scene with Brina in which Sebastian proposed to Ciel (Brina ) and he accepted here’s the link:


Also he made a video where drunk sebastian confessed his love for his “brat “ master xD :


As for the rumour that says , kuroshitsuji was supposed to be yaoi , nothing has been confirmed yet so it’s still just a rumour 

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Hi! I'm the anon who requested the stranger flirting with RFA HCs and I wanted to say that they're all so goood. Idk, I was really craving seeing their reactions (especially Yoosung >< lol) and you wrote it perfectly *^* Could I request another one? I'm not sure if you did something like this already but... MC bringing RFA (and V+Saeran again, if it doesn't take too much of your time!) to an anime/video game convention? Bonus: who MC and they cosplay as! Hehe ^-^ Thanks, I love your writing!

//ayy, no problem my dude. that means a lot ^^ lol, also, sorry for including yoosung in like everything? he just fits so many characters. So, in order, the characters are from the animes: Noragami, Yuri!!! On Ice, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Bungou Stray Dogs, Blue Exorcist (I haven’t finished this yet so i’m sorry if Yukio actually turns out to betray someone or something), and Tokyo Ghoul


  • you’re hiyori but just forget yatori for a second
  • Saeyoung might come and be Yato
  • he’s totally seen Noragami before, so he knows what’s going on, and you guys discuss theories n headcanons on the way there
  • you’ve decided to be Hiyori when her soul has slipped out, and he loves your tail
  • If you’ve got Saeyoung as your Yato, if he catches Yoosung staring at you, he’ll pretend to get stung
  • it’s perfect and people can’t get enough of you guys
  • “We’re so doing this again next year”


  • they’ve got the same personality and he can totally pull it off, except for maybe the ponytail, but it’s chill
  • you’re OBVIOUSLY yuri (katsuki)
  • “hmm… so i’m supposed to be very playful and you have to blush easily? that shouldn’t be a challenge at all!”
  • he gets excited because you get excited, because he knows that you really love cons and YOI
  • you guys are CHEERED on when you get there and so many people want photos of Vikturi
  • it’s the cutest because people are so happy that you guys play the parts so well


  • you’re Bishamon and she’s Kazuma
  • she keeps fretting over both of your cosplays because if you guys are gonna do this, you’d be going all out, not just a half ased attempt
  • she wants people to know who you guys are without asking
  • they aren’t too popular of characters but people still appreciate how you guys fit the parts
  • “So what does it mean that I’m your exemplar in this context?”
  • “well… you’re my blessed vessel, so it’s like you’re my most trusted Regalia, and so you lead me and give me advice, because Gods can be influenced by other things than good, you know?”
  • she gets herself more confused but all she knows is that Bishamon and Kazuma have a very strong relationship, just like the two of you, and she grows to enjoy the convention
  • “…can we go again next year?”


  • he’s kinda confused about it in the first place??
  • but you assure him that cosplaying is fun!!
  • you promised him that the character you’re dressing him up as is really similar to him
  • you’re totally Gou
  • “so i’m supposed to like swimming?”
  • “not just like, love it. Haru finds it very poetic and beautiful, especially the water. he’ll swim anywhere and everywhere there is water”
  • he gets more interested in the anime world as you keep talking about other shows and mechanics, and he thinks that he could fit Levi Ackerman, too
  • “hmm… maybe we can do that next year, and i’ll be Sasha”
  • if yoosung comes along, he’d TOTALLY be nagisa


  • he’s totally being Dazai and you’re being Chuuya
  • he can’t stop taking your hat off
  • he says that he doesn’t want to pretend to hate you in a playful way, he just wants to love you in a playful way
  • if yoosung comes, he’s being Kenji
  • you guys have definitely both seen the anime together
  • “DOGGGGSSS!!!”
  • people flip because soukoku kisses
  • soukoku everything
  • hand games, macarena, and just fluffy stuff that people want to screech at


  • he’s a little hesitant about it, but you assure him that it’s fine and there won’t be any problems
  • you decided to dress up as Yukio and Rin Okumura, because both of you enjoyed watching Blue Exorcist together
  • he’s happy that he doesn’t totally hate the character he’s playing, because he thinks Yukio is p reasonable and they aren’t too different
  • he generally just likes the concept of the anime, and the con goes better than he expected it to
  • he sees that everyone there has something in common, and it’s actually very nice, because anime is just one giant community, even though it is sometimes a little split on Subs v. Dubs. AN// im personally a sub person
  • he enjoys seeing you so happy taking photos with other people and characters and making happy memories to last a lifetime


  • he’s kaneki and you’re touka
  • he actually really loves the mask, and he feels he can relate to kaneki and it’s kinda sad but!! it’s okay
  • if saeyoung or yoosung comes along, they’d probably be Hide
  • he likes the idea of kagunes
  • he’s kinda nervous about it but sees you lookin chill and cool like “yo dude it’s gonna be fine it’ll be full of awkward people just like us”
  • “these are really flippin cool. can i wear them everyday??”
  • your costumes are by far the most popular there
  • he isn’t really used to be around so many people, but he just gets absorbed into kaneki that it doesn’t bother him anymore

I decided to upload the drawing here…because why not? i enjoyed very much making this drawing because you’re super cute @thealchemicfox !!(❁´◡`❁)

Your cosplays are perfect! you’re so talented! how you make the costumes, how you interpret them, just wow! ♡you’re amazing  (●´ω`●)

And i need to say that all your videos are a masterpiece, you’re super creative, all of them make me laugh a lot like in “Monopoly incident” which is my favorite lol or cry a lot like in “Sunshine” that video hit me like a train. And I met you with the video of “Tsukishima Kei audition” Thank you Kei  (▰˘◡˘▰)!!

Well in summary i admire you a lot, you’re amazing, super cute and a great great person! :) Stay awesome Fox! ♡

(My english is a little bit bad, so i’m sorry if you don’t understand something or if something just doesn’t have sense lol) 

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HEY GURRL. fellow wontaek shipper here. you dont have to do this, but if you want to, can you compile a list (big or small) or gifs/photos of cute wontaek moments? im trying to convince my friend that they have chemistry ^^

I answered a similar ask before here! Those are my favorite Wontaek moments, 

also u should show your friend some of the Vapp videos! I’m gonna leave my favorite videos here (just click on “Play” or “Play captioned”):

Also, this video has a lot of cute moments:

I hope this helps! Happy converting!

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i've forgotten how much i loved 1d. i marathoned their music videos and i sure love them. i got so many happy memories from them and their music. it makes me realise how much my life has changed (in a good way) i'm thankful for all the memories, i just wanted to tell you this because idk i loved your art, and still do. i don't know you, and you don't know me,but your art (and you) have a special place in my heart and i just wanted to tell u that (sorry it's quite late and i'm a bit emotional)

this is such a sweet memory thank you for sharing it with me! my life has also changed in a good way because of 1d so i can relate a lot. it feels like forever since i marathoned their music videos (or interviews) but i remember spending days doing so when i was still a baby in this fandom. i should do it again soon tbh!

and i remember you!! i drew you a picture of zayn sleeping on a snorlax around this time last year…so here’s something for you this year <3 it’s amazing to hear that my art has impacted you in such a way, that makes me so incredibly happy :’‘)