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Off the top of your head, are there 'phan' moments that are so significant they always make you smile and randomly spring into your head? For example, the viscosity discussion and the "you loved it, you wanna do it more" attack me when i'm doing work, and i'm equal parts elated and worried for my sanity because they take up such a large portion of my thoughts lol. I hope your move was good :)

omg sorry this took me so long to respond to but i didn’t even rly know where to begin bc there are so many??? i’m not sure if they’re ‘significant’ but this is just a short list of moments that jst keep me up at night from time to time bc they’re so Good: 

1. that time dnp did a joint live show on october 19, 2015 and not only acknowledged their friendaversary but also dan went on the world’s most Extra rant about phil’s enjoyment of pumpkin spice lattes when like, literally, no one asked or came for phil about that ,,, i often find dan’s repeated ‘get over it get over it get over it … you cynic … gEt oVeR iT’ stuck in my head in random moments. that’s also the live show where dan went on the world’s second most Extra rant about the walking dead and the Themes and the Complexity for like 3 whole mins and phil sat there imitating all of his wild gesticulation until he literally got so fed up that he stops and rolls his eyes and follows up dan’s review with the fucking iconic: “my review is, it was alright” 

2. phil’s tweet and photo of dan celebrating the release of the tatinof films bc i was so sure they’d be having some sort of party, a flipside party at least, but instead this pic confirmed they were celebrating this huge release in the most dan and phil way possible: just sat together in their lounge dressed in onesies and drinking rose :) 

3. the ridiculously cute time that dan confirmed in a liveshow that phil had come w him to wokingham in 2011 to celebrate his mum’s birthday 

4. in 2014 when dan broke his and phil’s filming camera and tweeted about it while phil was out and phil replied 'do you want me to buy a glue stick on the way home’ bc like, what the fuck. cute 

5. in the making of tabinof video when they’re talking about writing in a hotel room in orlando and dan’s handling the camera and phil is basically all up on him to get in frame and and dan’s in socks and it’s all v soft and cozy 

6. ‘your eyes are like three colors at the same time. that’s a trick question. your eyes are blue, green, and yellow.’ (x)

7. ‘i’m obsessed with your curl dan. how did that form?’ (x) .. and really all of the pastel edits video

8. dan going out of his way to add the clip of phil spanking his ass with the plushy snake at the very end of the pinof 6 bloopers even tho ,, no one asked or needed that and it was obvi in the original ,, like why 

9. the fact that when dnp went shopping for the suits they were gonna wear to the brits in 2015 phil just needed to take a spontaneous pic of dan in the shirt he ended up picking, obvi bc he felt a pressing need to commemorate the moment and he thought dan looked beautiful: 

(but rly tho, why did phil need a personal photo of the shirt dan was going to wear to the event, an event at which there would be like 500000 professional photos and videos taken … what a sap)

10. iom for phil’s birthday this year was so great and obviously so was the fam vacay and whatnot but it’s sometimes easy to forget how long dan has been a part of the family, and so i often think about phil tweeting out that he was celebrating his birthday with his family and dan at “the coolest thai restaurant ever” all the way back in 2012, complete with photo: 

they’ve just been a part of each others’ lives on such a deep level for so long it continuously boggles my mind <3

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Okay this is super random (and not technically fan fiction) but if yuri on ice was a live action show, who would you want to play the main characters? I know this is random and not related (but technically it's fan fiction-y related) however I'm curious what you think!!

(This is going to be a REALLY long post, sorry hahaha)
I LOVE this question! I’m only going to put actors/models on here, but I do know many skaters who would be amazing as well! (Yuzuru Hanyu, Michael Christian Martinez, Evgeni Plushenko are a few! I could make another list for that if you’d like!) 

Yuuri Katsuki: Kento Yamazaki

(Japanese actor)



So cute!!


Kento Yamazaki + Flowers = 😍

When I watched YOI, this is who I thought of instantly (besides Yuzuru Hanyu, of course!)

Victor Nikiforov: Vasiliy Stepanov 

(Russian Actor)

(I know Kubo said she used John Cameron Mitchell as a visual reference and I think he’d be awesome as Victor, but I also think that this actor would be great as well! And I know what you’re thinking, “Hailey this doesn’t look like Victor!” I KNOW!! Victor is too perfect to be compared to any mere mortal, BUT hear me out! Imagine this man with the platinum hair, swoopy bangs, and straight eyebrows… *dies* 😍)



I’ll just leave this here… 😍


Yuri Plisetsky: Emil Andersson 

(I couldn’t find anyone younger, so just imagine this is an aged-up Yurio haha)

The hair!

Look at that expression! Is this Emil or moody Yurio???

Minako Okukawa: Yukie Nakama

(Japanese actress, singer and former idol)

She’s beautiful!

Christophe Giacometti: Gaspard Ulliel

(French Actor)

The green eyes! The scruff!! I’m in love!!!


Phichit Chulanont: Jirayu La-Ongmanee

(Thai actor)



He needs to be protected at all costs!!! 💙

Mila Babiceva: Natalya Rudakova

(Russian-American actress)

She looks exactly like Mila??? I’m SHOOK

Jean-Jacques Leroy: Brant Daugherty

(American Actor)

The eyebrows… the eyes!

Yuuko Nishigori: Saki Aibu

(Japanese Actress)

So pretty!

Otabek Altin: Sanzhar Madiyev

(Kazakhstani Actor)

Just shave off the ‘stache and he’s Otabek!

Those are my picks, what are yours? Let me know in the replies!

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Hi! Is there anywhere you've posted your brush settings? I wanted to check your blog before asking, but my computer didn't let me scroll down so I'm not sure how you keep it organized. Sorry if someone's asked you this before, but I just really love your art and I wanted to see how you do it haha

hey, thank you! i keep all info about brushes, programs, etc. in my FAQ but the brushes needed a big overhaul anyway SO

here’s an updated, more organized list of settings! feat. nichol, amelie, new unnamed OW oc, and dante ;3c

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Are there any good newer drarry fics that are set in hogwarts era or 8th year? :)

Thanks for asking! I wasn’t quite sure what constituted “newer,” and a lot of my favorite eighth years are a little older, so I used a liberal definition :)

Chaos Theory (Tessa Crowley, 103k): Hogwarts era AU with a genius Ravenclaw!Draco. It follows Draco and Harry throughout their years at Hogwarts, and the way it reimagines canon events is brilliant. It’s spectacularly well written, intense, and very clever. 

Leo Inter Serpentes (Aeternum, 380k so far- WIP): Hogwarts Era AU. It’s a retelling of all of the books with a Slytherin!Harry. It’s fantastic!

Right Hand Red (lumosed_quill, 73k): 8th year. This is one of my favorite Drarry fics. It has sexually charged party games, overheard wanking sessions, and shared shower hijinks. The sexual tension between Harry and Draco is scorching, and their relationship unfolds very naturally.

Unexpected Consequences (lauren3210, 39k): 8th year. As a punishment for his involvement with the Death Eaters, Draco has to be bound to someone. He requests Harry, who reluctantly agrees. They return to Hogwarts and get their own quarters, and find themselves drowning in UST.

Helix (Saras_Girl, 93k): 8th year. Harry and Draco are paired up to monitor these adorable snails, resulting in lots of awkward tent sharing. It’s very gentle and sweet, and the buildup of their relationship is lovely.

Marked ( mangoapplepie, 3k): Hogwarts Era, set during HBP. Harry just knows Draco is up to something, so he takes it upon himself to spy on Draco in the Prefects’ Bathroom.

Twice as Much as an Earthquake (firethesound, 18.5k): 8th year. Harry and Draco are accidentally bonded together. Bickering, fisticuffs, and fun with manacles ensue.

In the Interest of Interhouse Cooperation (firethesound, 12k): 8th year. McGonagall tells Harry he must co-run his new Dueling Club with Draco. The Room of Requirements takes it upon itself to play matchmaker, helping the boys achieve true interhouse unity. 

Don’t Think Twice (firethesound, 28k so far- WIP): 8th year. It starts with Harry spying on Draco’s wank session in the Prefects’ Bathroom (naughty, naughty), and escalates in the most delicious manner.

No Greater Victory (dictacontrion, 27k): 8th year. Draco makes a bet with Pansy that he can make Harry fall in love with him and then break his heart. It has an amazing Draco. Plus, it’s a remix of Cruel Intentions, which is delightful.

Second Time’s the Charm (Sophie French, 2k): 8th year. Harry, being a creature of habit, once again follows Draco into his compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Although this time, he gets a happy ending ;)

Draco Malfoy is NOT Attractive & Harry Potter is an Arrogant Prick (Sophie French, 6.5k together): 8th year. Harry and Draco both try to prove that no, they are not attracted to each other, how dare you suggest such a thing! It’s hilarious. Sexytimes in the Quidditch showers and Slytherin dormitory await. 

Azoth (zeitgeistic/faire_weather, 89k): 8th year. Harry decides to study to become a Potions Master, with the help of Draco and Snape’s portrait. 

Unknown Pleasures (birdsofshore, 10.5k): 8th year. Harry is surprised when he enters the Room of Requirements and finds Draco and walls and walls of bdsm fuckery inside. The room really is so very thoughtful.

Something I Don’t Want to Stop (traintracks, 16k): 8th year. Harry and Draco are forced to room together. While they pitch a fit at first, they soon come to recognize the benefits of cohabitation. 

Hurt for the Right Reasons (traintracks, 4.5k): 8th year. After getting into a fight during a Quidditch match, Draco and Harry have angry shower sex in the Quidditch locker room. 

Punishment (dysonrules, 15.5k): 8th year. Draco and Harry make a bet over their Quidditch game. Harry loses and has to let Draco spank him. It ends up being less of a punishment and more of a reward, really.

**Older Ones that I Have to Include Because I Love Them Too Much**

Twist of Fate (OakStone730, 312k): Hogwarts Era AU. Harry and Draco get together 4th year but want to keep their relationship a secret, so they stage public fights (which are the ones you see in the books). So everything canon still occurs, there’s just a different meaning behind it. It’s brilliant & heartbreaking.

At Your Service (Faith Wood, 96k): 8th year. This is my absolute favorite Drarry fic! Harry obsesses over Draco and gallivants around solving mysteries.

Daydream Series (Faith Wood, 12k): 8th year. Draco buys 100 Patented Daydream Charms featuring Harry in various sexual situations, and soon becomes obsessed with them.

Who Shagged Harry Potter? (Faith Wood, 6.5k): 8th year. The Slytherins wake up in their dormitory hungover, disheveled, and in the midst of one very naked Harry Potter. But how did he arrive at this state of undress?

Denude (Faith Wood, 4k): Hogwarts Era, post HBP. This takes place right after the Sectumsempra incident. Harry’s stalking Draco on the Map, and winds up following him out to the Forbidden Forest.

How to Handle an Enemy & Turnabout is Fair Play (who_la_hoop, 18k together): 8th year. The Slytherins play Truth or Drare, and poor Draco gets in over his head. This is my ideal Draco; he’s a fussy, wry, witty, clever, insecure, arrogant little snarkmonster.

The Potter-Malfoy Problem (who_la_hoop, 29k): 8th year. Harry keeps getting summoned to the Room of Requirements whenever Draco goes inside. And alas, once they’re together, the door to the room disappears, forcing them to find their own entertainment. Whatever shall they do?

Bored (Vorabiza, 9.5k): Hogwarts Era. The Gryffindors and Slytherins are trapped together, and Harry keeps them occupied by getting his dirty talk on.

Simulacrum & Finders Keepers (slashpervert, 8k together): 8th year. Draco decides to make a replica of his cock. He sends it to Harry, who puts it to good use.

Mental (Sara Holmes, 196k): 8th year. Harry + Draco + a magical link that lets them hear each other’s thoughts = perfection. 

Dragon Tamer (jennavere): Hogwarts Era. Harry and Draco have to pretend to date, and gee, I wonder what could possibly happen next?

Sorry this list is so long! I hope you enjoy the Hogwarts shenanigans

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I LOVE JAMES FLINT SO MUCH!!!! sorry I just had to tell you that


I was going to just shout a bit about how I also love james flint so much but you inspired me to make a visual


wow look at him…….just look at that pirate……wow…..

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um hey, so you don't know me but i'm feeling very bad and am considering some things and scaring myself so could you list anything and everything that makes you happy? just, in general? thank you

oh love… i’m so sorry. i’m thinking of you, okay? you’re going to be all right.

  • here’s a game you play where you race the google bot to draw a picture and it has 20 seconds to figure out what it is

  • if you turn your internet off and try to use chrome it brings up a little dinosaur, press the space bar or the up arrow and it turns into a game where you have to jump cacti and birds
it might not seem like it right now, but there are so many things out there just waiting to make you happy, i promise. 

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hello dennie! I really love your blog and I look up to you as well because you're a kind and lovely person. I'm thinking of starting a phan blog today and it would really be nice if you give me some blog recs! Please :D

Oh man oh wow that’s just really nice you don’t have to look so highly of me omg I just make crappy edits and art that’s really note that big of a thing and you can always talk to me because I really love talking but sometimes I don’t know how it works I am sorry if I disappoint you, okay? And I’ll give you a list of the blogs that I really, really love and they’re also a reason that I keep going back here on tumblr because they’re fun people and I love them ♡(。- ω -)

@mostlyphil ofc for my daily dose of phil, @cuddlesphan @fireworksphil @cappuccinohowell @mylivingphantasy @instarbuckswithdan @philester @phreckledphan @babephil @danieliph @domesticbanting @scifiphan @aforeverhome @philscurls @philsdenimjacket @fondnp @curlyfringe @thatdnpguy @madhurphil @akilahthegreat @lestercurls @itstooearlyfortiramisu @ @htmlpinof @energeticwarrior @cuddleshowell @leftfringe @doinganap @hobbithair @cringe-attacks @wispyphil @httphaniel  @forgetfullittleguy @imfilmingyou @manchesterz @danstellations @crisshowell @phillp  @danspeach @unhugme @dxntasies @demondannie @pseudophan @boncasphan @themostfuniveverhad @guccinof @frightphil @eucalyptusdan @lesterdreams @burlesquephan @moonbeamphil @sadistdan @moonlitdan @phlean @donthavetobebrave @louvrephil  @crescendohowell @hellcrafts @cafephan @snowbunnylester @ratinof @awrfhi @dansucc @singaporeditl @danisontnonfire @bisexualdnp @heckdan @wokingdan @wispyphil @nihilist-toothpaste @princephil @dnpsb @longtrainislong @fringez @brightphil @tallboyes @altphan @soothingphil @qanhowell @cosyphan @acurlyphil @gorgeousdan @phanhowell @melancholydan @princessdan @fringeboyes @phanwhom @softnerds @fourandahalfhourskypecalls @acreamphilleddan @doitmore @roseyboys @pinoffs @phansweetheart @phanoween @tuliphan @amourphil @kissdjh @glowinghowell @golddustphan @phiru @huphilpuffs @bakingvidz @creamphilled  @backin2009  @danlands @needacuddle  @loverlylester @cuteasslester @cluelesslester @phursonas @greenlester @mesmericphilip @gxldenboyphil @botanistlester @butterflyphil @spacekiddan @internetfathers @tuloy @rosegoldan @phansterdam@valentinephil @philboye @etherphil @allbantsnoangst @writerdan @cookiephil @breadhowell @fondan @dancestz @nervouslester @yikejpg @validdan @eightpinofs @dangoghs @danielpov @dawniel @phandomnoodle @thebasket @danhowellscurl @amazingphil-isamazing @phantheraglama @jilliancares @sunnyaalisse @mortallyvirtualphan @lunacidre @incaseyouart

these guys are nice and blogs that have good content and it’s really lovely following them (okay im sorry i have to mention y’all because you all have nice blogs that i would 11/10 recommend i love you senpais)

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Hello! Can we have boys spoiling each other (and Yura) with care, attention, by being mindful, or by something material? Sneakily or open - no matter. Thanks in advance! )))

Viktor is notorious for having the biggest holes in his pockets. He follows a rule of thumb: if it has animal stripes on it or it’s purple, he buys it, only to dump in front of Yura’s front door for him to find (if it’s both, well, that’s like Easter come early). On the same note, if it’s pretty and shiny or it reminds him of Yuuri, or if he even remotely suspects Yuuri would like it, it becomes a “late anniversary present” or an early one, whatever festivity is closer and fits.
Yura promptly wears whatever it was the day after, feigning ignorance, doesn’t look at him in the eyes and screams a little less than usual.
Yuuri tries desperately to get him to bring it back, this is getting ridiculous, why would I want this marble peacock statue with glitters glued on it, Vitya, oh my god, no, don’t cry, I really like it- clearly to no avail. They’re probably gonna have to move out soon or at least rent a garage or something.

Yuuri is a book manual mom friend. He makes bento for everyone at the rink (even Yakov) ((they need a bigger kitchen)), sneakily gives advice when Yura is out of his depth enough to not properly ask for it but making it slip that he would need it, wordlessly wraps his jacket around his shoulders when he stubbornly refuses to get his out of the car. He reminds Viktor to take his vitamins, makes him hot tea when it’s chilly outside (with his favourite jam, even if he shudders everytime), lets him cry into his neck when it’s a no day. He bribes him with cake at the price of eating his vegetables (you too, Yura, don’t give me the scowly face, you’ll never grow up by pirozhkis only) and sometimes he even lets him win at Monopoli (he’ll never give up his rightful place as the master of mario kart, that’s for sure).

Yura is a little more complicated. He’s so desperately young, and angry, but his rare smiles when he gets unguarded are proof enough. He scowls, and screams, props his socked feet on their coffee table and drinks the hot chocolate with marshmallows Yuuri dropped into his hands. He mutters obscenities and then asks Viktor to help him solve a physics problem. Viktor chirps that he’ll be happy to offer his services and Yura kicks him in the shin.
He’s always around, no matter if he complains and pretends to gag when they kiss, he never misses a friday dinner (it’s definitely a thing, now) and makes it his duty to bring the best ingredients for pirozhki. They take turns to do the dishes.

The thing is: sometimes Viktor is emotionally unavailable; he carves lazy eights on the ice, takes off for a loop and when he lands his eyes are cold, distant, his smiles the dazzling, fake photoshoot ones. Yuuri pretends to be too tired to practice and gets them home, Yura in tow, and Makkachin attaches himself to Viktor’s hip while they kick his ass at Cluedo (Viktor is always Miss Scarlet). They order take out and watch Titanic, to Yuri’s displeasure, and Viktor cries for the last half of the movie (and part of the first, too) but when Yuuri goes to wipe his nose, his smile is toothy and genuine. He snuggles between them and remembers that he’s not alone, that, no matter how many medals he’s won, he’s just Viktor, and that’s okay.

Sometimes Yuuri is too tired, and doesn’t find it in himself to cook.
Viktor cuts up the sausages into little octopuses and only burns them a little, but everyone at the rink still eats them and choruses their thanks to Yuuri, who blushes beautifully and hides his face into Viktor’s shirt. They leave practice early, despite his weak protests, and Viktor draws him a hot bath that they take together, lazily making swirls with the soap bubbles and humming old cartoon songs together. Yura stomps in the middle of couch cuddling with hot pizza and his cat, who Makkachin loves very much, and they eat together watching the two fluffy things battle for dominance (Makkachin wants to snuggle, Potya wants to be left alone). Yuuri lets the cushions and Viktor’s arms engulf him, takes deep breaths and remembers that he’s loved.

Sometimes Yura is closed off and stormy, his muscles sore and stretched out, his snarl genuine, the caged out expression of an unwillingly tamed beast. He hurts, feeling like he’s too big for his body, like his bones could suddenly snap under the weight he’s putting on them.
Viktor pretends to give him nasty pointers on his free leg, exaggerates his woes on purpose to give him something to channel his rage on. Yura fumes and curses, carving angry lines on the ice, and Yuuri puts up some music on the speakers that’s just hurling and bass thumps and they soar through the air till they can’t breathe anymore.
They buy ridiculously over saturated with sugar churros on the way back and make katsudon, screaming at the blue monster truck to get his shit together and Yura curls on the sofa like an exhausted cat. He stays the night, and when Viktor carries him to the guest room there’s the ghost of a smile on his lips. He refuses to get driven back by Viktor the day after, so they all take the crowded bus together, but in between ominous hisses Yuri’s expression softens, and he remembers that he’s enough, and powerful, and that, even if he doesn’t feel like it, he belongs.

Sometimes, it’s easy for them to believe they’re alone. But be it by ridiculously expensive tiger printed socks or food or simply being there, the mismatched, marvelous family they have makes it just as easy to remember that they’re not.

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Hey, I'm new to this fandom so can you name your favourite gif and graphic makers? :)

Hey anon!! Welcome to the fandom! ^~~^ I hope you love it here! <3

Originally posted by ksjknj

I kinda have a lot so i’ll just list them all here!

@ttaewo @dearmyjimin @pink-shoulders @sevenkookiejars @mewchim @pingkeujin @aishjimin @jjoen @spring-jealousy  @ojjeon @yahjiminie
@taesflower @yoongsins @uoongi @mangaetteok @ttae @taettoo @yoohnseok @chimchins @ceiste @cyyphr @kassareo @soukjins 

@yoonminnie @kthish @pjmjjk @jjilljj @bwink @ji-min @rapnamu @jwimins @rapdaegu  @apgujeon @leojuseyo@sweaterpawsjimin  @booptae  @yoonseok  @jiminrolls 
@delightfullyfree95 @yoonem @mintsugakookies @whyparkjimin @doona-baes @pawjimin @junghkook @taeguk @pjmsx @kths @bwiseoks @bwipsul
@ksjknj @bangtanbanchan @chimcheroo


My name is Goose and I’m a pretty cool person.
I write and draw but like….once in a blue moon because my motivation is a cryptid but you can see all that I’ve already written and drawn and stuff and enjoy those?
Also I’m really chill and love talking to people?
And if you reblog this I’ll write you something when my motivation for short short fics comes back, just leave a ship in the tag? And I’ll make a list. (You just have to be okay with waiting for months lol).

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hi, so as a writer of both, I was wondering - what do you think is the biggest difference between Destiel and Cockles? I'm okay with whatever angle you choose to take this question from - that's interesting info too. love u (also, EN's not my first language, so if that didn't make sense I'm so sorry)

this makes total sense, dude, your english is perfect.

there are lots of differences between destiel and cockles so how bout i just list them all

  • sam and jared - there’s a big difference between probably suspecting all your life that your brother is not quite straight and just hoping that he comes out to you, and discovering that your best friend who you thought was straight is actually banging another of your best friends. sam’s reaction is more or less like “yeah i know” and jared’s is like “YOU’RE DOING WHAT NOW????????” 
  • polyamory - to me, cockles isn’t really cockles if it’s not jmdv. so, jensen’s relationship with danneel and misha’s relationship with vicki are first and foremost. whereas with dean and cas, it’s like it doesn’t make sense for them to ever be with anyone else ever. it’s a lot less complicated than being married and having a boyfriend on the side.
  • misha’s personality - i will say that misha and cas are both incredibly difficult to write, especially their dialogue. but the way they are difficult is SO different. cas is difficult because the show has not done a super great job of making his characterization consistent over the years, so a lot of his speech patterns, the way he reacts to things and his personality in general are all debatable topics. misha is difficult because,,,,,,he’s weirder and smarter and more awkward than i am. the responses misha comes up with to questions at cons are not anywhere in the vicinity of how i would respond. his humor is almost entirely based on surprising the listener, which is not easy to replicate. he switches from serious to goofy back to serious again with barely enough time to register that he switched. writing people like misha is like an algebra teacher giving u a calculus test and being like “well, u know algebra so u should be fine with calculus, too.” 
  • angst - there is almost no angst whatsoever with cockles. any angst with cockles is totally fabricated by us, the cockles fandom. in reality, cockles is pure and good and silly and funny. destiel is like the titanic of ships. 
  • i headcanon dean as strictly a bottom whereas with jensen and misha i don’t give a fuck who’s getting fucked as long as someone is getting fucked

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Could you do a one-shot (or headcannon idc) for Reddie when they first start liking each other but they don't /actually realise it's them liking each other/ until one of them kisses or seems to have feelings for someone else? (If this makes sense). I'm just...I love soft Reddie sm. Sorry this is so long!! I love your work :)

(Aww thank you lovely that means a lot!~)

~ I’m gonna do this as a hc list hope ya don’t mind

~ Richie always liked Eddie. His friends highkey knew he did too, he didn’t really tell them tho
~ Although he didn’t know himself he did he just kinda….did it
~ like he just likes Eddie there’s that
~ But he’s just neutral like he knew Eddie would never like him
~ Eddie liked Richie since like forever
~ Eddie acts like he hates how Richie calls him ‘Ed’s, Eddie Spaghetti’, but he loves it lowkey
~ that’s literally canon read the book I’m v v v srs
~ they cuddle
~ but as friends™
~ 🙄
~ they also go on dates without the Losers
~ suspiciousness
~ one time Richie didn’t bring enough money so he and Eddie split a chocolate shake with two straws
~ Richie could’ve sworn he saw Eddie blush
~ prolly the lighting tho (sounds fake But Okay)
~ one day Richie saw Eddie close to Mike even tho they were just hanging out but Richie is a drama queen okay it’s canon
~ but Richie saw Mikes arm over Eddies shoulder but that’s when he got insecure
~ cause mike is nice and sweet and patient yet funny and has a better meme accoun he’s everything Richie ‘wasn’t’
~ so Richie left and sulked
~ he ignored Eddie for a week or two
~ until he needed cuddles
~ so he rode his bike to Eddies house
~ and pelted pebbles at Eddies window
~ Eddie opened his window a minute or two later
~ “you have a phone ya know?”
~ so Richie threw his (life proof) phone at Eddies other window
~ “you idiot” Eddie hissed at him and helped Richie inside the house
~ Richie lead them to Eddies bed
~ Richie was already more than half asleep when he hit Eddies pillow (that smelled like him; clean and fresh and lilac-y)
~ Eddie prolly thought he was asleep cause he gave Richie a gentle kiss on the forehead and whispered, ‘I love you’
~ Richie knew he had nothing to worry about after that
~ he slept great, having Eddies smaller body pressed into him, giving him the best warmth possible
~ he didn’t have the best home life, but genuinely, Eddie was his home

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If you are going to write arranged marriage hc you can make like that newt actually loves reader but she hates him(I'm the same anon)

Ok! Sorry for the wait! Also, I changed it just a bit! Hope that’s ok. Also, this is seriously my favorite fic I’ve written! Ugh…it gives me feels.

Master list

Imagine: Being in an arranged marriage with Newt.

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“But, I don’t want to marry him Rosie.” Your voice cracked at the end of your words, heart heavy in your chest at the thought of marrying a complete stranger. But, your sister, ever the happy one, simply smiled.

“Oh, don’t be dreary Y/N. You think father would match you up with some blaggerd?”

You trusted your father, with everything, but losing your free will was not something to be happy for. It seems your hand was a high price, and the Scamander family paid it in full. Rosie tied up the back of your dress, fluffing out the bottom, and looking up at you.

“There. You look so lovely! I dare say Mr. Scamander won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.”

It was a dinner event in a few minutes, and on this day it would seem you’d be meeting your betrothed for the first time. A simple meeting before the wedding that was supposed to take place in a month. Your future was set before you, and yet it wasn’t something you wanted. This isn’t how you imagined falling in love, better yet it wasn’t even a promise there’d be love involved at all.

“Rosie…the man fancies himself a magizoologist. Whatever that is, I believe he made that title up.”

Your sister giggled at your cruelties, rolling her eyes and pinching your cheeks to create a blush. “Now be kind, sister. He’s actually the most prominent one in the beasts division at the ministry.”

“Rosie, he’s the only one…”

“Well, still. Better to be the best by yourself than the worst in the bunch.”

A smile formed on your features, and you pushed your sisters fussy hands away. “I’ll meet him. But, I won’t marry him.”

“Well, you’ll do as you please as you always do, Y/N. I, on the other hand, have heard quite the rumors about his older brother, Theseus. I hear he’s very handsome.”

Your sister trailed off about the older Scamander, and you couldn’t help but smile. If anything, her gaining some happiness from this situation was more than enough reason to just deal with tonight. She left the room, and you followed a bit after, entering the dining hall with a sense of dread. Every step closer to it, took you that much nearer to the future.

“Ah! My dear daughter!”

Your father, and the rest of the men stood from their chairs, awaiting your entrance. You smiled softly, not looking up because you were frightened of which man in here was your husband to be. Rosie motioned for you to sit next to her, and it was at least comforting to be next to a familiar face. With a sigh you sat down, looking up when a woman with red hair leaned over the table towards you. She was pretty, a slight bit older, but still ever the bit happy.

“Oh, my darling! I’ve been dying to meet you. I’m Your future mother in law!”

She clapped happily, taking your hand in hers as she stared at you. She was rather excited, and you’d be lying if you said her enthusiasm wasn’t contagious.

“My dear boy has been eager to meet you.”

At her words your heart fell, and you gathered as much courage as you could to ask. “Um…may I ask which one is your-”

She cut you off, pointing her butter knife towards a young, handsome brooding man at the end of the table.

“That is my oldest, and darling son, Theseus.”

Rosie leaned over to you, cupping a hand over her mouth as she whispered. “Isn’t he handsome, Y/N? Oh I believe he’d make a fine husband for me.”

A feeing of relief washed over you, for a moment you had believed him to be your fiancé. And as handsome as he was, his demeanor was rather off putting. You smiled at Rosie, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Go and talk to him.”

She did just that, hugging you tightly before excusing herself and heading in his direction. Just as you were going to ask about your fiancé, the doors to the dining hall flew open, and a young, handsome man stood there. His suit was of fine make, and his reddish brown hair was slicked back just enough to show off his features. He had a very freckled face, and you’d dare say he was a gentleman if not for the crooked bow tie he had on.

“Oh! My dear, Newton!”

Mrs. Scamander stood up, walking over to her son and kissing his cheek. Newton smiled back, fighting off his mother’s incessant affections.

“It’s a pleasure to see you too, mother.”

Your father walked passed you, holding his arms out as he went and shook the man’s hand. Newton’s eyes looked upon your father, and you couldn’t stop yourself from noticing how delightfully green his gaze was, sparkling brightly against the rays of sun that seeped through the windows.

Newton shook his hand quickly, scratching at his head as he spoke. “Forgive my tardiness…I was chasing my Niffler. Um, please excuse the mess in your ballroom, sir…I believe the chandelier might need some mending.”

Yet, your father hardly seemed to care for such things. He just laughed, and patted the man on the back and held his arm out towards you.

“Newton, allow me to introduce my daughter, Y/N.”

You felt the world crashing down on you, all the attention now on you as you slowly got up from your chair. The wobble of your knees betrayed the calm look you had, but you managed to stop just in front of Newton. His charming gaze met yours, and in that second your heart stopped. Maybe it was the few sips of champagne you had, but you ventured a guess that he felt the same that second.

“It’s a…” Your mouth felt dry, and you sighed as you bit at your lip nervously. “A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Scamander.” You held out your hand, waiting for a shake of his, and instead he just stared seemingly entranced by you.

His mother pushed him gently on the side, interrupting his thoughts. He shook his head, and grabbed your hand in his, but instead he flipped yours over, kissing the back of it gently.

“Um…yes, a pleasure.”

It would seem the whole room became quiet, all awaiting the first moments of love to take place. And you two just stood there, your hand still clutched in his. It was Rosie’s giggle that brought you back to reality, and you tore your hand away from his.

“Well, shall we eat?”

Your father’s voice filled the room, and everyone happily took their seats, conversation starting up again. Newton took his seat next to you, eyes never leaving your form. It was making you slightly uncomfortable, and yet your stomach would not seem to settle around him. A fine blush spread across your cheeks, and you glanced in his direction.

“Is there something amiss, Mr. Scamander?”

He looked away, embarrassed a bit at having been caught gawking. “Uh..no no.” He smiled, grabbing for his cup of champagne. “Forgive me. And please…Newt is fine.”

With a smile, you nodded at him mimicking his movements out of nerves and grabbing for your glass. “As you wish, Newt.”

He seemed happy with the change in titles, and he took a quick sip of his drink before engaging you in conversation.

“May I ask what it is you do?”

You turned the potatoes over on your plate, the realization that you’re a total stranger to him covering the attraction you felt when you saw him. With a bit of a rude tone you answered him.

“I’m set to be a professor at Hogwarts this semester. Potions.”

He didn’t seem worried with your tone, and he just smiled actually intrigued by your admission.

“Hogwarts is the finest wizarding school, I’m sure you’re proud to be-”

But, this polite conversation was getting to you, knowing you were talking to your future husband without so much as a say in the matter. You slammed your fork down, everyone’s eyes falling on you. The embarrassment you felt was overwhelming, and you gripped the edges of your dress and rose from your chair.

“Excuse me.

Your father got up to trail after you, but Newt held his hand up. “No, please allow me.”

He rushed after you, calling out your name as you ran down the halls of your home. It wasn’t like you had a plan in mind, you just wanted away from it all.

“Leave me be, Mr. Scamander!”

But, he didn’t listen, he chased after you until your heeled feet couldn’t take much more. You kneeled down against the garden walls of the outside, tears welling in your eyes. His footsteps came closer, and you waved your arm at him, willing him away.

“Please, just go away…”

Newt kneeled down next to you, eyes filled with worry. “Y/N…”

“I don’t want to get married!”

His eyes softened, and he gave you a knowing smile as he wiped a tear away.

“Then we don’t have to.”

His words took a moment to settle, but you gazed up at him in shock. “Truly?”

Newt nodded, and he grabbed your hand in his as he spoke. “I need you to understand, my intentions were never meant to cause you any ill will. I agreed to this marriage for my mother’s sake…and I won’t pretend that I’m…” He looked deeply into your eyes, a blush forming on his freckled cheeks. “That I’m not, um, entranced by you Miss Y/N.”

You felt those familiar butterflies again, only this time you did not panic at their formation. His understanding meant everything to you right now, and you gripped his hand tighter in yours as he continued.

“I don’t expect you to love me, not now, maybe not ever…but, if you’ll allow me the chance…” He looked down, not wanting to look you in the eye as he spoke the last part. “If you’ll have me, then I’d like to get to know you. And if marriage is in the future then, I would be honored to be your husband.”

It wasn’t the proposal your parents were quite hoping for, but to you both it meant the world. You smiled through your tears, and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek in gratitude. He returned your smile, and he rubbed the back of your hand with a soft comforting touch. “Then will you take me as a suitor?”

You giggled delightfully, nodding your head and whispering.


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I made my older sister watching EXO mvs and she kinda liked them but also said that they are to weird for her to listen to and that she didn't really likes Jongdae's voice and i was like girl NO not my Bias whyyyyy ?

I…I am personally offended by this??? I know people have different opinions, but I am still so offended???

Lemme just list out all his legends:

  • Live performance of Imagine
  • Really I Didn’t Know with Baekhyun
  • I’m Not Okay
  • Nosedive
  • Uprising
  • Years
  • The Best Luck
  • Everytime
  • Lil’ Something
  • If We Love Again with Chanyeol
  • His parts in Open Arms
  • High notes in Wolf, MAMA, Monster, Hey Mama!, etc. etc.
  • How he sang Tears
  • How he sang I Have A Lover with Lee Eunmi
  • So many more that I can’t even list them all

I’m sure your sister will start to love his voice after seeing just a few of these. FORCE HER INTO A JONGDAE SINGING MARATHON AND FORCE HER INTO LIKING HIS VOICE. EVERYONE SHOULD BECOME A JONGDAE STAN.





I’m sorry this got super long I am just so passionate about this idiot and if I could I would make this even longer.

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Is the 90s coke au gonna be like Jesus and resurrect or nah ):

Sorry, anon, but I am so swamped right now :( I’d love to be able to give my AUs all the time and attention I want to, and belive me when I say I really REALLY want to give them some love, but unfortunately I’ve just got too much on my plate right now. 

The 90s Diet Coke AU, while something I hold very dear, is pretty low on my list of priorities. I haven’t forgotten it, but it won’t be making an appearance for a while. One day, but not soon.

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you wanted director sanvers prompts? so like i had the thought of them making a want/will/won't list (for sex, to be clear) or otherwise just discussing sex and kink and it could get quite amusing i'm sure? if that sounds interesting to you (sorry this is kinda vague, it's late i cannot do words right now apparently)

Healthy relationships involve a lot of discussions of wants and needs. Healthy triad relationships require even more. Healthy relationships with an interest in even the slightest hint of kink? So many conversations.

Which, cool. Lucy wanted this to work Danvers was an anxious piece of work, and as much as Lucy loved liked Danvers, she really wanted this to work. And Maggie, christ, where Alex was pliant and  soft, Maggie was push and pull and sometimes she was soft, but sometimes she pushed back and fought Lucy for control and that was fucking amazing. And the thought of Alex at their mercy? Lucy couldn’t wait.

She was very excited to hear about the wants of her two favorite women. Lucy had plans and fantasies, and things she wanted to do to them, but only if they wanted them too, and without very specific conversations, she knew that her ladies would give her information at a glacier’s pace. Alex worked best with direction, unsure and hesitant until she knew they loved what she did, loved her, and then she grew confident. Getting her to ask for things, for help or for touch or even space, that was a work in progress. And Maggie would take a bullet for either of them, but short of her storming in on a bad day and taking what she wanted, getting her to talk about herself was like pulling funds out of a senator’s ass.

Lucy expected some printed out checklists fresh off the internet. She knew Maggie had done a few things, so she probably had some idea of what she wanted.

She was not expecting Alex’s list.

It was nearly twelve pages, double sided. Not just a checklist, but each bullet point had dates and notes of her reactions, with further notes in a different color for how she felt about trying them with Maggie and Lucy. And Alex didn’t bring one copy, she brought one for each of them. And multi colored pens. And there were charts.

“Danvers, is this, is this a lab report?”

Alex bit the inside of her check, shifting her weight from foot to foot. “When I… when I came out to Sawyer… I mentioned that I never really liked being intimate. But you know, I thought I was just broken or something, so I just… tried a lot of stuff. To see if it worked.”

“And took notes.”

“I made it weird, didn’t I? This is weird.”

Way to go, Lane. “No, Alex, honey. This isn’t weird.”

Maggie reached across the table to still Alex’s hands. “Alex, it’s perfectly normal to try and find things you like, okay? This? This is just a different format than we’re used to.”

“Yeah, Alex, this, this is really helpful, okay? Maggie and I have tried thing with people we know we’re attracted to, so it’s different, we already know things we like and things we’re willing to try with different people. Knowing what you’ve tried and what you like about it? We can work with that.”

Alex still looked really uncomfortable. Maggie took a quick glance down a her copy, leaving her hand on Alex. “Wax play. You liked it?”

“I liked the heat. And I liked… I liked ice. The contrast was good. Just… not the touching.”

“Do you think you want to try that again? With us touching?” Lucy asked.

Her reply was instant. “I always want you to touch me.”

Lucy and Maggie shared a smile. That was good to hear, even if they knew Alex leaned into their touches, would nudge shoulders and play with their hair. Still, she grew up with Kara and used touch as a language, so it was good to know that they were welcome to do the same.

“You’re not a fan of handcuffs,” Maggie said.

“It… It didn’t end well.”

Lucy frowned, skimming the page. Finding the line, she followed to the notes, to the times Alex had tried it, to the dark red in. And Lucy decided she had a name for Winn to look up, and a body to bury. “He didn’t respect your safeword.”

Alex shrugged uncomfortably.

Maggie let her hand slid up Alex’s arm as she circled the table, leaning her weight against the taller woman’s form. “Alex, honey. We need to know, when you’re ready, so we don’t hurt you.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“And that’s fine. I like handcuffs and so does Lane, but you don’t. So that’s a hard limit for you, and that’s okay.”

“You guys don’t mind?”

“Honey, no.” Lucy was firm. “We want to make you, to make each other feel good. We can’t do that unless you’re comfortable, unless we’re all comfortable.”

Lucy gathered up the lists, and did a quick scan. Maggie had her arms wrapped around Alex, who’s head no longer seemed into the conversation. “Tell you what. You like charts, Danvers, so I’m going to make one that lines up what we all like and what we want to try. And we’ll keep these for reference, and for updating, as we discover what you like, okay?”


“Good girl.”

Alex flushed. Maggie hid a grin in Alex’s shoulder. The one thing she and Lucy did not need a list to know was that Alex had a giant praise kink. It was fun. And might prove to be a very good distraction from her discomfort.

Maggie squeezed their favorite agent tighter, one hand moving to pull her face into a kiss. “And Alex, what if you’re just…  good girl, tonight? Hmmm?”

Alex whimpered.

Lucy smiled and made her way over, curling herself around the other two. “I think you’re ready to be our good girl tonight, and tomorrow we can sit down to go over the rest of this. Tonight, we just have some fun. Can we do that, tiger?”

    Alex nods, almost frantically, against the kiss Lucy presses to her lips. Lucy leans her weight into Alex, pushing her against Maggie’s body, squeezed in between her girlfriends’ arms. Lucy’s second favorite place for Alex to be.

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Well well IF THEY ALL HAVE THEIR KINKS... Can I ask James lmaooo I'm sorry I'm such a effing fan girl.

Kink list handoff:

Les’ go:

When you’re on top. When you nip/suck at his neck. Straddling him. Gentle biting.

Gentle. Some way, some how, he makes it just like “in the movies.” It’s incredibly romantic and gentle, but so pleasurable. His hands adore your body. He makes sure you feel like you’re a total goddess, because he believes you are.

Seeing you with no makeup. He literally gets turned on when he kisses you, your neck, your thighs, anywhere. He loves making you feel good. He likes seeing your little habits, like if you twist a finger through your hair while you read or if you bounce a little when waiting.

Coming home to see you in the bath. He adores the way the water makes your skin look, along with the one fallen strand of hair that always manages to get wet and cling to the side of your neck. Drives him crazy. 

Watching you undress. When you wear a skirt, with nothing underneath, but also loves you in lingerie (soft pink is his favourite). Skin on skin contact, instant turn on. 

Pulling your hair. Fucking you on the couch. He loves giving you pleasure, so literally he’ll do everything you like: oral/fingering/body worship. 

Though he won’t admit it, he LOVES it when you wear a choker necklace

Side note: he’s a total cuddler, which makes it easy to turn him on.

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Hello! I'm not sure what to call this ask, but if you had to recommend books for each member (like what represents them or reminds you of them) what books would you list? Sorry if this was too vague I just got a sudden craving for book recommendations haha! Thank you so much! I love your writing so much & hogwarts svt makes me cry :")

Thank you for liking our Hogwarts AUs!! Our admins VK and Sea worked very hard on them :-)

(Note: this isn’t going to be a Svt As… or anything like that these are kinda just books that vaguely remind me of the members lol. I’ll give explanations dw)

S.Coups: The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I haven’t really read any of the books in this series but I kinda feel like Seungcheol seriously could be the child of Zeus or something. He’s such a good leader :’)

Jeonghan: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. This is a mystery novel and it somewhat reminds me of Jeonghan because he can be quite sneaky sometimes. Plus, the entire story is about a bunch of rich people hanging out on an island and Jeonghan always looks like a millions bucks LOL.

Joshua: On the Road by Jack Kerouac. This book is basically just a collection of stories about roadtrips that the author went on with his friends. It reminds of Joshua a bit because it’s about traveling around America and… Josh is from America? Idk I was really reaching with this one, but the story does have an overall theme of individualism that I think Joshua would really enjoy.

Jun: Romance of Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. This is like one of the most famous works of Chinese literature… so it reminds of Jun because he’s Chinese LOL. I’M SoRRy ok but besides this just being one of those books that everyone just reads since it’s a classic, the stories are actually pretty interesting and teach some moral lessons.

Hoshi: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Literally this just reminds me of Soonyoung because his stage name is Japanese. That’s it. But I mean, the book is actually really good it doesn’t have a like a solid plot or anything but it’s a really interesting portrayal of the geisha lifestyle.

Wonwoo: Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I don’t really remember where but I heard somewhere that Wonwoo really likes Shakespeare so I chose this play because it was the last Shakespeare play I read. I would actually really recommend it though the characters especially are all really interesting.

Woozi: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. I pretty much just chose this one for Jihoon because it’s a book that was made into a musical. I also feel like Jihoon would really like this book if he were to read it, it’s one of those books where literally all of your favorite characters die. But besides that it also makes subtle commentary on the French Revolution.

DK: How to Write Good by Ryan Higa. IDK MAN I just chose this for Seokmin because he’s funny and Ryan’s funny… idek. But like besides being funny it’s also a serious memoir about overcoming bullying and dealing with ADHD. I think Seokmin might find it really heartwarming.

Mingyu: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. This book is about patients in a mental hospital and the conflict between them and the cruel nurse. Mingyu kind of reminds me of the character Chief, because he’s like a gentle giant. This is actually the book I would recommend most on this list because it’s really symbolic and deals a lot with power struggle.

The8: Eleonora by Edgar Allen Poe. This isn’t really a book it’s more like a short story and the plot might not make sense if you’re not familiar with Poe’s own life story. Minghao reminds me of the character Eleonora because she’s this really beautiful and kind-hearted girl who lives in a paradise of flowers and meadows.

Seungkwan: The Princess Bride by William Goldman. This book is literally the most generic romance book in existence but I feel like it would kinda be right up Seungkwan’s alley? Idk. It has a lot of plot twists and some bits of comedy so I feel like he might like it. Plus, I feel like he might connect with the character Westley, or at least want to be like him.

Vernon: Into the Woods by James Lapine. Yet another book I only know because of the musical!!! I actually couldn’t even find the book online so obviously I didn’t read it, but from what I know from the musical, it deals a lot with values and family relationships. I think Vernon might like it as a biracial person because it teaches to balance personal beliefs with those of family.

Dino: The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I haven’t read the book of this either but Viola Davis was SO GOOD in the movie… so yeah. Chan actually reminds me a bit of the character Skeeter because she has a pure heart and she always wants to help others.

Sorry these are all just like classics that everyone has heard of… I hope you at least found something interesting to read! Thanks for requesting -Admin Cali

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Hello! Gosh I've been reading Rock and Riot for idk how long? I kind of stumbled upon it just perusing Tumblr one day idek. The comic just makes me smile so much and recently, my gf broke up with me (I'm a pansexual female btw) and my heart just hurts so much still even though I told her I'd be okay and I just re-binge-read the comic and I feel better. Here's these adorable LGBTQ+ characters and they're so happy so that makes me happy ya know? I love this comic (and Rolly) sm, it's so precious!!

I’m so sorry to hear about that! I hope you will recover soon. I’m glad that you can find a bit of comfort in my comic. Here is a rec list I’ve put together if you would like more feel-good comics to read!   (I really should update it tho, that’s quite old)

<3 <3