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Forgive Me. [JHope/Hoseok; Angst]

“If I could see you again I, I want to show you everything I have. My heart that’s beating to hold you tight, I want to convey it all to you, I, for real for real, until you hold this sincerity in your embrace once again.” - J-Hope

[From “Hug Me” Taehyung & J-hope version; Trans cr; @BTS0222]

The sequel to “Hug Me”. [Please read that first.] 

Summary: How can one gain forgiveness from someone who is no longer in a position to give it? How can one be forgiven if they refuse to forgive themselves? How can one move forward to the future… if the past was so much better?  

Hoseok x Reader/ Hoseok x his daughter; Angst

A/N: So this is the REAL thing that I was writing during my plane ride >.< since it was safe to write with public eyes around lol I’m sorry for the April Fool’s joke, but anyways, here is the angst that no one asked for. :) 

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         Hoseok was never the same again after the death of his wife. No longer did his smile radiate like the sun, no longer did his laughter ring infectiously. Days after his wife’s death, he locked himself inside his house with his daughter, tormented by the questions of her young mind.

           "Where’s mommy?“ she constantly asked.

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Hibari, gokudera and tsuna and his so in New Years, please ❤ by the way I love the last request you upload I can totally see that coming and you have an amazing blog and now I'm fangirling so sorry I will stop now. Happy holidays! 🎄


Admin Enma: “These are going to be cute, fluffy scenarios!”

Admin Enma to Admin Enma: “Make it smut.”

Also Admin Enma: “Have prompt, will angst.”


His men were carefully patrolling the area as Hibari and his lover sat beneath the trees, all of Namimori seen from their spot on the hill. A foot away was a small picnic basket, containers that used to hold traditional Japanese food scattered around. The couple had their fill of food and so did the men that came along with them, his S/O insisting on bringing enough to feed everyone.

“They’re working overtime, Kyoya, they need to eat to keep up their strength.”

Who was Hibari to argue against that logic? Well, usually he would but he had already eaten all of his favorites so it was okay. Hibird was also feed, the little bird was given the best bird feed they could find on short notice and was napping peacefully on Hibari’s head.

Roll ‘kyu’-ed as the small hedgehog curled up in the other’s lap, it’s little body moving up and down with it’s breaths. Looking at the box animal, Hibari watched as his lover gently ran their hand over the quills with content.

“This was a wonderful spot you picked, Kyoya. We can see the New Years fireworks nicely from here!”

Hibari chose not to remind them about the men he had personally bitten to death to secure the area under the Vongola territory. He also chose not to mention he had done it because he wanted to see their face light up with fireworks. He had a reputation to uphold after all.

His phone buzzed, causing a frown to mar his face as he pulled it out. Everyone knew better than to contact him when he was out with his beloved, seldom did he have the time to do so. Unless it was an extreme emergency, he would bite the person to death the next time he saw them for their interruption.

It was Tsuna. The text was short and told the Cloud to come back as soon as possible after the fireworks. Work had to be done, much to his displeasure. Another text came through, causing Hibari’s eyes to widen just a small fraction before shutting his phone off.

“Is something wrong?” Hibari looked at his lover. “Kyoya, what’s the matter?”

He stared silently at the other before both of their attentions were stolen by the loud colorful explosions in the air. The fireworks blasted as he gathered them in his arms, burying his nose in their hair.


The fireworks went off in the distance as Namimori celebrated the coming of a brand New Year. A new chance for everyone to start to year off, some with their family others with their loved ones. They would dance, sing, chat, and cheer the new year in. Others took a different approach.

“Stop teasing and get inside me, dammit!”

The Storm guardian quirked an eyebrow at his lover’s command, somewhat amused at their blatant need for him. He rutted against the curve of their ass, biting back a groan as he watched himself appear and disappear between their butt cheeks. His thumbs rubbed circles on their waist as he rained kisses across the other’s back.

Taking himself in his hand, Gokudera slowly eased himself into them and bit down on their neck as he took his time to seat himself to the hilt. He had did his best to prep them before hand and it thankfully paid off. Once his hips met theirs, he shifted himself into a wider stance before lifting his head. “Better?”

An appreciated moan was his response, followed by them thrusting backwards. He took this as his cue to start, his thrusts hard as he made sure to bring himself almost all the way out before slamming back in. The room was soon filled with the sounds of slapping skin and cries of pleasure.

Gokudera used a hand to hold their hips as he roughly pulled them towards him with each movement. His other hand sneaked underneath to play with their nipples, twisting and pinching them with each thrust. The bed squeaked with each movement as he began to thrust in harder.

His lover was gripping the pillow with both hands, moaning without shame. They moved with Gokudera, trying to meet each of his thrust with theirs.  A change in pace caused them to cry out, chanting his name and begging for more.

Letting go of their nipples, Gokudera offered them his index and middle finger before groaning at the warmth around his fingers. “Goddamn,” he hissed as they sucked and could feel the escaping spit from their mouth.

They were so caught up in their pleasure, they couldn’t hear the sound of his phone buzzing on the bedside table. The phone buzzed once more as Gokudera’s lover cried out and rhythmically squeezed around him, milking him as he came afterwards.


The restaurant had soft music playing in the background as patrons chattered about the past year and what they hoped for in the new. The clinking of tableware against plates accompanied the sounds, the smell of delicious food permeating the air. Each table was accompanied by the glow of candlesticks, the intimacy of the restaurant showing more romantic than anything.

In one of the more private rooms, Tsuna watched with care as his lover ate their food across him. It was their two year anniversary and surprisingly, Tsuna actually remembered this time. The year before had his running around dealing with mafia issues, causing him to forget. He thanked the stars often for having such an understanding partner.

“You like it?” he asked as he rested his chin in his hand, eyes only on the other. “Dino told me about this place, said he wanted to bring his wife here. I figured we could try it out for him before he did.”

The comment caused his lover to laugh, wiping their mouth with the napkin. “Dino is pretty picky with his food though. I think he’ll put up with it since this is the kind of place his wife likes.”

“And you?”

“What about me?”

Tsuna reached over and took their hand in his. “Do you like it?”

They gave him a bright smile before motioning to their empty plate. “I don’t know, babe, you tell me.”

The Vongola Decimo smiled back, pleased they liked dinner. “You loved it then. We’ll have to come back here sometime soon.” He locked eyes with a waiter, watching him walk over with the check. “Dessert back home?”

“I love you, Tsuna. And yes, ple-”


The waiter fell over, his uniform blooming red as Tsuna’s lover fell sideways off their chair. Tsuna jumped out of his chair, cradling the other in his arms as he pressed against the gunshot wound. His clothes stained red as blood ran, Tsuna screaming for his men in the restaurant to hunt the bastard down.

He ignored the sounds of shots outside the private room as a Vongola sun user ran inside. Seeing the man take over with hands lit with healing flames, Tsuna stood up and got out of the way as the Sun called for reinforcements. With shaking hands, he took out his phone and typed out a message for his guardians.

Eliminate the Gioioso Famiglia for the attempt on the life of your Donna.

I want no survivors.

The sounds of the fireworks welcomed the new year as Tsuna watched his men fight to save his lover’s life.

Our Lives are Told in Moments

Aaron x Female Reader


Word Count: 2185

Request: Can I request a Aaron Burr x reader where Aaron thinks about all his memories with baby Theodosia and the reader before dueling Alexander

A/N: Sorry for the little hiatus there! Midterms are finally over, and while I really did not do good on them, we are moving on. I am so excited to be writing again, but apparently I’m a little rusty because this is so choppy, and just overall not as good of quality as usual. To the requester: I have no idea if this is what you had in mind, but if it isn’t I sincerely apologize. This takes place right after the duel. Pretend Aaron’s wife was still alive. And I am sincerely sorry for the angst. Enjoy!

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Saw you wanted to write some angst, so I had to make a request. If you are okay with it, how about MC dies in childbirth? RFA+Saeran+V - Random Anon

For you Random Anon…..anything!!!!!! 


~He was prepared
~When you yelled that you were in labor he was already grabbing his keys
~Everything was going smoothly until he saw doctors running around frantically
~They pushed him out of the room and said that there was ‘complications’
~He was a hyperventilating mess
~When the doctors called him in he ran toward the door
~But they stopped him and handed him his baby girl
~”I’m sorry but……she didnt make it”
~He was frozen it felt like his entire life was just heartbreak and misery but he didnt have time to feel like that
~He had other duties 
~He had to take care of this child alone


~When you went into labor his protective side came out
~He didnt leave your side the entire time
~He was about to fight the doctors that were pushing him out
~He was in the waiting room pacing back and forth
~One of the doctors came out and told him the news
~He felt broken but was snapped back into reality when they placed a baby boy in his hands
~He just looked at the innocent child in his hands and told himself
~”You cant be sad Zen you have to show this baby love”


~During this whole pregnancy he made sure that you were eating properly and seeing the doctor once a week
~Everything wold be perfect 
~On your last week he took off work completely
~When you went into labor he already had Driver Kim waiting outside to take you guys to the hospital
~Everything was going great until they pulled him aside and told him that you were having complications delivering the baby and probably wont make it
~”No…..you will fix this I am not losing my wife”
~”I’m so sorry it doesn’t work like that”
~He walks over to you a grabs your hand encouraging you with a sad smile
~When your done you collapse almost immediately 
~They place the baby girl in his arms and even though he’s sad he cant help but smile


~He was yours and his baby’s protector
~”I promise nothing bad will happen to you guys”
~He was on the group chat just spamming it like
~And everyone was like
~Cool I guess
~Then he hears you just scream his name and he posts
~’Maybe a little sooner than I thought’
~He runs and just puts you in the car and drives like a maniac to the hospital
~When they force him out of the room he is really confused
~Hes even more confused when they hand him his daughter 
~”C-Can I see MC”
~”I’m sorry but….she’s gone”
~Everything just stops until he hears a baby’s cry
~He looks at this child 
~”MC how could you leave me with this beautiful child I dont know how to do this”
~He looks down at the baby and it grabs his finger
~He iS sObbInG


~Oh this poor boy
~The suffering is never done is it
~He is just shocked when they place the baby in his arms and tell him that you didnt make it
~He just holds the baby to his heart and gently rocks it


~He was extremely protective of you during your pregnancy 
~He loved his child so much already
~And when you went into labor he PANICKED
~And when they push him out og the room he literally punches a dotor
~He is staying in there with you 
~If you are in pain he needs to be there
~He blames himslef
~And when you just pass out he loses it
~Putting the baby in his hands just makes him even more angry
~Now he doesnt blame himself 
~He blames the baby for this
~Acts calm but when he gets home he just walks into Saeyoungs room and hands him the baby
~”Saeyoung……she didn’t make it and I just cant take care of this child right now please take care of my baby girl”~
~He cries forever and it takes a week for him to even be able to look at the baby


Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Angst

Characters: Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel, Lisanna Strauss

Summary: “But you already are my wife,” Natsu said, confused. For some reason, that caused me to go into hysterics, laughing, but my laughter was full of bitter pain.“That’s what you and everyone else thinks, but no, I’m really not.”

My submission for ‘Family’ of the Fairy Tail Angst Week.

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Evanescence pt.2

Requests: by Anons: (1) Part two for Evanescence!!!!!!!! I love your writing btw ☺️ I’m obsessed. Can you make it that Jordan is the dad? It’s okay if you’ve already made up your mind ☺️☺️(2) Evanescence was so good I hope you do end up doing a follow up part to it! Love all of your writing! (3) WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! I’m so THAT CLIFFHANGER! It was so beautifully written, and love the idea ( not many people write Parrish) and I was so excited and then AHHHH! Update soon (4) OMG please PLEASE do an Evanescence part 2!! It will make having this kidney infection 100000% better!!

(5) by @katethewarrior: are you trying to kill us!?! Evanescene was amazing but that cliffhanger will be the death of me. Love your writing, I’ve read everything on here :p Keep it up ! Oh and Evanescence part 2 wouldn’t be a bad idea ;) (6) by @one-california-dream: so is there gonna be a part 2 to evanescence? #prayingtherewillbe 😫

Word count: 2694

Author’s note: I would also like to tag @okidokibucky for her impatient giddiness she flooded me with, and for her promise to “read the shit out of it”, haha! I love you forever, Pixie :3 I hope everyone will like this part, but as it is to be expected, it’s going to be angsty af! So Cinnamon Rolls, prepare your hearts and handkerchiefs, then sit back and just enjoy! ❤

Your name: submit What is this?

“Come to bed with me,” Jordan murmurs in a low tone, trying to coax me with him with a hand on my hips and a kiss on my skin under my ear, my back pulled flush to his chest, his fingers massaging lazy circles into my pelvis and belly through my silk nightgown. I purse my lips into a thin line, eyes shutting closed as I have to resist bolting out of his hold.

Damn Derek! If he didn’t come back, I could be happy with Jordan now, live a carefree life with him as my fiancée and Diana as our daughter. If only he didn’t knock…

I swallow back my tears as I turn in Jordan’s hold, cupping his cheeks in my hands and taking his lips in a languid kiss. My heart wants to split open when, closing my eyes, my mind flashes back to my very first kiss with Derek, remembering how he held me meekly, like I’m too precious to him, like he wanted to protect me from every harm of the world, like he feared to break me to small pieces because I’m too fragile compared to him, like… like I was the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life.

I can’t. I can’t make love to Jordan now, no matter how much I would like to assure him I love him. Not with Derek on my mind all the time. I’m incapable of doing it, I feel like a hypocrite, I feel like the cheapest, dirtiest trash of the Universe.

I can’t be playing around with his feelings. He deserves better. He deserves a wife who won’t be thinking of another man when they are being intimate. Jordan is a great person, a kind and reliable man, and I should be a wife who can live up to being equally genuine, selfless and nice.

I pull back from him to offer him a small smile.

“I’m tired now, honey,” I say, making sure my voice won’t break on the name I address him with. I’ve never been able to call him ‘baby’ or ‘puppy’ – I used to call Derek that, and I just… can’t give those away to Jordan. Those are Derek’s names, and will be forever, and no one can take them away from my Puppy.


He nods, like the understanding guy he is, and ushers me to the bed, switching off the lamp when both of us are laying and he covered me with the blanket nicely. I nestle myself into his hold, head resting on his chest and arm slung around his bust, his hand holding me close, legs tangling together. He presses an affectionate kiss to my forehead, whispering, “I love you.”

This is torture. I have to say to him I love him too, but will it sound as honest as always? Will I be able to lie to him? It wouldn’t be an entire lie, because I do feel the same way about him, it’s just… I feel that way about someone else, too.

“Me, too,” I manage in the end, adjusting my head on his pectoral.

He doesn’t say anything else, and eventually, I fall into the dark, infinite abyss of unconsciousness.

I wake up several hours later to crying. Jordan is rubbing his eyes in an attempt to awake himself, but I kiss his cheek as I whisper to him, “It’s okay, I got this.”

He mumbles a “Thanks” to me before I leave the bed and make my way over to Diana’s room on slightly wobbly legs. I close the door to let Jordan sleep, then approach her bed and sit on its edge. I stroke her forehead to soothe her.

“What has happened, sweetheart? A bad dream?”

She shakes her head, sobbing into her plush wolf, sitting up fast and taking a hold of my gown, balling up a fistful of it like it was her final lifeline. It makes my heart contract painfully in my chest to see my daughter so scared and desperate. I wrap my arms around her little body protectively, peppering kisses on the top of her head.

“It’s okay, sweetie, just talk to me,” I say. “I’m here. Mommy’s here.”

“Will Mr. D’rek come b’ck?” she slurs, voice muffled. My heart skips a beat, breath hitching in my throat. This can’t be happening. Diana can’t be asking for Derek.

“I don’t know, baby,” I coo. “But Jordan will play with you when he’s back from work tomorrow, will that be good?” She shakes her head furiously.

“No! I want Mr. Derek!” I bite my lip – how does one tell their young child they can’t see someone because their history is complicated with that person? Besides, if she’s Jordan’s child in reality… “Please, mommy, call him back.”

“Okay,” I say, albeit having no idea how to contact him. Is his number still the same? I was sappy enough not to be able to delete him from my contact list for three years. “Now sleep, princess, okay? It’s important that you do.”

“Okay,” she hiccups, but doesn’t let go of my gown. “Stay with me, mommy.”

“I will,” I promise, scooting under the blanket with her. I allow Diana to curl up into a ball against my stomach, her head resting against my chest and over my heart as the bundle of muscles is beating away wildly in my ribcage. I won’t be able to fall asleep again, I’m sure about that.

. o O o .

In the morning, I help Jordan get ready for his shift. I make him breakfast while he’s busy getting rid of his five o’clock shadow and putting on his uniform. Diana is still asleep, but I pour out a glass of orange juice for her – she usually gets up not long after Jordan left.

He eats his breakfast, cleans his teeth, then comes back to jump in his shoes and leave for the station. I kiss him goodbye, long and thorough, leaving him gasping and wanting more – I want him to know I still love him. I need him to know that. He waves to me with a smile before I close the door behind him, waiting by the door until the growling of the engine gradually dies out as he drives away, my back against the wood and for the first time in long hours, I allow my tears to escape from my eyes, flowing down on my cheeks and wetting the gown I’m wearing.

I sink down and pull my legs up against my chest, snaking my arms around them and letting myself cry quietly. What did I do wrong? Why am I so helpless now? How could I get out of this Hell of a situation? How can I forget about Derek?

I take a deep, steadying breath to ground myself. Enough. I’m not a lost little girl, not any more – I’m an adult, who has to get her crap together and get a hold of her emotions at last. I have responsibilities now, both as a parent and as a fiancée. I must take care of not only myself, but my family as well. I won’t let them down, not ever. They both deserve a caring mother and a strong wife.

I stand and make a beeline for the bathroom to wash my face with ice cold water. I stare at my reflection in the mirror for a long time, fingers curling tightly around the edge of the sink, steeling myself and jaw clenching. I’m not powerless. I can do this. I can bare life. I can endure. I can love.

I slide into the matching silk robe to my nightgown – the set is pale pink like the Japanese cherry blossoms, with black lace adorning its edges over the cleavage. I tie the belt around my waist and migrate back to the kitchen to put everything into the washing machine. I’m wiping the counter clean when Diana comes in, yawning, plush wolf being dragged after her on the ground. I smile at her as I cower to welcome her in my warm embrace.

“How did you sleep, princess?” I ask, placing a kiss over her temple. She mumbles a “Good” before weakly returning my hug, still riddled with sleep and dizzy with dreams. I scoop her up and go to sit her in her high chair. She squeezes the wolf, clutching it to her small body as I proceed to prepare her breakfast.

. o O o .

Several hours later, Diana is playing in the living-room, while I’m preparing dinner, knowing Jordan will be home soon. I’ve already taken a shower and dressed up into my nightgown again – I want to surprise him tonight, and I figured this would be the best I can offer him.

There’s a knock on the door then, puzzling me – I wouldn’t have thought Jordan would come off-duty so early today. I hurry over to let him in, but when I see who it is, the bitter feeling of deja vu engulfs me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, deliberately failing to greet him or ask him how he is.

“I…” he starts, chewing the inside of his cheek. “I came to see you.”

His eyes involuntarily give me a once-over, urging me to instinctively pull my robe tighter around myself as his mouth falls open a bit. I’m not his, not any more. I shouldn’t feel this fuzzy hotness spreading in my chest as his gaze roams over my figure, burning my skin in its wake. Neither should I be shivering under his intense sight.

“Derek, you should…” I cut myself off as soon as I remember Diana’s plead from last night. I can’t be so selfish to send Derek away while I know my daughter wants to see him so badly. I bite my lip as I inhale a long breath. I cock my head to the side, inviting him in as I step aside. “Come in.”

A small smile tugs at the corners of Derek’s mouth, which eventually widens into a huge grin as he enters. When he’s busy taking off his shoes, Diana comes in running, presumably because she heard me calling him by his name.

“Mr. Derek!” she exclaims, jumping into his neck. Derek shouldn’t know that Diana wanted to see him again. He shouldn’t. He shouldn’t even be here, he shouldn’t be holding my daughter like she was his, holding her so meekly, so protectively, her small body fitting into his palms so neatly and perfectly…

I make a small noise at the back of my throat, suppressing my feelings that want to barge up desperately at the sight before me. Initially, that’s what I wanted – I’ve always imagined myself being parents with Derek, welcoming him home just so, just like it happened now. It hurts so much to simultaneously have and don’t have my desires.

“Come, play w’th me!” Diana sings, taking Derek’s hand and pulling him towards the living-room. He looks at me, a mute question in his eyes. I nod towards the living-room.

“Aren’t you going? Princess wants to play with you,” is all that I say. His face lights up as I let him go with her, following the girl back to her playthings cheerfully, giddily. I watch him as he settles next to the coffee table, sitting cross-legged and taking a building block in his hand, a dopey smile on his face that bliss put there.

I ignore my heart as it clenches painfully in my chest before I make a beeline for the kitchen to keep preparing the dinner. I glance at the clock briefly, taking the chicken out of the oven and kicking its door shut with my heel gently. I don’t even realize how fast time is passing until Derek steps next to me, warm palm on the small of my back, startling me. I cut myself with the knife, so I take the tip of my finger into my mouth as I arch a brow at him.

“Diana fell asleep,” he informs me.

“Yeah, that was to be expected,” I say. Originally, my plan for Jordan included Diana falling asleep before he arrives home. The fact that he still hasn’t let go of me registers, but I can’t find it in me to tell him to take his hand away, or for me to take a step back. Derek stares at my finger in my mouth for a while, then he takes a cloth, runs warm water over it and grabs my hand to squeeze the wet texture over the wound.

“Sorry for scaring you,” he apologizes quietly. I shake my head as I croak out an “It’s okay.” Derek keeps avoiding my gaze as he says, “I checked the envelope.”

A lump forms in my throat, suffocating me all of a sudden. I have hardship staying upright, so I take a hold of the counter. “Yeah?”

“You haven’t seen it, have you?” he asks, only now glancing up. I shake my head, lips pursed and massively fighting my tears back that are welling up in my eyes, making them gleaming. I don’t want to hear it – ignorance protects me. Ignorance protects me from having to be a hypocrite with Jordan if Diana is not his daughter – it protects me from having to endure being left all alone with a child again.

If she’s Jordan’s, then it’s okay if I hear it, because then I won’t have to be forcing myself to look him in the eye.

If she’s Derek’s, however, then I’m better off not knowing about it. Otherwise, I will have to leave Jordan, because one thing I know about myself is that I won’t be able to live a lie with him. He deserves better, so much better than a liar fiancée.

“(Y/N), I read it, and it said –”

“Don’t,” I interrupt warningly. “Don’t be selfish again, Derek.” His eyes reflect sadness and pain as soon as the words leave my mouth, but with bold courage and self-preservation, I continue. “Think about the repercussions it will have on me. I didn’t give it to you to come back and tell me about it. I gave it to you so that I will get rid of the temptation. Do you understand what I’m talking about, Derek?”

Heavy silence settles around us, eating us away. That is, until the front door opens and clicks shut. I jerk my hand away from Derek’s hold.

“Honey?” comes Jordan’s voice from the lobby.

“I’m here,” I answer, already on my way to the entrance of the kitchen to welcome him. We meet at the threshold.

“Hey,” he murmurs, arm snaking around my waist to pull me flush to his body, kissing me deeply. “Shall we continue what we started in the morning?” he asks with a playful half-smile, but I shake my head, making him arch a brow. Only then does he recognize we’re not alone. “I didn’t know we were expecting a guest.”

“You weren’t,” Derek answers. “I just came by.”

Jordan acknowledges that reply with a hum. “I’m sure you already have to leave,” he says pointedly. My fingers flex against his chest as they ball up a fistful of his uniform – that was rude, even though he’s right that Derek shouldn’t be here at this hour.

“I’ll see him to the door,” I offer, but Jordan presses a kiss to my temple and cheek, murmuring to me, “I’ll take care of it, darling. I don’t want you to catch a cold in this short dress of yours.” He massages my skin over my clothes before letting go completely, wordlessly ushering Derek towards the hall with a cock of his head.

Derek obeys. I proceed to set the table for two, but I catch Jordan’s voice as he’s speaking in a low voice. I inch closer to them to be able to hear him clearly. The next time he talks, I can make out every single word that’s said, threatening.

“And leave my family alone, or you’ll regret coming back.”

Then the lock is clicked shut.

anonymous asked:

Hellooo, I really like your blog, thanks for this cute imagines. Can I have an angst with Oikawa and Akaashi? I'm from Ukraine so sorry if I had mistakes Lots of love ^^

So, I only did Oikawa!! -mod owl

Sweat wiped off of your face as you skid your arm across your forehead. 
“Alright! Cleaning my room is finished!” you exclaimed putting your hands on your hips and looking at you reorganized room.
Turning your head to face the clock, “Oh, it’s already 7:05… Tooru should be almost done with practice.” you said. A few seconds passed by and your eyes widened, “Oh shit, I’m supposed to pick him up today!” you panicky said as you reached for your keys and slipped on your shoes.

Driving five over the speed limit, you were singing while hoping he wasn’t waiting for you. 

Oikawa looked at his phone, “7:49, huh?” he said, sighing. 
“She probably forgot again.” he thought
A few moments passed by and his phone started to ring. “It must be he–, mom?” Answering it, “Tooru-kun! Head to the hospital right now! ____ is on the news and she was involved in a chain car crash! She’s currently in critical condition!” his mom yelled, practically screaming in the phone.
Dropping his stuff, he started running towards the hospital. “Fuck, ___-chan!” he screamed 

He stopped in front of the hospital doors and bent down to catch his breath. Swallowing hard, he walked in to find at least fifty people panicking over their relatives who were involved with the crash. 

“Oikawa, Tooru. I’m looking for my wife, Oikawa ____.” he said, still panting. 
The nurse knew who exactly who you were. “She is in surgery right now.” the nurse said. His eyes widened and he was about to break down. “What… What happened?” he asked looking down.

“There was a chain crash that didn’t originally involve her. There was someone stuck in the car and she couldn’t get out. ____-san pulled over and got out of her car to get the woman out. The car was on fire and when they got about two yards away the car exploded. ____-san threw the woman on the ground and shielded her. A metal rod impaled her right below the heart. Your wife? She is a hero.” the nurse said

Oikawa felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around to see a middle-aged looking man, no older than 60 and three teenagers. 

“Please, thank your wife for us. Because of her, my wife and my children’s mother is safe.” the man said, teary eyes. The children behind him proceeded to bow as well as the husband. 
“I am terribly sorry that your wife is in there, it should –” Oikawa cut him off by hugging him. “Please don’t apologize, ____ is kind. Even if it were to end her life by saying your wife, she still would’ve done it. She is someone who thinks about others first.” he said, tears falling. “Please just be happy that both of them are okay.” he finished backing up wiping his tears. 

“Oikawa-san, I just got the notification that her surgery is finished, and it was successful.” the nurse said, smiling at him and the husband. 

Oikawa’s heart dropped and he started to cry again, “Thank God.” he said relieved. 

TITLE: Asgardian and Pregnant


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi


Imagine growing up with Loki and Thor and being best friends with both, but having just a slightly better relationship with Loki, and also a secret attraction to him. Later on, Thor takes a wife and the throne of Asgard. However, that doesn’t get Odin or Frigga off Loki’s back about also taking a wife. There isn’t a day that goes by that Loki doesn’t complain to you about how much pressure that is being put on him. One day, you half-jokingly suggest that you two should be in a “relationship” just to appease Odin and Frigga, at least for a little while. When Loki agrees, you’re shocked, but thrilled inside. So the two of you pretend to court each other, all the while you keep falling more in love with Loki.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: There is some triggering talk about weight and eating in this chapter.

Eliza and Loki resolved not to tell anyone about the pregnancy, which, was rather easy because on one of the following nights Loki had come to the end of his rope with his father, leading to him losing control of his magic and causing almost the entire tables worth of food to be flung at Odin—he hadn’t spoken to Loki in weeks.

But as the weeks wore on and Eliza found she was tired of having to hide her growing belly and swollen ankles; and was getting annoyed with everyone pointing out how large her breasts had gotten that by month seven, she was considering telling everyone anyway.

“I think it would be better just to have it out with everyone now, I don’t know how much more of this I can’t take.” Eliza lamented to Loki as he rubbed her swollen feet.

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