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Hades is not Hell

Hades is just where people go after they die there’s no suffering no fire it’s just where you go unless you’re really fuckin bad then they chuck you into Tartarus

Stop applying Western Christianity symbolism to a mutitheistic religion that isn’t even remotely similar I’m begging you please

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I'm terrible. I just thought up another prompt and couldn't stop myself. Imagine Judy somehow getting the ability to read minds for a day and then using them on Nick. The Nick who's always looking for a way out of doing work and always being lazy. Turns out he's only got one thing on his mind all day.

Sorry for taking a bit to get back to you.  My Monday was kind of crazy.

But, now I am good, so I will entertain this with a little plot bunny/idea summary.

Judy gets her ability from like a random “cheesy” psychic or screet mystic mammal who like threw sand at her or something.  So, of course she thinks nothing of it, because it’s impossible.  Meanwhile Nick is like half teasing, half internally screaming (because foxes are generally “mystical figures” of some kind in a lot of mythology).

The next morning she wakes up to her neighbors like practicing insults in their heads, only she doesn’t know that.  And the other chatter from other neighbors is new, but you know walls are thin.  Judy carries on getting ready for her work day and leaves her apartment like nothing is wrong.

As she starts to get closer to work, the volume and sound of the voices is growing.  To like a slightly painful headache levels for Judy.  And it takes her to be on the subway to realize like no one is actually talking around her.  If a second she thinks she’s going crazy or dreaming, and then she remembers the afternoon/night before, and is just like “oh cheese and crackers it’s real”

She tries to calm herself as she walks into the work.  Telling herself it would be a helpful skill.  She could get all the answers to her questions, even when a suspect  lies.  And she starts to come around that maybe it’s not terrible, she just needs to focus on listening on certain thoughts, or not listen to the masses.  Which is really really heard, because she’s the first rabbit officer, she could do anything she puts her mind to.

And then she runs into Nick, who’s all cool and collected and “Can you read minds today, Carrots?”  Which she nervously laughs at and just teasingly annoyingly telling him to shut up.

To her luck most of their day is spent in the precinct doing paperwork, boring but not terribly unwelcome till Judy learns to control her new ability.  Cause it could be around for…well a while. 

Nick does his usual skirting off work, and Judy sees an opportunity to like test focus her new idea.  And when she tunes in to his thoughts, it’s kind of random passing thoughts.  Like they don’t exactly connect together.  Like it’s a thought about farms market, random flowers name, the Rain Forest District, and like random pastries.  But none of his thought process about how to pass of work, which is odd cause he manages to always pass off work soon after she tunes in.

And it’s like that for most of the day.  Seemingly random ideas, that are like food, flower, and places Nick and Judy had been.  Which mostly sort of makes sense for Nick.

The days starts to go to come to a close, and Judy is mostly annoyed with Nick’s thoughts.  Like really annoyed, so she tunes into Nick’s thoughts the whole time they are packing up and leaving the precinct.

What she gets is all of Nicks random thoughts sort of coming to a plan.  Where he invites her to like some local farmers market, where he pretends to not know how to properly by some produce, or tell when its “good”, or how to properly cook a some vegetables proper.  Like to a level where he knows Judy will get slightly worked up that he doesn’t know anything and she has to properly teach him to shop and cook to like impress her mom with her skills.  And they spend the whole day going to random hole in the wall organic places for other ingredients and whatever.  And the go back to his place and cook all their food, which Nick actually knows how to cook reasonably okay, leaving Judy to be like “oh what…sly conning fox”

And that’s how I hustle Judy into an all day date with a homecooked meal at the end, is Nick’s last thought.

Judy just stares at the fox for a moment in complete shock.  Because the whole day Nick was just thinking about pulling a hustle on her.  So she just punches his arm and tells him all has to do is ask, which just leaves Nick confused.


(most of) the men of black sails + name meanings (according to urban dictionary) (insp)(cap credit)

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Hey! I'm sorry if this is annoying or anything, but I'm really confused and don't really know who to talk to. I'm pretty young, and have been feeling really shitty about my body and have been for a while. I used to love swimming, but stopped because I couldn't stand the sight of myself in bathers, and I'm starting to think that I'm experiencing dysphoria - I've recently begun questioning my gender, and have no idea about what I might be except for the fact that I'm definitely not a girl (1/2)

And I’m just wondering if you could give me a bit of a description on what dysphoria’s like because I’m really unsure what this is and don’t exactly know what to do - again, I’m sorry if this is annoying or otherwise irritating for you as I know you’re getting a lot of hate (you don’t deserve it by the way - you’re amazing and really brave) and I hope you have a really good day - love an anxious and confused anon who is a massive fan of your blog (2/2)

Hey mon ami! Not annoying at all. It certainly does sound like you’re experiencing some kind of dysphoria. Unfortunately, I can’t really give you a clear cut explanation of how dysphoria feels, because everyone who experiences it experiences it in their own way. So it’s very hard to ‘explain’ as such! But from the way you’ve described it, it would definitely seem like you’re having some dysphoria of some sort. 

The fact you’re already at the point where you’re certain you’re not a girl means half the battle is over! Getting there is difficult, but it means you’re ready to start exploring your gender. What I’d suggest is play around with some names/pronouns a bit - even if it’s just between you and a trusted friend, or even just to yourself! Gender dysphoria is also often accompanied by something called gender euphoria - which is the happy feeling a trans person gets when someone uses the correct name/pronouns etc for them. So experiment, and see if any feel particularly ‘right’. You’re in no desperate rush to find a specific label - work first on finding pronouns that work for you, and then from there do some research into things like nonbinary genders etc. Eventually something will just click. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind about how you feel a few times, too - ignore the ‘it’s a phase!’ nonsense, because even if something IS just a phase, it’s a learning experience. 

Just take your time and don’t rush yourself, and in the meantime work on finding a way to make peace with your body! Invest in a binder or good sports bra, and see how that makes you feel! 

Also, remember that you’re young - if you eventually happen to come to the conclusion that it’s not gender-related dysphoria and that you are cis, don’t feel like some kind of fiend for questioning yourself. Questioning your gender is perfectly normal and healthy.

I hope this helps in some way.

Unread Text Messages [Taehyung x Reader]
  • [This is from your POV]
  • Tae🐶: I'm so sorry (F/n)...I just. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.
  • Tae🐶: You deserved better than me. I really hope you're happy right now...
  • Tae🐶: I'd be lying to you and myself if I said I didn't miss you.
  • Tae🐶: Because fuck. I really miss you (F/n). So much so that I can't stop thinking about you.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way you smiled at me as I'd poke your tummy. Do you remember? You used to tell me to stop it but I KNOW you secretly enjoyed it.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way your eyes would shine every time you'd talk about things you love. You'd always ramble on about all the things you found interesting.
  • Tae🐶: I'd always nod and smile but ask what you just said straight after because I'd always trail away from the conversation, getting lost in the depth of your tone, the croakiness in your voice that displayed the exhaustion of the day and the slight cute lisp you always denied that you had.
  • Tae🐶: I know these texts aren't going to be read but it doesn't hurt to try right...
  • Tae🐶: I miss the times you'd lay your head snugly on my chest, and how your laughter would vibrate from your rib cage. It always gave me such a tickling sensation. It never failed to allow my lips to crack a wide ass smile.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: I'm going to sleep now. Sleep well my angel.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning, jagi! I hope you had a good nights rest
  • Tae🐶: You remember my best friend Jimin right? He said it's not healthy for me to be still texting you
  • Tae🐶: Hahaha can you believe him? He even suggested for me to move on. 😂
  • Tae🐶: I still love you. As long as that love is still there I'm going to talk to you every moment I can.
  • Tae🐶: even if I know all of this will never be read
  • Tae🐶: you know, I remember vividly how your mother was so against you going out with me
  • Tae🐶: "idols are not to be trusted!" She said. Even though I didn't think I was worth it, you still fought for me.
  • Tae🐶: you'd admit to me late at night that it was tiring. That all of it on top of studying for your degree and your part time job was draining your energy.
  • Tae🐶: but everytime I felt guilty and said something stupid like: "it's okay if it gets too much and if you'd like to walk away. I don't want to see you hurt."
  • Tae🐶: you'd always look at me with the most offended glare. "Pfft I'm stronger than that, Tae. I love you. That's never gonna change. Even if my mum doesn't agree right now. I'll change her mind I promise and then all of this will go away."
  • Tae🐶: you'd just snuggle closer to me after that but I'd still pout. Your eyebags were deepening around then, your skin tone gradually had turned lighter. You were suffering because of me. And I hated how I couldn't help you.
  • Tae🐶: then one day it all ended. I grew some balls and strutted to your family's front door. "Mrs.(L/n), I'm Kim Taehyung your daughter's boyfriend. Nice to finally meet you." My box smile was showing. I was trying extra hard to be charming.
  • Tae🐶: after a VERY long conversation she had fallen for my charms just like you had 😙
  • Tae🐶: I felt all the weight that had held you down physically lift off of you.
  • Tae🐶: ... I...i remember the times you had look at me fondly every time I spoke. You'd just give me that knowing grin and be so engrossed in what I ever that spilled out of my mouth. Even if I spouted bullshit sometimes 😅
  • Tae🐶: I'm gonna miss all that.
  • Tae🐶: I hope you read this.
  • Tae🐶: I want you to know how much I love you.
  • Tae🐶: How much you meant to me...
  • Tae🐶: (F/n)...I miss you, baby please
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning again! How are you doing today jagi? 😘
  • Tae🐶: I hope you're eating well.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: sometimes I laugh at the thought of how many unread messages you probably have.
  • Tae🐶: but when I hear how tired my laugh sounds I realize I had lost my voice.
  • Tae🐶: because I was crying all night.
  • Tae🐶: can you imagine?
  • Tae🐶: I'm so weak hahaha I can't even be strong in these times
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: you know it's been 3 days
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I let you go
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you told me that you were going out with that one friend of yours that had the faulty car
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I hesitated, worrying for the slightest second thinking I should tell you to stay or at least go with you
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you reassured me that you'd be fine and that it was a girls night out
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I smiled and let you kiss me on the cheek as you ran out to meet your friend.
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you left our shared apartment and never came back.
  • Tae🐶: when I heard the news I was in a state of denial. I couldn't bring myself to believe it.
  • Tae🐶: then I saw the wreck of a car that I had wished wasn't familiar to me. That same faulty car I was worried about.
  • Tae🐶: I should've went with you. At least then I would be with you right now and not talking on here
  • Tae🐶: I should've held your head close to mine, I should've told you it was okay and that I love you. I should've shared our last moments together.
  • Tae🐶: but now you're there.
  • Tae🐶: and I'm here.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: baby.
  • Tae🐶: Please.
  • Tae🐶: Answer me...

i can’t believe after all of this the miz just continues to shit on dean like specifically like holding dean to his word. Which makes me ask this question: why is he even doing this

my answer: he’s doing this to fight dean, he didn’t care to fight roman. There was no real fear in his eyes he’s a roman stan but he couldn’t give a flying fuck that roman was out there telling him that he needs to shut up blah blah blah. the REAL money was when dean came out there, that’s when the FEAR struck in, you saw in on the miz’ face. Dean is the REAL threat here.

and that’s what the miz wants.

whatever narrative you think about when you consider the dean vs. miz feud just take into considering that this a piece of storyline mastery on the wwe’s part like lemme tell you actually i’ll save that for another day how it was one of the best modern day era feuds we’ve seen. save that for another time and me and @tragicbreeds with lecture on this.

nonetheless, the miz just wants that back. after that nessesant need to prove himself against people he’s bested it fucking pissed him off that dean moved on. it’s one of those ‘you don’t move on first, i move on first’ sort of things. so dean moved on and so did the miz but not after all that fucking shit they both put each other through. 

it’s like after all that shit you want it to stop but you also dont, something in the miz snapped during then that’s just made him fucking obsessed with dean. obsessed with trying to one up him, obsessed with trying to best him, obsessed with trying to punish dean. 


and the sad thing about that, is that after all this work, after everything the miz has done. whether he loses or he win’s his match no one is going to care. they’re going to forget him, they’re going to forget what he’s done and next week you’ll see someone tweet him:

“I forgot you were our intercontinental champion lmao”

and then the cycle continues becasue the only time people care about what the miz is going to do is when he’s up in everyone’s face

The course of true love never did run smooth.
- William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act I, Scene I

@glerasaurus  /  @aph-fedya

I’m incredibly sorry that i couldn’t finish one picture for each of you so far (i hopefully will sooner or later) so for now one picture has to be enough
I’m so sorry

BTW America’s not wearing his bomber jacket; only his uniform mainly bc i accidentally saved only png and than SAI crashed and i realized that the bomber jacket had still been a hidden layer …so no bomber jacket…

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Imagine Drax as a cake decorator.

Long story short: he becomes a Cake Wrecks sensation.

His artistry is (surprisingly) superb – his flowers are the talk of the industry, his work with fondant is rated “divine” by no fewer than three popular wedding magazines, his Smaug vs Bilbo birthday cake wins first prize at two decorating competitions and pictures of it are awed over across the internet; he never once puts a baby doll head as a cake topper or makes sperm-shaped balloons.

But text.  Text is a problem.

Or, more accurately, anything requested with even remotely unclear instructions.

To date, things that have been written on Drax cakes include:

-“something nice”
-“nothing special, just happy birthday”
-“happy birthday with a heart on the i”
-“we love you in red”
-“happy anniversary and flowers”
-“thank you on it”

(It didn’t take long for someone to identify him as the maker of the Flawless Literal Cakes and share it with half the internet.)

(His sales tripled.)

  • Souda: Hey, Gundham, have you seen 'Mobile Suit Gundam'?
  • Gundham: ...I do not know what you mean by have I seen myself in a mobile suit...
  • Souda: Hey Sonia, have you listened to 'Nevermind' yet?
  • Sonia: ...What about my last name?
  • Souda: Hey Nek-
  • Akane: Souda stop that or I will pour you with soda.

Kris stumbles into a dark dorm. It’s silent. ‘Of course they aren’t up. They are probably pissed with me,’ he thinks as he waks further into dorm only to jump slightly when the lights suddenly comes on, revealing the eleven other members. Kris freezes in place, not knowing what to expect. Everyone just looks at him, exhausted and emotionally drained. His eyes travel over all eleven of them and he thinks that he should greet them at least, but he can’t. It’s quiet for only a second longer and everyone of his members smile slightly at him before saying softly, “Ayo waddup, Kris?” He doesn’t know what to say. He didn’t expect a response. His eyes well up with tears and he says in response, “Ayo wassup?”

  • Makoto: *takes a deep breath*
  • Makoto: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around him ever: yes, you love haru, we know, you love haru so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love nanase haruka, we KNOW, you love haru, you fucking love haru, ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE NANASE HARUKA. WE GET IT.
I have an important announcement

Sorry guys, but I will stop drawing and probably will delete this account soon, thank you for everything so far and your support. My reasons for this are under read more since it’s kinda long, again I’m sorry.


Sorry for those who thought I was talking seriously :3c so today is Dec 28 and in Latin America is like our April fools (but in december, duh~) if you didn’t knew UwU This is my joke for this year, of course I ain’t gonna stop drawing!! and I’m not gonna delete this account. I can’t believe I’m procrastinating my projects just to draw that troll Peri with Gin-chan’s face xD (you can see how I suffer in snapchat)

So, happy December 28! Try to not fall in other jokes today and again, I’m sorry if you believed this for a second, you can breathe now and punch me if you want ^^

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I'm so sorry for the intense reblogs. I was on a massive Katsura high, and your Katsura tag was just pure heaven I couldn't stop myself.

Never apologize for having good taste. Katsura is one of the best characters to have ever charactered. He is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, worn by something resembling human. He’s a man of a thousand faces, every one the same. To quote Gintoki: “His brain is constantly “off.” His adapter was pulled from its socket years ago.”

The real question here is not “What is Elizabeth?”, but “What is Katsura?”

Momentary Personal Rant

I am legitimately starting to worry about what we’re going to get in S3.  I am honestly afraid of what a writing staff who seems to completely gloss over so many characters with such potential to focus on the same other characters over and over again is going to do to said characters.  I am honestly worried about having a writing staff that claims their show is not about romance and then shoves a ship down the fandom’s throat (no hate to Clexa, I love Lexa, I love Clarke, I don’t personally ship it but I have no problem with it).  I am TERRIFIED of having a writing staff that belittles its show’s fans, especially those who ship something that they personally do not support.  Not only is such a practice never acceptable, but they need all the viewers and ratings they can get if they want a season four and beyond.  I feel like someone needs to tell this writing staff that YES, they are the people who create this content and put it out to the world but THAT DOES NOT MEAN that they have the right to tell fans how to consume it.  Bellarke shippers and Bellamy fans are not inherently problematic (there are some of course but not all of us are), please stop treating us like second class citizens.