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Since I started really paying attention to all the Call the Midwife posts on tumblr, my memory of past episodes & how many contrasts and parallels there are throughout the show has improved & today I was reminded (my friend recently started watching and has been updating me) of series 3, episode 3 aka the episode that crushed my heart and made me sob for like an hour after it was over aka the episode Shelagh has her procedure and is told she can’t conceive  and yet here we are 😊😭😍 #letsgetit1962 

ANYWAY, back to the point I was trying to make, remember the heart breaking ending where Shelagh comes home from the hospital?

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❞ HI FRIENDS !! So, here’s another episode in the saga of me trying to find the right plot to base an appless roleplay on. I have too many ideas, basically, which kind of makes it very hard for me to decide on one ?? And I’m constantly torn in between a bunch of options… First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who is annoyed by me in my search for a plot and starting up roleplays. I’ve got some asks about it but each of them were frankly to hateful and rude to really invest any time in so, @ the haters, don’t even bother coming back because I couldn’t care less about your hateful messages lol so I really wanted to apologize for spamming your dashes with posts like this. I promise I’m trying hard to make up my mind. It’s just super hard for me to find the right thing to roll with, because other than some might think, I don’t want to make a zillion roleplays only to ‘let them fail within two weeks’. I’m just wanting to finally get it right, find the perfect plot so I can fully confident start working on this roleplay, open it and hopefully keep it open for quite some time so it can become a home to many. So yeah, I’m going to list my ideas and concerns below the cut. Any opinion, preference, help, advice etc as long as it’s not hateful, because i’m just going to remove those messages jsyk would be so highly appreciated !! You can respond below, or send me a message or IM. I just need help, really, because I’m too much of an indecisive ass to decide myself and I don’t really know what is still wanted in the rpc rp wise ?? So yeah, I’d love you forever if you could give me a hand in this. Thank you so much in advance !! Xoxo

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How do you keep track of mutuals and friends on Tumblr? Cuz I honestly have no clue and I’m like, I know there are people who i love their blogs and I’d like to get to know them better but where are they? I have no idea… I usually notice people when they like my posts or if we instant message each other but beyond that my mutuals are lost in my dash… I follow way too many people

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For sleepover Saturday: Tell us about your OCs?

oh gosh i have … so many OCs, anon. like … so many. i have notebooks upon notebooks of story ideas, and about 6 or 7 novels that i’ve started that i have not completed yet >.<

telling you about all my OCs will take too long, so I’ll just copy and paste over what I wrote about some of my top faves the last time someone wanted to know about them:

there’s Tanaka Simon (Sy), who started out as Alex Johnson in a Sky High fanfic back in the early 2000s. He’s an empath (someone who can control, manipulate, or take on the emotions of others) and has the power of invisibility as well. He’s reserved and anxious and thinks he’s a monster because of things that happened in his past. Despite this, he’s kind and compassionate and he’d do anything for his friends. (He’s also gay and has an unrequited crush on the other MMC, but ends up falling in love with a pesky newcomer who’s very annoying (until he isn’t as annoying)).

He’s one of the main three characters in Haven, a book about orphans of superheros who have to save the day when the evil relative of the FMC threatens to take over the US/burn it to the ground.

(and yes I got my online name from him)

there’s Caleb Greene, a half-Sioux/half-Irish foster kid runaway living in North Dakota who’s in love with his best friend Jason (only Jason is the son of very rich and influential and homophobic parents). He’s a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and doesn’t think he’s lovable/is self-destructive. He cares deeply about his friends, but at the same time he feels they’d be better off without him. (He’s also a giant sci-fi/fantasy nerd despite his delinquent persona.)

He’s one of the four main characters in Mnemosyne, a book about coming of age and learning to love oneself. It ends in tragedy, though I’ve been thinking of maybe tweaking the end a bit so that the character who dies survives. But I have to actually finish it first …

there’s the boy, a humanoid alien who started out as a roleplay character in a forum I was a part of back in the mid-2000s. He doesn’t speak, either because he doesn’t know how or because he simply chooses not to, and he has a disease which causes anything he touches to degrade/die. (He basically leeches the life from people.) He’s been experimented on and treated as a lab rat and basically just doesn’t have any humanity, more animal than human … at first. He knows he’s a monster and that nobody will ever love him and so he doesn’t care about anyone or anything.

That is until he meets the FMC who is immune to his disease and helps him escape from his prison in the lab. He’s one of the three main characters in Carthonia, a book about the last humans leaving earth to form a new colony on another Earth-like planet when they end up having to crash land on a different planet when their ship gets damaged in an asteroid field. the inhabitants of the planet welcome the travelers, but they’re hiding a dark secret … (this was actually my first NaNo novel and one I’d like to rewrite and try again)

and then there’s Luka Kuzma, the MMC of my first self-published book The Blind Traveler. He’s blind (hence the name of the book) but has magical abilities, and he offers to help the FMC take back her kingdom when it’s overrun by an evil kingdom. I based him and his people off real-life travelers (gypsies), and the FMC comes from a prejudiced and sheltered lifestyle that believes travelers are all villainous thieves and murderers, but she finds this isn’t the case.

Luka is actually very different from my usual ^^ type of favorite character to write, ahaha. He knows he’s good and kind and while he’s not perfect (he has some serious anger issues), he always strives to do the right thing.

The Blind Traveler was meant to be a trilogy, since the FMC and her friends completely fail at taking down the evil king in the first book and the second and third books were going to make a time jump to when they’re older and better organized and there was going to be political intrigue and spies and magic and dragons, but I never got around to writing the second book … >.> I’d like to go back and rewrite it though, and perhaps actually continue the story.

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