i'm sorry i hate me too

Hey guys!

Just a heads up that I’m temporarily gonna close the text requests, just so that I can get caught up. I still have some requests from January so I wanna make sure I don’t make the list too long. Hopefully I can finish them up soon and open it up again!

Of course, three sentence fic requests are (almost) always open and I’m also open to any drabble AU suggestions you might have for the ongoing 100 Day Drabble Challenge!

As always, please message me if you have any questions!

Stay frosty~

Semi writing hiatus

I hate to do this, but it has to be this way. Things are getting to me and I can’t bring myself to write like usual. As soon as I’m feeling back to myself, I promise to be writing a lot more. Until then, it’ll be just a lot of pointless posts and reblogs by me. I’m sorry.

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

all this drama in Sherlock Fandom™: *happens* 
me: so when is guy richie’s sherlock holmes 3 happening?

Okay! I’m a scientist so there are two possibilities;
1) Ethan and Tyler are single together
2) Ethan is not single (and hopefully dating Tyler because who else actually shares clothes if not couples!?)

The second we found our love again was the same second we remembered that in a month our hearts will be miles away. So we both didn’t say anything, but we knew.
—  We knew
  • Period during summer vacation: eh who cares I mean I'm just laying here with no plans. I'll sleep or something. This sucks.
  • Period during school: I hate you and me and everyone and am I fucking bleeding through my pants?! Maybe who knows. Everything hurts. Do I seriously have to walk again these cloths are too tight. I hate this universe. I wanna be a slug.

Can you imagine if dan and Phil willingly kissed on camera?
I think about this all the time.
Say if it was pinof for example. - “I dare you two to kiss”
And they’re like “alright” and it probably wouldn’t be like a quick peck. It’s been a long awaited moment. They talked about it. Like it’s a consensual kiss from between the two. And Phil’s hand cups Dan’s face, and their heads know where to go and they make it clear. Visible.
A Well known going-to-break-the-internet-for-days kiss.
Like what happens after that?
They don’t have to say they’re dating because chances are they won’t. They still won’t have to, it’ll just lead a whole new plethora of questions. Will they smile after it happens? Laugh? Look at the camera and say “yes that just happened” and move on?
Will the earth stop?
Would it change anything?
We’ll probably all gasp so hard our lungs will fall out of our backs.

It’s actually sad how much thought I’ve put into this I’m just gonna crawl back into my hole now.

I have to trust that you don’t hate me. I have to believe that you knew me well enough to understand that I wouldn’t do this to you, to us, unless I had to. I just have to spend a little bit of time thinking about me for a while, and I’m sorry if that hurts you. It hurts me too. It hurts to notice that when the word “love” just barely escapes my lips, you bolt away as though it stings. I’m sorry that I make you feel this way now. I’m sorry that you can’t look at me anymore. I’m sorry that we can’t sit at the same table like we used to. I’m sorry that you can’t tell me how your day is going anymore, or what it is that’s got you looking so sad. I’m sorry that I can’t be here anymore. Because it aches. But let’s just be stronger because of it. Okay?
—  🖤

wait a minute are there ppl out there calling youngjae a visual hole?? excuse me?? choi youngjae of got7, resident sunshine, the one nichkhun called got7′s visual, the one who has no bad angles in selfies, the one with the most angelic voice, the one who loves fans and told them politely to give got7 their personal space but also worried abt the fans safety, the one who couldn’t dance at all when he became a trainee but only trained 7 months before he debuted, the one who worked multiple part time jobs for money for classes so he could become a trainee, the one who is so talented and so loving and caring, that choi youngjae? i’m sorry but he did not work this hard to have ppl hate on him no idol works this hard for ppl to hate on them goodbye