i'm sorry i had to watermark


a blessed fancam.


My Twenty One Pilots themed cake for my fondant class final! In total I think I spent around 48 hours on all the details and yes, all the decorations are edible.


collab with @suguru

it was really fun working with her!

I did the sketch and she lined and colored it!

it’s so late i’m so sorry

uknownada  asked:

How do you deal with thieves? I've been making little Samurai Jack parody videos (inspired by you), and all of a sudden they got kinda popular. So much so to the point where now I'm starting to see them in Youtube compilations or on tumblr or twitter without permission, credit, or even a link back to where they got it from. It's honestly annoying to me, but I assume that it's something you've gone though yourself in the past. How do you deal with people like this taking your videos?

Ah I am sorry you’re having to deal with that! I haven’t had *that* big of an issue with people stealing my videos, but when your channel is growing it can be more of a problem. I know lots of people use watermarks (you’d need to put them where they can’t just be cropped out if the video is cropped into a square). When you see someone stealing your video, contact them and ask them to credit you or just take it down. But otherwise that’s pretty much all I know to do :/ anyone else have better suggestions?

anonymous asked:

Could you please post a picture of the sumo / sushi? I'm so interested!

Sure. (Sorry for the giant watermarks. I keep finding my stuff reposted without credit.) Anyway, here ya go:

It’s definitely a bit silly, but I had a lot of fun designing this. It was super hard to figure out how to make a doll transform into sushi, but now that I’ve done it, it seems obvious! You just pull out the middle, flip the top part inside out, stick the middle back in upside down, and fasten the strap. The only other transforming crochet things I’ve ever seen were all one piece, but if you only make one piece, that means you have to leave a big opening somewhere to flip it inside out, and there’s not really a place on a doll to leave an opening like that. So I had to make it in two pieces that fit together. Problem solving ftw! Also I know Ed’s sumo costume in the Shape of You video had a blue belt, but if I’d made the doll with a blue belt and strap, the sushi side would also be wearing blue. So I made it black instead. The sushi side says, “This is how I roll.” :)

I’m glad Ed likes sushi. This would have been a lot harder to make if it had to be a ketchup bottle. 

Three sneezes hit her in rapid succession, causing soap suds to go flying as she rushed to cover her lower face with the crook of her elbow. A startled exclamation to her right told her that she had most likely flung dishwater onto her husband, who had been busy drying dinner plates. Neither of them were particularly good at household cleaning spells, which led to many a night at the sink with dirty utensils, soiled laundry, or in one unforgettable instance, chasing a rogue vacuum cleaner that had taken out a floor lamp and half of a set of drapes in the living room.

“Bless you,” Newt said, dabbing at the watermarks on his previously spotless shirt with a dry corner of the dishtowel. She peered at him sheepishly over her still raised arm, soapy water dripping sluggishly from her fingers.

“Sorry,” she said, watching the cloth scrub rather fruitlessly at the stains. He shrugged.

“You know, there are subtler ways of telling me I need a bath.”

She snorted.

anonymous asked:

I'm an artist too and I've had so many awful experiences with rude and bratty reposters, so honestly, I don't blame you or anyone who wants to cover up their artwork with a huge watermark. For me, as long as I have the unwatermarked version somewhere in my computer, I don't give a fuck if I upload one with a huge watermark. It's better safe than sorry honestly! And anyone doesn't respect that clearly doesn't understand the pains artists go through to protect themselves and their work.

I think just like you!! I think at least once a year there’s always a discussion on this blog about this topic 😂


I’m very sorry for all of the people who actually respect the artist’s works.
But for now on, I will put a very annoying watermark in my drawings.

I’m sorry, but I’m really tired to find things like this: (erased all the info and data of the pages because I woulnd’t like hate against that person. But omg)

It’s not only about people using my art without permission. I can understand some times. SOME TIMES. But when you don’t put links or credit and you EVEN modify the image because hey! if you do so it will look like it’s a portrait of you!

I’m sorry but this drawing is VERY personal and important for me. I don’t want people to make my drawings (and more THIS drawing just because hey how cute is the tiger) loose all their sense and meaning just because they want them personalized. 
And maybe I’m so mad right now because I had to suffer something similar in the convec yesterday with this very drawing. But I can’t help it. Drawing is too painful for me to deal with this kind of things.

And yes, I know someone will say “Hey, internet is free, if you don’t want your image used, don’t post it there" 
So, yes :) I will post my images with a cute watermark so anyone can erase it.

Again, I’m very very sorry for all the people who understand the hard work of the artists and respect them.