i'm sorry i don't know the other guys name

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

Hey everybody! Together with @lovingkos I’m organizing an Arsenal Fandom Gift Exchange, aka Secret Santa!


  1. To sign up for the Secret Santa reblog (so that more people can see it) this post and fill out this form so I can pair you up with someone;
  2. You can sign up until November 27th at midnight EST;
  3. I will send you the URL and information of your pair before December 1st;
  4. Send your pair nice anonymous messages and spread the cheer (don’t forget to sign as Secret Santa so they know it’s you);
  5. Make something for the person you were paired with: a gif, manip, edit, a fanmix, fanfic, drawing - anything you think they might enjoy! Make sure to browse their blog for ideas;
  6. Post your gift from December 24 - January 1 and reveal yourself;
  7. Make sure you tag your post with your pair’s url and #arsenalsecretsanta so other people can see it too!


  1. First and foremost, you must be an Arsenal fan;
  2. All works must focus on Arsenal: the club, the stadium, the players - anything Arsenal;
  3. Your askbox must be open so I can send you your pair;
  4. If you want to receive messages from your Secret Santa (highly recommended), you must turn anon on;
  5. If you change your URL during this process, PLEASE let me know.

I hope you sign up and we all have fun! My askbox is open for any questions you might have!

  • me: hey there's this word "asexual" and this other word "aromantic" and i'm pretty sure they describe me bc i don't feel sexual or romantic attraction... just thought you should know haha
  • some kid: ok cool... now look at this hot guy omg how do you not find him sexually and romantically attractive