i'm sorry i don't know how to draw them from memory

  • okay but elias woke up a little later today - he wasn’t planning on meeting the boys until much later - and he’s surprised when he runs into sana, smuggling food from the kitchen into her bedroom. she’s still in her pyjamas and she isn’t wearing any make up or anything, which, well, it’s nearly 1pm. so it’s a bit odd, especially for her.
  • elias asks her if she’s okay, and why she’s still in her pyjamas. and sana just shrugs and says, quite aggressively, “you’re still in your pyjamas.” and sometimes elias would bite back, tease her, but he also knows when to draw the line. and he can just see that sana’s not in the mood, so he just says, “any plans today?”
  • sana stares at him and shrugs, says, “nei”, then makes her way into her room, shutting the door, and elias leaves her be for a little bit. but a few hours later, elias notices she still hasn’t left her bedroom, which is kind of unlike sana. so he knocks on her door. 
  • she lets him in, but she’s kind of irritated; elias ignores it and says, “what’re you up to?” as he plonks himself on sana’s bed (which causes sana to sigh irritably, but she shuffles a little to give him space to get comfy anyway).
  • “nothing,” sana says irritably; dismissively. elias just looks at her and says, “okay” and waits to see if she elaborates. when she doesn’t, he says, “what was all that about last night?”
  • sana raises her eyebrows. “i’m allowed to have friends around, elias,” she snaps. “you do all the time.”
  • “yeah, but mine don’t drink in the house, and there’s never twenty of us,” elias replies fairly, but not unkindly. he looks at her, notices how deflated she seems, how upset she looks, and so he just says, “is everything okay?”
  • “yes,” sana says quickly. “everything’s fine.” which - okay, okay, sana isn’t in the mood for talking. that’s fine. so, elias says, “how about a movie?”
  • sana looks at him, frowning, and says, “what movie?”, and elias tells her that there’s this film on today, the one they used to watch all the time when they were little. and sana, despite herself, smiles at the memory, and laughs when elias does a (very bad) impression of one of the main characters. and elias thinks there is nothing that makes him quite as proud as when he makes his baby sister laugh.
  • they end up reheating leftovers from the other night and sit cross-legged on the sofa together, watching this film, which is funny but kind of cheesy and not actually as good as either of them remember it being, but it’s okay, because sana’s smiling a lot more now; seems more content.
  • elias’ phone rings just as the films ending and shit, time got away from him; he’d agreed to see the boys today. he picks up the phone and starts talking to them, to adam, and says, “just come over to mine, man, it’s chill, my parents are–” but then he catches sana’s expression; it’s small, subtle, the way her eyes fall to her lap and she prods at her food a little disinterestedly. maybe other people wouldn’t notice it, but elias does. so, he says, “actually, guys, sorry, film without me today, i forgot i made other plans.”
  • the boys erupt into indignant shouts about loyalty and how important their youtube channel is, but elias silences them, hangs up the phone, and sana says, “what other plans do you have?”
  • “well, they made a sequel to this film, and i think it’s stupid that neither of us have seen it”. and okay, he expects that to make sana smile, but instead she frowns and says, “but they aren’t airing the sequel at the moment.” so elias rolls his eyes, then says, “we’ll just have to find something else to watch, then.” and sana looks at him for a moment before rolling her eyes and saying, “okay. find something, then.”
  • she may not have said it, but she didn’t need to, because elias can already tell that sana’s feeling just that little bit better. and he’s so glad to see it, because he really hates seeing sana upset; can’t stand it, because despite how much he teases her, he truly does think there’s no one in the world who deserves happiness quite as much as his sister. and maybe that’s why, when they squabble over the last portion of food, elias lets sana have it. just this once.
She Raped Him
  • It was getting to be that time of the month again. You were starting to feel that urge again. The urge to prowl. Like that ravenous appetite that arises in a werewolf every full moon, so did you feel this lust budding in your thighs and breasts, getting hungry for another victim.
  • You had experimented at first. Drugging your victims the first few times. You had convinced your cousin that dabbled in drugs to get you some of that " date-rape" drug. Guys were easy to manipulate with a little cleavage and flirting. You justified it because you told yourself that they deserved it.... Jerks that preyed on other girls with one night stands and such.
  • Nevertheless, you were stilled scared the first time you did it.
  • A motionless male passed out on the bed. You would pull down his jeans just enough to expose his ass. You toyed with him, teased him as he laid there on his stomach passed out.
  • And then you gave it to him. Even though he didn't say no, it was still rape. But it was exhilarating beyond compare. The strapon being shoved in and out of his ass gave wonderful orgasms to you. With each thrust, the resistance would force the strapon back against your throbbing pussy. It was so wonderful, you had to be careful that you didn't pass out too after your orgasmic explosion.
  • You thought it was funny that they would wake up the next day with a sore bottom, not knowing where it came from or what happened.
  • After a few victims, you were looking for something more adventurous. You wanted to find a real victim, you wanted an awake victim, but you feared getting in over your head. What would it be like to actually rape a man?
  • The thought of it made you wet. You had your strapon underneath your yoga pants and you started stroking it fantasizing about it, looking at the calendar with Halloween circled. You were going to a party. Those were always the best places to find unsuspecting victims.
  • You showed up at the party very fashionably late. The later the better, the guys would be drunk by then anyway. You were dressed as leopard. You had a dark brown tight leopard print camisole. Your black bra straps exposed as well as your generous cleavage. You had black kitten ears on your head. You drew small whiskers on your face with black eyeliner. You were wearing dark brown matching leopard print yoga pants, that went down to your ankles. And you also had a ballet dancers dark brown skirt. This was to conceal your hard on underneath, your strapon tucked snugged into your yoga pants.
  • You caught the eyes of many men and you jokingly growled at them. You prowled the party looking for him. Then you saw one. He was filling people's cups of beer at the keg. He hit on every girl , and would pinch their ass or lift their skirt up after they got the beer. He embarrassed every girl that came by. What a jerk. You were plotting your move observing quietly from afar.
  • "Hey , how are you?"
  • Caught off guard , a guy came up.
  • "Nice costume."
  • "Oh.... oh yeah thanks. and uh... where's your costume..."
  • "oh, I couldn't decide, I just didn't know if I was coming."
  • Yeah.. I decide to come last minute..." your eye still on the keg guy.
  • "I know this sounds cheesy, but I think we've met before.." shyly asking
  • "Oh... I'm sorry "... you reply
  • ".... Uh ... I think I fixed your computer .. at the uh... Best Buy ..." he said
  • You respond " oh yeah... Idid get my computer fixed ... wow you got a good memory.. "
  • He grins and replies" I remembered because you were really pretty... and uh oh I didn't mean that... "
  • You switched your attention to him . He was blushing. He was obviously very nervous and shy. You hadn't noticed at first, but he was dressed very smartly and was kind of cute.., for a shy tech nerd...
  • He had a dark green button down, dark black jeans, leather dark brown ankle boots and matching belt. And he had a classic polo dark blue jacket on. His cologne even smelled good.
  • You smiled as he fumbled over his words.
  • You look back at the keg guy and he was gone.. You whisper damn! ... as you look to see where he went..
  • " Is everything... ok..? " he asks
  • You turn your attention away from the keg guy and reply. " yeah... yeah, uh.. I just looked at the line to the bathroom and it's all the way back to the kitchen. "
  • He says " Hey I've been here before, there's a private bathroom in a bedroom at back of house. The bedroom door is locked, but I use it and no one knows about it...
  • Want me to show you?"
  • "Oh sure .. that would be great.. "
  • You follow him back to the bedroom, and you actually started checking his butt out and it looked nice. He was skinny enough, he probably had those cute dimples on his butt. You quickly check yourself and tell yourself nooo , he's too nice.
  • He unlocked the door and y'all both go inside.
  • He walks back to the bathroom and turns light on and says here it is, and he walks back. You go inside and go to bathroom.
  • As you exit, he is leaning on a dresser.
  • The outside noise and music is booming. You say "it's kind of nice to get away from the music and noise." And you lean against dresser next to him.
  • As your hand is on the dresser, you feel his hand touch yours... it's quiet ... you look down and kind of smile.
  • He says, "you're the prettiest girl here and you're way out of my league, but if you leave and I don't ask, I will
  • always regret... cuz I'm always .. too shy.... but I have to ask , may I kiss you. ?
  • You look at him, you are still grinning.. and he is blushing red. You think that is very sweet and cute, and what harm can it be..
  • You say, "since he asked so nicely, , yes you may"
  • He leans closer in and says close your eyes, and you do.
  • Then as you are expecting to feel his lips on yours, you feel his breath on your cheek. His cheek is up to yours but not touching, but you feel him. He gently , so softly, brushes his dry lips against your cheek, his breath on your ear. , he continues to dry kiss your cheek, and it's
  • totally unexpected, but you start to get butterflies in your stomach and it's the most sensual kiss ever...and you begin to really enjoy it and he continues it for it seems like forever... and you feel like you've had a spell cast on you ...
  • Then his hand comes up to your cheek, cusps your cheek so gently and warmly and his lips move to your lips and then they touch, and he gently brushes his lips against yours... you are enthralled... lips tickling ever so slightly.. And then he moves in front of you. But you don't even realize it. His hand goes to the back of your neck, his fingers go up into your hair and he presses his lips against yours
  • Both of your lips smush together and what was once dry, slowly becomes wet. Your breath starts to stutter a bit.. and then he moves in closer and both of his hands wrap around you and he pulls you in.
  • And then you feel it.. He feels it
  • Your shaft is pressing against his thigh
  • your eyes open just as his does
  • he pulls his lips away, his head draws back
  • Then you do t know what comes over you, you grab him
  • You grab his face with both your hands
  • And pull his face back in, and you begin kissing him
  • You drive your tongue into his mouth
  • You pull him in
  • But as his arms were warmly around you before, they are coldly pressed against your hips, stale not moving
  • His neck is tight, as you swirl your tongue in his mouth , you feel he tries to withdraw his head
  • But you pull him in even more
  • Your tongue swirling all over his tongue
  • Your hand drops down to his ass and you squeeze it pulling him in, you feel your shaft press into your body.
  • But he presses his hands gently against you, letting you know he wants to pull back
  • You stop kissing and realesse his head, he's panting for air.
  • You step out and twirl him around against the dresser .
  • His eyes widen.
  • You grab his head with both hands and you begin to run your tongue all over his mouth . You are forcing your tongue into all of his mouth, in and out...
  • His hands on your shoulders trying to push you away.
  • You press harder. Your body against his, your tongue in his mouth.
  • His back arches as he tries to get his head away from your tongue.
  • As he arches back, he begins to slide down against the dresser. As he slides down, you feel your fake cock pressed against his body and against yours. You feel your erection . You release your tongue , from his mouth, and your hands aid him in sliding down. Then you put your hands on his his shoulders and push him down until he is almost on his knees , his head right in front of your crotch . You press your hips against his face. His face gets lost in the ruffles of your skirt.
  • But you feel your cock pressed against his face.
  • You look into the dresser mirror, you feel guilty at first. He's such a nice guy, but you see his head in your crotch and it invigorates your animal passion even more, you grit your teeth and purr into the mirror. As your hands hold his face against your strapon bulge, you pull your skirt away and throw it. You reach into your yoga pants and you pull your cock out and force it against his face .
  • A real looking cock with a head and throbbing veins. And it's big. His eyes grow wide.
  • You press the shaft pressed up against his face.
  • His hands pressing against your thighs . Your black stretch panties below the strapon and the words escape your mouth.... "Suck it!" You put the head of your cock on his lips... "Suck it!!" His lips are sealed shut... He's mumbling mmmpphh... One hand holding the shaft, a fist wrapped around it, the other hand holding the back of his head.. Your hand slips to his nose to pinch it closed. He tries to wriggle away... Then he gasps for air... And you immediately shove the head and shaft of your cock into his cute little mouth.
  • His eyes wide open. You thrust. You thrust so hard, it jams his head against the dresser. The entire shaft goes into his mouth. So far, His mouth pressed against your panties.
  • You slowly withdraw.
  • You say suck it again and ram your large cock in his mouth. The cock slams against the back of his throat, conversely ramming it against your soft pussy. You fist grab it again and you
  • You press it against his cheek to watch your head bulge against his cheek. He's is trying to get away and push you, he's gagging and mmpphhing... It's turning you on so much. Holding your cock in your fist and spanking his face with it and jamming it in his mouth, and ramming it against his cheeks.
  • He finally squirms away , he's on his hands and knees and coughing and gagging.
  • That's it, he's it. He's the one. Tonight's the night.
  • You're going to rape him.
  • Your heart is pounding. Your teeth are clinched. Your pussy is on fire and your cock is in your hand and you even feel like you have an erection.
  • You pull your yoga pants off , you pull your leopard shirt off. You stand there in your black bra and panties. Your kitten ears on your head. Cat woman, strong and fit and muscular. He finally starts trying to get up.
  • He exclaims WTF!! He stands up, you backhand him. He falls on the bed. He has a scared look in his eyes now. He begins to crawl away across the bed.
  • You jump on him.
  • You reach around his waist and undo his belt, you undo his button and zippers.
  • You begin to pull his jeans down. But he is holding them on . You yank on them and they pull down.
  • You yank his shoes off, next his pants. He's clawing to get away.
  • Your cock is swinging in the air .
  • He's wearing tight black boy shorts. He has a perfect ass. you slap it and grab it.
  • He's trying to pull his underwear up, but you kneel behind him you begin to squeeze his ass through his soft spandex athletic boy shorts. You rub your cock against his underwear, in between his ass cheeks.
  • He looks behind him.... "no... what what are you doing!!!"
  • as he's looking, as he's trying to crawl away, you put your fingers in the waistband of his underwear and you yank them down below his ass.
  • His nice little ass, .
  • You put your knees in between his. You spread his legs.
  • You grab his hips and pull them up in the air.
  • You grab your cock with your fist and you put it right between his ass cheeks. He looks up, right into the dresser mirror. Looking at you behind him. In your bra .
  • He shakes his head, please no... he begs
  • then you insert the tip of the head.
  • His eyes widen
  • You force it in
  • His eyes widen
  • You begin to push
  • His fists clinch the bedsheets
  • Then
  • You do it
  • You take him
  • You rape him
  • You thrust your cock all the way in
  • You hear him gulp a big breath of air, his back arches , an electric rush shivers your whole body
  • Your fingers claw his hips
  • You withdraw
  • and bam you thrust hard again
  • and again
  • and again
  • And again
  • The force slams each thrust into his ass and against your clit.
  • You slam so hard, it knocks him forward.
  • You fall on him
  • Laying on him
  • You wrap your arm around his neck
  • You bite his ear
  • And you even growl
  • As you rhythmically pump your cock into ass
  • You just started, but you are already about to orgasm
  • Each thrust sends shock waves into your pussy
  • You begin to release high pitched moans
  • You begin to squeeze your arm around his neck even more, his hands are trying to pry your arm away as you continue to thrust harder and harder
  • And then you can't hold it anymore
  • Your pussy explodes, you can't even thrust anymore
  • You orgasm like never before your wet juices are exploding all between your legs.
  • You are quivering...
  • Your begin to release him
  • You convulse
  • You go limp on his body
  • You look into the mirror and he rolls you off your body
  • you roll over and lay prostrate on the bed.
  • Your erect cock pointing straight up.
  • You are spent.
  • Then you see him pulling off his underwear, he crawls back in bed..... and then you notice... he's fully erect...
  • it dawns on you... you came so fast... he didn't...
  • Then ... He begins to climb on top
  • He... oh shit... he straddles you
  • He grabs his stiff cock with his fist, and he lays it on your face... He says Suck it! Your eyes go big....and he jams it in ..... mmmpphhhh....

anonymous asked:

so i've been reading alot of esama (and your stuff- it's really good :D *thumbs up) lately and compared to you guys, all the other fanfics seem to be ten times more angsty. so i wanted to ask (cause you're the only tumblr person i ask stuff to) if you can rec some fics (i'm fine with any fandom). i'm not exactly looking for fluff or crack, just kind of a -i move at my own pace and i don't really care about what you think character. hope that wasn't too confusing and i really appreciate it!!! :D

Sorry this is a bit late, I’ve been really busy lately so I couldn’t get to this until now. The criteria you set is a little… hard to get a bead on but here’s some fics that (imo) aren’t overly angsty and has pretty independent/my-pace kind of characters, and of course they’re all really good. I tried to pick fics from a variety of fandoms so I hope you’ll enjoy them:

such selfish prayers by andromeda3116 (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Katara’s ambition, so long set aside for the good of others, breaks free and sets fire to her soul. Or, Katara has a vision of her canon future, casts it aside, and becomes a world-changing politician instead.

if you try to break me, you will bleed by Dialux (Game of Thrones)

It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walker’s sword that finally ended her life. Sansa’d landed in a puddle of her own blood, and she’d died quickly, quietly.

And then she’d awoken with a gasp, trembling, in a bed that had burned under Theon’s betrayal.

The life and times of Hatake Kakashi, the long-suffering jōnin-sensei by FeelingsDusk (Naruto)

Kakashi is being trolled. He doesn’t know how that can be, but he knows with utmost certainty that he’s being trolled somehow.


Kakashi gets saddled with the cheekiest little brats ever and wonders if it’s too late to become a missing nin.

The best helping hand is at the end of your own arm by FeelingsDusk (Teen Wolf)

Stiles draws the line at being kidnapped and tortured by a geriatric fascist and having to sacrifice his poor Roscoe to save people that didn’t appreciate it afterwards, thank you very much.

(Peter is smitten by his approach to self-sufficiency.)

Cirrus Cloud by silencia20 (HP x KHR)

In which you are Acacia Potter and drift around in the world. The war’s over and now most of what you do is out of boredom, until you meet a certain hitman.

grow up mean by pprfaith, reena_jenkins (BtVS x Fast & Furious)

Carter has always had an eye for deadly things and the blonde on his dancefloor fits the bill.

Adventures in Magick by PseudonymousEntity (Harry Potter)

“What Would A Hero Do?” Newly crowned wizard and avid reader of fantasy fiction, eleven-year-old Harry Potter makes friends with the goblin standing outside Gringotts with unforeseen consequences. Armed with an unlikely posse -his insatiable curiosity- and a pocket full of questions, Curious!Harry embarks on his first year at Hogwarts. Merlin help us.

Say Boys Don’t You See Them Bones by Adel Mortescryche (Mortescryche) (KHR)

In which Tsuna’s the Corpse Whisperer.

(Or: In the months he spends at the Varia Compound at Timoteo’s behest, Tsuna manages to stumble across enough forgotten dead bodies to fill entire cemeteries. And everyone is terribly amused. Except, y’know, for him.)

Influence of Souls by Nia_River (Harry Potter)

He stared at his journal, a creation into which he had poured his memories and dreams, his heart and … soul. Now, to send it to where it needed to be.

Young and Built to Fall by fingers-falling-upwards (One Piece)

Ace will save his nakama. He will save his father. And he will save his little brother and ensure Luffy’s happiness even if it kills him. Again. Thankfully, he won’t be doing it alone. Together, he and Luffy will change the world.

once a queen or king of narnia, always a king or queen by dirgewithoutmusic (Chronicles of Narnia)

A lion told her to walk away, and she did. He forbade her magic, he forbade her her own kingdom, so she made her own.

Susan Pevensie did not lose faith. She found it.

The Little Guy by TokiMirage (Final Fantasy VII)

The last thing Cloud wants, when given the chance, is to do it all over again. Instead, he chooses the normal life. After all, a Janitor could never save the world. But… well, it all starts with the General’s coffee machine.

The Sum of Their Parts by holdmybeer (Harry Potter)

For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would become a Dark Lord. For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would take down the Ministry or die trying. He should have known that Hermione and Ron wouldn’t let him do it alone.

An Invincible Summer by ShanaStoryteller (Naruto)

When Naruto is five, he’s gutted by a drunken civilian and presumed dead.

Six months later a girl with ash pale hair and dark blue eyes enters the Academy.

Again and Again by Athy (Harry Potter)

The Do-Over Fic - a chance to do things again, but this time-To Get it Right. But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can’t. A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source.


(mostly about the first zone, and some early things you see once you get the explore the whole world) (spoilers, probably, read it only if you have completed at least the first zone (part 1) AND you fixed your tablet (part 2))

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anonymous asked:

Hi PM! So I'm starting out in digital art and I was wondering, do you think in term of learning, it's good to trace your reference picture or does it just makes you 'lazy'? I don't know if I make sense but I feel like tracing is the easy way and won't help, and at the same time feel like it can really help with understanding proportions and whatnot

(cont) PS: for the tracing question, I’ve seen a lot of artist getting yelled at for even just expressing their opinion on the subject so if it’s not something you feel comfortable talking about I 100% understand it            

Hi anon ^^

Ok, good question! A bit more complicated than it seems.

at the same time feel like it can really help with understanding proportions and whatnot

Not really. Ok I’m gonna try to explain you in my amazing Frenglish why it’s not a good method, I hope it’s gonna be clear. :)

From what you are saying, tracing could be useful to understand proportions. If we start on that principle, it would mean that all the photos you are gonna trace have models with proper anatomical proportions. I mean, how could it be otherwise? It’s a picture! It’s reality! Well….Nope! It’s not exactly reality. It’s the reality of the camera. The camera itself and even the way the pic was taken can deform the human body and the proportions on the photo you choose to trace can be completely fucked up. Two examples: selfies and sport pictures.

- Selfies: When you take a selfie in front of a mirror, the hand holding the phone is closer to the lens of the camera. That’s why it looks so big. If you render the same proportions on a pic by just tracing without any knowledge of anatomy or proportions, it’s gonna look ridiculous and just give you a “small body - big hand” effect. Someone with a better understanding of anatomy would either draw the hand smaller to correct the deformation of the camera either foreshorten the arm to really enhance the play on perspective and give a cool effect like for instance in this artwork.

- Sport pics: When you take a pic of, let’s say, a baseball player. The body is so much in tension, in action, in MOTION that when you look at the pic, the body seems completely deformed. Does the body look this way in reality? No, it’s the reality of the camera lens. Don’t get me wrong, these pics are cool but if you trace them, for instance, to work on your baseball AU, the characters are gonna look ridiculous. Not stylized. Not cool. Ridiculous. Short legs, arms curved like a bow. They are not reality, they are just an impression of reality.

That’s why tracing will lead you nowhere in terms of learning. If you don’t know anything about anatomy, drawing techniques, proportions, you won’t be able to identify anatomy mistake (or perspective mistake, or whatever mistake). Tracing is mindless,you think you know what you are tracing but in fact, you aren’t.

It’s far better if you learn from the start, whether you are into CG art or not, to abstract your subject. Try to think it as bigger elements, and then study the proportions and composition of the elements. Basic elements used to draw a body, a car, a chair, whatever, include standard shapes such as boxes, cones, cylinders and spheres. Once you grasp the subject using such primitives, it isn’t that hard anymore to draw whatever you want and then add detail. A good part of learning to draw is learning to observe so you can translate what you see into two dimensional line or forms. (I did a post about deconstructing the body into shapes HERE). Tracing does absolutely nothing to help with that. Don’t get me wrong, when I was about 10-11 and that I started to learn to draw, I started to trace (with tracing paper, because…there was no CG art at the time xD) but it achieved nothing. I thought it did but I when I look at the drawings I did at the time, they are all deformed and the faces are wonky (the funniest thing is when you look at the original pics, you don’t see these deformations). In other words, Linda Evangelista, I’m sorry for all the wonky traced drawings I did of your face, where your jaw was super big and your eyes not on the same level. xD

When an artist use a reference picture they don’t just copy it exactly. They correct the deformation of the camera lens to render proper body proportion. Reference pictures are a GREAT help, I use them all the time and I will never shut up about how useful they are because it’s stupid to try to recreate a whole face, car, landscape, guitar, etc.. from memory but if you know about technique, you will correct the mistakes by yourself. The pic will just give you basic depth, proportion and curve perception to build your final work.

Also, tracing won’t train your hand to be better at doing a clean line work either for instance.It’s better to draw again and again and again to train your hand. Your line work will be wonky at first, then cleaner and cleaner.

However, there’s nothing wrong with tracing your own stuff if you are working on a complex picture. Some artists sketch all their characters on a different piece of paper and use a light table to put them all in the same pic (a lot of mangaka do this). They also use this method to do a clean line work (they sketch the character, use a light table and trace their sketch with ink). As you were asking about CG art, it’s different, of course. But there’s nothing wrong with doing all your characters on different layers, even different documents and then grouping them all in one pics. Whatever works. I do it when it’s a complex pic like  this one.

I’ve seen a lot of artist getting yelled at for even just expressing their opinion on the subject so if it’s not something you feel comfortable talking about I 100% understand it   

As if I cared.

If it were a good method, I would tell you, it’s a good method. I will never shut up about the virtues of referencing in spite of what a part of Tumblr thinks, so, you know, as I said, I don’t care.

Voilà! I hope it helped :) Good luck on learning about CG art. You’ll get there like I got there. Slowly but surely.

How they see (PoE thoughts)

My first time posting anything of my own in, like, a few years and for a fandom as small as Pillars of Eternity’s? Ya bet yer butts, so buckle down if you’re interested in this at all, because this is something that’s been on my mind for a while now, actually. Oh, and spoilers for the game Pillars of Eternity below the cut, to be fair.

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anonymous asked:

If you do prompts or know someone who does can you think of this rilaya prompt: in class vefore the teacher comes everyone is talking and discussing who is the smoothest flirt and everyone just looks at maya while she draws on her arm when she notices everyone looking at her and she denies it but riley mentions some of what she tells her like 'at 5.30 you turn gold ' and everyone notices that they are even more gay than thought and farkle is smug and lucas is just getting the idea

You’re so lucky I have two other prompts and some drawing stuff to do on top of all my homework or this would have been longer and angsty 😂

“It’s Yogi, you guys!”

Sarah turns in her seat to glare at Darby. “Of course you would think Yogi’s the best flirt,” she says. “You’ve been dating the kid since he was born!”

“I have not! And anyway, that’s not why I think so. He just is.”

“Objectively speaking, I believe Darby is correct,” Farkle says. “Who’s to accurately judge who the best flirt is except by verifiable data? Yogi was the first to get a girlfriend, so it must be him.”

“I think it’s Maya.”

The whole class pauses in their debate at Yogi’s words, then turns to stare at Maya, who’s reclined in her seat with a purple marker poised over an intricate design on her left arm. She looks up at the sudden silence and frowns when she sees all eyes on her.


“Maya?” Lucas laughs. “Look, if this is about me and her again, what she does isn’t flirting.”

“What are you guys even talking about?” Maya asks. “No, really, I wasn’t listening. What’s this about me and Lucas?”

“Yogi’s right, but she doesn’t flirt with Lucas,” Dave says, ignoring Maya’s question.

“Flirt? Who do I flirt with?”


Maya freezes. Riley, who’s been unusually silent through the conversation, freezes too.

Maya turns around to face Yogi. “What…are you talking about?”

“I hear some of the things you say to her.” Yogi wiggles his eyebrows.

Maya’s mouth falls open as the class begins murmuring amongst themselves, most agreeing with Yogi, some shaking their heads. They quiet down again when Maya turns to Riley, who’s staring wide-eyed down at the fingers she’s twiddling in her lap, and addresses her directly.

“Riley! I don’t flirt with you, right?” Maya says. “Tell ‘em.”

“Well….” Riley shrugs. “I mean…I can see how some of the things you say can be…interpreted as flirting.”

“What!? How?”

“Well, you did say I look gold once. I think the exact words were, ‘at 5:30, you turn gold.’” She blushes a little at the memory. She’d always thought a lot of the things Maya says to her are romantic, but she’d never thought she meant them that way. At least, not until Yogi pointed it out, too.

“They didn’t know about that,” Maya says, her voice low. “That was an us moment!”

“That sounded pretty romantic too, Maya,” Farkle says. “I mean, sometimes I’m wrong about these things, but….”

“Okay, well…that was one—two—times. That’s not flirting; it’s just…you know, being friendly to my best friend!”

“You also call me a lot of names like honey, sweetie, pumpkin, sunshine….”

“You call me peaches! How is that any different?”

Riley hesitates. “Well, maybe…maybe it’s not,” she says. “Maybe I call you that because I like you as more than a friend.”

And just like that, the classroom is so silent Maya and Riley are both sure everyone else can hear their hearts pounding in their chests.

“I knew it!” Farkle says eventually. “I knew I wasn’t imagining things between you two!”

“Wait a minute,” Lucas says. “What? Riley, you have feelings for Maya?”

“Maybe,” she says. “Well…okay, yes. But nothing has to change!” she adds, turning to Maya. “Our friendship can stay just the way it is.”

“…What if I want it to change?” Maya asks as if choosing her words carefully.

“How would you want it to change?” Riley asks, half afraid Maya will want to distance herself.

“Like this.”

Maya stands up and circles around to the front of Riley’s desk. She lifts Riley’s chin, leans down, and places a chaste kiss on her lips.

Both of them flinch away when they hear a startled yelp and a door slamming from the front of the room. “I need to worry about her now, too?” Cory says. “And in my classroom no less, my sacred space!” He sighs. “I need to start coming in earlier.”

“It’s okay, dad,” Riley laughs. “You know Maya.”

Cory smiles. “I do. I know she’ll treat you right.” He grabs a piece of chalk and writes the day’s lesson on the board: ‘The Stonewall Riots.’

tempestsonata  asked:

I saw you mention this elsewhere, and I know you've done at least one post on it, but would you mind sharing your thoughts on Len's speech patterns, please? When you have time, of course!

Okay! I’ve been hoping to work on this for a while, but I let other stuff get in the way. Also because, well, I wanted to get it right. I know I write Len a lot so I’m often double-checking dialogue, but then, I wanted to make sure I wrote a post about canon-Len’s speech patterns, not the Len I write in my fics. So, ah, hopefully I accomplished that.

Here we go!

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anonymous asked:

I'm so sad today. Could I maybe have some murder fluff to lift my spirits?

hmm, I don’t usually fill prompts right away and this is so ambiguous??? Like do you want Hannigram being fluffy, or do you actually want them murdering people in a fluffy way? IDEK…

But, I am all about helping to lift the spirits, so here ya go! I’m just going to start writing stuff, and hope it tends towards fluff!

It was late afternoon, sunlight dappled on the gravel path. Will sat beneath an ancient maple tree, carved deep with a century worth of initials. When the wind shifted through the leaves of the tree, his upturned face was kissed by the warmth of the sun. The pressing concerns of the outside world seemed so very far away here; time flowed slow and thick like honey.

Without opening his eyes, he knew the moment Hannibal joined him on the bench. There was no particular sound or scent or any other physical sensation that heralded his arrival. All the same, Will felt it, the very particles around him shifting.

Will laid his hand on the bench beside his thigh, and after a brief moment, Hannibal’s hand brushed against his, their little fingers overlapping and interlocking.

“Don’t be concerned,” Hannibal murmured.

A small smile tugged at Will’s lips, and a breeze ruffled through his hair, sunlight throbbed bright red and orange behind his eyelids. “I’m not,” he said, equally soft.

“I have a plan.”

Will opened his eyes then. It seemed only seconds before to have been the afternoon, with the sun high overhead, but now a blood-red sunset streaked across the sky. He rolled his head to the side to regard Hannibal. He grinned, wide, blessedly free of the familiar tug at the scar on his cheek. “So do I.”

Heels clicked on poured cement flooring and came to a stop nearby. “You’re sure this is them?” a woman’s voice asked.

“Prints came back a match,” another woman confirmed.

Hannibal’s eyes darted over his face, faint amusement in the lines around his eyes. His pinkie twitched around Will’s tightening. “I defer to you, my dear.”

Will licked his lips, drew a breath. “You just like watching,” he teased.

There was an unpleasant, metallic scent carried in on the next breeze–sweat and iron. The first woman muttered, “What the hell are they doing?”

“They’ve just been sitting there like that since we brought them in,” a man whispered. “They haven’t opened their mouths–not said a single goddamn word the entire time, just sitting there meditating or whatever. It’s freaking everyone out.”

Hannibal smiled and let out a contented sigh. “It’s true,” he said, and Will closed his eyes again when Hannibal reached out to tuck back an errant strand of curls. He cupped Will’s cheek. “I do so love how you look in red.”

“Should we question them?” the man asked.

“The guy with the FBI should be here within a couple of hours,” the second woman said, a nervous thread in her voice.

Heels clicked, coming closer. “We brought them in, we get first dibs,” the first woman said. “We’ll start with Graham. Take him into interrogation 2.”

Excitement and anticipation thrummed through Will’s chest, but his heart rate remained steady and slow, his breathing calm. “I’ll be back for you soon,” he promised.

Hannibal’s thumb dragged back and forth along his cheekbone before his hand fell away all together. “I shall patiently await your return.”

Metal clinked on metal, the sound of a lock disengaging and the door sliding open. “Mister Graham.” The first woman cleared her throat and snapped her fingers.

Will blinked his eyes open to regard her. Short, glossy brown hair back in a neat bun, grey suit–not cheap, but ill-fitting. She had her arms crossed, and he could see her shoulder holster exposed by the gap of her jacket. The gun wasn’t the most well taken care of–she probably didn’t get a lot of chance to practice at the range. Her mistake.

“If you’ll come with me?”

Will sat up straighter, unhooking his finger from Hannibal’s. On the other side of the metal bars that divided their cells, Hannibal‘s hand fell loose at his side. He remained far away in their mind-palace, eyes closed, face placid.

It was only too easy for Will to draw upon his own memories, wrapping the ghost of the man he’d once been around himself like a cloak. He rolled his shoulders forward, hunched in on himself, shuffled his feet as he followed her from the cell. Presented his wrists to have them cuffed without comment or hesitation.

A small man. Nonthreatening. Already he could see the woman’s guard dropping. Somewhere in Hannibal’s mind, an echo of them sat alongside one another on the park bench, and Will grinned, wicked and bright.

Malum-5sos I just want it to stop (one shot)

no Y/N

This includes self harm, suicide attempts do not read if easily triggered.

Any twitter names other then the boys I do not own and do not no if that are real!
Just malum right now, if you like it request lashton!

’@lydiahemmo: @calum5sos why don’t you just kill yourself already?’

’@irwinsbaby: @calum5sos no one would even notice you where gone, so us all a favour’

’@cliffordskitten: @calum5sos your such a waist of air I could be breathing.’

The hate didn’t really get to Calum this bad but he had been having a pretty shitty week, people must have decided it was send ridiculous amounts of hate to Calum this week because it was constant.

Every morning he was wake up to multiple people telling him different way to commit suicide and it hurt.

What did he ever do to them? He was just living his life with his best-friends.

That’s when Calum decided to do it, he placed the metal blade to his left wrist adding no pressure at first contemplating what he was doing.

‘Whats happened to you Hood?’ He mumbled to himself as his chocked on sob.

That’s when he did it, he bit his lip so hard it broke skin and started to bleed just to suppress the pain from his wrist as he pulls the blade along stopping once it’s about An inch and a half long and ¾ of the blade deep, it wasn’t a big blade it was just one from one of those normal shavers but he sat whilst silent tears flowed an his watched his own blood slowly trickle down his forearm.

Before he knew it there were another 3 cuts just as long and just as deep but it didn’t hurt like the first one.

It made his heart race when watched all this crimson liquid drip of his elbow onto the white tiled floor staining them with memories he wouldn’t want to remember.

“Calum where are you?” Luke came banging on his bed room door and he started to panic placing the blade on the toilet lid in his bedroom bathroom running cold water on his arm but it was to later the door had swung open to reveal a happy Luke.

“Hey Cal, iv been looking everywhere for yo-” Luke’s eyebrows furrow as he looks to the floor seeing the blood drops then to the blade on the toilet lid, finally landing on Calum’s wrist.

His vision is blurred at hot tears spring to his eyes and fall freely down his face.

“No, no, no,no Calum what have you done, please I can’t do this omg no why?” Luke rushes to get a first aid kit from the Cabinet pulling out a white bandage roll pressing a towel down on his wrist adding to much pressure making Calum weep.

'Luke I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone was in’ Calum spoke up now in full tears.

'Why Calum why did you do it?’

'I was getting so numb I just needed to feel something, I needed to feel normal lukey’ his eyes drifted to his wrist as a still sobbing Luke wrapped his wrist in the bandage his pulled out previously.

'But Cal, I need you, you can’t do this to me!'luke pulled the older boy in for a hug that meant so much to both of them.

'I know , I’m sorry’ Calum rubbed Luke’s back as he carried to clutch onto his best friend like he’d never see him again.


'God Michael your so fat, get of me’ Calum laughed trying to trow Michael of his back, comments like this have been said to Michael a lot recently.
He knew he ate a lot but constantly being on stage some how kept him fit and healthy, he never thought his was fat, but a couple of weeks passed and he wasn’t so sure.

So he stopped, he just stopped eating, hardly drank either he was lucky if he could keep down 2 glasses of water a day but it kept him going.

His clothes were dropping of him but he couldn’t go shopping for more, everytime he looked in the mirror he saw this huge boy, he only got bigger with ever look his took.

So he used small boy belts to keep his jeans up and be small boys I mean 9 year old boy belts and depending where they were from they were to big, non of the boys even noticed because he still wore the same clothes he always wore and still took huge amounts of food in his room every couple of hours, but he never age it his put in a draw under his bed and if it was a cooked meal, he would wait till ever one went bed and put it in the fridge or bin so no one would know.

Clearly his non eating wasn’t helping because of Calum’s words it hurt when they said things like that now.

'I know sorry’ Michael replied after some time jumping to his feet and sitting on the other couch.

Calum gave him a confused look but just got a small smile from Michael.

'You know I was joking right?’ He said going over to Michael giving him a hug. That’s when he noticed it.
He felt Michael’s spine and each individual rib stick out.

He pulled back and noticed how pale Michael had gotten, Michael was natural pale but this was more gray then his natural white colour.
He noticed his cheek bones were sticking out and his actual cheeks where hollow, his collarbones stuck out prominently and you could see his the front of his rib cage because his jumper was way to big it sagged so he could look down it.

'Oh my god’ Calum got up ad started pacing the floor it now had drawn the attention of Luke and Ashton from the kitchen as the walked in.

'Calum what’s wrong?’ Ashton asks worry evident on his face.

'Look at Michael, tell me what’s different’ he said his voice shaking and slightly raised.

So Ashton and Luke turn to a crying Michael, he didn’t speak because he knew Calum had figured it out, he had noticed how much weight he had gained.

'Tell me what THE FUCK IS DIFFERENT ABOUT HIM!’ The boys jump at the screaming of a distraught Calum.

'I don’t understand’ they said

'GO AND WRAP YOUR ARMS AOUND HIM,THEN TELL ME’ they looked hesitant but did it anyway pulling the fragile friend into there embrace one after another and like it did with Calum it clicked.

'Oh my god’ Luke repeated the words that spilled from Calum’s lips moments prior.

'Mikey why are you so skinny?'luke asked quietly his voice hardly above a whisper.

'Im not skinny Luke don’t lie! I’m fat! You guys tell me all the time how fat I am don’t tell me differently now!’ He went to leave but before he could reach his door he collapsed onto the ground as Ashton rang an ambulance they crowded round his, not understanding how it got to this as tears hit the ground from everyone one of them. Guilt consumed them, and they didn’t know if they would have the chance to fix it, fix him.

lilgreyeyes  asked:

Hello! I'm resubmitting this prompt coz I honestly don't mind waiting for you to fill this - I'd really love to see how you write this scenario :) Can you write something semi-canonish, but have Klaus and Caroline going into a relationship while she's at Whitmore? Like, I've read tons of amazing fics that jump off of S5 and S6, but they're always set in NOLA. I'd love to read a fic where Klaus visits her in college, and the fic stays in that general setting? Thank you so much!

I’m so sorry this took forever (and the same for everyone else waiting on a prompt from me)! I had to dig into my vague recollection of Season 5, so I probably shouldn’t promise complete accuracy. BUT, I hope (it makes sense) you like it!

Set after the Forwood breakup, Klaus’s secret ties to Augustine bring him back to campus in hopes of keeping Caroline safe.

Observation || Klaroline

It was an old project, he hadn’t thought of it in decades. When he caught wind of the nascent Augustine Society, Klaus considered the supernatural research group an opportunity to break his curse with new methods. A mysterious benefactor with access to vampire blood and magical lore was just the ticket for him to gain footing in the group. They had failed time and again in releasing his werewolf side, and Klaus eventually lost interest.

That interest was immediately sparked again once Caroline announced her intent to enroll at Whitmore College. A few phone calls and forged documentation, and suddenly a Mikaelson heir to their original donor reappeared on the Society’s radar.

As difficult as it was, he had left Mystic Falls behind with the full intention of giving Caroline the space to grow out of her small-town life. New Orleans offered plenty in the way of distraction, though the witches were far too cocky if they thought he believed the wolf’s child was truly his. Still, Klaus didn’t mind playing games with Marcel while Caroline attempted to have a human life at university. It wouldn’t be forever, and he wanted to be easy for her to find when she inevitably knocked on his door.

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anonymous asked:

I really suck at drawing - like you would not believe. Do you think one day I could get better? Most the time I don't even want to try because I'm so bad and my friends are so amazing, I just lose hope. All artists I see were above average most their lives, so it sucks when I'm so bad to see all that when trying to improve. I'm happy that they all achieve so much and they're so good! But do you think it's possible to get that much better?

I do! I know it’s possible.

Just keep practicing. I know it seems like such a futile thing, especially after you browse through your sketchbook at the end of the day and everything just looks horrible and unpresentable compared to all the flawless sketchbook pages that artists would share online. But trust me, your hard work will pay off in time. It was very difficult for me to believe this at first, but now I really do value every moment I could spend practicing.

Words can only hold so much weight, so I’ll share my experience with you.

I grew up around people who had a natural talent for art. Most of my cousins competed in art contests from a very young age, and their rooms were littered with posters and sketchbooks filled with drawings and paintings of people, animals, and machines. I still remember this beautiful yellow canary that my cousin proudly displayed on his bedroom door. I also have a very vivid memory of one of those artistic cousins accidentally hitting my computer’s CPU while I was drawing, which caused the computer to shut down. (I was around 11 at the time, back when I used to draw with a mouse.) I was instantly distressed — I’d spent a few hours on it and hadn’t saved anything yet. Instead of an apology, she just scoffed and said something along the lines of, “Don’t worry, your drawing wasn’t even anything good.” My mom was with us then, and she laughed a bit along with my cousin. I walked out and went to the comfort room, where I cried. (I was quite the crybaby as a kid.) I’ll DEFINITELY never forget the time I was in second grade and tried to stealthily draw two people kissing (as you do when you are seven years old) and my dad walked up behind me and said, “Why are you drawing a butt?” HUHUHU T___T (I even sort of chronicled this experience in a little reflective comic I made in my teens.)

I CAN RELATE WITH YOU… I didn’t grow up feeling like I was good in drawing either. My childhood friends often competed in city-wide poster-making competitions and got invited to set up murals around the school, and I’d just kind of stick around and look at them work. I drew a lot because I liked to draw, but I didn’t feel like I was one of those people that drew well. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a sense of envy towards those who seemed to draw good stuff so effortlessly. It was and still is very frustrating for me to draw now!!!

For a very long time, I was under the impression that making good art was reserved for those who were born talented. I can’t quite remember if it was a welcoming speech or just one of our first lectures, but when I was in college, something our vice principal said really stuck with me — “Drawing is a skill. It’s something you can train yourself to do.” For some reason, I’d never considered that before?!?! It really drove me to start practicing art again. When people are naturally born with a talent for art, that just means they started at a higher level than us. Since they spent more time drawing nicely, artists like us have to work harder to catch up with them. (Easier said than done, but not impossible at least.)

This was part of my journal, from some time in my fourth month of college (2011):

Just to give an idea for how I drew at that point in my life, here are some other sketches from that same journal:

Fast forward to the last months of my first year, we had to talk about our hobbies during web design class. I shared my art to my classmates for the first time. No one at school knew I was into drawing before that, so everyone was quite surprised. My lecturer was very encouraging, and she would constantly remind me, “You have to practice drawing every day, okay?” She insisted that I include my art in my portfolio, so I did. I really appreciated how she considered my illustrations as something that could actually give me an edge in my career. At that point, I’d never considered my art would ever have any value, much less give me any sort of leverage in the job market. In 2012, the school invited me to join a national illustration contest. Understandably, I didn’t earn any awards for my submission, but it was such a huge honour for me still, since the only other student invited was a classmate who actually had a degree in fine arts. The experience was such a big push of encouragement for me. That same illustration landed me my first magazine feature in 2013, and it was even chosen as that issue’s cover. It may have just been for a small local magazine, but it was still something. I still include my art in my portfolio now.

Christmas of 2014, my cousins visited our house and walked in on me drawing on my computer. It was the first time they’d seen me and my art in years — which was reasonable, since I had spent some years abroad for my studies, and some of them migrated to other cities for work. For the first time in my life, they complimented my art. When they asked how I managed to draw the way I did, my mom answered for me — “She’s been practicing.” (Sorry for injecting OTP into this totally unrelated situation, but it’s for this very reason that The Scene where Tsukki mentions how Yams got better at serves because he’d practiced for a long time REALLY MAKES ME FEEL SO EMOTIONAL because I relate to it so much…) These were the drawings they saw me make.

I understand that words can be hard to believe. Like many people, I only ever upload the art I consider “pretty” to some extent. I have had many, many bad days with art. Many art blocks. If I had bottled up all the tears I’ve shed because of my frustrations over art, I’d have taken a picture of it and showed it to you. I’ve wanted to delete this art blog so many times, and I’ve only recently begun gaining confidence in my work. I still barely have enough confidence to allow people to look over my shoulder as I draw. There’s still so much that I need to learn, but there’s a lot of satisfaction in knowing that the effort I’ve put in has at least made me improve. That practicing has allowed me to achieve at least something—!

Just because you think your drawings are bad now doesn’t mean they’ll always be bad forever. Keep your bad art and don’t throw them away, because one day you’ll need them on your worst days to remind you of how much progress you’ve already made. Small victories need to be celebrated too. If you keep looking at good art, then your mind and your eyes already have an idea for what looks good. For this reason, keep looking at good art, but try not to let it bring you down, but instead let it fuel you to improve. You can let your envy transform from “I could never do that now” into “I know I can make something of that level — or maybe even better than that someday.” In time, your hands and your skills will catch up. Give them time to catch up. One day, you might even be able to surpass the people with art skills you once thought were so unattainable. Until then, just keep practicing. Let’s keep practicing!!! Believe in the fact that you will improve eventually. I will be here cheering you on!


(For sparks-of-greene, templeton21, and karenandthababes)

Daryl hadn’t planned to fight with Beth. Then again he’d never planned to fall for her in the first place so maybe the fact that it had gone all wrong wasn’t so much a surprise, all things considered. The argument- their first big one and a fight, really- had come in the midst of a movie night at Beth’s apartment. He wasn’t even sure what had started it. Probably something to do with the movie Beth had them watching, something sappy and romantic and totally not ‘him’. Only he’d been just as into it as she had been, all caught up in the story and pressing kisses occasionally to her cheek and temple, until she’d said… What had it been? Oh, right. Something like: This was how I always imagined love would be like.

And then he, like an idiot, had mumbled without thinking: “I ain’t never believed in love.”

And it was true, he didn’t.

Or he hadn’t, anyway.

(Until her.)

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anonymous asked:

for the ship thing: olicity of course

  •  accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

Felicity but mostly because she’s usually in a rush to get somewhere and is probably concentrating on her phone more than on what’s in front of her. One time she walked straight into a glass door because her head was turned towards Oliver as she was excitedly showing him something on her tablet. 

  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

Not so much on desks, but every time Oliver goes out – to the grocery store or for a run – he leaves her a sticky note to let her know where he’s gone, and he always signs it with a heart that has an arrow slicing through it, which Felicity thinks is his attempt at humour. Secretly she finds it adorable but she’ll never tell him that. She also won’t tell him that she saves all of the sticky notes in a box on her dresser. 

  • Who starts the tickle fights

Felicity never realised this before they went off together, but Oliver is super ticklish. There’s a spot behind his left knee in particular, and Felicity only accidentally discovered this one night as they lay in bed, but ever since then, she tries to catch him off guard whenever she can. He squirms adorably whenever she does succeed in tickling him. And then he returns the favour by finding her sweet spots…of which there are many (of course).

  • Who starts the pillow fights

Felicity once built a pillow fort in bed when something Oliver said annoyed her; in an exaggerated huff she tried to put a barrier between them. Oliver rolled his eyes and promptly threw all the pillows to the floor and dragged her close. He’s her favourite pillow anyway. 

  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

Um. Oliver Queen, of course. He loves watching her sleep. He’s a light sleeper anyway, and even though he’s shed the Arrow persona he can’t help but be hyper aware of their surroundings at all times. He wants to make sure that Felicity is safe, so he stays up as long as he can. The fact that he can watch her face as she slowly - and then all at once - falls asleep is just the icing on the cake. 

  • Who mistakes salt for sugar

The first time Oliver cooked for them, he accidentally put salt in the pancakes instead of sugar. Felicity didn’t have the heart to tell him, especially because he’d drawn a smiley face on the pancakes with strawberry jam, so she attempted to eat the whole stack anyway and wash it down with loads of coffee. When Oliver sat down to his own pancakes and realised the mistake, he threw everything out and took her to IHOP. 

  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

The only thing Felicity “cooks” is microwave popcorn (it’s not that she can’t cook, it’s that she loves to let Oliver cook for her) and she almost always wants popcorn late at night. It must be a habit from her days at MIT when she used to stay up all night before exams. Sometimes she wakes up with a craving for the stuff, so although she tries to be stealthy about it, she nearly always wakes Oliver up with the loud beeping. He sighs, rolls his eyes, and joins her on the couch where they watch late night TV and eat buttery popcorn together. 

  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines

Oliver has discovered his sense of humour apparently. Except that his sense of humour is all cheesy “Dad” jokes; it’s like he’s still stuck in the 90s. She can’t help but laugh, and although the first couple of times he was a little offended, he’s since decided to really roll with it and come up with the cheesiest, most awful pick-up lines ever. It’s sort of become a running joke, especially when they’re out in public and see other couples on dates; he concocts imaginary conversations which always seem to start with godawful pick up lines. It never fails to amuse Felicity and she spends most of her evenings in tears of laughter. It’s a good life.  

  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order

Felicity has a thing for order, and sometimes she gets it in her head not only to rearrange by alphabet, but by colour of the spine, size and sometimes even subject. She gets deep into it, drawing up lists and charts and spreadsheets, pulling out all the books and sorting them into piles around her. Sometimes Oliver comes home to see her on the floor, surrounded by books and sheets of paper, and his lips quirk up in a smile (not that he would ever let her see that, because by this point in the day she’s usually reached a point of intense frustration). She still glares at him and wonders out loud what use those big muscles of his are if not to help her carry heavy books around the house. 

  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

Oliver bakes the brownies, Felicity licks the spoon, Oliver kisses her. That is literally how it goes each and every time. 

  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion

Felicity was the one who first took him candle shopping. She claimed it would help bring him a sense of calm in those moments where everything became too much, when the fears and nightmares came rushing back, when he found himself crippled and buried beneath the weight of his past. Aside from his one meditation candle, Oliver didn’t really know anything about them, so she took him shopping, showed him which candles would carry which scents and how those would affect his mood. Before her, Oliver knew nothing of aromatherapy. 

  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen

Felicity sometimes talks about wanting a tattoo. She’s semi-serious but at the same time, Oliver knows of her hatred of needles (it’s not so much fear at this point: she’s overcome that fear countless times). So he listens and nods, ready to support her when she determines to take the plunge. Most days, the talk fizzles out into nothing, but the idea lingers. So one day, he tells her that every time she talks about wanting a tattoo, he’ll draw one on her. Every time. And she can keep it for a while and try it on and see how it feels, and if she ever gets to a point where she’s ready for it to be permanent, he’ll go with her to the tattoo parlour. He draws all sorts of designs on her skin, whatever and wherever she asks. It’s always with a red pen. 

  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

Felicity loves collecting random knick knacks. Every town they stop in during their road trip, every museum, every gift shop, every place they go to with a section for local trinkets, she buys a souvenir. It only accidentally ended up being magnets, but now she sort of loves that idea. Their fridge back in Starling City is covered in magnets of all shapes and sizes from their travels, and so even though they had to cut their trip short, Felicity doesn’t feel too bad; because every time she looks at her fridge, the memories of the amazing time they had away come flooding back, always putting a smile on her face. 

  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

Felicity did it once while she was insanely bored during a particularly long stretch of road. They’d been in the car for nearly three hours and had run out of interesting scenery and things to say. She pulled out a few trashy magazines and read the survey questions out loud. Oliver thought they were ridiculous questions, and she agreed, but he answered them anyway. They both laughed at the bizarre answers and vowed never to be one of “those” couples. 

When Felicity catches the flu and is laid up in bed for nearly a week, and is not allowed to so much as glance at, let alone touch, any of her electronics, Oliver brings home a pile of magazines and sits beside her, reading out survey questions to her all day and night long, letting her answer in the most ridiculous ways. 

nisaiia-deactivated20161005  asked:

Do you have any tips/strategies to get better at art? Especially to gain a certain wanted style? Because your art is amazing and I love it so much. Literally look up to it. And I feel so discouraged sometimes because I can barely draw anatomy and I don't even have a style. And when I want to draw a certain thing, it never comes out right.... Just bleh. BUT YOUR ART IS SPECTACULAR AND GAH SO BEAUTIFUL

Okay I am the worst person to ask for tips but I always do this creepy thing that helps me draw. So I always commute to work, I take the train for an hour and then walk home for about 30 minutes everyday. I pass by four malls every day to go home so basically, many people to see. The thing is… I stare. I STARE A LOT especially at someone in front of me. It’s usually a guy so that’s even better since I always draw guys. 

So yesterday, a guy was in front of me with really nice hairless legs (dafaq how), holding hands with his girlfriend. I have photographic memory so I tried to memorize his outfit–how his cargo shorts fold and the way his broad shoulders looks so good with that raglan shirt he wore (yes, that’s how creepy I am). So the thing is, I WANT TO DRAW HIS LEGS AND HIS SHOES (i actually sketched it when i got home XD) and that’s where all these drawings of mine usually originate from. From everyday people. 

I know it’s not much of an advice but that’s how it had always worked for me. I see someone doing a great pose/wearing something great, I usually try to remember it. I also look around the display mannequins from clothing stores for outfits to draw (or I sometimes draw my shirts which often happens in my fanarts you guys just dunno but it’s easier that way since I actually get a reference of the folds and stuff) SO. REFERENCE IS GOOD. Better have someone to do it for you, or well, you could do it yourself too if you want! I suck at anatomy back then but making someone model for you HELPS SO MUCH!

It’s hard finding your own art style, I know. It takes a lot of trial and error until you find what you really think fits you best. You should see my previous art which I will shamelessly show. If this thing can turn into this for me… then there is hope. This was four years ago.

I hope you don’t get discouraged because I know that feeling very well, too. Just keep on practicing and say “I’m so gonna be better than them.”  and you friggin will. Even I still have a long way to go. SO. KEEP DRAWING.

Also thank you for loving my art <3 Honestly, i think it’s not really a talent, it’s more like, you’re sharpening something that you’re so passionate about.