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“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”

i have no idea how did this even happen but i want to say thank you to each and everyone of you 💫

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I’m going to scream.

This is seriously an amazing au. I feel the need to write for it and make cool prompts and hnnnnnnng.

But in all seriousness, this is my dream as a Fanfiction author. Well-thought out with a detailed background, it makes for a good pre-layout, much like an actual show/book would. It also has essential dynamics(Changing, Life, the whole ice scenario) that create a solid backbone for authors. With how it’s written, I could clearly see details and feel any artist wanting to create fanart for this AU could easily do it(but then again I’m not an artist so who am I to say).

It has so much potential that I can’t put it into words! It’s just so well thought out and beautiful and I seriously can’t wait to see more of it. Hell, I may even write a couple drabbles based off of it! With credit of course. An AU like this has potential for authors and artists alike to practice scenes they may not be used to writing, mainly high-action, face-paced scenes or incredibly dangerous stealth scenes.

I know I’ve gone on for so long, but I love AUs like this and I’m incredibly happy that Yuri!!! On Ice has one like it. I’ve roleplayed and written a few AUs for this series, but none have truly caught my attention like this one.

the-graceful-dahlia replied to your photoset “INFERNO: YURI NO ICE A Yuri!!! on Ice AU *No, the title is not a typo…”

I was way to into that…I may have to write a fic version of this because i got to the end and was like ‘awwwwwww it’s over??’ I need more!!! Permission to attempt a fic version?

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I want to read this, so interesting *___________* Someone write this!!     

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holy fuck i would read the shit out of this                

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Thank you all so, so much for liking my Inferno AU, especially @the-fan-garbage-can for writing out such an incredibly detailed review ;A; Nothing can be more satisfying than people loving my world building, honestly my favorite part of creating, and especially on an original AU like this one because it means you still connected with it. I’m deeply flattered and incredibly humbled, thank you so, so much! It makes me incredibly happy to have shared something that means something to you ;A;

But if at all possible, and you may feel I am selfish for wanting this, but I would sincerely appreciate if people could hold off on writing fics for this particular AU. (simply vaguely inspired by the aesthetic and want to do your own thing inspired by but not set in this AU? Please go right ahead, credit for inspiration would be appreciated)

The reason why I request this is because this is literally just the initial post, testing the waters, a background synopsis and image aesthetic introduction, a prologue if you will to the main show, a comic series I hope to illustrate. I have intentionally and carefully omitted and glossed over many plot-essential details in the synopsis because they will be revealed in the main plot, or are part of a plot twist. Many details included in the synopsis may seem random or unimportant now, but may tie into important things in the actual story. Many things may also intentionally be confusing because they are meant to be shown in visual form (like the Medals). Other massive parts of world building are purely visual and will never be directly acknowledged in writing, but I hope that some people who pay close attention will catch them, and this may have a pretty big impact on how you perceive the AU setting as a whole.

The point is, the entire synopsis text is a very selective snippet of information meant to provide context for my main comics. It does not at all give you the full picture, nor is it meant to, because then what would be the point of the story? ^ ^; I spent a very long time planning this, not only alone but also with a friend, and I present what I do to you now for a reason.

Again, I am incredibly flattered that people feel inspired and want to read more, and I do understand personal preference and perhaps people would prefer a text-only fic where my comic-format story telling may be unsatisfactory. But please understand that it can feel a bit…well, demotivating and pressuring when I know that people are rapidly using my synopsis for their own stories, not because I am offended that it inspires creativity, but because I’ve very carefully planned this out combined with how time consuming comic-drawing can be. I do not want to feel like I am competing with others to tell my plot twists first. So if at all possible, I would like to request that I get to tell my own story first, the story that the post was created for.

If for some reason you do not wish to grant my request, please understand my wanting to not see your posts, not because I am not interested or do not respect your creativity, but because of the reasons I stated above.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and I sincerely hope that you will support and encourage me in finishing this AU. m(_ _)m

“You’re a little bit flushed there, Gilbert.”

Illustration for Blackout - Chapter 3: Cards and Crossbows


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

Art Source


⊱ 21st of Septembre 1640 : Birth of Philippe de France, Duke of Orléans.

After 23 years of chaste mariage between Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, Louis XIV was the miracle child. When two years later Philippe came into the world… Joy was overwhelming for the whole kingdom. Even Louis XIII, gloomy and equal to himself at his first son’s birth, was cheerful and happy for the second’s. The king desperate to even have one child, was now a beaming father of two boys. Moreover, this time, no one could ever doubt Philippe’s fatherhood, and when the child’ll grow up, everything in him would established his royal ascendance. As Louis was fair and blond as his mother, Philippe had the Medici dark hair and eyes, a long face and even later the same open mind for unusual loves, inherited from his father.

But more than his father, it will be his uncle, Gaston d’Orléans who’ll shape Philippe’s entire life. Because Gaston spend his whole life ploting against his older brother, and after him against his young nephew during the regency, Anne of Austria and her prime minister Giulio Mazarini decided to prevent this situation between Louis and Philippe. Louis will be king, royal, august, powerful. Philippe will remain by every mean his first and loyal submited subject. For this purpose, he’ll stay with women longer than boys usually do, won’t be allowed to play with swords, will be harshly punished as soon as he’ll opposed himself to Louis and will always be recall that even if he’s a “star” he’ll always come after the sun.

Philippe d’Orléans will remain all his life the most faithful prince in the kingdom, while fulfilling his dynastic and military duty with great success. So much, that Louis will take him off every military commandment but won’t prevent Philippe’s to be the root of all european royalty since nowadays.

Hey guys

I’m really sorry I haven’t been very active. I’ve been going through a lot recently. I’m sorry I haven’t made boards in a while, I’m sorry so many of you haven’t had your asks answered. I’m sorry if I’m letting you guys down. I just can’t do everything. I don’t have enough spoons. I love this blog so much, I hate to think that I’m not doing enough.
-Mod Hooper🐡

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How do you make your gifs? They're really nice

Thank you so much! I’m sorry for the late reply.

I wasn’t too sure if you had wanted a step-by-step process or not, but here it is anyway. I’ll try to keep it short & sweet!  (=゚ω゚)ノ

  • 1. I use Photoshop CC 2017, but any photoshop program can get the job done. To record/trim the scenes I want to make gifs of, I use windows movie maker (Before I used videopad editor; but it’s not free). To download episodes, I use Ohyraws or nyaa.se.
  • 2. Once I have the scenes I want to use, I open up Photoshop and go to File>Import>Video Frames to Layers. Something that I do differently (I assume) than most gifmakers is import all frames. It’s a bit tedious at first but you slowly get used to it.
  • 3. After importing the frames, go to Window>Workspace>Essentials and then make sure that the timeline is open as well. Your layout should look something like this:
  • 4. Then start by going to the layers panel and selecting all of the layers. When they’re all selected, go to Image>Canvas Size and trim the width and height about 5 pixels on both X and Y. This cuts off the nasty edges of the video material, so I always do this to be safe. Resize the image to 540px afterwards. It’s a good idea to save at this point and make a PSD, so if you’ve improved later, you can go back and remake it if you wanted to.

  • 5. If you start to play through the frames at first, it’s very slow and choppy. This part is where you start deleting frames to get your content under the size limit (IT’S 3MB NOW I’M SO HAPPY)! It’s a matter of trial and error (probably not the best way to put it), but if you delete too many frames the gif starts to become choppier. There is also a time limit for every individual frame, and (0.06-0.10) is probably the average speed that you should put into each frame. A quick way to change multiple frame speeds at a time is to select them using the SHIFT + L mouse, or CTRL + L mouse, and then choose “Other” and type in the desired time allotted, which will change the frames that you have selected. Here’s a visual:
  • 6. After you’ve gone through step 4, make sure to reselect all of the layers in the layers panel and then on the timeline panel, go to >Convert to Video Timeline. I would suggest not playing through the frames after this because it may slow down/crash your computer and not play as smoothly, (at least it does for me).
  • 7. After converting it to a video timeline, go to Filter>Convert to Smart Filters.
  •  7. And then Filter>Blur>Surface Blur. This lowers the detail in the gif which in turn, lowers the file size. Try not to go above radius 3 and threshold 6. After surface blurring, try Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen. Be careful and try not to oversharpen the gif. I usually don’t go over 200, and I keep the radius at (0.3), and I usually play around with the reduce noise setting a lot.
  • 8. After blurring and sharpening, this is where some tweaking comes in. If you play with the hue/saturation,  curves, levels, brightness/contrast, and selective color, then you can make the gif prettier and lower the size. You can use PSDs that other gifmakers have made as well. 
  • Note: Darker colors don’t take up as much MB as brighter colors.
  • 9. Once you are satisfied with the result, press (SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + S) altogether and a window will pop up. It takes a while to load the finalized version of your gif, so be patient. Once it has loaded, you should probably check the file size at the bottom left corner. Is it under 3MB? If it’s not, I suggest editing the colors in the top right corner. I don’t usually go under 175 for that. If the file size still isn’t under 3MB, you may have to CTRL + Z a lot of stuff and backtrack to see if you can spare any more frames or darken your colors.
  • Note: If you were to upload a gif any where else, I’m sure the file size can be much larger than 3MB. Personally I’ve never tried it, but just a heads up!
  • 10. I suggest either using Pattern or Diffusion, and then Perceptual. Try to play around with the settings to get the best end result. Afterwards if you are finally satisfied with the gif you’ve made, go ahead and save it! You’re finally done and ready to upload it to tumblr!

So I’m actually a terrible person and like @manawhaat tagged me in this in December and it’s February and that probably explains why she doesn’t talk to me but anyways I’m doing it so here it is!

I was tagged by @manawhaat in case my little message above didn’t make that clear

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Name/Nickname: Rachel, no cool nicknames sorry

Gender: Female.

Height: 5′7″.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

Fav Color: Tardis Blue, I’m particular to the darker shades of blue but I have a severe fondness for the grey blue color

Number of blankets I sleep with: So in the Winter I sleep with 2 blankets, a sheet and in the summer it’s just a thin sheet and maybe a blanket if it gets cold which is unlikely

Dream Vacation:London, France and Japan

What I’m currently wearing: White sweatpants with white shirt that had Captain America’s shield pattern on it

Do you get asks on a regular basis?: No not at all, no one talks to me

Aesthetic: Books, Rain, Hot Cocoa, a grey blue color.

Star Sign: Taurus

Last Thing I googled: Fez

Fav Music Artists: Vance Joy, Lady Gaga, FOB, TOP, Sia, etc,

Do You Have any other blogs?: @luciferxreader which is run in collaboration with  @justcallmeyourgoddess and @live-on-the-fandom-side 

How did you choose your URL?: I started Tumblr when I was in my senior year of High School and honest to goodness there was so much homework and let’s be honest that’s really what killed in High School

I’m tagging: @toopreciousforthisworldtoopure, @teamfreewill-imagine, @fenrirklan@crazyabbyarcanine, and @one-shots-supernatural and anyone who would like to do this, Thanks!


“The power of one man doesn’t amount to much. But, however little strength I’m capable of… I’ll do everything humanly possible to protect the people I love, and in turn they’ll protect the ones they love. It seems like the least we tiny humans can do for each other.”

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If it aint to much to ask... will you do a masterpost or just a collection of your favorite Key earrings/piercings? Does he change them per era? 💚

oh boy a masterlist would be never ending because he changes his earrings more than any of us change our underwear, but i can definitely name a few of my favourites!

and yeah i think the general style of earrings he’s worn have changed depending on the concept. like, for 1of1/1and1 he didn’t wear any at all, and odd era was very general balls and hoops to fit the whole normcore aesthetic. everybody era (aka my favourite Earring Era) he was wearing quite bold statement pieces like:

a cross (which he also wore for the toheart album shoot)

and a bullet (which he also wore in the 321 mv)

this claw/spike lookin beauty (i also love the smaller accompanying earrings that round out the look without being overbearing)

and these spiral earrings that i love!!! (which he alternated between wearing one in each ear and two in one ear at times)

i think my all time fave would have to be the pink unicorn though!!! he’s often worn all kinds of interesting things in his conch (is that what it’s called? the one in the middle of his ear lol) piercing. off the top of my head i can think of one that said KEY, a dinosaur, a spider, a ship’s wheel, a screw, and a wrench.

The mountain is a mother
cradles you in arms of stone
keeping you safe
keeping you sane
a haven, a home, a temple.

The mountain is a father
protects you with its tumbling wrath
puts fire in your blood
and courage in your heart
a fortress, a kingdom, a city.

The mountain is both parent and child
bids you welcome when you return
stifles your screams
soothes your fears
a lullaby, a hearth, a tomb.

But he, he is the one you truly need -
wraps you in his loving arms
stills the tears
quiets the trembling
a lover, a friend, your One.

—  Erebor is Dwalin’s home, but without Nori he would never be able to bear the weight of it pressing down on his shoulders.

little gift for @fallen-determination​ it their birthday today! |ω・`˵)◞

I hope you having a great day today! 
Thank you Ras for being such a nice friend even tho i shy to talk to you I enjoy your presence so much! you fun to talk with >w</ please stay the way you are! you’re a great and amazing artist X3c  //flee


I tried. 

I loved the idea of Ivan letting Gilbert think he forgot his birthday, and sending him an anonymous gift as a surprise (with a little letter inside). As a revenge, Gilbert would make him thinks he’s upset…

I loved the idea of the text conversation, and since I was too lazy/busy to draw the whole “story”, and that I’m not a writer, I thought it would be perfect for it…

Well, I had a lot of troubles to do proper texts, and now that I read it like that, it sounds really silly ><

Here’s the full Gilbert’s pic

Ok so I was tagged by @softbianca to do this question thing and wow! Everyone should go follow her! I have never been tagged in anything like this before so this is super exciting. 

1. Name: Alice 

2. Nickname: Tabby sometimes (because of my middle name Tabitha) 

3. Zodiac sign: Pisces 

4. Orientation: straight 

5. Ethnicity: white 

6. Favourite fruit: grapes maybe? 

7. Favourite season: I think summer. But winter when it’s leading up to Christmas is the best time of year imho 

8. Favourite book: literally no don’t make me choose! I’ve just finished The Song of Achilles and I cried so much and I love it but idk about favourite 

 9. Favourite flower: I really like those pastelly lilac roses 

10. Favourite scent: my dog 

11. Favourite colour: blue 

12. Favourite animal: dog or dolphin 

13. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: tea 

14. Average sleep hours: 6-7 

15. Cat or dog person: both! 

16. Favourite fictional character: nooo this is worse than the book one. I don’t know! Percy Jackson will forever be in my heart. Jace Lightwood/wayland/Morgenstern/herondale too. 

 17. Number of blankets you sleep with: one very thick duvet 

18. Dream trip: Tokyo! 

19. Blog created: idk how to check. Last year some time 

 20. Number of followers: 45

That was fun! Thank you for tagging me. Now I have to tag 20 more people I think but I’m lazy so I might only do a few…

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Don’t feel compelled to do it any of you guys, but it’s fun if you do :)