i'm sorry i couldn't wait i was so excited

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HI HI I just wanna tell someone that I LOVE Pokémon I LOVE I've been playing it since I was like 7 years old but when the 3DS came out I couldn't play anymore (no money) BUT THE new 2DS IS GONNA COME OUT SOON and I cannot wait cause I have enough money to buy that one plus Sun and yeah I'm excited !!!! (Sorry to vent, but no one I know cares about Pokémon so). Anyway I love your blog & gifs and hope you have a GREAT DAY

Hi anon! That’s great, i’m very happy for you!! Sun & Moon are great games :D And thank you!!!!!!!

Out of Context Tom Quotes
  • "Don't you wanna pet my bunny?
  • "These balls are... guided by demons."
  • "Dude! I'm so sorry! I totally put that curse on you,"
  • "I'm so excited to be covered in blood with you."
  • "But you! You had to be selfish! You couldn't wait another four minutes and fifteen seconds!!"
  • "That's WAY more embarrassing than that thing on your neck."
  • "I mean.. I destroyed him. Beating him was so easy,"
  • "Look, I know I've been a little.. AGRO in the past,"
  • "But you forgot the most important part... me!"
  • "Giddy-up Skeleton horse!"
  • "You know too much... Now I gotta destroy you."
  • "It depends. How insecure are you?"
  • "That was so much more fun than obliterating people!"

LAST STREAM DRAWS. REQUEST FOR @somesketchyshit HELLLAAAAAAAAAA she asked for two people wearing a scarf and drinking hot coc… she forgot the o so i’m just.. repeating her mistake sorry(notsorry) HHAHAH

so i drew Young Jack and Adult Angel. and they make the cutest father daughter team and i’ cry but this is a happy post so no crying. .-.

Jack and Angel©Borderlands
-listening to weird music and has no dishes to do holla-©me