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Omashu and Zukaang parallels:

  • Their respective villages/nations were enemies with each other (well, in the Fire Nation’s case, they made the Air Nomads and the Avatar their enemy).
  • Oma and Shu learned earthbending from the badgermoles, Aang and Zuko learned the ancient origins of firebending and the pre-war form of firebending from the last dragons 
  • Omashu was built as a place where citizens from both villages could thrive in peace, after the war had ended. Republic City was build so that citizens from all over the world could live in peace, after the war had ended. 

mrtinski  asked:

girl you're murdering me today with your writing (and also your kindness I cannot BELIEVE you posted a link to my fic I'm??) anyway if you wanted to do more one shots I'd love to see what you come up with for 39 if you haven't done it already! :)

*walks in a month late without starbucks* 

39: “This is very cliché.” +  69: “You’re ticklish.” (requested by @janeerikabrady​ on twitter) + 21: “God, I missed you.” (@lydias-martin)

(from +this list of prompts)

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Here’s some fanart I made for @bluepaladiiin ‘s Neptune fanfiction (which I totally recommend, it’s really well written!)

I was supposed to post this a lot earlier

the cave looked 3000x bigger in my mind

I forgot the helmets

Keith’s eyes are so close wtf


the good wife + zodiac signs

Carry Memories with You (and I'll Never Leave)

“Stiles, Stiles, Stiles.”
The name rings strangely on her tongue, rolls around her mouth as the vowels stretch and echo in the stillness. The word loses all meaning after a few dozen seconds, strips down of all the identity ever built behind it.

Stiles gets taken. Lydia remembers. 

AO3 | Rated T | 1.4k

Based on this post by @slowburnotptrash

Beta read by Rachel @rongasm ‘cause she’s awesome like that. 

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  • Robert: Aaron! You could have killed me!
  • Faith: (chuckles) What's he done now? (turns serious) Oh, hang on, what's just happened?
  • Robert: Because of this? (holds scan up) Really?
  • Adam: Robert, chill out, mate, not now.
  • Faith: Aaron? Will someone tell me what's going on?
  • Robert: I don't even know where you found it.
  • Aaron: It was in your jacket.
  • Robert: So I'm sorry. I must have forgotten about it. You were gonna cave my skull in because of this?
  • Aaron: (scoffs, shakes his head) I don't know. (leaves to go to the backroom)
  • Adam: Aaron!
  • Robert: What's he said?
  • Adam: Nothing. One minute he was fine, and next he's looking in your jacket for some keys, and... he finds that. (Robert goes to the backroom)
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ok but Arthur  


couldn’t do much drawing after work today thanks to a migraine that forced me to lie down in a dark room with my eyes shut for about two and a half hours of mild agony and explicit tedium

but hey here’s some WIP doodles

anonymous asked:

Is it just me, or does the last shot of Will in Primavera call to mind an image of the Devil? What with the sharp-looking edges of his collar and the reddish lights appearing behind each of his shoulders...

That’s an interesting thought. It’s definitely clear that they were very careful with the blocking and framing of that shot. I don’t see any reason why this can’t be considered Devil imagery, though I don’t personally see it as such in this particular scene.

I took the catacomb scene as an allegory for Will’s descent into Hell. In the Inferno, Dante descends into Hell, passes through each of the nine circles of suffering and ultimately reaches the middle, where Lucifer resides along with all of the sinners being punished for treachery. Dante is a living human who technically doesn’t belong in Hell, so he is assigned a ghost guide (the poet Virgil).

In Primavera, Will descends into the catacombs on a search for Hannibal. He doesn’t need a guide because, as Pazzi points out, he’s “already dead.” In Red Dragon, Chilton asks Will how he managed to catch Hannibal Lecter, and he replies, “I let him kill me.” Going along with the themes of transformation and rebirth, Will as we knew him was “killed” at the end of Mizumono and is in the process of being reborn into his new life. 

Will in Primavera is in a sort of limbo state between lives, and the cinematography does a good job of showing this, with careful lighting, with blurry fade-ins and fade-outs, with time distortion, with shots like these:

I mean, the guy’s even talking to dead people.

I believe that Will is stuck in this limbo state due to his continued conflicted feelings about Hannibal. It’s clear from his conversations with Abigail that he feels some level of regret over not leaving with Hannibal in Mizumono. He tells Pazzi that he shouldn’t trust him because he doesn’t know what side Will is on, but Will himself doesn’t know whose side he’ll choose. He doesn’t know if he’ll be reborn and created anew in Hannibal’s image or if he’ll be reborn as something entirely new.

Let’s look particularly at the difference in lighting that is used on Hannibal and Will in the catacomb scene. As they circle around each other in the dark, Hannibal’s face is lit with reddish-orange (hellish?) light, while Will’s lighting is a much colder blue color, making him look more deathly and devoid of life.

It isn’t until the very final frame, right after Will finally chooses to forgive Hannibal that the lighting on him becomes less austerely blue, and starts to incorporate oranges and reds. He’s made his choice (though the audience still doesn’t know the nature of his choice) and is in the process of entering his second third life.

It’s really fitting that this episode is called Primavera, which is a pasta dish, yes, but it’s also Italian for Spring, the season of new life and rebirth. Not only is Will being reborn, but so is his relationship with Hannibal.

the signs as my favorite swears
  • Aries: "What the fucking fuck"
  • Taurus: "Jesus tap-dancing Christ"
  • Gemini: "Fuck everything and its mother"
  • Cancer: "Son of a bitch"
  • Leo: "Oh my fuck"
  • Virgo: "Shove an entire cactus up your ass, buddy"
  • Libra: "Piss off"
  • Scorpio: "Motherfucking rat-bastard"
  • Sagittarius: "Horse pocky"
  • Capricorn: "You're just a bag of dicks, aren't you?"
  • Aquarius: "God bless it"
  • Pisces: "Kiss my ass, fuckface."