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Sorry to be a bother, but do you think I could get the RFA + Saeran reacting to a MC who has to report a close relative for abusing them in the past? Bc I have to do that soon and idk I'm hoping it'll make me less nervous. If you can't do this, no worries. Sorry to bug you :/

RFA + V + Unknown with an MC who is reporting an abusive relative

(AN: Threw in V too because why not! I’m so sorry you’re stuck in this situation, it’s amazing that you’ve stayed so strong and I hope all goes well for you, Kind Anon! You’re not bugging me at all, dear! I really do hope all goes well! And that I’ve done this enough justice!

There are mild spoilers in this! I didn’t go in to any details about the abuse, because we all experience it differently, and so I mainly just focused on how they would try to comfort you! Enjoy!)

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hello dear! It's so good to see you back! I hope things turn better for you from now onwards <3 I'd like to request something, I think I sent it a while ago but the ask was eatten or you had so much work i'm sorry T^T it was something along the lines of the c:r men seducing Cardia at a masquerade ball but concealing their identities; I know masks can't completely disguise them but we can play, and cardia's reaction to strangers wooing her. I leave the setting pre/post good ending to you :D

This is Mod S! ^.^

Don’t worry about anything at all; I apologize for taking so long to answer this headcanon. The original one got lost a while ago because I accidentally deleted the inbox. And Mod Cheshire and I were both attempting to do this request justice but we struggled for a bit. Finally, I think I’m able to answer this in the best of my ability, so I hope it lives up to your expectations… orz 

I’ll call this Code: Realize Guys Seducing Cardia at a Masquerade. As always, let us know if there’s anything else you’d want with this, and we’ll fix it. Thanks so much for being patient. 

Some Info: All of these take place post good end. Cardia’s reactions are, for the most part, similar because I think regardless of who she was with, having a stranger try and flirt with her when she was with someone else would solicit the same result. 

Arséne Lupin: Lupin would put on his mask and sneak up to Cardia, showering her with compliments: “My lady, your beauty is the envy of this ball. Would you care to dance with someone such as I?”. Cardia would look at him for a second, struggle to recognize him, but she would shake her head and politely tell the “stranger” that she was married and waiting to dance with her husband. This would make Lupin smile and laugh, and Cardia would feel incredibly confused. In a hushed whisper, Lupin would say: “Won’t you play along with me, madamoiselle?”. Cardia would furrow her brow in confusion, and Lupin would lift his mask to reveal his face. He’d wink at her, and she would feel silly for not recognizing him or his voice. But go along with Lupin’s game, pretending like they are meeting for the first time. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van would disguise himself just to tease Cardia a bit. He would sneak up behind her and whisper in her ear, “I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you”. Cardia would jump and turn around, seeing a man she did not recognize. It would take Van a minute to realize that she didn’t recognize him, but he would find it so fun that he wouldn’t tell her who he was. He’d chat her up, talking about how he was jealous of her lover, and Cardia would just nervously wave him off. Van would ask her to dance, but Cardia would decline, saying she was saving her first dance for her boyfriend. Van would just murmur about how cute she was, and would reveal himself. Cardia would feel a bit silly, but immediately start dancing with him. Van would say, “What did I do to deserve such a stunning and wonderful woman?“ 

Impey Barbicane: Impey would don his mask and forcibly pull Cardia onto the dance floor, saying he could not resist dancing with such a pretty lady. "You’re eyes are as blue as deepest ocean, and your voice is a beautiful symphony!”; Cardia would just frown and thank him, but strongly say that she is not available and would rather not dance with him. Impey would slyly ask Cardia to describe the person she loves, and Cardia would slowly talk about how sweet Impey is and how talented he is, and how he makes her feel. Though they would keep dancing as they both would get lost in the conversation. Impey would eventually be so touched by Cardia’s affection that he would burst into tears and hug her, saying “MY SWEET CARDIA, YOU ARE A GODDESS!”; Cardia would then realize it was Impey and just roll her eyes. 

Victor Frankenstein: While wearing a mask, it would be Victor this time who would act like he didn’t know Cardia in order to tease her. She would recognize him at first, but he would say, “Oh, I’m sorry, have we met? I’m glad we have now though; you’re such a beautiful young lady…”; Cardia would apologize and feel a bit shy, but Victor would attempt to coax her into staying by his side. Cardia would politely refuse and explain that she mistook him for her lover, and that she needs to find him. When Cardia starts walking away, Victor grabs her arm and takes his mask off, telling her he was just teasing. She gets a little frustrated at first, but Victor just says, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it! You were so cute…I wanted to hear you praise me more”. Cardia would soften and then force Victor to dance with her as an apology. 

Saint Germain: Saint Germain would walk up beside Cardia and start chatting with her about the evening and how it was. Her formal replies would confuse him, and eventually she would say she was hoping her partner would show up soon. Saint G would realize that Cardia had no clue who he was, and he would decide to just go along with it. He would offer to be her partner, and then offer to marry her since he was wealthy. Cardia would immediately decline, saying she was in love with someone else. Saint G would pout and say that he would use magic to turn into her lover, and then he’d take off his mask. Cardia would look scared and confused, but Saint G would explain that he was him the whole time. Cardia would feel a bit silly, but Saint G would say, “To hear you acting so devoted to me makes me love you even more, Miss Cardia.”

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this sounds a bit specific I'm sorry, but maybe some imagines (your choice of characters since I can't think of any rn lol one of them could be widowmaker I guess!) finding some stealthy street kid following them on a mission? maybe years later they meet them again as a new recruit?

//Ah, this is so cool! I hope I did this justice!


- Had no clue someone was following her. How did they do that?? No clue. The kid is the one who revealed themselves. They wanted to know what she was doing in ‘their side of town’.

-She’s impressed. Like, moreso than she has been in years. It’s amazing that this lil’ punk was able to follow her.

-She leaves them with one of her weird cryptic french sayings and just,, disappears. Over the course of the next few months though, she leaves money and food in places she’s seen them around the city. She loses contact after a while, though.

-When she finally meets them years later, she’s totally shocked! Not only is that kid alive, but one of Talon’s new members? Wow, she’d never of seen that coming.

-She even asks her overseers if she can tutor them! They agree, and her and the punk become a terrifying team.


- Same as Widow, he doesn’t know the kids there until the teen intentionally makes a noise.

- He freaks out. Nearly shoots them, actually. They step out of the way of his arrows with a 'Geez, watch where you’re pointin’ that thing!’. Thankfully he didn’t loose his arrow.

- Basically treats them like an annoyance until he finally leaves. Silently impressed though. Doesn’t let anyone know he is.

- Super surprised that he meets them years later, and now they’re a new member of Overwatch! He finally learns their name, and takes them under his wing. Kid’s gotta have someone to watch over them, y'know?


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 4/25 (part 1)

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