i'm sorry he's not a villian anymore

Summary of the Port Mafia
  • Higuchi: Touch Akutagawa and you won't touch anything anymore.
  • Akutagawa: Angry Puppy Who Needs Love
  • Gin: Its a trap????
  • Chuuya: Short but deadly,damn he's fucking hot-
  • Kouyou: My sweet Kyouka come back to mommy dearest or DIE.
  • Kyuusaku: Toy Story Gone Wrong
  • Hirotsu: Black Butler for the elderly
  • Tachihara: She said he was a skater boy, he said see you later when you're dead
  • Motojirou: EVIL (Every Villian Is Lemon?)
  • Mori: I love Elise to death.
  • Elise: I'm a murdering tool for Mori's sake. But aren't I cute? ❤️