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Ah- I-I hope this isn't too much of a bother but um c-can you maybe do just some cute fluffy relationship headcanons for Canada, America, Russia, Lithuania, Norway, Prussia, and Denmark please?(if that's too many characters then just pick your favorites..!!! I'm sorry for bothering you but I love your blog so so so much!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ )

Sure! Thank you for the kind comment! ^.^ Since there’s a lot of characters, I’m gonna only write three for each. I’m going to take Prussia and Lithuania out if that’s fine.


  • Maple leaf over here is a precious bean. He adores cuddling with his s/o especially if they’re snowed in or something like that. 
  • Highkey gives all his hoodies to them because they look adorable in it? 
  • His curl…does something to him.


  • Okay but him and his s/o would defiantly go to McDonalds at 2am (like me)
  • He’s literally the bf that will take his s/o across the country just to show them how cool his country is. 

  • It’s no surprise that he’ll die if his s/o wears his jacket. 


  • He honestly clings to them a lot. He doesn’t like them out of his sight. 
  • If they’re cold, they’re getting his coat, period. 

  • Play with Ivan’s hair, he’ll die. 


  • He’s quiet but shows his love for them in his rare moments of self-infliction affection. Little things like forehead kisses and hugs show quietly how much he loves them. 
  • Snuggling and reading with them is his favorite past time. 

  • Also, his s/o is the only one who’s allowed to watch him cast spells. 


  • Okay but piggyback rides are a daily job for him. He loves carrying his s/o around. He’s a tol and strong bean. 
  • Play with his hair and he purrs. 

  • Must cuddle with them before they fall asleep. 

-Mun Kai

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Drabble. Bucky's wife pregnant and he's on a mission always panicking even though she's like 5 months along. Or.. drunk bucky calling or texting his gf/wife adoring messages. Idk. I'm in the mood for fluff. Sorry

don’t be sorry for fluff! and these are great ideas. just a disclaimer: i personally have never been pregnant so obviously i have no idea what pregnancy is like. so if i miss the mark, i apologize. and i kinda like the second prompt too so i might do that in a different post. this turned out to be longer than i anticipated. i hope you like it! 

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You were supposed to be doing computer work. It was part of this “light duty” shit that Steve forced you on when he found out you were pregnant. At five months, it had become too difficult to explain away the prominent, growing bump as you just getting fat. You kind of thought he did it as revenge for not telling the team sooner. But you didn’t want it to be a big deal. You were having a hard enough time fending off the ones that had known already. Like Wanda, because she could read freaking minds and had known pretty much exactly when you did. Her extra attention to you had gone mostly unnoticed, as well as the way that she’d use her powers to get you things rather than have you actually get up and retrieve it yourself. Admittedly, it was kind of nice, but unnecessary. You explained to her that you didn’t want to sit like a bump on a log for the next nine months. She had backed off some after that. But she was only half the problem. 

The other half of the problem was the one who you let knock you up in the first place. You loved your husband, you really did. And when you showed him the pregnancy test, you had to admit you were nervous. It was just a year into your marriage; the two of you weren’t even out of the honeymoon stage. Which was probably why this happened in the first place. You had been afraid that it was too soon for a baby. Hell, you guys had barely even talked about it. Bucky had seemed indifferent, and you hadn’t put much thought into it either. So your voice trembled as you told him the news, showing him the pregnancy test and explaining what that little plus sign meant. 

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I really want an OVA or a spinoff of Yuri!!! On Ice that focuses on Minami

and his progression as a skater and interactions with his idol - Katuski Yuuri. Can we talk about how under appreciated it is that Yuuri is basically Minami’s Viktor

then yuuri skates and Minami watches from the sidelines


and then he fanboys about the performance, and he’s supposed to be getting ready for his own performance and he can’t stop thinking about Yuuri

and then second he’s done his performance he goes to find Yuuri

and becomes the saddest pinecone ever because yuuri didn’t watch him skate




FINALLY here we have Minami in Yuuri’s home with Yuuri’s family being the One True Leader of the Katsuki Yuuri Fan Club

Bonus: Minami refusing to cheer for Yuuri’s rival

Bonus Bonus: Minami seeing his OTP in person

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(Gah! I'm so nervous at requesting. .///.) How would the RFA react to MC having one of the RFA members as an older brother or sister? I'm sorry if you don't get it. ;w;

I’m gonna have it like MC is a part of the RFA but then obvi joined because of different reasons 

(Spoilers w Zen )


  • at first Seven was gonna start pranking MC too 
  • Yoosung will not have that tbh
  • He scolds Seven 
  • which is honestly just adorable 
  • Seven doesn’t prank MC after that 
  • but he teases them like he does with the other members 
  • which Yoosung also doesn’t really like 
  • He will constantly talk about MC 
  • especially if they achieved something
  • Hes a proud big brother™
  • the other members do like MC but they get it Yoosung 
  • MC is great, ok, they get it. 


  • protective older brother 
  • since his brother was p much an ass 
  • he aims to be better and always there for MC 
  • they are the only family he’s in contact with 
  • If any of the members starts showing interest in MC (besides Jaehee)
  • then no!!!
  • he doesn’t trust any of them to be with his little sib 
  • especially if its Jumin tbh 
  • MC has to remind him that he doesn’t control their dating life??
  • He knows he wouldn’t be able to stop MC from dating who they wanna date 
  • but he wouldn’t really approve 
  • sends a lot of selfies of him and MC 
  • best looking siblings out there 


  • both Jaehee and MC were nervous about MC joining the rfa 
  • MC was mostly nervous about saying something that might mess with Jaehee’s job 
  • but if someone would mess with MC Jaehee would be ready to be the greates older sister 
  • and beat them up
  • And have a stern talk with them 
  • If Jumin overworks Jaehee MC is ready to yell™
  • They are both really protective of each other 
  • and the RFA members think it’s really cute 


  • rich siblings 
  • MC isn’t as serious as their brother 
  • which is sort of a relief for the other members 
  • Like Zen, If any of the members show interest in MC he will not approve 
  • Unlike Zen he would actually try to stop it from happening 
  • Until he see’s they make MC happy 
  • He wouldn’t understand why MC would be interested in any of them tbh 
  • if Zen ends up being interested in MC 
  • he will send pictures of MC with Elizabeth 3rd to the chat 


  • super protective older brother
  • not like tries to control their life 
  • but more like MC always has to be careful! 
  • He will constantly check up on them 
  • MC and Seven constantly send inside jokes in the chat 
  • It’s really fun for them
  • really annoying for the rest 
  • MC is the biggest victim to seven’s pranks 
  • so MC and Yoosung can relate 
  • each time Seven pranks MC they text Yoosung right away 
  • “I fell for it again T-T” 
  • Yoosung also texts MC if he fell for a prank 
  • Seven thinks its hilarious 
  • It’s really not 
It's snowing

It’s snowing and I’m just imagining Emil and Mickey and Sara hanging out at one of the two homes, drinking cocoa while watching the snow fall. Emil would probably come up with the idea to build a snowman and Sara would go along with it and Mickey would be the one to grumble and complain about how it’s too cold and that they’ll all just want to come inside in five minutes, but whatever, right? He kinda wants to see Emil in a heavy jacket and hat, cheeks red from the cold. And boy does he get it because halfway through building said snowman, someone tosses a snowball at someone else and the whole thing just escalates into a game of chase and “who can dump snow down the most people’s shirts,” and everyone is laughing, even Mickey (though he does send Emil death glares whenever he gets too close to his sister’s shirt.) And Emil just looks too cute and excited when he’s covered in snow and shaking from the cold. But when all that is over and they all come in roughly five minutes later, they all decide to watch a movie and curl up and Emil just happens to sit besides Mickey instead of Sara and it makes Mickey glare and blush all throughout the movie because he can feel Emil’s side against his and his thigh pressed up against his and everything in Mickey is suddenly hyper aware of Emil that it’s making him go crazy and he doesn’t think he can take it anymore when Sara gets a call from Mila and she goes off and suddenly he feels a weight on his shoulder. He looks down and Emil is asleep, cheeks red and scarf still wrapped around his neck and it’s still the most adorable thing he’s ever seen. So he doesn’t push him off just yet. It’s a while before he passes out too, but he doesn’t really mind.

I still think how absolutely adorable Ford was in Dungeons Dungeons and more Dungeons when he just stopped everything to play the game with Dipper, and he just got SO into the game too. Here he is this serious old man who has too much work to do and he sees the die Dipper is holding and instantly morphs into a little kid. What a fucking precious doofus.

Eren getting too caught up in killing Titans, school, or whatever his goal is in a particular universe, so much that he forgets his own birthday, and his friends throw him a surprise party and there’s a ton of cake and Jean pranks him by throwing a cake in his face. Then Eren’s S/O gets him the one thing he’s been going on about for months and he’s super happy and things. 

Some fanart for thethirdamell and their fantastic story Accursed Ones - a forever recommendation if you want a great read. 

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Hi! I was wondering if we could talk about melloxnear fluff. I see it rarely anywhere and right now I'm in a deep need of fluff. I had too shitty day to try and focus on anything else but tooth rotting fluff.

Sorry, I’m not actually a huge meronia shipper. Nevertheless, their dynamic is highly fascinating - and I adore their interactions!

Especially this part in canon just. killed me. Their relationship would have had so much potential if it hadn’t been for their rivalry ;-; Still, it’s so wonderful to see Near give credit to Mello. He meant a lot to him and it just makes me wish for a chance that would have allowed them (mainly Mello) to overcome their conflict.

A funny thought: Mello showing Near around in LA, Near showing Mello around in NY. Mello arguing about how LA is a much better city. Near throwing some sneaky comments about the traffic and other issues there - Mello gets unreasonably angry. But it’s just funny to Near.

Anyway, I hope that you have a good rest of the day! You deserve to feel better, anon <3 (if you’re shipping meronia and reading this, comments/ideas would be very much appreciated :D!)

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Gerald A5, Helga B2, Arnold A1 please! X3

I’m not sure how they ended up thinking of swapping clothes or why but let’s just say that while Arnold’s changing in his room, Helga’s waiting outside his door already in a extra set of his clothes (she changed in the bathroom) when Gerald comes and is just like ‘??? what are you doing in Arnold’s clothes???’ and Helga’s just kind of trying not to crack up at the situation but before she can give him an answer Arnold says it’s ok to come in so Gerald opens the door and there he is in that pose saying it’s actually kind of comfortable and Gerald is just speechless b/c he has NO IDEA what’s going on and Helga finally cracks and can’t stop laughing, there’s tears in her eyes b/c they both look ridiculous. his clothes are too small for her and her dress is too big for him and Gerald’s expression is priceless and Arnold kind of puts his head in his hands ‘cause he knows he’s never gonna hear the end of it from Gerald later but also kind of wants to laugh about how cute and silly Helga looks in his clothes and Gerald’s just slowly backing out the door and saying he’ll talk to them later once they’re done being weird.

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Karasuno+iwazumi+oikawa+kenma+kuroo+ushijima+aone forgetting they had a date with their s/o, and accidentally standing them up? How would they go about apologizing?

((Aaah sorry for the late reply nonnie,I’ve been a bit sick lately. 

I apologize for the grammar mistakes, but I hope you like it!)) 

Realization would dawn upon Daichi an hour after he was supposed to meet up with his s/o while working. He would suddenly rush out and run towards the meeting place. Upon not seeing his s/o there he would run around everywhere to try to find them but hen he couldn’t find them he would panic and end up running to his s/o’s house to find them sitting on their doorstep crying. When Daichi saw this he would wipe his hands cause they’re hella sweaty and go over to his s/o. He would then attempt to apologize by bowing his head so low that his hair was touching the ground and spouting random nonsense like “I’m so sorry, I forgot, it’s a crappy excuse I know, it won’t happen again, sorry, please don’t hate me” and the list would go on before his s/o would ruffle his hair and say that it’s okay but he now owes them a meal to their fave restaurant. 

Sugawara would be totally distraught by the fact that he had forgotten his date with his s/o. He would be panicking and running around the house with a kettle and a pillow he does that when he’s stressed, don’t judge and probably call Daichi for some help. After having calmed down, he would then decide to make it up to his s/o by buying lots of flowers and go to their house. Once his s/o answered, he would take his s/o on a surprise picnic while telling them that he was really sorry like 10 times.

Asahi would be terrified over the thought that he might have hurt his s/o because he forgot the date. He would be the type of person who would try to call his s/o but then hang up instantly after pressing the call button or standing outside his s/o’s house being too afraid to knock. It would end up with him writing a ten page long essay apology letter and adding a box of chocolates to have it sent through post because he’d be too scared to look his s/o in the eye.

Nishinoya would go the entire day without a worry until his head hit the pillow. He would start thinking that something was missing and suddenly he would sit up and remember that he had a date with his s/o. He would then rush out the door with only his pajamas (which did not include pants) and run over to his s/o’s house. He would then throw pebbles on their window until his s/o finally peered out to be met by a shirtless Noya going “Oh Juliet, for I have sinned! How could I have forgotten such an important matter! Would thee ever forgive me?” 

Tanaka would instantly send a text to his s/o after having realized he forgot the date. His s/o would actually forgive him but they wanted to jokingly be mad and write “I’m still mad at you” but forgetting an emoji so Tanaka would actually think that they were really mad at him and the next day he would show up with flowers, two tickets to Disneyland, a diamond necklace and an empty wallet (because he used it all up).

When Ennoshita was apologizing to his s/o he would act completely calm and give a well mannered apology with flowers and everything and when his s/o would accept his apology he would then continue with his calm act and kiss them gently but when he’d come home he’d finally breathe out properly and hug his pillow tightly because he was so worried his s/o would leave him. 

Two months before the date of the date (eyy pun) Kageyama had already put on nine reminders to make sure wouldn’t forget the date. But then on the day of the date his phone died and he didn’t even have realized he had forgotten the date until he checked his phone again the next day and BAM ten thousand notifications with the words “REMEMBER DATE”, “BUY FLOWERS”, “SMILE LIKE SUGAMAMMA-SENPAI TAUGHT YOU” and he would just lay there in bed with phone in hand while groaning. Afterwards he would get dressed nicely and go over to his s/o’s place to apologize only to fall on his face the moment his s/o opened the door.

Hinata would realize that he had forgotten the date once he was getting ready for bed and because we all know hinata has a tendency to not sleep when he’s stressed or hyped, it’s fair to say that he didn’t even blink that night cause he was to busy trying to find a good apology for his s/o. The next day when he was going to his s/o’s place to apologize, he would still have no plan in mind and he would just stutter his way through the the entire apology with a flower from his neighbour’s garden in hand.

Tsukishima would show up on his s/o’s doorstep with roses in hand and be all “yeah I’m sorry about that” while not being able to look his s/o in the eye and scratching his head. Later when his s/o had forgiven him, he would pretend that he had expected when really he was squealing like a teenage girl inside (there’s a reason he’s called Tsunderekishima). For the next month he would make sure to do extra nice things for his s/o and always be at least half an hour for their dates.

Before the date, Yamaguchi had made sure to make everything perfect by planning everything to the smallest detail. From the flowers to the kissing his s/o exactly when the sun sets. So when he totally forgot about the date, he would be totally heartbroken for hurting his s/o and all his wasted effort. But he would later ask his s/o to meet him at the park where he could properly apologize and ask them for another chance and promising that this time he would never forget and everything would be perfect (and he did not disappoint either).

Kiyoko would be at volleyball practice when she suddenly would remember that she had forgotten the date. She would then stand up suddenly with a panicked look on her face and it would be the first time any of the volleyball club members had seen her lose her composture. They would all rush over to her and ask her what was wrong but she would ignore them all and instead just rush towards her s/o’s place. Without a gift or a plan, she would just ring the doorbell and her s/o would be greeted by a flustered Kiyoko mumbling her apology and begging for forgivness.

Yachi would spend years trying to find a good way to apologize. She would write down her apology and practice in front of the mirror ten times a day before she would a week later finally feel ready to meet her s/o. She’d need help from Hinata to get her pumped up, but when she’d finally come face to face with her s/o, she would instantly forget everything she had written on her speech and just stand there and stutter. But it would end with her s/o instantly forgiving her when they saw her adorably flustered face.

Iwaizumi is acquainted to his s/o’s best friend so he would get their help by asking them to invite his s/o to the park. When his s/o and their best friend finally got there, Iwaizumi would sneek up behind his s/o with flowers in hand and suddenly music would start playing and Iwaizumi would come up with the cheesiest speech anyone could have had the misfortune of hearing. The whole affair would end with that his s/o’s best friend would end up third-wheeling and in revenge would post the video of Iwaizumi’s speech on youtube and it becoming an internet meme.

Oikawa would beg his teammates to help him with his apology to his s/o. At first they would only agree halfheartedly and grumble a bit about it, but mentioned his plan to them, they suddenly got a lot more willing (So mean Iwa-chan~!).So on the sunniest day possible, Oikawa would walk up to his s/o’s house with his teammates standing close to Oikawa (but not where his s/o can see them). Once Oikawa’s s/o opened the door she would be see Oikawa standing there with flowers in hand an rain pouring down his face. He would then begin his speech with “rain” pouring down on him. But before he had even reached half way through the speech, his s/o would stop him, look to the side to where the entire Seijou team was standing while holding a hose which was making the dramatic “standing in rain to apologize” effect. Oikawa’s s/o would then just cock an eyebrow and go “let’s just skip to the part where we kiss.”

Kenma didn’t actually forget the date, but Kuroo had pressed him into tossing for him an hour before the date which had made him forget about time and miss it. Kuroo would feel bad about it and said that he would help Kenma write the apology letter for him. Once Kuroo had finished writing it, he would give the paper to Kenma and make him read the thing for his s/o. But to Kenma’s regret, he didn’t bother to read the speech beforehand, so while he was standing there, face-to-face with his s/o, he realized he was a bit screwed when the apology letter had certain parts which were required to be “whispered lovingly into his s/o’s ear with a seductive voice.”

Unlike what most people think, Kuroo has never really been good with words. Sure, he has a few pick-up lines and sassy comebacks up his sleeve, but generally, when it comes to stuff like apologizing, he straight up sucks. SO instead of sweet words he plays his guitar and sings a song which he wrote himself. The entire thing would be very romantic and at the end his s/o was swooning. But of course he had to ruin it with the last line of his song “I lost my virginity, can I have yours~~”.

Ushijima would probably just go straight up to his s/o’s house with flowers and an apology letter and shove it in their face once they opened the door. He would then precede by just standing there waiting for his s/o to finish reading it and it would just be the most awkward thing ever.

Aone would be really worried because he would think that his s/o was going to leave him and he would get an even more imtimidating look on his face. He would eventually get the courage to call his s/o and at first it would be really awkard silence, but eventually Aone would say, “I’m sorry. Second chance?”



Is it just me that had no idea he dated Vicky McClure who played Lol in ‘This Is England’ cause I had no clue. But I was just thinking about how they would have been my no.1 power couple. I mean yeah Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy are my og power couple, but I love Joe Gilgun way to much for it to be healthy. I also love Vicky McClure so that’s a thing.

I just REALLY want someone to just date Joe cause he’s awesome tbh and you don’t seem to make a twat of yourself. You’re just really humorous and making jokes out of most things doesn’t make you a twat cause it’s just funny. I’m still so surprised that he’s not like married with kids or at least got a long time girlfriend. I just don’t understand how the women of the world aren’t like flocking towards him.

Is it weird that I find it almost adorable that he idolises Iwan Rheon?


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How hot - Gaygent(tm) (SORRY)


I have no way to properly explain just how hot, Gaygent™ is. It’s impossible. Its UNPOSSIBLE. Who knows just how hot he is.

Gaygent™ is Hot™

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i just gotta say, i started watching the bolts bc of you and your posts about jo. he's such a fantastic player ans definitely adorable to watch, also, the bolts have some really fantastic players too! i'm really sorry things didn't work out for them this year, but i'm really looking forward to watching them this next season!!! and i also hope today and this week is a good one for you!!!

!!!!!! I’m so happy I could drag you into Bolts fandom! :D Jo is a good place to start, he’s very pretty and kind of messy and his hockey blows you away with how clever and unique his style is. But oh, the rest of the team is so lovable. Seriously this team is so slept on, it’s tragic. They’re so good on the ice and then off it, there’s so much love to go around, everyone says that Tampa is their home and the team is a brotherhood, I’m emo

It really stung that they didn’t make the playoffs esp bc they had such a strong second half, going from dead last in the Eastern Conference to just a point out, going red-hot and giving us so much hope. I can’t wait to see them in October though, and hopefully next season will be better defensively and injury-wise. Thank you so much for this kind message. I hope you have a good one too!



ok I’m done.

R.I.P. Me

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Hi!! I'm sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to say I adore your blog!!! Also I love the way you UF Papyrus's eyes they make him look very cute!!

Oh thank you! You’re not a bother at all~ (^/////^) Yes, I wanted his eyes to contrast with UT pap’s bright, circular eyes-so I gave him simplified slits that are meant to look fearsome, but I guess they do make him look pretty adorable.