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Okay one I love you! And I love everything that you write! I always check on here 😂 Can you do a chocobros x reader trying on their bf clothes or cosplaying? Btw you are awesome! Okay bye! x3

Awww, I love you too! This is seriously one of my favorite things! Couples exchanging clothes are super cute and I’m all about it all the time!



One of your favorite things to do was to sit with Noctis while he was fishing. His arms wrapped tightly around you, as he held the rod, and the moment that he felt a tug the two of you would work together to bring the fish to shore. Yet you had never expected to suddenly be torn from the docks and sent splashing into the water below.

“You okay in there?” Noctis asked, knocking on the bathroom door, you had currently been in there for the last 45 minutes attempting to scrub the smell of lake and fish off of you.

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a second.” You called, looking to the mess of black clothes before you. Sharing a suitcase with your boyfriend, you had realized that at this time Ignis must have taken both of your clothes to be washed with the others, and the only clean outfit you had available now was one of Noctis’s.

Looking up from his phone, Noctis was shocked to see you in his clothes. You had worn his jackets multiple times, and even on some occasions, you’d steal a shirt to sleep in. Yet to see you in the full attire the Prince was known for, you looked so cute.

“Sorry, I had to steal your clothes sweetie, I think Iggy is doing a load of land-eee!” You squeaked as he embraced you tightly, nuzzling into your shoulder. “Noct?”

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Spoiler warning: Resending in case internet betrayed me. Phantom Thieves boys reacting to S/O who turned into a mouse. like in sh***o's Palace. but the boys remained in their human forms? Love your writing by the way.

Oh my god the mouse forms are my favorite. *A* Thank you for liking my writing and for sending this!!


  • Oh no.
  • Joker’s definitely the most placid out of the trio, and he delicately cradles S/O in his crimson leather-cover hands.
  • After inspecting them for a moment, he was able to discern that the ailment would inevitably diminish with time.
  • Although he tried with all his might to quell the urge to tease them, the light in his eyes flickered with amusement as he smugly pounced upon the opportunity, regardless of his better judgment.
  • “S/O, you look a bit… cheesy right now.”
  • Joker didn’t require them to verbalize their irritation; he could virtually feel it radiating from S/O, which only resulted in his mischievous smirk expanding further.
  • “That’s not a very mice look you’re giving me… why don’t you squeak your mind?”
  • Any punishment that S/O could dole out on him later was completely worth it when their nose and ears twitched from anger.
  • Joker abruptly elevated S/O to his face, causing them to stagger slightly. They were only a mere inch away from his half-masked face as he taunted, “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”
  • His only reply was the sensation of minuscule feet plastered on his lips in a feeble attempt to silence him.
  • A hearty chuckle emitted from Joker prior to placing a kiss atop S/O’s fur-covered head.
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’ll stop our little game of cat-and-mouse, for now. Once you return to normal and I can kiss you properly… I’ll find the answer to my previous question.”


  • Skull is extremely conflicted as he frantically nests S/O’s ‘rattled’ body in his gloved hands; naturally, he wants to help S/O revert to their natural form, however… they’re just so cute.
  • He curiously poked and prodded at them, provoking S/O to resound an indignant squeak.
  • A faint rosy hue peppered Skull’s cheeks as he commented, “Oh my god, you’re so freakin’ cute. N-not like you weren’t before, but… ya get what I mean.”
  • S/O tilted their petite head to the side, and Skull scratched behind their ear with a leather fingertip as he chuckled, “Heh, don’t worry, spells like this only last a few minutes.”
  • The tiny mouse nodded, and Skull gently placed them on his broad shoulder so he could adjust his gloves.
  • He then playfully added, “Maybe Captain Kidd can use you to cannonball Shadows in the meantime. Whaddaya say?”
  • S/O answered him by nipping Skull’s exposed earlobe out of annoyance, provoking a carefree snicker to slip past his lips.
  • “Heh, didn’t think so. That would be pretty sweet though, huh?”
  • He pivoted his head slightly to witness S/O’s contemplative posture; they had uplifted a paw to their chin, and they seemed to be lost in thought.
  • Skull’s voice was panicked as he implored, “W-wait, you’re not actually thinkin’ of doin’ it, right?!”
  • It was S/O’s turn to giggle (or rather, squeak), and Skull exasperatedly sighed, “Even as a tiny lil’ mouse you’re still a huge brat… you’re lucky you’re so effin’ cute.”


  • Fox is at a complete loss as to what action he should take next.
  • He opts for seating himself cross-legged in front of S/O’s rodent form for the purpose of maintaining a watchful eye on them, ensuring that he doesn’t accidentally step on them or that they somehow wind up lost.
  • Fox sealed his eyelids and smiled to himself as he mused, “Well, I suppose we must paws this infiltration until you regain your human form.”
  • S/O shook their head, yet their tail betrayed their irked facade and flicked with reluctant amusement.
  • Fox uplifted a clenched cyan hand to his lips, a low chuckle escaping from them. “I apawlogize my dear, but it would be a crime to waste such an opportune moment.”
  • S/O crossed their small arms and mimicked a pout. A sudden jolt of inspiration flashed through Fox’s mind, causing him to procure a sketchpad from his thief garb.
  • “S/O, please hold that pose for me. This ailment will last temporarily, so I must capture this riveting and adorable sight before it dissipates.”
  • S/O could hardly distinguish the shape of the pencil; it had become a blur, and the mere astonishment of the spectacle was enough to freeze S/O on the spot.
  • The majority of the shock was due to the fact that Fox preferred to bide his time when he sketched; however, his sheer speed at that moment was enough to potentially ignite his sketchpad with fervent flames.
  • “How are you capable of being so beautiful in any given form? I am indeed a lucky man…” Fox muttered, more to himself than S/O.
  • S/O was so flustered by his praise that they failed to realize they had relapsed to their genuine form a while ago and admittedly, Fox was quite smug about seizing the chance to etch a bashful S/O on paper.
  • They never did find out.

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Still reading Kuroshitsuji's manga but managed to finish reading the public school arc and I'm just in love with the characters from there sooo~~ Can you make any sweet and fluffy moments for Gregory Violet, Cheslock, Edward Midford, Edgar Redmond and Herman Greenhill? I'm sorry if it's too much ;_; OTL oh and also I FREAKIN LUV YOU WRITING SKILLS so that's that, bye!~ *runs away*.

since theyve just made a reappearance in the most recent chapter i think it’s about time i do this request! theyre literally my baes and i nearly screamed when i read ch 109 (⊙‿⊙✿)

As Violet sat with his sketch book in hand and a focused look on his face, all you could do was try your hardest to not move. Earlier today, he had asked you to be a model for him and allow him to draw you for a school project, and you of course, had agreed. As his intense eyes ran over you, a blush came onto your face and you found yourself begin to move slightly. As Violet watched you struggle to keep you position, he smiled a small smile, hidden behind his sketch book. The truth was, there was no school project, he had just wanted to sketch you and admire your beauty. Feeling your limbs give in, you began to brace yourself for to impact of the hard floor when you fell. Instead of landing on the hard floor, however, you landed in a pair of soft, warm arms.

“How about we get some tea and take a break?”

Cheslock stood silently in the doorway, an amused look on his usually sour face as he watched you attempt to play the violin. As much as he didn’t want to sound harsh, the truth was that your were awful. A horrible screeching sound could be heard throughout the whole house and if it had been anyone else making it, he would’ve been angry. But because it was you attempting to play the violin, all he could was watch you with a loving look on his face. Walking up behind you, he wrapped his hands over yours and repositioned the violin into the correct spot. 

“I’ll teach you how to play.”

Greenhill let out a loud laugh as he chased after you, a grin on both of your faces. You had decided to come and spend the day with him and that had somehow lead to the two of you running around the house and mucking around. As he watched you smile and laugh, he realised just how lucky he was to have you. It was small moments like these that he appreciated the most, something about just seeing your smile could light up his whole day. As he sped up to catch up to you, he wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you into the air as he spun you around, your loud laughter causing him to grin.

“Today has been a great day.”

When Edward had left you alone with Lizzy for the first time, he had been quite nervous. He knew that his younger sister tended to have habit of being rather loud and some people found it quite hard to understand the ways she acted and the last thing he wanted to do was scare you off. As soon as he was given the chance, he rushed back to where he had left you and Lizzy, worrying that you would no longer be there when he returned. Panting and out of breath, he looked into the room only to be pleasantly surprised. There the two of you were, sitting together and laughing and looking like you were now the best of friends. Edward stood in the doorway with an adoring smile on his face as he watched you interact with Lizzy. He was more than thankful that the two of you were getting along. Walking into the room with a smile on his face, he spoke.

“Do you mind if I join?”

Redmond took your smaller hand into his own and brought it up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss on it before looking into your eyes with a charming smile. He had been invited to a ball and he had, of course, taken you as his date. Seeing you dressed so elegantly and watching you dance made him fall even more in love with you. Gently pulling you out of your seat, he took you to the dance floor and held you tightly in his arms as you began to sway to the music together. It seemed that no matter how much time he spent with you, Redmond found himself falling for you more and more each day.

“You look absolutely stunning tonight.”

In celebration of my 200th post here on tumblr – I thought this would be the perfect time to delve right back into Raphril! God, I missed drawing these two. They’re just too freakin’ adorable. Anyway, I just did a basic summary of the image, so if you want – read below — Warning – extremely cheesy. I was in a fluffy mood today….

When April opened up about her past to her boyfriend, she tried dwelling on happier times with her father who she lost at such a young age. She spoke one time about a time he took her out of town just to watch the stars. It was the only time she would admit she’d seen them. In the glaring lights of New York city at night, the stars would never show up. She missed it dearly, and since it was such a nice memory for her, it became harder to remember even what they looked like.

It was an uneventful night. She sat alone on her couch, catching up on some reading when she heard a soft knock on her kitchen window. Seeing her boyfriend standing on her fire escape wasn’t anything new or out of the ordinary but its till made her heart beat stronger against her sternum. Opening the window swiftly and taking in his large stature, incredible build, and the red mask covering part of his inhuman but incredibly handsome face always reassured her giving him a chance into her life was the best decision she had made.

April invited him in but he gruffly declined. Instead, he offered her his hand and a gesture of invitation to invite her outside. She furrowed her brows at his offer but she muttered an excuse before running back into her apartment to change before joining him on the fire escape. Within seconds he had lifted her into his arms and was running across rooftops with only a skill a ninja would ever possess. It left her breathless and clutching onto him even tighter knowing that being with him made her feel a safeness she’d never felt before in her life.

It was at least twenty minutes later she found herself in a side of town she did not recognize. It was almost terrifyingly dark, the lights of the big apple were far in the distance and when she looked up she audibly gasped. The bright blues and purples accentuating the brilliant white light of the starts and crescent moon overtook her vision. She stood in awe at the sight for what felt like years when she felt a hand clasp her shoulder. She looked over her shoulder at Raphael who gave her a look of concern.

That’s when she lifted her fingers to her cheeks, felt the wetness that lay there, and realized she had started crying. She met his burnished gold eyes and the smile that came over her made her cheeks hurt. Within seconds she had wrapped herself into his embrace, muttering her thanks against his plastron. She smiled tearily when she felt him kiss the on top of her head before he sat crossed legged on the building’s rooftop. He opened up his arms in invitation and she turned around and sat comfortably on his lap, his arms immediately wrapping around her waist.

April cradled her head into the crook of his neck, her arms resting atop his ones in her lap. She looked at the stars above and smiled. That’s when she saw it. The shooting start glittering across the sky. She felt her chest tighten watching it dance across the sky. She pointed it out quickly to him before it disappeared. “When you see a shooting star – you’re supposed to make a wish.” she explained after it had passed.

“Oh really? What ’d ya wish for?” Raphael spoke softly against her ear.

After he spoke, she looked at him for a long time. Taking every feature of his face, made more brilliant by the light of the sky. She smiled warmly and answered simply. “Nothing. Why would I wish for anything when I already have everything I could have ever wanted?”

the danger is I'm dangerous

WC: 3,072
Trigger warnings: violence, stalking, obsession, manipulation [and let me know if I forgot anything else].
Synopsis: dark role reversal!sterek au in which Stiles is a werewolf and his family was killed by Kate and Derek’s human with Hale family alive. Everyone is 20-something. I listened to a song and this happened. It’s shit. Like, I’m warning you. Don’t expect much. 


Stiles doesn’t think he’s capable of love anymore.

Not after Kate took his life and burnt it to the ground.

Everyone in Beacon Hills knows the story: the sheriff and his family burnt alive by psychopathic Argent girl during one of their bi-annual gatherings.

That’s the official story.

The real story is that Kate Argent seduced naïve, teenage Stiles with her false promises, sweet smiles and sinful sway of hips. And then burnt his family alive because werewolves are monsters and they all deserve to die.

Stiles doesn’t think he’s capable of love anymore. It doesn’t mean he can’t pretend. 

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