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A messy little comic where a discovery is made (and the masses eat it up).

Part 2

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I thought of a Gratitude of the Crane Yuri on Ice AU at 1 AM– I had to draw it so I made fake manga pages!

If you haven’t heard this story, it’s a Japanese legend about a crane. It’s actually quite sad, and there are a few versions. (you can look it up for the story, but I may continue this comic if you guys like it?)

Bellamy: haha, do you guys dare me to make out with Clarke?

The Delinquents: No

Bellamy: *Shakes his head while chuckling* I can’t believe you guys are making me do this

The Delinquents: we’re not


The way things could have been

I can’t be the only one who reads/watches things multiple times and finds myself secretly hoping things are going to be different this time.  I mean, I know they won’t but you kind of hope they might?  UMFBAMHA has sooooo many of these moments- where I just wish somebody had said something, or done something differently.  You know?

Now I don’t for a moment want the fic to actually be different.  I live for the angst, seriously.  I mean, that’s the whole point of this fic.  But I can’t help thinking about what might have been in some strange, alternate universe where someone says something different.  

The first one of these that really stands out (and let’s face it, it is a stand out scene anyway) is ‘I hate you… now fuck me’.  Every time I read it, I kind of expect Viktor to stop at this point and go ‘hang on a minute, what?’  I have a HC of how this would’ve played out and it kind of goes like this (I’m so sorry if writing this is totally against etiquette but I couldn’t help it.  I suppose this is my little piece of alternate reality of the alternative canon that is UMFB):

“I hate you.”  Yuuri breathed, knowing the sentiment was returned wholeheartedly, and it felt so good to finally say the words out loud after so long.  “Now fuck me.”

Viktor faltered, fingers stilling in their movements but Yuuri refused to let him stop now, not now that they had both come so far.  He tried to drag Viktor down into another kiss by the hair but Viktor pulled away, sitting suddenly back on the bed and looking at Yuuri in bewilderment.  

“Wait, what?  What the hell, Yuuri?  You… you actually hate me?”

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gUYS hey :-) just wanted to say I’m sorry I haven’t updated anything in a while, I’ve had writers block so I’ve been procrastinating even trying to write the next part of purple jewels but I’m starting to slowly get back the inspiration for it. It’ll get done no matter what, even if it takes a while for me to do so I hope you guys can wait a little longer (also I’ll get to my asks probably tomorrow sometime)


Here’s some of the improv that was done at ‘Rick and Morty on the green’ for comic con. It’s as crazy and random as you’d expect! XD

(Had to upload it to YouTube cause it was too big to post here)

junshuahan bo0seungkwan jeongshua httpxsebeuntin here it is if you guys still want to read it (and mc-gyu bc i was still writing when i told you about it) (#^.^#)

Green Light
Mingyu/Jeonghan, Fluff
916 words

Jeonghan had been waiting for about ten minutes at the bus station when the bus pulled over. It was more crowded than usual. Maybe because it was the last weekend before winter break and everyone was already done with their courses. Except for him. He doubted any of these people were going to the library too. He’s been trying to get himself to finish his essay, but he obviously didn’t even start until now. And it was due in three days. The joy.

He moved further back on the bus so the others could get on and he found himself between a tipsy fellow student, who was sweating like crazy and a middle aged man looking like he despised his entire life. Jeonghan thought that it wasn’t that bad, he could tolerate this until his stop at the library.

The bus stopped at the next station and even more people came rushing in. Okay, this was not a good place to stay in if he wanted to actually get off this bus. Just as he started heading to the front again, the bus driver closed the doors and left the station making him lose balance and fall right in someone’s lap.

No, this couldn’t happen to him. He was mortified, trying desperately to get back on his feet. But there was no space left and he was stuck there. On a stranger’s lap. Why couldn’t he just walk to the library. It wasn’t even that far, now that he thought about it. What is he supposed to do now?

‘You comfortable there?’

Jeonghan turned his head so fast he thought he heard a crack. Can this get more embarrassing? The stranger seemed to be just a little younger than him, maybe a college student himself. And he was smirking at him. And looking him dead in the eyes. This guy was kind of cute, Jeonghan would give him that. But he seemed to be a cocky bastard, with his sickeningly cute teeth and flawless skin.

‘I’m so sorry. I…’ Great, now he’s blushing. He was grateful he didn’t fall on a poor old lady or something, but this was somehow even worse.

‘It’s ok. I was kind of cold anyway.’ Again with that smirk. Jeonghan wanted to strangle him. Two more stops. And he’ll hopefully never see this guy again.

‘Your hair smells nice.’ He felt the guy’s face move closer to his neck as he said that. This was kind of creepy. But he felt himself move back into the guy. He looked around the bus and saw several people giving them weird looks. This whole situation was not his fault, they should just mind their own business.

Jeonghan noticed he was close to his stop, so he started getting up, but it was impossible. He thought he could wait for the people at the front to get off so he could make his way out as well, but none of them did and more people came in. So he stayed there. On this guy’s lap. Being pushed even farther into him. And he just missed his stop.

‘Looks like we’re stuck together now.’ Jeonghan turned around to glare at him, but the stranger didn’t seem to care. He was smirking again and Jeonghan felt his heart skip a beat. They were a little too close and the guy’s hands were positioned awkwardly, trying not to touch him. That was really nice of him. Jeonghan thought he was an asshole, but he seemed a little flustered too.

So Jeonghan moved back into him and wrapped the guy’s hands around himself. So they could be more comfortable of course. The bus wasn’t going to clear anytime soon so there was no reason for them to be uncomfortable. He didn’t have any ulterior motives obviously.

The last stop was coming up, their only chance at getting off this thing. Jeonghan waited until the last person passed and got up, feeling the guy closely following him. He didn’t even know his name. He couldn’t be one of those people that fell in love with strangers he was probably never going to see again.

Should he stop and talk to the guy now, apologize again? Or should he just leave for the station across the street so he could go right back home and scream into his pillow? He sure wasn’t going to start his essay now.

‘Um, sorry again. I should go now.’

‘Wait. Do you have any plans right now? I mean of course you do, that’s why you were on the bus. It’s ok. No need to say sorry.’ Ok, this guy wasn’t just ‘kind of cute’, he was adorable. He seemed even more flustered than Jeonghan now.

‘I don’t have any plans. Unless going home and thinking about the cute guy on the bus counts as a plan.’

Jeonghan didn’t think the guy could get redder than he already was. But he was still smiling and Jeonghan swore he just fell in love on the spot.

‘So do you wanna go to that coffee shop? For coffee? Or tea? Hot chocolate? Espresso? Whatever you want, I think they have it.’

‘I would like that….’

‘Mingyu. I’m Mingyu. That’s my name.’

‘Mingyu. I’m Jeonghan. Is this a date then?’

‘Yeah, if you want it to be.’ There’s that smug smirk again. This was no doubt going to be more fun than spending his evening at the library. Even if he was going to regret it later.


yah. 5 request is done!  actually this request was the first message when i open this event. I’m sorry for this late. (and poor english too!*cry*) but i had too many thought…and here is my conclusion. haha…XD

i think dante can’t say this, he worry about staying, even. because he is still fugitive.(also hunter too though.) he afraid that people get hurt near by his. 

ya..so if someone have to  say that question, between this relrationship…that one will be delsin.  this is my personal thought. 

hope you guys like it!

thank you for  this request,i absolutely love to drew this one. also I’m big fan of your work.<3)