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A messy little comic where a discovery is made (and the masses eat it up).

Part 2

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An AU where Shiro is taking pictures of a party for his friend, and then he sees Keith playing the guitar–

(and we all know how Keith is when playing the guitar)


Code Names
  • Link: From now on we'll be using code names. You can address me as "Eagle One".
  • Link: Mipha, code name: "Been There, Done That".
  • Link: Zelda is "Currently Doing That".
  • Link: Urbosa, "It Happened Once In A Dream".
  • Link: Daruk, "If I Had To Pick A Dude".
  • Link: And Revali is..."Eagle Two".
  • Revali: Oh thank Hylia.

Bellamy: haha, do you guys dare me to make out with Clarke?

The Delinquents: No

Bellamy: *Shakes his head while chuckling* I can’t believe you guys are making me do this

The Delinquents: we’re not


I'm a white Person pretending to be a black woman

Sorry guys I’ve been lying to you all these years because a transphobe is sure that I’m not actually a black woman, I’m but a troll account. I’ve been catfishing you all for years. Never mind the fact that I’ve got an extensive tagged me and have done live q and a’s and have had my identity confirmed by literally hundreds of people.


Normally I don’t like making posts like this, but there are quite a few people sending a lot of asks to this blog! There’s no way I can answer every ask, especially when one person sends 12 in the span of a few days! I would love to, but I simply cannot. For the longest time I stayed quiet on this, but it’s been happening for so long now, and at this point I feel like I need to at least make a small request for those people to tone it down a bit ;-; I encourage asks, of course, and I love running this blog! But if people send too many, it drowns out so many other asks, and makes the whole process more difficult. So please, try and refrain from doing so! I’m done rambling for now, and I’m sorry I had to make this post! I hope you all have a great day or night! Stay creative, guys!

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I had a guy come in and ask to get his eyebrows done. I was dumbfounded for a moment and said, "I-I'm sorry, we don't do that here." He looked at me for a good ten seconds as if he didn't believe me before saying, "...Okay." and walking out. I work at a tanning salon.

Betty's on her Period (Part 2)

Hey guys!!! How’s everyone doing? Good? Well that’s fantastic!! Bad? Aww… I’m sorry love, I hope your day gets better!!! BACK ON TOPIC: THANK YOU FOR LOVING THE LAST IMAGINE!!! IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, CHECK IT OUT ON MY TUMBLR!!!

Ship: Bughead (Betty and Jughead)
Warnings: Mentions of Periods. Menstrual Blood.
Fandom: Riverdale

Betty’s phone has been ringing all day long. The buzzing against the coffee table was driving her insane. Jughead excused himself real quick as he had to go upstairs and use Betty’s restroom. Betty was on the verge of exploding. Her while face was starting to turn red in anger.

The phone rings once more. Betty snatches her phone and presses Accept.

“HELLO!” Betty shouted,

"Um… hey B. Everything ok?” She heard a familiar voice on the other end of the line. It was Betty’s River Vixen Cheerleader buddy, Veronica Lodge.

"Oh… um hey V. Sorry for yelling” Betty said, in a hushed tone of voice.

"Me and Archie were wondering where you and Jughead were. You didn’t show up for school. The both of you aren’t answering your phones.” Veronica said,

"It’s nothing Veronica. Just not feeling well today. Jughead is taking care of me while my mom is away to Chicago” Betty exclaimed,

"Oooohhhh. Are you guys planning on doing something?” Betty can hear the smirk forming on Veronica’s face.

"The two of them just started dating Ronnie. Give them a break” Archie said. Veronica had Betty on speakerphone this whole time.

"Hi Arch. Look guys, everything is cool. I’m just under the weather.” Betty said.

"How about me and Archie stroll by your house later on tonight?” Veronica suggested,

Thanks guys, but I prefer to get some rest and get better. I’ll be back to school in a couple of days. I’ll talk to you guys later.” Betty said,

Veronica and Archie agreed that it was the best option to let it go. They said ok and Veronica hung up the phone. Just then, Jughead walked down the stairs.

"Who was that? Your mom?” Jughead asked,

"It was a certain red head that lives next door alongside a raven haired princess. They called to see why you and me didn’t go to school today.” Betty answered.

Jughead hummed as a response to her. Betty let out a little groan. She has been sat on the couch all day long. Her legs were completely killing her and were starting to cramp up.

"Juggie, can you help me up? My legs hurt.” Betty asked, trying her best to get herself up.

Jughead hopped to his feet and held his arms out for his Juliet. She grabbed on and he lifted her up. The feeling inside Betty did not feel good at all. She felt wetness down her thighs. A cramp hit her hard and she gripped onto Jughead’s arms.

Jughead started to comfort her, but his eyes went down to the couch where Betty was sitting in, covered in more blood.

"Oh god… um Betty? The couch.” Jughead said, adverting his eyes away from the couch and wishes the memory to be erased out of his head. Betty looked behind her and let out a muffled “fuck” between her teeth. She quickly waddled up the stairs to go fix her situation. She knew the reason why this happened: Jughead didn’t get the right kind of pads for her.

The blood Jughead saw on Betty’s bedsheets earlier in the morning wasn’t as bad as this. It looked like a crime scene was committed. Jughead didn’t know how to clean this sort of stuff out of the couch cushion. His sister, Jellybean, is only 10 years old. She hasn’t gotten her period yet so he doesn’t really know how to handle situations like these out.

But thank god for the internet. Jughead typed into Google “How to clean up period blood.” He looked at the instructions and ran into the kitchen to try to get the blood out of the cushion.

After 5 minutes of scrubbing, most of the blood came out. He quickly washed his hands and threw the cushion into the washing machine. He put Betty’s sheets into the dryer and threw in 2 fabric softeners.

"Jug!” He heard a scream from upstairs. He hurried up the stairs to the closed bathroom door. The cramps made Betty feel like her uterus has being stabbed and mangled.

Can you go into my room and get me some bottoms and underwear?” Betty asked. Jughead could sensed how uncomfortable and embarrassed Betty must be feeling right now. Jughead walked into Betty’s room and opened several dresser drawers. He finally reached the drawer that contained her panties.

Different colors. Ones with Lace. Some Girl Boxers. And some regular plain ones. He chose one that he thought would look cute on her. He smirked and little and closed the drawer. Jughead’s book bag laid on Betty’s bedroom floor, he was supposed to have gym today.

He reached in his bag and pull out a pair of grey sweatpants. He went and knocked on the bathroom door. Betty opened it slightly and she grabbed her undergarments and sweatpants. The sweatpants looked different. Are these Jughead’s? In the meantime, Betty is just gonna have to use her mothers tampons. She got situated and finished her business.

Betty stepped out, the sweatpants dangled at her feet. Jughead escorted her back to the living room. Betty carefully laid down onto Jughead’s lap. He smelled so good and and always had a warm touch. Jughead reached over and rolled up the pant legs on his sweatpants. He saw dry blood on her ankles.

"Hold on Bets” Jughead said. Betty got up from his lap and he went into the kitchen. He grabbed a couple paper towels and ran them under cold water. He returned and asked Betty to sit back down. She obeyed and Jughead pulled up the pant legs up to her thighs.

He started cleaning her ankles, up to her calfs, and all the way up to her thighs. After wiping her legs off, he quickly dried them and got some lotion off of the light stand. Betty’s mom always longed for soft skin, so she kept small bottles of lotion around the house.

Betty watched as Jughead got some Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and squirted some in his hands and rubbed them together. Jughead started to massage Betty’s legs. Betty sighed, she felt so relaxed after the period mishap 10 minutes ago.

Jughead massaged Betty’s ankles all the way up to her thighs. Jughead made no facial expressions. He just admired the way Betty was feeling. He smiled a little, knowing that he is the only one he can make her happy right now. After the massaging was over, Jughead leaned over and gave Betty’s inner thighs a little kiss.

Betty was in pure bliss. She loved the feeling. She laid back down and cuddled into Jughead’s chest.

"Thank you for dealing with me and my feminine problems all day today. I feel bad. I feel like a burden. I made you miss a day of school” I am so sorry Jug-“

Betty was interrupted when Jughead kissed her. They stayed like that for 10 seconds. They pulled back and looked at each other.

"It’s ok. Things like this happen. And I will always be there to take care of you. I can’t bear to see the girl that I love being in pain. Just know that I will always be here.” Jughead exclaimed, giving Betty a kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you” she responded.

“Is there anything you need?” Jughead asked,

“Um… those pads you got me… they’re the wrong size. I need overnight ones. But I’ll keep those when I get near the end.” Betty said,

“Ok. I’ll walk to the dollar store around the corner and get them for you. Leftovers from Pop’s is in the fridge. I’ll be right back.” Jughead said.

He went and got the right ones for her. Although it was embarrassing for him when he had to cash out at the cash register. But he didn’t mind, he would do anything for Betty.

He got home 10 minutes later. Betty was munching on some vanilla ice cream cream again. He took the package of pads upstairs and placed them in the bathroom. He came down the stairs and heard shuffling.

“Jug, quick question? Titanic or The Notebook?” Betty said. She wanted to watch one of the 4 movies Jughead got at the store.

“Um… I don’t know. The Notebook?” Jughead chuckled. They watched the movie and the both of them shed some tears. Betty eventually fell asleep on Jughead and he fell asleep soon after she did.

(OH MY GOODNESS GUYS! ITS FINALLY DONE!! Sorry I wasn’t able to upload straight away. I had to study for exams and I had a concert for my school and had rehearsals and everything. THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND IN REQUESTS, IM STILL TAKING THEM! ❤️)

I don’t think I’ve ever done this but I was bored and in a great mood so here we go!!! 

thank you to everyone whose been here, for whatever reason, you’re all wonderful people and I’m glad I got to know you guys, some more than others, and some longer than most, I love you guys.

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Okay so I'm not sure if you've done something like this or not but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway. How do you think the guy's would react to seeing their s/o naked for the first time? Also thank you for all the work that you do because your blog is amazing :D

I’ve had this for quite a while and I’m so sorry that I’m just now getting to it 

Noctis is honestly in awe, mouth agape and heart racing, and he looks away as the blush creeps over his face. He wants to look, but he can’t bring himself to. You might have to guide him to turn his gaze back on you with a palm on his cheek, but when he looks again, there’s nothing but adoration in his eyes.

Prompto is just as bad of a blushing mess as Noctis, and he’ll gasp sharply through his parted lips. He’s fidgety and stuttering, trying to find a way to compliment you and tell you that you’re so, so beautiful. He can’t tear his eyes off of you, and his gaze becomes more and more intense with each passing moment.

Gladio immediately sighs heavily, eyes travelling up and down your body until he shakes his head and grins. He’s never seen anyone quite like you, and he makes sure you know it and believe it by the time he’s done feeding you with compliments. Honestly, he could admire you for hours without having anything on you except his eyes.

Ignis appears to have a combination of the above reactions, but not as severe. A light blush will creep onto his cheeks as he takes in your form, trying to discretely survey your entire body, and he’ll be at a complete loss for words. Until he finds the motive to speak, Ignis will stare, biting his lip and wondering how he got to be so lucky.

Vore Starters

-{ “Come on- I promise I don’t bite…”

-{ “I’m just trying to shelter you…”

-{ “Are you alright in there…?”

-{ “Hush- you’ll be fine.”

-{ “That wasn’t so hard… Right?”

-{ “I wouldn’t mind if you hid me in your mouth…”

-{ “ARGH! Would you quit tasting me?!”

-{ “W-Wouldn’t that kill me…?!”

-{ “That can’t possibly be safe!”

-{ “Did you really think you could evade becoming my meal, now?”

-{ “It won’t be much longer.”

-{ “You might as well make yourself comfortable.”

-{ “You promise you won’t digest me, right…?”

-{ “I don’t have all day. Are you willing to crawl in or not?”

-{ “I suppose it’s alright in here, even if it’s a bit slimy.”

-{ “Hey- I can hear your heart from in here!”

-{ “Would you keep it down? I’m trying to sleep.”

-{ “You better plan to spit me out after this.”

-{ “Don’t waste your energy- it’s not like you’re in any danger.”

-{ “Struggle all you want- you’re not getting out of there.”

-{ “I’m sorry… That it came to this…”

-{ “Would you mind if I curled up in your belly for a little bit?”

-{ “It’s a bit like your stomach is giving me a little hug… It’s nice.”

-{ “Of all the damn things you could’ve done, you just HAD to stuff me into your mouth and swallow me whole, didn’t you?!”

-{ “There- now you can’t get distracted and stressed!”

-{ “We really don’t have many options… Go ahead and open up…”

so big / so small - sugarandbitterblues - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

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I had to do a mother’s day fic dedicated to Inko because she’s one of my favorite characters and such a wonderful mom.

I hope you like it! And I hope people who don’t have great relationships with their moms are able to have a decent weekend. It’s almost over, guys, just one more day.

  • Percy: What did one ocean say to the other?
  • Jason: *Trying to keep the mast up during a storm* I'm a little busy here Percy.
  • Percy: *Ignores him* Nothing, they just waved.
  • Jason: *Succeeds* Oh that's nice. You're funny.
  • Percy: Did you SEA what I did there?
  • Jason: Yeah I got it.
  • Percy: Are you SHORE?
  • Jason: Yes.
  • Annabeth: Stop tormenting Jason, your jokes suck.
  • Percy: Don't be such a BEACH.
  • Annabeth: Percy. Don't.
  • Percy: Water you saying?
  • Annabeth: Percy, I've heard all of them. You've told me each one more that ten times. Now STOP and help out or just do something productive.
  • Percy: Fine. If that's what you want, I'll just go KRILL myself.
  • Annabeth: ....
  • Jason: How long do these usually last?
  • Annabeth: He's not even halfway through.
  • Percy: None of you seem to care about the fact that I just TIDE.
  • Leo: Noooooo I FISH you'd come back.
  • Annabeth: I'm done with life. I had better hopes from you Leo.
  • Jason: Why dude. You have a better sense of humor than this.
  • Percy: I was going to stop but since Leo is a good friend, I SHELL continue.
  • Leo: Let's SAND the ones with no sense of humor away.
  • Jason: .......
  • Annabeth: Are you telling me they've never done this to you before?
  • Jason: Nope...
  • Nico: Damn, you're lucky.
  • Leo and Percy: *at the same time* THAT'S WHAT ONE RIVER SAID TO THE OTHER.
  • Annabeth: NICO.
  • Nico: I'M SORRY I FORGOT...
  • Percy: Are you guys tide of these jokes? Because i understand that after a whale they're kind of predictable.
  • Leo: Nah man I think they have their own porpoise.
  • *Five minutes later*
  • Annabeth: They haven't changed, have they?
  • Jason: Nope.
  • Annabeth: *sighs*
Memories //Open Starter\\

It was the end of a long day for Lyn, she sat through nobility classes for a few hours and learned nothing new. She actually attended a meeting and was told she wasn’t allowed to wear her normal dress. So today was almost a disaster in her own mind. The only times she was happy and at peace was the few minutes she spent with her friends and the hour walk she and her grandfather had in the morning. though it wasn’t as long as their normal walks she still enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Lyn walked dully into her room and changed into her normal Sacean dress, freshly cleaned and folded on her bed. Shame to dirty it at such a late time but she had to get out of this castle, even if it was for a few minutes. After changing she got her hair back up into the normal ponytail and headed to the stables. Sadly, on the way there she didn’t pass a single familiar face. She hopped up on her horse which she had yet to name. His saddle was already on him from the earlier in the morning. Lyn rode him up the northern mountain pass to her usual spot. A small and peaceful cliff side with a view as far  to the Sacean Plains themselves. She loved it up there, but not as much as the plains. She often heard people talking about how they saw her up there gazing off into the distance. She could’ve swore no one could see her here but she never made sure of that honestly. She normally got lost into daydreams or thoughts.  

This night was different however, she constantly felt a presence. It was familiar at sometimes and strange at others. She’d gaze over her shoulder expecting someone but..there was never anyone but her horse there. Even he seemed like he saw something. She would’ve investigated the area but she shrugged it off every time. That was until she heard a noise and her horse jumped and whined. She reached for her blade but remembered it was in the castle, why bring a blade to sight see? Lyn whipped around and her eyes frantically looked everywhere for the maker of the noise. She saw nothing in the darkness, the moon being the only light source. She cursed herself and moved towards her horse. She kept looking at the small woodlands behind her and saw not a thing of movement, but the presence seemed stronger so she was not giving up to get ambushed. “Who’s there?!” She felt that wasn’t going to get her an answer but she might as will give it a try.