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College Au Pt.1

•Lance was enjoying a regular day of college, the simplicities of school work and stress.
•Along the lines he had class with low and behold Keith Kogane, mullet-headed jerk.
•It was in the middle of class when he got a sudden phone call, his ring tone loud and obnoxious. The professor stopped what they were doing and looked at Lance.
•"Sir I swear it’s an emergency, my sister will never call me during class, is it alright if I step outside and take this?“ The professor surprisingly let him and he walked out to answer the call.
•"Sis? Everything alright?” Her voice blasted through the speakers, her voice sounding heavy and tear strained. “Sis! What’s wrong?”
Her breath steadied as she tried to regain composure, “Lance, it’s your brother…he didn’t make it.”
•He stared at his phone, the edges of his eyes slowly beginning to streak with water, his breathing grew heavier as he slid down the wall of the hallway. “Hermana…please tell me you’re joking.” His voice croaked as more tears were falling. “Please tell me that he’s alright and it was just a close call, Hermana please…”
The call was silent for a moment before he heard the sound of weeping. “I’m sorry Hermano… I am so sorry.”
•Lance stopped breathing for a moment as his anxiety built up, he started taking slow breathes, in and out. In and out. He looked at the time and then at his screen, “I’m on my way Hermana… I’m sorry.”
* Lance got up slowly, wiping away his tears, straining himself from the pain and walked into the classroom.
* Everybody stared at him, noticing his red strained eyes, the marks of tear streaks upon his cheeks and the sign of his chest inwardly going in and out in panicked breathes. But everyone noticed how much he tried to control these emotions especially after he walked up to the professor as his voice croaked from trying to speak.
* The professor paused and looked at him, “uhm class I’m going to be a moment so please continue with your notes as I will be right back.” He took Lance by the arm and dragged him into his office.
* Everyone sat still in silence, trying to contemplate what has just happened. Lance the goofball of the classroom who always tells jokes and smiles like there’s no tomorrow, stormed into the room like he was just hit by a tornado.
* People were whispering and gossiping, but mainly with concern.
* That is until both he and the professor walked out, Lance following behind with such paleness as he strode over to his bag and walked out of the classroom.
* The professor stood back by the board and spoke, “uhm I-class please excuse what has just happened until further notice. There seems to have been some… complications and Lance won’t be attending class for the next couple of days.”
* Was Lance okay? What happened for him to breakdown so quickly? Why is he taking days off of class? Did something happen? So many questions were spread throughout the class until the end of the bell.
* What was wrong with Lance?

I just think it’s beyond beautiful that

Emma spent the first 28 years of her life completely alone. She spent it being cared about by no one, being looked after by no one, being put first by no one. She was always picked last, never prioritized, never the centre of anybody’s thoughts. 

In comes: Captain Killian Jones.

Who, literally from the moment he met her, made Emma Swan his Most Important Thing™. Never did he just like her, or just care for her, or just love her, no, no. He put her right at the very tippy tippy top of his list of Reasons To Carry On™. Like think of what that must’ve felt like to her, man. Like I feel like every single day she looked at him staring at her with his I Love You More Than The Jolly Roger™ gaze and she was just like, “Wow…really? Me? But I’ve never… Oh. Woah. Wow. I don’t even know how to…” and like he’s so growly when it comes to Emma Swan’s Wellbeing™. Like she’s stuck behind a cold wall? He’s Panicking™. Gold’s gunna trap her in a hat? He’s mega Panicking™. Her heart darkened by the efforts of Rumple feat. Queens of Darkness? Panicking™. She’s the Dark One and trapped in another realm? Holy shit is he ever Panicking™. She gets sucked into Wish!Realm? Panicking™ to the max. She’s dealing with hand tremors and battling a hooded figure? The Panicking™ is skyrocketing out of control. And then suddenly she’s his WIFE. And then suddenly his wife is not in his grasp and she is far away and look there she is in a mirror with no memories of him and holy sHIT HE IS Panicking™, Panicking™, Panicking™ CAUSE ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS EMMA SWAN(-JONES) AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND I’M RAMBLING BUT LIKE GUYS I’M NOT READY TO LET GO OF THIS SHIP PLS PROMISE ME WE CAN TALK ABOUT THEIR BEAUTY UNTIL THE END OF TIME ITSELF? 

12.18 coda

Sam tells him in the diner that satyrs lure people away with a promise of pleasure just so they can eat them raw.

Dean thinks that well-meaning waitresses might work the same way.

She gives him a smile, a sweet one that’s everything right with a world so far from his own, and he’s able to let go of his stress after days of stewing in desperate silence. She grabs his hand and leads him out back after the dinner rush slows, and Dean knows he won’t be going back to the motel with Sam tonight. He’ll be wandering, bare foot and chasing a half-real high.

And it works. His body takes over as soon as that door shuts and it tells him he’s happy. But he can feel her teeth digging into him just the wrong side of too hard when they kiss. Her nails gouge deep into his shoulders, leave marks, remind him again that he’s hurting. Her pours his passion into her and he leaves himself cold and empty in the process. 

She devours him and she doesn’t even know she’s doing it.

He lies there in bed with her long after she’s curled up and gone to sleep but invited him to stay, facing away from him in a strip of exposed moonlight. Dean runs one hand softly along the swell of his chest, the closed cavity of his heart, just to make sure that he’s still all there. He stays.

Taptaptaps his fingers. Just can’t seem to help himself. Still longing. Still worrying.

He rolls onto her again in the morning after a bad dream wakes him up and they fuck against her bedroom door before they leave. Dean keeps his tie askew even when he drops her off at the restaurant. He arches desperately closer into her in the doorway, seeking warmth, and he forgets to care if anyone is watching him.

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The Hamilton Mixtape got me like

Me: I really don’t like rap or hip hop. It’s not my style.

@linmanuel: are you sure

Me: [sweats nervously]

Lin: are you sure