i'm sorry guys


Hey taylorswift,

So as you may (or may not) know, I had plans (since even before I got my package from you) to go to the Nashville shows later this month. However, I got my new basketball schedule today and we have a mandatory practice on both days of the shows. I am a senior this year, and am not able to miss practice, so I won’t be able to come to the shows. I’m super bummed because I was going to finally meet so many of my friends, including Alisa, Maire, Tristan, and more. I haven’t missed one of your Nashville show in five years :( 

 However, my team is currently trying to raise money for gear (see the middle picture, a letter asking for sponsorship). 

 My coach told me that if I could get you, Taylor, to sponsor our team t-shirts, I could go to your 1989 Nashville concerts instead of practice.

I realize that this is so far fetched and didn’t even want to ask but my coach and teammates urged me to post this on here just in case (they even acknowledge that I call you “mom”, it’s great). I love you so much and hope to see you soon.

Love always,



In a post before, I discussed the difference between press releases and syndicated articles. Now I’ll discuss the difference between press releases and press statements. (Again, as this is a 1D blog, I’ll be using press releases/press statements in the context of the industry.

(Please note that press statements and press releases can also be named differently, ie, news releases/news statements, media releases/media statements, PR releases/PR statements, etc. but the idea remains the same)


  • Similarities: Press statements and press releases both provide information.
  • Differences: The difference is actually very subtle. Press releases can be provided to provide information for a celebrity (ie, new albums, new shows, movies, etc) and they also can be sent to news outlets to directly or indirectly seed information. Press statements however, are reactionary. They are mostly only provided as a reaction to certain events in a celebrity’s career that requires immediate and controlled delivery of information.


Celebrities or their teams issue press statements so that they can control the flow of information as tightly as possible, to mitigate or cancel any further potential damage to the image. Press statements are part of PR crisis management and need to be as controlled and as factual (by factual, of course, I mean that it’s subjective to the ‘facts’ that the celebrity and their want people to know) as possible. 

Press statements need to be the first word in about the event to the public or, if not, at least, the most damage-controlling.

Press statements are also released in the hopes that all major news outlets will use it as the backbone for any articles written about the event forthwith. Press statements are supplemented with press releases to major news outlets to provide further information, if needed.


(In light of recent events, I’ll be using the press statement that One Direction released for Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction. My apologies for this.)

In essence, press statements are news stories unto themselves and that’s why most PR companies hire people with journalism backgrounds. Journalists know how to use the inverted pyramid style in which the lead, or starting paragraph, can convey the essentials of the story and then provide detail as succinctly and as neutrally as possible in the succeeding paragraphs.

To explain, using the One Direction press statement:

AS A WHOLE: The press statement is very concise, which is essential since readers (specially those who want to quickly understand the news) want to know the information in bite-size, easily digestible pieces. The tone is also very positive, and any possible red flag topics remain very vague, neutral or not discussed at all. Emotions are described as carefully as possible, enough to convey feelings but not enough to make the statement overly emotional.

PARAGRAPH 1: The first, or leading, paragraph immediately gives the capsule version of the news: Zayn Malik has left and One Direction will continue.

PARAGRAPH 2: The next paragraph is allotted for Zayn as he is the main topic of the press statement. The explanation for his departure is worded in a positive but neutral manner, with no blame to himself (his reason is self-deprecatory but positively scripted), the band and their team and the recording company. This will be Zayn’s ‘official’ statement until the he decides, or is permitted, otherwise.

PARAGRAPH 3: This paragraph is allotted for One Direction. One Direction is not just Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall. In this case, ‘One Direction’ stands for the boys, their team and the entire corporate/business entity that is One Direction. (think of it as like how companies are, ‘we, the company’, ie, ‘Apple has decided’, ‘Google has discussed’). The boys are ‘acting’ as representatives of that entity though (’the four of us’), but it is not to be confused as the four boys as actually speaking. As with Zayn, there is emotion but wrapped in positivity, with no mention of negative topics and, much like Zayn above, this will be the boys’ ‘official’ statement until they are permitted otherwise. 

PARAGRAPH 4: The final say, of course, is the person who also plays a big part in Zayn’s departure: Simon Cowell, who ‘discovered’ him and is most likely a major key player in the discussions and negotiations of his departure. Again, as with the second and third paragraphs, there is emotion but no negativity and blame. As with the previous paragraphs, this will be also Cowell’s ‘official’ statement until he chooses to say anything further.

ASSURANCE STATEMENTS: This press statement also serves as a business assurance and fandom assurance. 

  • Business assurance (squared-off in blue). Celebrities are mostly business entities employing a whole retinue of staff and also have other business enterprises attached to them. As such, news like this needs a reassurance: business as usual. Tours will continue and records will be made. Is it a bit impersonal and cold-blooded in the wake of Zayn’s departure? In a personal level, yes. But in a business level, no. Employees leave, even important ones. CEO’s in major corporations resign all the time. But as a business, the rest have to cope because, even though one has left, they still have their own livelihoods to think of.
  • Fandom assurance (squared-off in green). ‘Continue’ is continuously repeated. The theme of the words that I squared off in blue is ‘continuing’ and ‘moving forward’. The repetition is a subconscious reassurance: we will still be One Direction, minus Zayn. It is, in its discreet way, trying to repetitively allay any fears that One Direction will be no more. 

With that in mind, there’s also no time for Kira to return in the finale. However, Posey doesn’t think that’s a bad thing. “I think [Scott] was relying on [Kira] too much. It was becoming an issue,” he said. “I think they needed to take a step back and so I think it’s better that Scott has one less thing to worry about, even though no matter what he’s worried about Kira.”

In other words, “We don’t hear anything from Kira for a little bit.”

OK so I finally decided to look up that AMA because I was worried I was spreading information.  Turns out I was!

So you can see here he’s saying *might*.  Just like there *might* be a third season.

So yeah, there’s nothing definite.  Nothing has been announced, so there’s just as much chance as there being a third season as not.  Don’t be disappointed though if the story wraps up in ten episodes!  I personally will enjoy it either way.

I hate to do this. God, I really hate it because it makes me feel like I’m pathetic and taking advantage of you all, but I don’t know what else to do.

Long story short, my mom’s boyfriend cheated on her two months ago and is now refusing to pay all of the bills for us to live in our home. Rent is $1450 a month, but he told us we could pay $850 for the next four months until our lease is up and stay in the house.

We have to because we have 5 animals (3 cats, 1 dog, and 1 bird) to take care of, and if we don’t pay him, he’s going to put in our thirty day notice and we’ll all be kicked to the curb.

I received an email this morning from him and he wants $425 by this Friday, the 3rd, and the rest by next Monday, the 6th. I can’t do this. I can’t. I have $45 in my bank account and that’s going towards my credit card bill tomorrow, the 1st.

I’m begging anybody to try and help out as much as they can. I know we’re all in really rough spots right now financially, but I can’t see my family and pets get kicked out onto the streets with nowhere to go. My anxiety is skyrocketing from all of this, and I haven’t slept in weeks. I feel like I’m going to keel over and die from how anxious I am about the next few months, and the next few days.

If you can help at all, even just a few bucks, I would appreciate it so much. And if you can’t, will you just signal boost this? I would be forever grateful. Please. Thank you. 

My paypal email is amy.day27@yahoo.com . Again, thank you. I’m so scared and I just want everything to be okay.

I’m not always strong. I’m not always positive. I am human. I cry. I break down. I wish I could take a break from myself. I get overwhelmed. I feel useless. I feel like I have no purpose. Sometimes I just want it all to stop. But I also need to remember that tonight’s feelings won’t last forever. Tonight’s feelings don’t reflect my life. Tomorrow is a new day. I can get through tonight. I got through my last bad night and I will continue to do so. Bad days don’t last forever. I am stronger than these thoughts. I will get through this. I will pick myself back up. I refuse to give up on myself. I will get through this. I will fight. I will win.

The Important Video

There’s a lot of people saying that Dans ‘important’ video is going to either be a 'coming out’ video or a 'moving out’ video. The problem with the video being a 'coming out’ video is we all know how Dan is with secrecy. We all know how defensive he was/is about Phan. So why, of all times, would he come out now? I mean it makes some sense when you look at the facts but just because Dan was antsy during his liveshow or Phil chose an odd set of words doesn’t mean it could be a coming out video? It could just be a video that they poured a lot of time and effort into and are afraid we won’t like it. As people speculated it’s probably not Dans usual content so he could be scared for that reason. I don’t want to bring anyone’s hopes down but if we know them well enough by now it’s not going to be a 'Coming Out’ video.