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Because I triple bias, I chose my bby yoongs~ this is my poor attempt at recreating art tbh. (I did totally fake my gray hair because I thought it looked good plus his hair looks ashy so I was like what the hell!)

Can I just say that he’s beautiful and I love him with my whole heart and, like, half of my liver idek ;(

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 Coran is quick and eager to go to whichever Paladin is off by himself, to make sure they’re okay as shown by these. 

“Not feeling well? Try some Nunvill! Settles the stomach and brightens your smile!” 

Look at the concern on his face when he see’s Lance is clearly sad and unhappy!


“Mind if I join you?” 

“And we’re aaaaaaalll theee waaaaaaay ooooooveeeer–” 

Yeah, this is a comical scene, in a way. But the thing that gets to me is that Coran isn’t trying to Sugar-coat anything. He’s telling it to Lance like it is, while still keeping a relatively positive outlook on how far from Earth they are. 

He listens when Lance rants and reminisces with Lance about Earth and Altea. 


“Yeah, water that falls from the sky.” 

“Oh, we had that on Altea. Only, it wasn’t water, more like rocks. Razor sharp and boiling hot. Oh! They could knock a hole right in your head…” 

“Sounds fun.” 


This post is nowhere near completion, as all this stuff is stuff that happened in the 4th episode. There are so many many more instances where Coran helps by either making people relax or by reminiscing with them like shown here. 

I’ll probably add more to this post as I go through the episodes, but still… my point stands… 

Coran is a really, really, awesome guy. 

I’m Sorry - Drabble

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‘I said I’m sorry Bucky. What more do you want from me?’ You shouted as you tried to grab his arm to halt his steps, but to no avail, he was just too quick.

Bucky rolled his eyes and continued to walk although he could slightly feel your hand on his flesh arm. He was so tempted to giggle but he just wanted to mess with you. So his face turned back to stoic as he stomped towards the kitchen to grab tissues.

'I don’t know, what do you think? If I did that to you, what would you want me to do?’

You thought about it but realised he probably wouldn’t do it because he couldn’t, the super soldier serum wouldn’t allow him to, even if he tried.

You groaned and turned to Steve, 'Is he always like this?’

Steve brought his mug of coffee up to his lips to hide his smirk that almost said 'you have no idea.’  As he set the cup down he finally asked what happened this time.

Biting your thumb nail, and contemplating whether to tell him what happened. You started, 'Steve, I think I really upset him this time. He’s not talking to me.’ Sighing dramatically, plopped yourself on the sofa, laying your head on the blonde’s lap.

'You still haven’t told me what you did, (Y/N). I can’t help if I don’t know.’
A quiet sob left your lips causing you to pout, Bucky hasn’t been this upset with you and you thought that, in that moment, you were the worst person in the world.

'After a long day, Bucky came to my room and we were gonna kiss and-’

'She fucking sneezed in my face. I was being all romantic and she freaking sneezed in my face.’ The metal armed soldier says as he appears from behind the couch wiping his face.

'It’s not like I purposely did it to be an asshole, you know I would never do that. I know I’m a bitch, but I wouldn’t be that much of a bitch. I said I was sorry. Jeez Buck.’

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Azumane Asahi’s week - Day Four : Alternative Universe.

BECAUSE PIRATES. (Palette from here.)

A short Hamilton/Hogwarts fic

I’m sorry. I don’t know why I wrote this.

Alex draped himself over the back of John’s chair and let out a deep sigh. John did his best to ignore him and continue editing his Muggle Studies essay, but after a minute or two, Alex sighed again and flopped over so his ponytail smacked John in the face. With a sigh of his own, John set down his quill.

“Okay, Alex, what is it?”

Alex waved a hand lazily and perched on the arm of the chair. “Oh, you know.”

“I don’t.”

“I just can’t believe I have to go to a Career Advice session when we’re already swamped with work. I mean, they know I’m gonna get “outstandings” on all my O.W.L.s.”

Oh. This again. Alex had recently acquired the very stressful habit of bringing up the O.W.L.s with every other student in their year, and slipping in hints that he himself wasn’t particularly nervous for them. Fortunately, he only blatantly bragged about his own intelligence to his very close friends. Unfortunately, John was one of those friends. Still, he would absorb the worst of Alex’s arrogance if it meant his boyfriend wasn’t getting hexed in the hall between classes.

“The sessions aren’t just to figure out what subjects you need to study for,” John said. “You’re supposed to go over different career options as well.”

“Well, I already know what I’m going to be,” Alex said dismissively.


“Yeah, I’m gonna be a lawyer. I thought I told you that.”

John turned to him in confusion. “A what?”

“Sorry, a magical lawyer,” Alex said, with an eye roll and a small smile. 

Sometimes, even in their fifth year, John was forcibly reminded of Alex’s muggle upbringing. Of course, he would never say that aloud, not when Alex had made such a clear effort to learn everything he could about the magical world. He very rarely made reference to his life outside Hogwarts.

“Ham, we don’t have lawyers.”

Alex furrowed his brow. “What?”

John picked his quill back up and returned to his essay. “Yeah, no lawyers. Magical or otherwise.”

“Well…what do we have instead?”

“We just stick the defendant in a chair and have them plead their own case to the Wizengamot.” John had misspelled ‘vacuum’ again, and bent over to scratch it out. 

There was a long silence, and then, “What?!” 

John jumped so badly he splattered ink across his parchment, the table, and the sleeve of his robe.

When Herc and Lafayette climbed through the portrait hole into the common room a few hours later, Alex was still pacing in front of the fire and muttering furiously to himself. They looked to John for an explanation, but he shook his head and beckoned them closer.

“Either I broke his brain, or we’re about get a forty-foot proposal for a new system of magical law,” he said in an undertone. “Just go to bed. You know he’s going to be up all night with this.”

Herc and Lafayette laughed and headed up the steps to the dormitory. 

“Good night, Alexander!” Lafayette called, and got a curt nod for his troubles.

John smiled quietly and settled into the armchair, watching Alex pace. He knew that after a while Alex would tire himself out, and then he would want to tell John whatever it is he’d come up with. John could stand to stay up a little longer.

Imagine Leo finally talking you into watching Space Heroes with him. During the first episode he keeps glancing over at you to see your reaction. When the credits start rolling, he hits the pause button and looks at you anxiously.

“Well…what did you think?”

You know this show is his favourite, and seeing him look at you with such intensity makes you realize how much he really wants to share this with you.

“I think we need to watch the entire show, like, right now.” You grin at him and his face breaks into pure joy and the next thing you know it’s 3am, you’ve both had way too much junk food and you can’t stop laughing at Leo’s spot on Captain Ryan impressions.  

Jealousy: Mingyu

But he’s not your boyfriend, I am.

Title: Jealousy
Characters: Reader, Mingyu
Genre: Angst but fluffy ending
Trigger Warning: None

You stared at him with your jaw hanging, not believing what he had just said. He had taken your heart and viciously stomped on it. 

“What did you just say…?” You asked. Your voice was suddenly so small. You weren’t even sure if he had heard you.

“You heard me. Go.” His voice was as stone cold as his face. He wore a stoic expression. 

“Why?” You asked and when he didn’t answer, something in you snapped. 

“Enough!” You yelled out, your voice was quivering but you continued, “I’ve had enough! You’ve been so moody and so rude lately! What has gotten into you? Every time I try to do anything remotely affectionate you push me away!”

Mingyu glared at you and scoffed. He couldn’t believe how dense you were, “Any affection you want from me you can get from Wonwoo.”

Anger was boiling deep in your chest. Tears stung your eyes. Mingyu had kicked you out because he was jealous?

“No! I’m not leaving just because you’re a little jealous!” 

Mingyus eyes widened, “Just leave.” He roared, “I thought I was your boyfriend but you’ve been clinging onto Wonwoo so much lately I can’t even remember the last time you kissed me!”

You paused. What he had said was true. You had been hanging out with Wonwoo a bit more recently. But he was going through a tough time and you wanted to be there for him. 

But knowing Mingyu felt ignored not only made you feel guilty but it also made you feel disappointed in yourself. It explained why he had been so distant. He only wanted to feel loved and you overlooked that for someone else.

“Babe…” You reached out and pulled him into your arms, “I’m so sorry I’ve been ignoring you.” You whispered to him.

He didn’t say anything but wrapped his arms around you as well. A small smile appeared on his face. 

“I promise,” You pulled back and took his hands in yours, “I’ll pay more attention to you. I haven’t been fair lately, and you’re right. You’re my boyfriend, not Wonwoo. I’m sorry.” 

A little grin made its way onto his face and held you close to him. Breathing in his scent, listening to the calm and steady beats of his heart you could feel his love. 

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To hell with anon~ [smooches his smug little face]

Kiss Meme || oops this got lost in my inbox and tumblr didn’t tell me

The kiss was a surprise, but just as bright and energetic as the one who bestowed it. How could he possibly complain? With a laugh and a lopsided smile, he returned the favor, leaning over to give her a peck on her wind-chapped lips. “What, did I look lonely?”

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"Papa.. the men outside said they wanna talk to you.. they have really big knives and water guns with them..They also have mommy too. Are we going somewhere papa?"

Go anon and pretend to be my character’s child.

“!?” Someone had captured…And they were armed?… Fuyuhiko crouched down with a serious look on his face. “Listen to me, you are not to go outside no matter what happens; No matter what happens.” He repeated, he had to get the message across. 

“Do you remember the secret place daddy showed you?…Along the corridor, picture number three on the side that you wear your bracelet and touch the golden apple tree remember? Then the door opens…Go through the door and close it with the stick thing inside.” He held up the child’s stuffed toy. “It’s dark and scary in there but Panda will light up the way so it won’t be scary anymore…Panda will keep you safe…” He gave the panda toy a kiss on it’s forehead before handing it over. “Follow the path to the end, go inside the door, take the green box then run out of the red door and don’t stop; Make sure all doors are closed ok?…Remember run and don’t stop.” His tone was quiet despite how serious he sounded, he didn’t want the others to hear his instructions in fear for his child’s safety. 

He gave the child a kiss on the forehead before giving them a tight hug. The last one he would be able to give for a while. 


The child ran knowing exactly where to go, as the child faded from his line of sight Fuyuhiko readied the gun hidden upon him.  

Nobody threatens his wife and gets away with it, even if it means it will lead him to his death.

At least, his child can be safe.


ok so like, remember that few days ago, there’s this seventeen video that went out, with those littles babies doing this gesture as some kind of spoil ?

And since Jihoon is so bad at keeping a straigh face everytime KwonSpo is doing justice to his name, it’s really really really likely to be true.

What I didn’t realize though, it’s that… THEY SPOILED US WITH THAT SINCE ONE FINE DAY ??

Like everytime they did this telepathy thing ? Like honestly wasn’t it a bit random ?

And even in Andromeda ??

(look at me being complety wrong)

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I think what I like most about the CPD 3x05 couch scene is Jay’s line near the end.

It’s ‘cause I wanted to kiss you.”

And then the wonder on Erin’s face after. 

Because it’s easily been eight to ten months since they were together back in season two at that point, they both could easily have found someone else (and Erin did, sort of, in that scumface forgot his name that Bunny dug up, before getting lost down the hole) and Erin takes a chance in that moment. She presses a fleeting kiss to his lips, as a thank you, as a promise, to show him that she’s back in this, back in their partnership, for better or for worse, then sits back to see how he reacts.

And he kisses her again, just as momentary, but telling in it’s own way and Erin wants to know why? Why is he still there, why still letting her in, after everything she’s done?

Because I wanted to kiss you. Because it’s been ten months and he’s been waiting for her since she broke things off in the locker room because Voight was onto them. Because he’s known for a long time that he’s in it for the long haul, that he did see the good thing right in front of him and he’s been waiting for her.

And you can see the awe in Erin’s eyes. The near disbelief mingling with wonder over what he’s admitting. It’s been ten months containing unbelievable heartbreak, a near loss of them both, and brutal separation imposed by Erin and Jay wanted to kiss her.

That’s dedication right there and I can’t get over it.

  • *crime scene, an apiary*
  • Sherlock: *examining the body covered in bee stings* Hmmm, someone certainly had it in for our keeper friend. He's almost unrecognisable.
  • Molly: *shrugs* The Terrifying Bee Man.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* You could be onto something, Holmes *stands up* What if he was made entirely out of bees and that's why she couldn't see his face...he didn't even have one. I mean, there could be a 'bee-folk society' we don't know about. They're just... *gestures wildly* out there, walking around shaped like people.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *smiles* You're thinking about how you can train your bees to walk around in people shapes, aren't you?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Yeah *glances at her hopefully*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; writing in her notes* No.

“What are you doing?” Taehyung chuckled, tearing his gaze away from his laptop’s screen and staring at the boy sitting on the armchair, while Taehyung himself was sitting on the floor, laptop over the coffee table, surrounded by books. Jeongguk looked warm and comfortable, like he always did; grey sweats, plain shirt, disheveled hair. He looked like home.

“Reading.” The younger male answered, a small grin on his face.

“But you don’t have any—”

“I’m reading you, Tae,” Jeongguk said, his eyes so impossibly soft Taehyung almost blushed. “You look so beautiful like that, I mean… You’re an open book, yeah, but I feel like your most important lines are the ones written inbetween words. The little things. Just a note, maybe describing the way you look around and curl your lips when you’re trying to understand something, or how mesmerizing you manage to look just by sitting there, distracted. Not everyone gets to read inbetween your lines.” But I’m glad I do, goes unsaid.

taekook domestic au by @yoonseoker

I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted, so I hope I did this right!

Germany On the day of your first anniversary of dating your boyfriend, you were woken a bit earlier than you would have liked by someone badly playing a guitar. Blinking sleep out of your eyes, you looked out your window to find your boyfriend obviously attempting to serenade you, his face a vibrant red and flower petals at his feet. “What are you doing?” you called down to him, a lot confused.

Your only response was guitar music and your boyfriend singing some German romance song … and your very annoyed neighbors. “Who is causing this ruckus?” “What’s going on?” “Shut up!”

Your face burning as well, you rushed outside. “I’m so sorry,” you called out, “he’s my boyfriend.” Then to Germany, you added, “What has gotten into you?” It certainly wasn’t like your boyfriend to attempt something romantic like this, or for him to cause a scene.

”I was serenading you for our anniversary,” Germany explained. His face burned, and he could tell that his attempt at romance had failed. “I thought you’d like me more if I was more romantic.”

You didn’t respond for a bit. Finally, you shook your head. “Germany, I like you enough already. And while I think it’s sweet that you attempted to serenade me, you don’t have to embarrass yourself like this.“ Clearing your throat and looking around at your neighbor’s windows, you added, "Or me.” This was certainly one day you would never forget.

Japan You and Japan were heading out to eat. You had just arrived at the restaurant, and the two of you were about to get out of his car. You were reaching for the handle on the passenger side when Japan hurried around the car. “Allow me to get the door for you,” he said, quickly tugging on the handle.

“All right.” A bit surprised, you allowed him to open the car door for you. This wasn’t like your boyfriend, but you weren’t going to complain.

“This door as well,” Japan said, rushing to open the restaurant door and bowing you inside.

“Thanks,” you said.

It was the same thing when you got to your table. Japan pulled out your chair and took your jacket. Then he took your hand and held it on top of the table. The whole time you two read the menu and waited for your food, he’d randomly lean over and kiss your cheek or forehead. Japan showed so much more affection than normal that it felt fake.

You couldn’t take it any longer. Snatching back your hand, you asked, “What has come over you?”

Japan’s face flushed, and he stammered out, “I am being romantic. I thought you would like it. Did I do something wrong? Forgive me, I’m not the best at this.”

“It’s not … wrong,” you said slowly. “Just different. It feels too forced, and it feels more for show.”

Japan still looked flustered. “I am truly sorry. I will try harder to please you.” He began to reach for your hand, but you stopped him.

“Who says I want you to be more romantic? Just please go back to being the Japan I know and love, ” you said. “That’s who I want to be with now.”

Thankfully, the date went smoothly after that.

- Mod Husky

Imagine jokingly putting on cute Christmas hats/headbands while visiting Woozi at his studio but when you want to take them off, he won’t let you because you look so cute with them.