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Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky


In which Yuri finds out that Otabek has a tumblr. 

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We recently found out that Otabek is “well versed in all kinds of social media” and I am SHOOK. Somewhat inspired by the ask that altisetsky replied to, here’s the fic that no one asked for, but you’re all getting anyway.

cc: @otayuriwriterscollective

He doesn’t mean to pry.

Really, he doesn’t. But Otabek’s left his laptop open on the kitchen counter and it’s unlocked. Otabek is in the shower, so Yuri won’t be disturbed. It’s not like he’s going to go through his personal files or anything, but that’s unmistakably a tumblr dashboard, and Yuri is intrigued. The thought of Otabek having a tumblr is almost of ludicrous as Otabek DJing in his spare time, and – well. Now everyone and their mother has Otabek’s tracks downloaded on their Spotify or iTunes.

So he crosses the room and investigates.

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Breaking Down

Request: I love your stories so much! If it is no trouble I was wondering if you could write a newtxreader where the reader feels like she has been a burden to Newt and it gets to the point when she leaves when he isn’t noticing? And then he comes to find her? Really angsty please? Thanks! 

Word Count: 2,106

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The pot clatters to the ground, breaking open and sending black dirt rolling across the floor. Newt cranes his head around from where he’s working. He watches the shrivelfig bounce across the ground and ricochet off his boot.

Wiping his hands on a towel, he leans down and lifts it. “Efficient.”

You return his grin with your own half-hearted smile as you turn to grab a broom.

Newt notices your insincerity. “You okay, love?”

Your back to Newt, you nod. “Fine.”

He focuses back on the potion in front of him. “You sure?”

“Positive,” you murmur. Guilt tugs at you. You don’t like lying to Newt, but this isn’t his problem.

You go to sweep up the spilled dirt, but before you can even touch a grain of it with the broom, it starts spinning around. The pieces of the pot reassemble themselves, and the dirt shoots back into the mended pot. Newt doesn’t need to look at you for you to know he’s smiling.

“No need for the broom, love, I’ve got it.”

You stare at the clean ground, unmoving. Of course you’d mess up and break something Newt needed. Of course he’d need to clean up after you.

“Everything okay?” The nonchalant question comes from over his shoulder as he stirs the mixture.

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James Sirius Potter

*James Sirius is born, Harry names the kid. So far so good.*

Sirius: Poor Minnie is going to faint when she hears that name.

Lily: I have no idea what he was thinking naming him after the two of you.

Remus: He doesn’t think generally, goes with his instincts.

Lily: Oh, let’s think where he got that from.

Sirius: *smirking* Could be anyone of us really.

Lily: James is uncharacteristically quiet.

*they all turn around James is watching his grandson very intently*

Remus: *puts a hand on James’ shoulder* Prongs? You alright mate?

James: *his voice breaks a little* I’m alright.

Lily: Oh baby *gives James a kiss*

Sirius: Oh, is ickle Jamie emotional?

James: Fuck off Padfoot, you’re just mad because he will use James.

Sirius: What? Of course he will use Sirius. Mummy dearest didn’t name me after the brightest star so it can be used as a fucking middle name.

Remus: No, she named you Sirius because she somehow knew you would be an attention seeking little prat.

Lily: Merlin’s beard! LANGUAGE!

James: Like you never curse Evans. 

Lily: Do you mean when you annoy the shit out of me, Potter? *Remus and Sirius are both stifling their laughters* Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be watching my son and my grandson.

*Lily walks away from them*

Remus: It’s been almost 50 years, how can you still get on her nerves?

James: It’s a talent, Moony.

Remus: I know, I thought only Sirius possessed this particular talent.

Sirius: Do I get on your nerves Moony? *raising an eyebrow* Would you like me to get on something else?

Remus: *face palm* He’s bloody relentless.

James: I did not have to hear that, I think I will go get Tonks. 

Sirius: *grinning* She enjoys it when I do jokes like that, what she doesn’t get is that I’m serious.

James: I’m pretty sure she gets that you’re Sirius.

*Sirius rolls his eyes*

Remus: When will you stop doing that?

James: When hell freezes over. 

You can read Albus Severus Potter here.


Michael always loved Jeremy’s hands.

One day they decided to get some yogurt late at night- one of their favorite things to do. It was 9:32pm when they arrived. Michael got his chocolate based yogurt and toppings, while Jeremy got the tart flavored ones.

It was Michaels turn to pay for Jeremy’s- part of him has always hoped that one day these late night hang outs would turn into a late night date.

Anyway, they eat in the car and listen to music. They’re both silent for a while, the occasional singing along to a few bars here and there. But for the most part, silent. Michael looks at Jeremy’s figure, the soft blue light hitting his cheek bones just right. His neck, his shoulders, and most importantly the hands holding his bowl.

He could see the tendons in his hands move as he drummed them along the plastic wear to the beat of the music. Michael could feel his face burning, he wants to lean over and kiss his hand.

So he does. Michael leans over, holding out his hand for Jeremy to take. Jeremy didn’t think twice about it, so he did. Michael lifted it up and pressed his lips onto Jeremy’s hand into a soft kiss. Without thinking, he trailed his lips across Jeremy’s skin, feeling every rough and smooth part of his hand and arm. Jeremy’s face was flushed red, he knew about Michael’s fascination with hands- they’re best friends why wouldn’t he have known?- but he never thought he’d be at the receiving end of that interest.

Jeremy sets down his yogurt and huff out a small sigh. Michael quickly realizes what he did and pulls his lips and hands away from Jeremy.

“Oh I uh um, god so like I didn’t think that- shit,,,” He rubs the back of his neck. “Sorry.”

Jeremy smiles and laughs quietly,“Michael, I think you missed my mouth.”

Michael feels his face burn even worse.

I'm sorry for saying it

Word count: 302

Early tags: Klangst, Langst, unrequited love, angst, heartbreak, not moving on

Trigger warnings: Unrequited love, heartbreak (do these count?…)

Lance grabbed the smooth rock at his side and flung it towards the water, the rock skipping along, rippling the liquid around it before it doused in the water. Lance buried his face in his knees.

“I messed up,” his whispered to himself.  His empty eyes spoke stories, stories of what he did wrong. The tears slipping out from his eyes and staining his jeans. His eyes burned as the midnight passed him. They say that there’s light at the end of the darkness but he can’t see it. He can’t see his light.

Out of all the times this happened to him, over and over, this one hurt the most. Heartbreak. He dealt with it before but it always hurt him. He always found something - someone to distract him from the pain. Even if it would break him again.

His head pounded against his skull, any noise being too loud, too piercing. He whimpered at the pain, not wanting to deal with it now. Not wanting to deal with it as his heart fractured and broke out in front of him, its shards scattered across the floor.

Out of all the people who could have broken his heart this badly. It just had to be Keith. He did it in a way that ruined him, made him run before he burst into tears. He didn’t even think anyone noticed he left.

“I’m sorry, Lance. I don’t feel the same.” It might have been simple words, it might have been simple words that shouldn’t mean much, but they stung, badly. Maybe he shouldn’t have told Keith his feelings. Maybe he shouldn’t have poured his entire heart out to him. But it was hard, it was hard trying to not love someone. And he loved Keith, even if he didn’t love him back.

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“Put me down!” For the writing prompt. Tomarry. ^-^ Preferably for 1940s!Tom and Slytherin!Harry. I love you. You are awesome.

“Put me down!” Harry yelled, his voice lost amongst the drunken chatter and laughter currently filling the Slytherin common room.

Of course it was Lestrange who had attacked him as soon as Tom’s back was turned. Harry could see him from across the room, a rare smile gracing his face as he spoke to another inebriated student. The glimpse was gone, however, as Lestrange hauled his body up the stairs to their empty dorm, in the full confidence that no-one would notice their disappearance.

Of course it was Lestrange.

The Lestranges seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with Tom Riddle, though Harry couldn’t tell whether he preferred the Bellatrix of his own time or the Lestrange of this one. Naturally, because Harry couldn’t ever keep himself away from Voldemort for some stupid self-destructive reason, he’d gotten himself caught in Tom’s orbit, and Tom… well, his attentions on Harry had been enough to put Harry at the top of Lestrange’s hate list.

And those attentions were certainly reciprocated. The whole thing was more platonic than Harry would have preferred, but he kept these thoughts to himself lest he ruin his already intimate relationship with Tom.

Harry suffered a hard landing on the floor when Lestrange shrugged him off. Perhaps it was a mercy that Lestrange had taken them to the dorm, as this is where Harry left his wand, but Lestrange wasn’t stupid, despite what Tom liked to say. A second later, Lestrange’s wand was pointed between Harry’s eyes.

“Have you had anything to drink?” was the first thing out of Lestrange’s mouth, which startled a laugh out of Harry.

“Sorry, what?”

“Just answer the question, Potter,” Lestrange hissed, jabbing his wand at Harry and skewing his glasses.

“Yeah, I’ve probably had one or two. Why does it matter?” Harry spoke as defiantly as he dared. “Just what do you think you can do to me?”

Lestrange lowered his wand, but it was not in defeat. “I can’t hurt you. But Riddle isn’t here to protect you, Potter, and there’s something I want to know…” Lestrange motioned with his wand and Harry’s glasses whizzed into Lestrange’s waiting hand. When he next spoke, it was low and crazed and pining all at once. “… What is it about you that makes him want you more than me?”

Harry hesitated. “Well, I could give you some notes-”

Lestrange sneered, and any pity Harry might have felt for him dissipated. “Shut up, Potter. Try to sit still, and it will be over quickly.”

A spike of alarm went through him at that. “Wait- what do you mean-?”

Lestrange grabbed Harry by the hair and twisted him so that he was looking Lestrange right in the eye, and Harry connected the dots. Legilimency.

Absolutely not. Harry would not allow Lestrange of all people to find out his past, his secrets, and- perhaps most damningly of all- his deeper feelings for Tom. He shut his eyes, refusing to co-operate.

“You love him,” Lestrange whispered, and Harry’s heart sank. Of course, in trying to not think about it, he had thought about it. Stupid. Foolish. Weak, as Tom would say, were he not downstairs most likely forging connections through tipsy flirting. “You love him,” Lestrange said again, angrier, and tightened his grip painfully on Harry’s hair.

Harry would have borne that pain a thousand times over, though, if it prevented what came next.

Tom Riddle’s cold, taut voice pierced the dorm. “It’s rude to play with things that don’t belong to you.”

It was the only warning Lestrange got before receiving a stunner to the face, yanking him away from Harry and causing Harry to cry out- a sound which he did attempt to muffle, though he knew Tom heard it anyway. Harry picked up his glasses from where they’d fallen out of Lestrange’s hand, put them on, and stood.

He didn’t want to look at Tom’s face. He did anyway.

“You love me,” Tom stated, his expression indecipherable. Harry couldn’t read Tom’s aura either, dangerous and seductive and intoxicating as it always was.

Would Tom denounce him, call him out on what Tom perceived as a weakness? Harry believed that love wasn’t a weakness at all, but he couldn’t take it if Tom’s condemnation was as harsh as he feared. Harry swallowed.

“Don’t hate me,” he whispered after an age of silence.

Tom’s steps towards him were cautious, unnaturally so. Harry felt a stinging in his eyes despite himself which he blamed on the alcohol, and when the first tear spilled over Tom was inches from him.

“Are you so afraid of me?” Tom murmured, catching the tear with his thumb on Harry’s cheek.

“Not of you,” Harry protested quietly, forcing himself to breathe. He could fight Tom on every battlefield except this one. Now he was only awaiting judgement.

“You should be afraid of me,” Tom said, but his voice held neither malice nor any other kind of danger. “I will hurt you. I will own you and I will wear you thin. We will disagree, like we always do. It will hurt you more.”

Harry nodded. His scalp hurt. “I know.”

Tom leaned into him, his lips brushing Harry’s cheek so faintly so that Tom could whisper into his ear. “I will prize you. I will give you the world, and I will keep you by my side. Forever.”

Harry’s eyes had closed of their own accord, and somewhere along the line Tom had come to grasp Harry’s waist as if enclosing him away from the rest of the world. “I know.”

Tom whispered a spell, and Harry opened his eyes just in time to see Lestrange’s unconscious body flung out of the door, which locked behind him. When Tom pulled back, he was wearing a ghost of a smirk, closer to the Tom Harry was used to. His grip on Harry had intensified, not painfully, but enough for Harry to be certain that Tom had not condemned him at all.

“I think we should spend the rest of the party in here, don’t you?” Tom purred, leaning in again to tease him with light barely-there kisses along his jaw.

It was only because Tom couldn’t see his face that Harry gathered the courage to ask, “Tom, if you ever do, er… love me back…” he reddened, rushing onwards as Tom slowly stilled. “Feel free to, you know, tell me. If that happens. So I know where we are.”

Tom hummed, raising his head so that he could look Harry in the eyes, his expression practically fond.

“But Harry… I just did.” 

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"Look, I'm sorry that I accidentally pushed you from an airplane"

You crossed your arms and walked throughout the base with anger on your face. “What’s got you so upset today?” Tony chuckled and took a sip of coffee.

You rolled your eyes. “Ask Peter,” You scoffed.

Tony refrained from laughing when he saw Peter walk in with a big smile on his face, Steve following right behind him. “Peter, what did you do to make (Y/N) so upset?”

“I honestly don’t even know! I was just helping!” Peter defended himself. “Hey, they were freaking out and decided they weren’t going to do it, so I decided to help by giving (Y/N) a little push.”

Steve tried to not laugh as well. “Literally.”

You turned around quickly to shoot glares at the two. “I’m not friends with either of yo anymore.”

“Look,” Peter started, catching your attention. “I’m sorry that I accidentally pushed you from an airplane,” Peter apologized.

“Accidentally?” You raised your eyebrow and threw your hands in the air. 

Peter forced his smile to go away. “I was just trying to help you get over your fear of sky diving. Steve said he used to have to do it all the time for missions…so we needed to get-”

“I know what he said!” You yelled and stormed out. “And I’m never doing it again!”

no more please, just finishing what I have!

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What would the bros do if their S/O (with a Dandere like personality) would ask them, if they would like to take a bath with her? She wouldn't be that embarrassed but would the bros be? Idk maybe they started dating a few days ago xD (I'm sorry! I hope you understood what I was trying to say >,< Love your blog btw!)

OH LOL nah i gotcha! i did have to google what dandere meant though oh my god i swear im Hip & With The Kids Slang

Noctis: He chokes on his spit at their sudden suggestion and has to stop and cough for a few minutes before resorting to messing up his hair as a tension reliever. “U-Uh… don’t you think that’s a little… sudden? I mean, it hasn’t even been that long since we started… um…” His face is very much flushed and his partner might even try to take back the suggestion, to which he bursts out, “No! No, I mean… I… I will… if you really want to.”

Ignis: It would be incredibly difficult to catch the slight blush that creeps up to his cheeks, and he simply coughs and pushes up his glasses. “…I believe it may be too soon for the two of us to engage in such… personal activities. I will, however, ready the bath, towels, and clothing, if you wish.” The way he says it, you wouldn’t even be able to tell he was declining out of shyness.

Gladio: He just blinks. “A bath? You wanna go in together?” Gladio would be surprised at their request, but definitely not in a bad way. If anything, it makes him happy that they feel comfortable around him enough to ask so soon after they just started dating. “I don’t mind, but are you sure the both of us will fit?” he teases. He’s not too flustered at the whole thing and probably tickles them while they’re in the tub. 

Prompto: “H-Huh?!” his jaw drops open and he flares up completely red. “W-Wait, wait wait wait, a bath? Like, with bubbles? You? And me? In the same tub? Are you… are you feeling okay?!” Honestly, he wants to go in with them, he really does, but he knows he won’t be able to control himself if he sees them naked and has to sit in a tub with them. “I… I can’t! It’s too soon! Take a guy out for dinner first, why don’t ya?!” 

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I'm really anxious because I think things will go the way you said. The balloon squad won't like to see Sana hanging with Even, probably because Even said/did bad things that hurt them (maybe about Islam?). And Even never came back to say sorry/explain himself, because maybe he thought "is it worth it? will they forgive me?" ("I'm just going to hurt you then you'll hate me). We all know that Even tend to run from his problems, from himself. I think he will face it now, and it's going to hurt.


ok like,,,,, YES i definitely think that whatever falling out even had with the balloon squad has something to do with islam. we know from what sonja says that even studied islam, and we know he was best friends with mikael who is muslim, and we know that during a manic episode he wrote some “crazy” sounding stuff on facebook. so maybe whatever he wrote was about islam and somehow came off as offensive? it’s something that would isolate him from both sides - islamophobic/ignorant people would see it and dismiss it as “crazy” (like vilde when she tells isak), but even’s friends would also see it and that could make them feel as though he was disrespectful, etc.

so yeah. instead of trying to explain what happened, even just deleted all his social media, and presumably lost contact with his old friends who are now coming back into his life through sana. so maybe sana knows something happened between even and the others but doesn’t know exactly what, and when she finds out, even will finally be in a position where he has to own up to it, to clarify and, hopefully, make amends.

"I have body hair!"

“Michael…?” Jeremy let out a huff, then tapped his friend on his shoulder,“Michael!”

Jeremy and Michael were in their last class of the day and one of the two were currently zoning out, that person was Michael. He felt his friend tap him and turned around, his look of wonder did not leave his face. He was still in awe.

“Just! Answer me! What does it mean?” He was pouting- his face was tinged pink from frustration. He just wanted to know what this phrase meant. Did he have to pry it out of him?

“Oh my god Rich is right dude….”

“Okay cool but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Jeremy. You’re a twink. How did I not realize this before? Oh my god this is. This is mind blowing.”

Jeremy groans.

“Oh- right you still don’t know what that is. Okay well. A twink, in short, is a gay guy who looks young…”

“Okay…? Then all gay guys who are my age would classify.”

“Okay but they also have no body hair.”

“I have body hair!” Jeremy’s voice cracks, the classes usual banter stops for a second, listening in on whatever the hell that noise was that came from Jeremy’s mouth.

“You put mascara on your peach fuzz on picture day so it looks like you have facial hair. I’m not sure if that qualifies as real body hair.”

Jeremy’s face goes pinker,“Is being a twink a bad thing? Am I like, less attractive to other-”

Michael rolled his eyes and cut him off,“Ohhhh my god Jeremy. Ever since you came out every guy has been going through me to get to you don’t give me that shit.”

Jeremy smiles,“Really?” He fixes his hair,“So uh,,”

Michael hums in response.

“Do you think I am, though?”

“I- uh what?”

“Y-you don’t have to answer sorry I just thought that maybe I-”

“Jeremy. You’re the cutest guy I know. I’d be stupid not to like you.”

Jeremy’s eyebrows raise and his jaw drops a little.

Michael furrows his brows in question but realizes what he said and groaned,“Oh my god that just happened.”

Jeremy tries to regain his composure,“Wait I, so, like you said uhm…I think you are, too.”

“Jere don’t joke about this or I will actually fight you.”

“No! I’m serious! Andalsoilikeyoutoo” Jeremy muttered the last part under his breath.

“Uh…? Did you say what I think you said?” Michael fixes his glasses.

“I erm- yes I did. I like you.”

The teacher turned off the lights and got ready to play a movie. Michael smiled and laughed a little,“Ok, cool.”


They spent the rest of the class with Michael’s head laying on Jeremy’s desk, Jeremy playing with his hair and Michael rambling about some new game he found. Michael internally thanks Rich for leading them to this.

@irl-michaelmell made a post asking for a lil fic involving Jeremy being called out on bein a twink so! Here u go take this sub par fiction

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Microfic! Smol!Shiro and Hunk, pasta with jam sauce. :)

oh my god yes

“I’m so sorry, guys,” Hunk says hopelessly.

“Is this some sort of Earth delicacy?” Allura asks, poking delicately at her plate with her spork. The teal noodles squish unappealingly beneath the bright maroon sauce liberally coating the rest of the food.

“Uh,” Pidge says, gulping queasily.

“Normally the noodles aren’t blue, I’ll give you that,” Lance offers weakly. Even the mice have abandoned them, turning their noses away from Lance’s offered spork and darting away from the table. (They’re probably in the kitchen hunting down the food goo. Lucky things.) “Hunk, it’s not that I don’t like your cooking-”

“We made ‘pasghetti!” Shiro announces with delight. He’s halfway through his plate already, practically inhaling the overly sweet dinner offering. “Hunk let me help!”

“Slow down there,” Keith says, instead of touching his own meal. He leans over, gently but firmly placing his hand over Shiro’s grip around the spork. “You’ll make yourself sick. Chew that bite first.”

“Aww,” Shiro says, with his mouth full.

Allura, typically interested in many of Hunk’s edible creations, is still wrinkling her nose at her plate. “Your - ‘noodles’ - are normally flavored with starberries? Are you quite certain this is edible?”

“He was so excited,” Hunk tries.

“How exotic!” Coran declares. He swallows the last bite of his rather sizable portion and holds out his cleared plate with a flourish. “Serve up another one, Number Two! This Food Lion’s hungry for more!”

Shiro laughs out loud at the silly face Coran pulls; Pidge takes advantage of the distraction to push her bowl several inches away from her. “Glad somebody else can eat this.”

“I’ll make something else later,” Hunk offers, a desperate peace solution. “Sorry, guys.”

“Yes please,” Pidge groans.

Lance swallows, face pale as Hunk dishes up another portion to hand back to Coran. “I’ll help. After Shiro’s in bed.”

“No, Lance.” Allura says firmly. “The timing is not optimal. You will be too busy with Shiro for too long.”

“Maybe if Lance read Shiro two bedtime stories instead of five,” Pidge quips, adjusting her glasses with a smirk.

“Hey!” Lance protests.

Allura shakes her head, point proven. “Precisely. If someone else is with Hunk in the kitchen, we can have a fresh round of dinner completely prepared by the time Lance has - what is your phrase? ‘Tucked Shiro in’?”

“Yes,” Lance says, slowly. Coran’s building some sort of food-mountain out of his second helping; Shiro’s giggling, delighted and fully oblivious. “But - ”

“Then it’s settled.” Allura lays her spork down, sitting up straight with a regal toss of her hair. “I will assist Hunk instead.”

Allura’s just as bad in the kitchen as Shiro. Pidge pales. Hunk gulps.

“I’ll do it,” Keith volunteers. The sigh of relief around the table’s practically audible. “You have enough going on, Princess. Shiro, if I let you have your spork back, you have to promise to take smaller bites.”

Shiro sulks, sticking his lower lip out. “I know how to eat ‘pasghetti.”

“You know how to get it all over your face,” Keith says, fondly, but lets Shiro have the spork anyway. “Chew this time. I’m watching.”

“'kay,” Shiro says happily, and tucks right back in to his pasta and jam.

It’s @diminuel‘s Naga!verse again!

@bella-monoxide asked for “… Dean’s feathery tail tuff secretly flirts up on Cas …” and then this happened.

I feel like they’re at a super serious political function and Dean is trying to lighten the mood. Turns out Cas is ticklish. Also, when he gets shocked his feathers floof up, and it’s hard to get them to settle down again, which Dean finds adorable and hilarious.

not like that

A/N Finally! I’ve finally gotten something written and posted. Not a request, but I hope you guys enjoy it! (: I’m sorry in advance.

Summary: You accidentally confess to Peter.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

“I love you.”

It hung in the air between the two of you, as everything around you seemed to quiet to complete silence. You were looking wide-eyed into Peter’s surprised expression. Your fingers itched to cover your mouth, pretend you hadn’t just blurted that out while Peter sat at your desk, doing his homework.

“Uh, I l-love you, too,” Peter said nervously, chuckling awkwardly. His hand tapped his pencil against the desk and his leg was shaking.

You decided to own up to it and sat up on your bed, facing him completely, You knew your face was red, but you didn’t care.

“No, I mean,” you huffed, running a hand through your hair while your heart pounded quickly in your chest. “I mean that I’m in love with you.”

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Hi, this is gonna be oddly specific (& long) I'm sorry. Ik u get them ALL the time but can you have the UT/UF bros and US/SF pap with a crush (or s/o?) whose always happy, even if they're not really. And one day they had a stressful day and the crush just begins to break down a bit and they rush into their place and shower so they can just let it all out? And if the skells are still there the crush apologizes after for their snappy attitude? Sorry I'm alright just not 100%. Thank you so much!!!!

I hope you feel better soon my friend!



Hey, Classic knows what it’s like to go through every day with a smile on his face, but he’s actually dying inside. He’s kind of relieved that you broke down because it isn’t healthy that you’re keeping everything bottled up inside you. At least you did so in a safe place as well so he could watch over you and take care of you afterwards. No matter how much you apologize to him, he explains that he was never mad in the first place. You can come over and jump in his shower anytime you want. 


Paps is extremely observant, so he knows when you’re not feeling that well and always calls you out on it. He tries to best to make you happy and feel better, but that doesn’t always work out, which hurts him a little, but he understands that he can’t fix out all the time. When you break down crying at his house and use his shower, he lays a warm towel outside the door for you and fresh pair of his clothes so you can borrow. Afterwards, he just holds you, telling you that everything is going to be alright. 



Red doesn’t exactly know what to do. He can relate about the faking a smile (though he doesn’t do it well) but when you break down and cry at his house, he’s just kind of awkwardly standing there. He’ll gladly let you use his shower so he can have time to think and come up with something to help you in some way. When you come out, he puts on a movie and doesn’t mention anything else about the incident. 


When you break down in his house, he just waits til you’re finished and then he leads you into his shower; he knows it helps. Fell never saw through your smile, he just assumed that you were happy with him. When you cry like that, he gets angry because to him, you basically lied. How is he supposed to help you if you don’t tell him that you’re unhappy? He scolds you about this, but then wraps you in a warm blanket and makes you a nice cup hot chocolate. 



After you had your breakdown and your shower, he offers you one of his joints so you could relax and get out of reality for a while (DON’T DO DRUGS KIDDOS). He doesn’t ask you about what happened that day, but he does lend you an ear whenever you need him to. 



If you allow him, he’ll hop in the shower with you. Not for sexual reasons, but he finds touch comforting so this is the best way for him to comfort you. He lets you cry on him as he washes your hair for you or massage your back. Rus doesn’t push you, but he asks that you don’t hide behind that smile anymore, at least not with him. He wants to make you happy. 

  • Supernatural: So do you guys have anything planned for tomorrow?
  • Sherlock: Nope.
  • Doctor Who: Nope.
  • Homestuck: Oh no...
  • Supernatural: What?
  • Hetalia: .....*Eyes are wide open*
  • Supernatural: What's wrong?
  • Hetalia: *smiles*
  • Sherlock: .....
  • Doctor Who: ...What is going on?
  • Homestuck: Oh geez...
  • Hetalia: OLYMPIIIICS! WOOOOOH! *runs to his room and comes back with flags* SO EXCITED! *gives everyone flags* HERE YOU GUYS GO!
  • Supernatural: Wait what? Why...*gets a flag* It's just the Olympics...
  • Homestuck: You're no fun. *Waves flag in his face*
  • Hetalia: W-what did you say....? *looks at Supernatural*
  • Supernatural: I said it's just the Olympics. Nothing to special.
  • Hetalia: B-but...*looks at the ground* I-it's fun....T-the countries come together...n-no fighting or anything...*sniffs*
  • Supernatural: I-I...
  • Homestuck: Oh look you made him cry.
  • Hetalia: *rest head on Homestuck*
  • Supernatural: I...I didn't mean to...I'm sorry Hetalia...we could watch the Olympics.
  • Hetalia: *smiles* Yay thanks! *hugs Supernatural* THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!

Here it is! Me and Deano!

Probably not even a second after the photo was taken, Dean went “oh wow you’re tall!” and stood on his toes, then stopping the staff people and asking if he blinked (with the intention to make them redo the photo if he did).
(He hadn’t blinked)

So yeah. I’m still kinda going “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in my head. He was so sweet! (And his panels were just awesome! :D)


ty @ old cosplay wigs for letting me relive having black hair (and eyebrows!!!!!) because I really miss it, I don’t feel like ‘me’ anymore with my current hair.

but if i cave in and dye it now it’ll never be pastel so gotta stay brownish blonde for now even tho i feel awful every day and not like myself in any way :))

with my luck i’ll hate my hair/myself the same or more once it’s pastel but yknow,,, one way to find out 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x20, thoughts about Fitz (spoiler)

I honestly don’t even know where to start. I’m not done crying, so… you know what, that’s where I’ll start. I was so happy when everyone (but Mack, I’m so sad for that) escaped the Framework. Coulson and May? I wanted to scream in pure joy.

But then Fitz made it back. And I cried my heart out. The second he realised what happened, the look on his face was painful. He didn’t even speak for a second, but there was utter terror in his eyes and he was shaking violently and… just… wow. Iain De Caestecker is an amazing actor. Every time I think he’s giving his best performance, that’s when he manages to push it even further, to give something more. This man is incredible.

Back to Fitz: he’s also incredible. He’s a good, caring man, who has done a lot of very, very bad things in the Framework because his mind was cruelly played with. He killed people in cold blood (damn, he’s responsible for Mace’s death), and he admitted he wanted to do it in that reality. It’s not something you recover from in a couple of seconds. I really hope he’ll manage to forgive himself in the end, but I know he’s got a lot of pain to endure before that.

I don’t mind he didn’t look around to find Jemma right away. He was confused and terrified and I swear to god he was so scared of himself and the person he had become in the Framework. Come on, cut the guy some slack. He could barely look at Coulson in the eye. Wild guess: he feels guilty af for what he’s done to Jemma (among everyone else), so maybe he’ll need some time to process everything. I understand what he had said and done after his awakening, tbh. AND I’m not mad he didn’t recognise Jemma in the Framework. Ophelia said it herself: “Fitz is a romantic”. And that’s true, we all know that. This preciuos man would do anything for the ones he loves, as he proved multiple times. He was doing the same thing, just for the wrong person. I don’t blame him for that. The Framework really fucked him up.

He was upset at the point he still called Aida “Ophelia”. Like, THAT is how messed up he was. I also understand his reaction (or lack thereof) when Aida approached him, talked to him, touched him. He helped building her. He really believed Aida could help people. But instead, everyone’s life had been in danger, Mace died, Mack stayed back and Fitz became a monster. And he’s still convinced he’s a monster, no matter what Coulson told him. So yeah, I get why he didn’t move when May told him to, I get why he was paralysed after seeing Aida with her new body, that he helped creating from the Framework. It’s his fault all those bad things happened. That’s a lot to take in.

I just want to say, I know a lot of people reacted badly to what happened to Fitz in this episode, but I think the writers did a good job. I can’t wait for 4x21!

nikiforing  asked:

5. “So I heard you singing in the shower……” and bakushima???

Kirishima stops on his tracks and slowly turns to Bakugou, who is mindlessly playing with his phone, his expression for once calm. As if he didn’t just shake Kirishima’s entire world.

“You… did you say something, Bakugou? You didn’t, right?”

“I said,” Bakugou raises his eyes to meet Kirishima’s, “I heard you singing in the shower.”

Kirishima can feel his face slowly warming up to the point he thinks his head is going to explode. “No, you didn’t!”

“Did, too.” Bakugou’s mouth slowly twists into a smirk. “Love your rendition of Wannabe. I recorded it even.”

Kirishima makes an unholy screeching sound.

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Unpopular opinion

I want Keith to go on a rescue mission with Shiro.
Inside Galra’s ship, They saw a hot, kickass fighter beating up enemies that gets in his way.
Matt: Oh hey guys!
Shiro: Matt! You’re okay! [ hugs him ]
Matt: I’m fine, Shiro. [ pats Shiro’ back as he released him ]
Matt: [ turns to face Keith; surprised ] Keith, it’s good to see you too.
Keith: [ speechless ] …..
Shiro & Matt: Keith?!
Keith: [ inner thoughts: who is this guy? Don’t tell me that’s him I’ve been pinning for years? Look at him, what did they do to his hair? More importantly, what the hell is he wearing? The colour doesn’t suit him. [ pause ] Galra… Thank the fuck you brought up a new, hot and sexy Matt… I want to run in his arms, hug him and m-]
Keith: Hi. [ deadpanned ]