i'm sorry for this crime i have commited

ITH characters as things I've said
  • Usnavi: *crying* I spilled my coffee!!
  • Nina: Do you think that if I stare for too long at the closed books I'll get the knowledge I need?
  • Kevin: I feel...*dramatic pause*... useless...
  • Camila: I've had enough of you, so you better say sorry to each other, or else... *takes out a chancla*
  • Benny: *on the speakers* is this shit on? *hears an echo* Shit, it was on...
  • Vanessa: I am DONE™ *exits the room*
  • Sonny: I am the only serious person on this room but NO ONE takes me seriously because I'M TINY!
  • Abuela Claudia: You are all so beautiful, guys! I love you!
  • Daniela: I may be savage, but only when it's necessary.
  • Carla: Nah dude, no gossip with me *five minutes later* YOoO, have you heard that...
  • GP: I think I committed a crime but not exactly...
  • Piragua Guy: I do so much for y'all, please notice me...
More taunts that should have been in Ace Attorney
  • Edgeworth: Wright, are you familiar with the expression, "the straw that broke the camel's back"?
  • Phoenix: Uh, yes? It's when an insignificant thing creates big problems.
  • Edgeworth: Yes, that's correct... I figured someone like you would know about bad backs, wouldn't you?
  • Phoenix: Wh...! Th-that was uncalled for, Mr. Edgeworth!
  • Edgeworth: Oh, of course you'd also know about things that didn't need to be called.
  • Phoenix: Argh... O-okay, okay! I'm sorry! I was wrong to bring it up!
  • Edgeworth: Tsk, tsk... One truly does understand a man through the evidence he presents.
  • Phoenix: ...I'll take the penalty now, Your Honor.
  • Judge: As you wish, Mr. Wright. *boom*
  • --
  • Apollo: Witness! What do you have to say to this!?
  • Witness: ...?
  • Blackquill: ...
  • Taka: *scritch scritch*
  • Judge: ...
  • Athena: ...
  • ........
  • Apollo: ...Can someone please say something?
  • Blackquill: Penalty.
  • Athena: Penalty.
  • Judge: Penalty! *boom*
  • Apollo: ...Thanks.
  • --
  • Athena: Your Honor, there's no way my client could have committed the crime!
  • Judge: Hmm... But do you have any evidence to support that claim?
  • Athena: ...Um. Just hypothetically speaking, what would happen if I answered "no"?
  • Blackquill: ...Then, the members of this court would offer you each their own reward for your tiring efforts.
  • Athena: Huh?
  • Blackquill: For example... I would grant you a taste of a true warrior's blade, and Taka would humbly offer you his talons.
  • Taka: *screech*
  • Judge: And I would gladly give you a penalty you deserve!
  • Apollo: And I'd give you a disappointed look.
  • Athena: ...Okay. Then I say I do have evidence. (Thanks for nothing, Apollo!)

SHOCKING NEWS: It was reported that reylo shippers, after two years of commiting various notorius acts - amongst which, stealing colours, cute creatures and even holidays - has now turned to further petty crimes such as the thievery of words that resonates with all who hear them. Reylo shippers have refused comment, stating only that the world of Star Wars should brace itself for the resonating perfomance we will all witness in The Last Jedi in December.

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Caretaker, I worry that I'm not a good person. That this anger I have for the crimes committed against many and the 'what if's'. How can I change? How can I be a better person? Is seeking validation or support from the unknown...weak? (No..I.) I wonder if I ask too often, I'm sorry for that. In return, I offer intrusive thoughts, a flower from my orchid Lilith, some bananas, and coconut tea. Thank you kindly.



bOYFRIENDS ・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・

I think most humans have in them the capacity to commit murder. They choose not to, not because they are morally superior as they so commonly claim, but because they are imprisoned in a web of responsibilities, commitments, beliefs and sentiments that would render murder an absurd gamble or ridiculous self-destruction.

Evillious Chronicles Starters
  • "I don't understand why I was the one chosen."
  • "My children are nowhere to be found!"
  • "Please return these children to their own mother's side."
  • "We're the only candidates left."
  • "Certainly, no miracle shall be created."
  • "Now the music box is broken and it no longer plays."
  • "We do not even know the way back home."
  • "I don't mind as long as it keeps me entertained."
  • "It is a sad song which transcends time."
  • "This is the night of madness I wished for."
  • "I don't exactly love your face."
  • "A flower mustn't be unsightly."
  • "There's still one thing I haven't eaten..."
  • "You're running away and leaving me alone."
  • "It's okay; it's surely just a prank by the naughty twilight."
  • "Now, bow to me!"
  • "You are the princess; I am the servant."
  • "I still don't understand; why are you crying?"
  • "You always did everything for my sake. All I wanted, and yet, I was always so selfish and troublesome to you."
  • "I'm sorry for being alive."
  • "Us meeting like this must be some kind of fate."
  • "I wonder if my sins will be forgiven?"
  • "I will not hesitate anymore, even if it's inevitable."
  • "I've been waiting for so long."
  • "No one is allowed in, other than my own countrymen."
  • "It's time for you to sleep."
  • "See, I told you to escape with me!"
  • "I must concentrate on my work."
  • "What kind of crimes would they have committed?"
  • "Isn't this abandonment?"
  • "Everything is my fault, so I wish you wouldn't have that gentle expression."
  • "Not knowing anything of the outside world is fine, if that is what you wish."
  • "The important thing is that you can pay money; that's all."
  • "Now, repent."
  • "Watching over it is my duty."
  • "Honor and praise our master."
  • "Yes, I am the new master of the court."
  • "How long will we continue this farce?"
  • "We killed him in the name of a grand justice."
  • "I've finally realized that the place I'm in now is, without a doubt, Hell itself."
  • "I'll be a slave for your benefits, just for tonight."
  • "They certainly can't be avoided."
  • "Everyone wishes for their own utopia."
  • "It's not that your sins aren't tolerated."
  • "As best I can, I'll keep playing with words."
  • "You must continue with your experiment."
  • "I'll make them into a song."
  • "The switch was pressed by someone other than me."
  • "I wish to find a bluebird to save the world."

A thought on 479er,
we all know that while still as a Pilot during the height of Project Freelancer, she would never want to take a desk job and voices this out loud. Still - in Recovery One and Season 6 we hear that she did in fact end up being Command in the steadily falling apart Project.
She sounds annoyed, bored and even a bit resigned. Yet she still does the job she hates. She didn’t quit, she didn’t run. She continued to work for the Project.
So, what if she stayed with the Project until it was brought to justice by the Reds n Blues? What if she was still Command (I assume a rather aware job about what the project was doing) when the UNSC oversights committee took care of it?
Wouldn’t that mean that to the UNSC she was at least an accessory to the crimes committed by the Director?
Wouldn’t that put her in prison?
Wouldn’t that put her in the same position as Wash in Season 7? The same position probably most of the Insurrectionists were in?
Wouldn’t that mean she and the Chairman could have made a deal to get her out - but working for him.

The Evolution of Music (Remix)
PTX (Remixed by me)
The Evolution of Music (Remix)

I have a dare for you guys, listen to the entire thing in 1 sitting WITHOUT committing a crime (e.g. Murder) or literally ripping out your own eardrums. i can’t do it, lets see if you can!

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Second attemp at a call. Please pick it up. Don't mind how weird his voice sounds, between no faceplates and boosters it's kinda flat and static-laced "Drift, I'm sorry. Had I known I was such a burden to you, I wouldn't have been there last night." Slower? Nope. "Forgive me for all the mess I caused, I'm sure you hate me now."

… What?

Why was Gasket apologizing?

Tiredly, miserably, he asked, «… Is this a joke?» It certainly sounded like a cruel joke–a false apology for crimes never committed, an accusation of something impossible.