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B) Wishes

Derek closes his eyes shut tight, and makes a wish before blowing out his candles.

“What did you wish for Dere Bear?” his mom asks as she cuts the cake.

“New ice skates,” Derek replies before digging into his slice. His moms share a smile - that’s exactly what that got his as a present, and they’re glad they can make his wishes come true.


“Billy, what are you doing?” William’s dad calls from the back doorway. William jumps up from where he was sitting under the tree in the garden.

“Nothing!” he yells back quickly.

“Well get busy! Your uncle needs help with the lobsters, go do that!” his dad replies, before going back inside.

William sighs, and throws away the dandelion he’d been wishing on. He should have known wishing that he wouldn’t have to help with the lobsters wouldn’t work.


“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight” Nursey whispers. He closes his eyes, and makes a quick wish for his lecturer to like his poem tomorrow.

Nursey opens his eyes to see Dex looking at him disbelievingly.

"What?” he asks defensively.

“You don’t actually make wishes, do you? And, like, believe that’ll work?” Dex asks.

“Of course I do!” Nursey replies as he starts walking back to his dorm again. “Everyone does.”

“Not everyone.” Dex snaps from behind him.

“Of course not,” Nursey snaps back “I forgot, some people don’t believe in nice things”

“Don’t be stupid Nurse.” Dex says “Wishes don’t work. You don’t get things by making wishes on stars, or candles, or flowers, or eyelashes. That dumb little rhyme isn’t going to get you anything!”

“Woah, Dex, chill,” Nursey says, trying to placate his friend. “Its just a wish.”

Dex took a few deep breaths to try calm himself.

“Wishes don’t work Nurse.” Dex said bitterly after a pause “You can’t wish for what you want you know. You have to work for it.”

Nursey stares at him in shock for a moment. As he stares, Dex begins to look more and more uncomfortable. Nursey wants to say something, but he doesn’t know what to say.

“I-Dex? Do you really not make any wishes?” Nursey asks, once he realizes how long they’ve just been standing there. He just can’t process this, its so sad to think none of Dex’s wishes came ever true.

“No.” Dex answers, and if Nursey didn’t know better he’d think he sounded sulky. “Wishes never work, so why bother?” he says with a shrug, like he doesn’t care.

“Wishes can come true.”. Nursey tries.

“Oh yeah? How? Magic?” Dex sneers.

“Well…..yeah!” Nursey says. He doesn’t know what else to say. He’s always believed in magic and wishes. But obviously Dex hasn’t.

“Yeah right” Dex says, rolling his eyes at Nursey.

“Right. And I’ll prove it to you.” Nursey promises.

"Good luck with that” Dex says sarcastically, before turning and heading to his dorm.

Nursey nearly thanks him. He’s going to need all the good luck he can get to prove wishes come true.


“I sure WISH I had some pie.” Nursey says loudly as he, Chowder, and Dex enter the kitchen.

“That doesn’t count Nurse.” Dex says, “There’s always pie here.”

Nursey sighs. He’s been trying to prove Dex wrong all week, and it hasn’t been working.

“Okay, but I still wish I was eating some pie right now.” Nursey says. Bitty appears by his side with a slice, and he smiles gratefully.


"Why are you rubbing your eye?”

Nursey looked up from where he was tying his shoes to see Dex rubbing at his left eye.

“There’s something in it, and it f*cking hurts.” Dex grumbles, as he rubs at his eye and tries to pack up his gear at the same time.

“Lemme look.” Nursey offers, pulling Dex’s hand away from his face. Dex scowled at him, but there was no anger to it.

“Its an eyelash,” Nursey says, “Blink a few times, it should fall out.”

“Like I didn’t think of that.” Dex says, but blinks rapidly. It falls onto his cheek, and Nursey reaches out to brush it off quickly. He stops with his finger on Dex’s cheek. Dex stares at him, and Nursey feels like the rest of the team, the rest of the world, isn’t there.

“You know, some people make wishes on eyelashes.” Nursey whispers.

“Yeah?” Dex breathes. Nursey nods.

“You gonna make one?” Dex asks him quietly. Nursey closes his eyes to make a quick wish, but barely wishes it before he opens his eyes again to look at Dex.

When he opens them again, Dex is sitting a lot closer.

“Did you a wish?” Dex whispers. Nursey nods.

“Do you think it will come true?” Dex asks him. Nursey nods again.

Dex kisses him quickly, before pulling away with a smile on his face.

“But, it was your eyelash,” Nursey points out. Dex raises one eyebrow at him, confused.


“You should make a wish.” Nursey explains “Its your eyelash to wish on”

“It’s okay.” Dex says, before kissing him again. “I don’t need to wish for anything. As long as I have you.” he says hesitantly, as though he’s not sure he has.

“I don’t think either of us need to make wishes anymore so”. Nursey says, before kissing Dex again.