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OMG I absolutely love the spam you just did about that night when KD were super intimate with each other. Could you please do one on the kolon sport incident where we heard the conversation between the two of them. That was the same time when JI got caught caressing KS's ear and then got really self conscious and stopped. I love this moment and would love to hear what you say about it. Thanks ^^

Thank you for liking the spam I did previously ;-;

(credit to gif/pic owners, some of the gifs are mine) 

ok so *cracks knuckles* I’m happy you asked about this moment, cuz it’s one of my faves!!

so first the vid.. 

I talked about this in a previous spam BUT, basically, this vid has gained attention due to the fact that nini is obviously being flirty with soo (and soo is loving the attention fyi, his eyes are all *__*). Nini switches from formal to informal language, back and forth, throughout the vid which is considered to be flirty (guys tend to do this when they’re trying to pick someone up and ppl have commented saying that just bros do not act like this or speak like this) 

nini was wearing the ring in the “wrong” way, according to soo, so he decided to be cute and “scold” him for it~ 

NOW THIS!! The way soo calls nini babo (stupid) is SO cute!!! And nini reacts very cutely to it and goes all flirtybear mode on soo. cuz he’s all like “i’m stupid??” and you really need to watch the vid to understand fully, cuz he says it in such a flirty way T____T

you should hear the way soo giggles in the vid *cries a river* he’s SO loving the attention from nini!! (I’m screeching at this point)

Happy!soo now that nini puts on the ring right xD (intriguing how the placement of a ring can be SO INTERESTING to discuss ;))

a closer look. see the way nini looks at him? he’s tilting his head and giving those eyes…. and soo is giggling I repeat GIGGLING!!!

after some time, the photographer actually scolds them for not focusing so they have to stop flirting talking, and nini becomes super pouty cuz he wanna talk more with his baero

look at the way nini looks at him.. he just wanna talk to soo again ;;;;; 

I think soo kinda feels bad for being scolded while working, so he ignores nini a bit, which makes nini go “PLS LOOK AT ME IM A SAD HEARTBROKEN PUPPY” x1000 

let’s talk about ba-ek xD

ba-ek observing the flirting couple beside him (poor ba-ek tbh)

idk this guy looks a little concerned to me

not to sound too delulu (might be too late tho?), but.. ba-ek notices a camera and does look a little worried.. perhaps..maybe..yes..i..think..so..

ok so, at the same shoot, we got kaisoo chilling together once again (ofc)

Nini is rubbing soo’s ear (highly intimate), and soo’s got his arm lazily resting on nini’s leg. they look comfortable AF tbh. 

BUT then they notices that a camera is filming them O__O, so suddenly they change positions to look a little less intimate, cuz now they realize that they can’t be all carefree and chill with each other.. 

backview.. while they were chilling by the fence you can see that nini was stroking soo’s wrist/hand (cries) at one point

I rest my case tbh :)

- In DR0 it’s mentioned that Makoto is a bit strong
- Hajime has a little bit of muscle and occasionally works out (his chest size is literally 91 centimeters)
- Matsuda can literally snap a guy’s neck 180 degrees
- Komaru was seen exercising at the begining of Ultra Despair Girls
- Takumi is a killer he probably has a little bit of muscle 
- Kaede probably runs on a treadmill or something who knows

Reblog if you

- Are a Sherlock or Benedict blog (very very minimal multifandom pls!!)
- are a POSITIVE Sherlock blog

Do NOT reblog if you do any of the following:
- participate/encourage/condone online harassment towards the cast and crew (such harassment includes: tagging and spamming the crew in sarcastic or mean-spirited tweets, actively participating in petitions or movements to deliberately bring down the writer’s career, any action with intention to “drag them”)
- participate in cult-like activities like recruiting people (taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities and emotional dependency to recruit them) and encouraging blind faith and “punishing” the writers when it turns out that their blind faith did not pan out as expected

I need some positivity, I love Sherlock, I love the positive aspects of the fandom community and I want to surround myself with that. I know I’m picky but I’m just trying to protect myself, I don’t want the negativity to get me triggered back into depression. No offence, I know lots of people have every right to feel angry and I still love you and you’re my friends 💜 but right now with all the negativity, I’m just trying all I can to prevent myself from slipping back into a full blown depression. I know it’s selfish, and I’m sorry. I know I’m problematic and I’m not anyone’s fave anything, but I’d really appreciate it so much if you could help out by reblogging if your blog is indeed more focused on positivity. Thank you 💕

Tagging the only two positive neutral blogs I can think of right now @cumberbuddy @duskybatfishgirl

I know the reunion hug and the “It’s you!” hug are talked about a lot because, don’t get me wrong, THEY ARE LOVELY. (and the hug after he wakes up, the hugging in this movie)

but this remains to probably be my favourite because. HE. IS. STROKING. HER. HAIR. like my heart. please

meanwhile everyone who doesn’t follow me for AIW/ATTLG (so, 99% of my followers) are probably like, stop. posting. this. whoops sorry not sorry? :D

Should You Fight Got7?
  • Mark: No!!! Listen i know it's tempting, he looks like 120 lbs of skinny snapable spine but!! This bitch is ripped as hell!! Do not fight him he is tall and his long limbs will wrap around u and crush you to death and he will look good doing it.
  • JB: Sure, go for it. No one will lose in this situation because no punches will be thrown. Jaebum won't take u seriously; he'll probably put you in a headlock and muss up your hair, but you can't hurt him, so really you should go for it.
  • Jackson: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIGHT JACKSON. I AM BEGGING YOU. Realize going in that you will lose bc his quick and ripped and a trained fighter BUT DO IT ANYWAY. If you can land even one punch it will be a service to everyone. Do it for me. Do it for Got7. Fight Jackson for the good of humanity.
  • Jr: Yes, but listen! Don't /actually/ fight him. Let Jr win ok? If you actually injure him the boys will kill you, but if you refuse to fight him, you will wound his pride. So be the bigger person and take a few hits like a grown up.
  • Youngjae: No. Listen I want to fight him too, but it's just not worth it. Sure, you'll win, but 2 seconds after you beat him, JB will be there ripping your throat out with his bare hands so just trust me here and leave Youngjae alone.
  • BamBam: Do you have a death wish?? No, you can't fight Bambam. Two reasons: first he is a precious goddamn angel and I will fight you for fighting him, and second he will cheerfully kick your ass and then bring u flowers when he's visiting u in the hospital.
  • Yugyeom: Fight him! Yes he's the baby and yes he's the biggest but you should fight him anyway. You'll have the element of surprise on your side so win the fight while he's still too stunned to react. Boy needs to be taken down a few pegs anyway
Reason #84936293 Why I Love Leverage:

This fandom. This whole freaking fandom. The people.

It’s been over four years since the series finale of Leverage and people are still watching and rewatching and starting it for the first time every day and I think I love that. It’s amazing. No other show is like that.

Going on the Leverage tag on tumblr, you can still see people going “Just started Leverage. The obsession is beginning.” And that’s how you know it’s really a good show. How, even now, people are obsessed and amazed at how good it is, four freaking years later!

And also, the fact that when you go through the tag, looking at what people have to say, none of is bad. Usually in a fandom, there’s that one person who is just like “Ugh. The writers are such idiots! What an absolute mistake they made!” But not in the Leverage fandom. All comments are insightful and full of adoration for this show because it’s so good and will never cease of being so.

So, yeah, I love Leverage, and I love this fandom, too.

Daehyun: Why do people act like being a vampire is so great. You can’t eat garlic bread, so what’s the point?