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I’ve got around 80 requests and I’m sure you guys have noticed that I’m not answering as many requests as I usually do. Things are a bit hectic so I’ve been slow on writing stuff, I am working on them though. But I’d like to get all of them answered without having to worry about new requests.

So, I’m closing requests. Sorry. But if you’ve already sent in a request I promise I’ll get to it.

As for the next character appreciation day, I’m thinking about doing that sometime this week, for that I’ll open requests for a day.


Quick update for my lovely patient followers. I know things have been slow lately, and I wanted to apologize for that. The creative juices have NOT been flowing very well. Honestly having down time is great but when I don’t have much to do, my brain doesn’t cooperate so well. It’s like unless I’m forced to be doing something mundane, I can’t come up with stories as easily.
Anyway, first on my priority list right now are a few challenges I signed up for, both one-shots; one Benny, one Dean. Then I have some requests to work on/finish up, one Jensen and one Sammy. And THEN I need to work on the next parts to I Want Crazy, There and Back Again and One of These Nights AND a new Sam series I’ve started.
Basically- there’s a lot coming, I promise. Thank you all for your patience.

Hello! So I have been still TERRIBLE at updating stuff, and I just wanted to pop in and let y’all know that I am still very much working on ALL my stuff! I might be changing jobs to something that will take up even MORE of my time, but I hella could use the pay raise and if the oppertunity to get it comes, I’m going to take it. It WILL give me a more stable schedule to work with, though, so hopefully I can set up a good writing schedule around it and actually work on getting stuff out!

As far as Bitten goes, I DO have the first four chapters written ((the first one is already out, of course)) but I wrote them all in like two nights, so they need some work, for sure. Internal Affairs’ next update is only about half done, only because I’m not sure how this next part should be done ^-^’ I will get it, though!

And then I know a few of you are getting antsy for the end of Electric Feel, and all I have to say for that one is that I have to be in a VERY specific mindset to write it, and I just haven’t been in that mindset for a while. It’s VERY dark and I want to make sure I’m in the right headspace to put something like that out.

Sorry this post got a little long, I just wanted to kind of give y’all a bit of a heads up on some stuff :p Hope you’re having a great day, and always feel free to send me a message/ask or whatever if you have any questions! ^-^

when the ice melts in the snow (that's when you'll love me) 6/?
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Viktor slows and pulls Yuuri into the hollow of a stairwell, reaching up to unravel his own scarf, then wrapping it around Yuuri’s neck, enveloping him in warmth and Viktor’s scent. Yuuri stays very still, staring at him with wide eyes, as Viktor gently tucking the ends of the scarf into Yuuri’s coat and winks at him, taking Yuuri’s hand again with a small smile.

“You don’t need it as long as I’m here.”

But how long will you be here? Yuuri wonders, and he ducks his head at the thought, covering his mouth in the folds of the scarf before he can say the words out loud. Someday he will have to go back to the Underworld and take up assignations again.

 I don’t want that. I want to skate. I want to stay with Viktor.

Hey all, small update

So I’m going to be focusing on real life, work and finally finishing my doodle up finally. Lately I’ve been finding it hard to come up with ideas for my threads so I’m sorry for the slow replies.
So my replies will be slowing down more so than they already were, I’m trying to get things straightened out so I can come back full force again and tackle all of this with a solid idea for everything.
Thanks everyone for spending time with my sorry ass, have a good one!

Every Shade Fades To Gray

I started a story last week that’s supposed to be a continuation of season 3 from Even’s POV. I posted the first week all at once but now I think that I’m going to post the updates in “real time” throughout the week. I’ll still post the full week on Friday on A03.  

Week 1: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9162745/chapters/20804782  

Week 2 Part 1: http://evakforever.tumblr.com/post/155519483154/every-shade-fades-to-gray

Week 2 Part 2: http://evakforever.tumblr.com/post/155582650205/every-shade-fades-to-gray

Week 2 Part 3: http://evakforever.tumblr.com/post/155635364737/every-shade-fades-to-gray

Week 2 Part 4: http://evakforever.tumblr.com/post/155640678672/every-shade-fades-to-gray   

Week 2 Part 5: http://evakforever.tumblr.com/post/155677818300/every-shade-fades-to-gray 




Chairs scraped against the floor, books rustling alongside papers as students shuffled throughout the room, dispersing into their groups. Even rocked back onto his heels, hands stuffed in his pockets, wishing he hadn’t walked in late. He scanned the vaguely familiar faces, trying to remember who he was supposed to be working with. A faint memory of the week before that ill-fated night at the hotel slowly trudged through the haze in his brain that seems to have settled down in a thick coat, safeguarding Even’s memories from that time period, as he struggled to remember even a group assignment, let alone who his partners were. Get your shit together. He clenched his jaw, teeth grinding slightly.

His teacher saw him standing hesitantly at the doorway, having only taken a few steps into the classroom.

“You’re working with them,” He cleared his throat awkwardly, pointing at a girl and a guy who were sitting in the back of the classroom to his right.

Even nodded in thanks and crossed the room, his steps deliberately measured.  

“Hey,” Even greeted them easily, taking the open seat next to a girl with long dark hair that hid half of her face, falling onto the desk in front of her, where she sat already hunched over the assignment. The other guy in their group, who had turned his chair around to face the table that Even and the girl were sitting at, gaped at Even with an openly curious stare that Even could feel burning into the side of his face as he turned towards the girl. 

“Even,” he introduced himself. 

The girl looked up, blinking at Even as she registered his presence. 

“Uh..um..Nina,” She stuttered, looking a little startled, her eyes widening as they darted quickly from Even back to the assignment.  

“So what are we doing?” Even asked, pulling out his textbook.

“Oh, well we’re supposed to d-“

“Is it true? Did you really go outside nak-“ The boy in front of him interrupted eagerly, clearly unable to contain his blatant interest.  

“So the assignment,” Nina cut him off forcefully, sharp conviction abruptly replacing the soft shy mumble from only moments ago. Even raised his eyebrows, taken aback by the exchange happening before him. Nina angled her body towards Even, facing him rather than the dejected boy fiddling with his pen, muttering something in an insolent tone under his breath. Even gave her a grateful smile, trying to hide his growing discomfort.  

He had known of course that people knew what happened. There was no way he could do what he did without people finding out. But maybe a part of him had hoped that since not that many people knew him here, the rumor wouldn’t spread too far. Maybe he hoped that people’s interest would have waned by now, some new piece of gossip replacing what he had hoped would be old news by now. Hoped. Even thought derisively. You should know better than to do that.

Nina returned his smile with a kind one of her own, and continued explaining what they were supposed to be doing. Even tried to focus on what she was saying, but only managed to nod in acknowledgment when she would look up at him to make sure that he was understanding what she was explaining. But his mind wasn’t really in it, consumed with racing through over-played memories that made his heart beat like a broken staccato.


Here the next part of the translation for @noinaedamiiz and it’s lovely comic sorry for being so slow a lot of thing happened ^^ well the next part will be update faster ;)

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fluff with akaashi and his s/o? i need more fluff in my life omg

One very long order of fluff coming right up! Fluff is an essential. Kind of a first-date-at-the-amusement-park scenario!

7:59. Akaashi woke up before his alarm went off–precisely one minute beforehand. He hadn’t been able to sleep soundly the night before, waking up every few hours and having twenty different dreams in between.

9:00. He was out of the house, dressed in casual clothes and a hastily inhaled breakfast jostling around in his stomach. He tried keeping his pace relaxed and nonchalant, and yet for some reason by the time he reached the bus station, he was a little out of breath. Just a little.

9:30. Akaashi saw them before they called out his name.

It took a lot to get Akaashi excited or flustered, but somehow that all flew out the window when it came to his partner. They walked toward him, their hand raised in a wave.

“Good morning, Akaashi,” they said happily.

He nodded. “Good morning.”

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Carmen finds Westley outside the bar, a cigarette dangling between his lips. “Fine!” she exclaims. “What do you want? Money? Favors? My still beating heart served up on a silver platter?”

Westley smirks at her and takes a long, slow drag on his cigarette. “I’ll help you with your problem if you’ll help me with mine,” he says at last.

Carmen eyes him suspiciously. “Help you how?”

“I assure you it’s almost entirely legal, at least as far as you’re concerned,” he replies in a bored drawl. “I’m searching for an early 19th century painting for my employer’s private collection. We believe the piece is located in or around Isla Paradiso, but we don’t know exactly where. I’m flying down to the islands next week, and I could use a pretty ‘assistant’ with some art expertise to bolster my credibility.”

“I am nobody’s assistant!” she sneers.

“Alright. Enjoy unemployment.”

“Wait!” Carmen sighs exasperatedly. “That’s it? And if I help you locate this painting, you’ll help me save my job?”

West nods. “Do we have a deal?”

“Yes,” she snaps after a brief pause. “However, I refuse to leave Bridgeport until you take care of your end of the bargain, Monahan. Are we clear?”

“As glass,” he retorts with a small, lopsided smile.

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DHRFaves April Day 2: WIPS

Hey guys! You’ve probably already seen me talk about these, but if not, you NEED to read these NOW:

(In order from most recent update to least)

The Alkahest 
This fic has it all. Long chapters (of which there are currently?? 56??) (Note: omg I checked my email and it updated literally a minute ago, so guess what I’m doing as soon as I’ve posted this). Slow burn. Relationships outside of JUST romantic ones, and between characters besides just Hermione and Draco. MALFOYS. Everyone’s characterisation is ON POINT. This fic will make you bust out laughing. This fic will make you cry. This fic will make you repeatedly refresh your email at one in the morning JUST IN CASE it updates before you go to bed. Read this fic. Also, leave a comment because @shadu-kiam is really lovely and deserves to hear your thoughts.

I want to cry just thinking about how much I love this fic. That’s it. No words. Just whale noises and tears. It’s on both Ao3 and FFN so give our girls @pansyprknson and @hexrmionegranger​ some love and praise (bc they deserve it). If you love HBP and you would love to ruin your life over a fic, this is that fic.

The Last, Lost Hope
So this one is quite a bit different from the previous two. The first has its moments. The second is rather angsty but still relatively sunshiny. This one is a straight-up dark, the-Dark-Lord-wins fic. It doesn’t follow just Hermione and Draco’s relationship, but has a plot that requires a whole ensemble of characters to work in really interesting ways to try to undermine the Dark Lord in any way they can. REALLY interesting fic, and I’m loving it so far. If you’re looking for something with amazing characterisation and a gripping (if dark) plot, then this is your fic.

Love In a Time of the Zombie Apocalpyse
You’ve proooobably heard of this one. If not though… wow. Definitely a different plot. It’s an interesting read, and very near the end. It’s dark but, in a way, it’s kind of beautiful, too. 

Please update this fic. Give me an update. I’m crying
(But no really, if you love love and you love angst, and you’ve somehow not read this fic yet, you should.)

Devil, Tower, Star
What I love about this fic is that there’s a huge magical theory component to the plot. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s just so unique and intriguing and it’ll draw you right in. The characterisation is interesting, too, as both of our babies are so *damaged* by everything that’s happened to them (it’s a war fic). Just… read this if you haven’t already.


…college starts tomorr– oh i mean in 7 hours… and my headache is killing me.. BUT I MANAGED TO FINISH THIS ONE! sorry i made it manually and i tried to make it visible QwQ

first chapter of the 3 chapters about Eves’ work environments (?)

the next one gonna be CN ;) when i can have free times?


Astilbe: “As a matter of fact, yes!”

Astilbe: “Actually, I made a small chart of common colours, and marking locations. These aren’t set in stone, just as general range. By the way, make sure to leave by 11am and 11pm, or else you’ll change into one.”

Astilbe: “Here you go!”

Ref page has been updated with chart