i'm sorry for the mirror picture

Would things have worked out differently for us if we’d met at a time when I was completely and entirely anything but myself? Now I can look back and say that I’ve changed, at least a little bit, but back then… I have no idea what I was working with. There was simply no me to begin with. I looked in the mirror and saw the same smile cut out of every picture but it didn’t mean much of anything. Did I even have thoughts back then? Did the sky have much of a color in those eyes of mine? I don’t even know.
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Okay, so…

I don’t usually post pictures here.

But I had this class today, and I had a presentation where we all dressed famous characters t-shirts and I think everyone here knows I love Captain America. And I also picked this skirt I’m always a bit afraid of wearing (I only wore it 3 times in my whole life, and I bought it two years ago.) I was feeling great, and sexy, so I took this picture to show my friend. And now I’m posting it. So… That’s it.

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hi Cindy - first of all, I have to say I'm a big fan of your blog, its fantastic! :) secondly, I was wondering if you had any advice on decorating a wall which has a skinny vertical window on one side?

Hi! Thank you, and sorry for the very late reply, been super busy with university :( 

But just follow the tips below:

1. Find a creative way to display pictures/artwork on your wall e.g.

2. Make use of shelves, and plants!

3. Try some wall stickers?

4. A mirror is a good way to decorate a wall and add light and space into your room.

5. Lastly just add whatever you want onto your wall, a lot of things can be used as decorations e.g. hats! Make the hat rack below using these instructions:

Hope that helped! xo

exo's overdose concept

overdose literally means taking an excessive and dangerous dose of drugs. the reason why exo’s concept seems so confusing is because it’s supposed to be viewed as if you’re on drugs.

the terrible blurred and edited pictures, weird mirrored reflections, colors mixed with black and white. it’s the aftereffect. THE FANS ARE LITERALLY OVERDOSING THEMSELVES ON EXO which is why the concept is so confusing.

It doesn’t make sense because it’s not suppose to. we’ve “overdosed”, meaning that we can’t think, see, or understand anything clearly.



well hiiiiiii, friends! i’m clarice :)

the first is an attempt at a cute outfit/picture but then me being me happened. oops. the second is me getting lazy and changing out of said cute outfit after wearing it for about 20 minutes and instead wearing a huge oversized t-shirt and making a face. typical.

happy troyler tumblr homecoming! my lovely date is Casey aka troylerissocoollike <3 you are all such gorgeous human beings asldkjfaksjdhf. hope you all have a wonderful day!



well finished is probably the best word i could find it’s more like “i don’t want to work on this anymore so here it is”. there are parts of this i’m not too happy about but EH. i’ll have to lighten my eyebrows for this, and fix the shoes a bit more before wearing her to a con. 

wang yuanji was right with her song, punish me indeed this entire process felt like some sort of punishment bUT I’M DONE.

this shirt is just an old faded piece of cotton - in which i read vosje's cute redecorating fic and then my mind made me sad aka the fic where kurt accidentally wears one of finn’s old t-shirts whilst decorating the nursery. 

~1.6k words, mentions of character death

Kurt runs his fingers through his hair and finishes arranging the old sheets across the oak floorboards of the nursery. The baby isn’t due for quite a few months yet. In fact, the doctor only confirmed with Quinn the pregnancy two weeks beforehand but Kurt and Blaine are eager to get a head start.

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Having just found your blog I'm in love with you in the shallowest way possible, golly gosh you are a cutie. Sorry I'm weird but posting cute selfies would always be appreciated to brighten my day

CRIES OH MY GOD ANON YOU ARE THE SWEETEST THING!!! do you want to hear something silly though. i’ve been saving this ask for a good hair day. AND NOW THAT I’M HAVING ONE MY SELFIES ARE WEAK AF i am sorry friend i wanted… to be cute for you………. /throws pictures and runs

I asked 5 pregnant women and moms if that’s how a 4 months baby bump should look and they all said that it’s only her belly and that this woman isn’t pregnant, they said that even on the full body photo there should be a small literally bump. That’s just her belly guys, get naked in front of your mirror and spot the differences…OH right there aren’t any of those. If that’s a baby bump then we are all pregnant, girls, congrats.

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H-Hey! I was wondering if it was at all possible if you could go over your method of construction for when you draw, I know for me I particularly have trouble getting the head shapes right, and the transition from shoulder to arm. I'm just finding it hard to understand and yours seem so well done. >< Thank you!

Firstly, I’M TERRIBLE at explaining how I do things. Most of the time I just go with my gut or stare at a lot of half naked pictures on Google.

This is my poor attempt:

My only helpful advice is to look at kelpls glorious tutorial page for all your drawing needs. She does a much better job at explaining step by step haha.

Otherwise, observe from real people or pose in front of the mirror (i do this a lot //laugh cries)

Sorry, anon this wasn’t really helpful at all ; A;

Take a picture, or something// Lamy

Landon dressed himself and looked nervously to the mirror. He didn’t know what he was thinking when he said he could take pictures of Amy, he barely know the girl and either way was weird. Landon drove to Amy’s house and knocked on the door when he arrived, trying to look calm he breath deeply before the girl open, the boy didn’t want to screw it up, he was kind of starting to like Amy’s company. When Amy opened the door, Landon smiled shyly. “Hey.” He said raising his eyebrown. “How are you?”