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You know what happened last month, without anybody noticing? This is for real. Webster’s Dictionary expanded the definition of the word literally to include the way it’s commonly misused.  So the thing is, we no longer have a word in the English language that means literally.  I mean, literally doesn’t have a synonym.  So we’re going to have to find the Latin word for it and use it, but see, I don’t know any Latin.  So when I say that I am literally going to set fire to this building with you in it before I hand over the keys to it…You don’t know if I’m speaking figuratively or literally. 

Ahhhhhhhh just in relation to the last comic

I’m not announcing anything new here, or trying to excuse my crappy isolation and behavior in here with it. This has been my mental state for months, but I’ve never known how to put it into words, and finally felt like I had to vent it out somehow or I’d go crazy trying to keep it in.

Nothing has changed about me — I will remain like I’ve been so far, I will try to get better still and my posts so far have not been me faking anything. I’m not my depression, but I can’t behave like things don’t get hard every so often. We all have our struggles, and even the people who behave like nothing is wrong or don’t actively share their struggles, may be struggling with their own demons.

I’m not here to reap pity or trying to worry anyone. I had to put my emotions into concepts rather than thoughts that bother me, if only to sort them out somehow myself.

I might alter the format of some of your reuqests because I’ve written myself into a corner and it makes me not want to write. A crappy writer thing that happens to me. I’ll do them like headcanons if that’s okay. It’s only like 2 of them out of 8. I hope that’s okay!

Send me a ship and I'll say:
  • What’s their favourite thing to do in the winter
  • Who gives their scarf to the other when they get cold
  • Who’s more likely to slip in the snow and what would the other do
  • What they like to do when it snows
  • Who would start a snowball fight
  • Who decorates the Christmas tree and who gets to put the star on top
  • Who makes who wear the matching Christmas sweater
  • Do they have any winter/Christmas traditions
  • What foods do they like to make for Christmas
  • What gift would they get for each other
  • How do they like to celebrate Christmas

I’m queueing a lot of my not dog pictures (aka, pictures of random boring things) and I’m going to tag them ‘my photography’ if you want to blacklist it.

And if this continues, I’ll probably just make a blog (and name it ‘my crappy photography)

Anyways, this has been a warning. You’ve be warned. It’s just a bunch of rocks and plants and stuff.

(not gonna tag this since it’s a WIP; sorry for the crappy camera quality jsdf)

A thing for the Jasper OC I’m making! This was based off of that one post about belly Gems.

Her skin’s probably gonna be more of a pinkish-orange hue (but her markings will probably be the same color as (canon) Jasper’s??).

She’s hyper, happy-go-lucky, a huge softie and she loves cuddles

(I haven’t lined/colored this just yet but I’ll probably make a few other doodles of her too)

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Aaaaah Kurotsuki head canon: Kuroo can say some crappy things. But he thinks he's teasing. He says something to Tsuki, and it actually hurts. Kuroo doesn't realize it at first. But Tsuki makes an expression and Kuroo is like OH NO F*CK I'M SORRY and kisses and hugs Tsuki trying to apologize and Tsuki just ignores him more, but only to get back at him now. What have you done to me I never saw them as a ship until I started to follow you!

i think that’s something that happens to everyone once in a while, so yes i can see it happen ; _;)

(also i am very happy that you started shipping them because of me, i feel like i have reached another goal in my life!)

Sterek / AU / Triskele (inspired by: W Two Worlds with some changes… alot of changes plus *the sheriff is not the author of the books*)

“Triskele is the most popular graphic novel at the moment. Starting werewolf detective Derek Hale, who after witnessing the murder of his family when he was just a kid decides to do everything he can so that no one else goes trough the pain of losing it all. 

Stiles? well Stiles knows everything about Derek and the Triskele universe because you see, he’s kind of a fanboy… He has every book and every special booklet that has been released up to date.

Here’s the thing, the last scene of the most recent Triskele (volume 29 mind you) Derek Hale is shot and left to die while trying to stop the hunters behind the new cases of werewolf trafficking. 

That’s when Stiles sees him appear out of thin air in the elevator to his apartment. Now they must find a way to get Derek back to his world and that’s easier said than done when Derek finds himself falling for Stiles… he falls so hard when it’s time to go he wishes he could stay.

And well…sometimes wishing is a powerful thing.

skellybrains submitted: I’m so sorry your week has been so crappy!! ;o; pls take this internet hug in the form of yows ´ ▽ ` )ノ

gosh i just!!!!!!!!! this is literally the cutest thing ever it makes me soooo ridiculously happy /v\

i cannot thank you enough omg!!!! everyone pls follow sam they are the biggest sweetheart and have such gorgeous art!! 

I honestly can’t believe that so many people have found my blog worth following. Tbh I’m at such a loss for words. It’s been a little bit over a year now since I came back to tumblr and I’ve met so many absolutely wonderful people. I just feel so blessed to be in such a great community. Everyone is just so so super sweet and I love you all. Now before I continue to ramble on for days about how wonderful everyone is, here’s a list of some really great blogs that you should totally check out.

Of course I have to give a special shout out to my amazing crewmates aka pretty boy band - gladiolvs, neoshadowsaurus, phoenixdowns, tinyienzo

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I hate being quiet, shy, and socially awkward. I feel like it makes me miss out on a lot of things. It definitely affects a lot of aspects in my life such as school, work, and mostly my friends. I don't why or how I'm like this when everyone in my family is loud and outgoing in some way, but I'm not and I feel like such a crappy human being.

I’m really sorry that you feel that way!! I know a lot of people like that, and i know it’s not fun. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being introverted or shy! It’s a totally natural thing for most people! 

I think most parents and just people in general have this mentality that being introverted is a thing you shouldn’t be proud of, or something that needs to change, but I think that it is NOTHING to be ashamed of! I think you should try to practice introducing yourself to new people, or practice having conversations with people, or just practice interaction with others because as you said, its a key part of life lol. BUT on the other hand, you should embrace the qualities that come with being introverted!! You’re naturally witty and deep and passionate about certain topics. You’re smart, you’re loyal, and you are just as amazing as any outgoing person!! You are FAR from a crappy human! Your social skills should not affect how you feel about your self worth, because it’s not something that comes naturally to everyone, even most people! Being naturally quiet is NOTHING to be ashamed of and i hate when shy people put themselves down, or outgoing people put shy people down because of the way they were born and the way their brain works!! I LOVE awkward people, and I LOVE having conversations with introverts cause once you get to know them, they’re really amazing humans. 

What i’m trying to say is that whether someone is shy or outgoing, loud or quiet, naturally social or totally not, it does NOT affect their worth and no one should EVER be ashamed of their natural personalities and their normal selves! Good luck, I hope you find the confidence that’s inside you and try to put yourself out there fearlessly, and that you find awesome friends and surround yourself with people who realize how amazing you really are. :)