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  • Natasha: I substituted all my social skills with physical violence.
  • Phichit: I have no love life.
  • Yuuri: what are you talking about? You have more of a love life than me
  • Phichit: are you really sure about that?
  • Yuuri: *looking down at engagement ring* oh yeah
  • Phichit: yeah.

@sukikobold I couldn’t find the reply to properly reply TO but here! 

Space dads need hugs too <3 

Out of curiosity I tried to sneak into the paladin class hall from Light’s Hope by following another Paladin in on alt Vaard at level 44 who is sadly not a paladin.  I sure didn’t get very far.

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OMG I absolutely love the spam you just did about that night when KD were super intimate with each other. Could you please do one on the kolon sport incident where we heard the conversation between the two of them. That was the same time when JI got caught caressing KS's ear and then got really self conscious and stopped. I love this moment and would love to hear what you say about it. Thanks ^^

Thank you for liking the spam I did previously ;-;

(credit to gif/pic owners, some of the gifs are mine) 

ok so *cracks knuckles* I’m happy you asked about this moment, cuz it’s one of my faves!!

so first the vid.. 

I talked about this in a previous spam BUT, basically, this vid has gained attention due to the fact that nini is obviously being flirty with soo (and soo is loving the attention fyi, his eyes are all *__*). Nini switches from formal to informal language, back and forth, throughout the vid which is considered to be flirty (guys tend to do this when they’re trying to pick someone up and ppl have commented saying that just bros do not act like this or speak like this) 

nini was wearing the ring in the “wrong” way, according to soo, so he decided to be cute and “scold” him for it~ 

NOW THIS!! The way soo calls nini babo (stupid) is SO cute!!! And nini reacts very cutely to it and goes all flirtybear mode on soo. cuz he’s all like “i’m stupid??” and you really need to watch the vid to understand fully, cuz he says it in such a flirty way T____T

you should hear the way soo giggles in the vid *cries a river* he’s SO loving the attention from nini!! (I’m screeching at this point)

Happy!soo now that nini puts on the ring right xD (intriguing how the placement of a ring can be SO INTERESTING to discuss ;))

a closer look. see the way nini looks at him? he’s tilting his head and giving those eyes…. and soo is giggling I repeat GIGGLING!!!

after some time, the photographer actually scolds them for not focusing so they have to stop flirting talking, and nini becomes super pouty cuz he wanna talk more with his baero

look at the way nini looks at him.. he just wanna talk to soo again ;;;;; 

I think soo kinda feels bad for being scolded while working, so he ignores nini a bit, which makes nini go “PLS LOOK AT ME IM A SAD HEARTBROKEN PUPPY” x1000 

let’s talk about ba-ek xD

ba-ek observing the flirting couple beside him (poor ba-ek tbh)

idk this guy looks a little concerned to me

not to sound too delulu (might be too late tho?), but.. ba-ek notices a camera and does look a little worried.. perhaps..maybe..yes..i..think..so..

ok so, at the same shoot, we got kaisoo chilling together once again (ofc)

Nini is rubbing soo’s ear (highly intimate), and soo’s got his arm lazily resting on nini’s leg. they look comfortable AF tbh. 

BUT then they notices that a camera is filming them O__O, so suddenly they change positions to look a little less intimate, cuz now they realize that they can’t be all carefree and chill with each other.. 

backview.. while they were chilling by the fence you can see that nini was stroking soo’s wrist/hand (cries) at one point

I rest my case tbh :)

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Wakti Wapnasi Doll?

I’ve had this idea that maybe Max’ new friend (the doll, photo from his Instagram) could be Wakti? Because of the hat, clothes and eyes.

I sent him a tweet and he liked it so maybe there is something true behind it. Could be relevant for new theories or something and I thought I should tell you :)


May be late, but here is the next wave of Animaniacs doodles!

First off I wanna thank @thejinichan and her fic inspiring me to draw Yakko in swavey outfit! In the fic he works at a restaurant as a waiter and sings songs from the show. I thought on special occasion nights he would get all dressed up and reenact a bit. 

In this batch I was trying to come up with different actions and poses since I by now I feel more comfortable drawing the Warner sibs. I REALLY like how these came out and are some my favorite batches of doodles. X3

Some of these are more cleaned up then others… I get impatient with the eraser on the phone most of the time. =u=

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ruai | introduction - @deityproject 

ruai, goddess of nostalgia, guardian of small town children. She is one of three sister goddesses (inda - goddess of sonder, and kallas - goddess of saudade). Fairly young and considered something of a minor deity, not many know of her. She watches over youth with her sisters and prefers earth to any celestial plane.

“A humble god amidst a world of narcissists. Ruai clung to the shadows, watching and guiding without ever being seen.” 

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(Sorry I'm spamming you so much, I'm just so really excited lol) The Kit and Emilia stuff shouldn't worry us, you are right, but I'm still laughing so much at Kit being like "THIS SHOULD HAVE THIS KIND OF SEXUAL TENSION" and Emilia going like "sTOP IT", he ships jonerys and no one will convince me otherwise.

Omg I agree he DEFINITELY DOES. He loves it and wants it to be good for them. You can’t tell me that Kit isn’t a little obsessed with Jon after playing him all these years. He has to be invested in boy’s future. And he wants that future to be with Dany. AS IT SHOULD :’)

But yeah I totally love the idea of him overthinking every scene and Emilia being like, “Calm down and give me The Look™.” They’re so hilarious.

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can you do a random kaisoo gif/pic spam? it doesn't need to focus on a specific thing, be as random as you'd like xD you can do it when you're not busy ~~ thank you :DD

Hey anon~ WARNING! this is literally the most random kaisoo spam ever, but it was fun to do!! 

as always >>credit to gif/pic owners<< 

them hearteyes tho  ♡___♡

(Lol I couldn’t resist)



so done with them xD

A LOT MORE under the cut (like i’m not even kidding, there’s tons lol) 

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