i'm sorry for posting so many selfies


Okay so I was tagged for the 2016 six selfies (ft. One of my kitties) by some of my faves: @zoenightstars @percyyoulittleshit @bananannabeth
Thank you! I love you beautiful people!

Okay I’ve been nervous about posting selfies but I thought it was time y'all knew what I looked like! I don’t take a lot of selfies so I’m surprised about this XD. (Also the short hair one is fake lol)

And I’m going to tag some of my other faves bc y'all are beautiful: @grimreapercy @paulblofish @preatorpercy @annabethistheannabest @ohgygia @jsongrace @riptidescap @softpercy @son-of-rome @lesbabeths @meganjeongwriting @vithcytries @drizzledrawings and @charmspeak and my bff @nescottie


The absolutely radiant and newly silver @pebble-xo tagged me to post a selfie - I’m tagging some old n new mutuals to do it but there is no pressure!!💖💘🌸💞🌺💓💗🌺💝💕 @eyesonxiu @dewyjimin @jiminsangel @silkcorsets @baekhyungosolo @9chai @1yixing @5aekhyun @ks0o @yoongissoftgf @104ks @1aemin @taeminsbaby @softestae @j11min @hobisluvr @angelu @baekhyunloveblog @softersehun @chimnin @yoongisluvr @valentinebaek @chocomintbaek @exosangel @1995winemom @ydaegu @01clc @exaect @irlbaek @4libra @nct711 @bwis-wife @yug97 @taeokyo @3c279