i'm sorry for posting so many selfies


thank you for the birthday wishes my loves ;-; i really appreciate every message i got, tbh i can’t believe that many ppl actually care about me LOL you guys are always so amazing and i’m infinitely grateful for you 💘  here’s what i did yesterday and if you’ve never seen my face well here it is (idk how to take non-winking selfies lmfao)

love u

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Maybe I'm missing something but why are so many shippers making such a big deal of the rugby selfie and think it's some kind of sign that Sam and Cait will reveal a relationship soon? I just saw a post saying that if Starz approved the pic and pushed it to the media then we have seen the last of Tony and MacKenzie. But if Sam and Cait did it all on their own then Starz will push back and we see Tony and MacKenzie again to sell the "we are with other people" story. I don't get it. Help?

Sorry, can’t offer any help here. I’m just happy to get some pics of Sam and Cait. I bask in the glory of their beautiful smiles 😄😄 I don’t see any ulterior motive to that pic other than to share things with their fans-not as a “reveal”. They’ve denied their in a relationship for, what? Two years now? If they’re trying to tell fans they’re together, then they would actually tell them. I think it’s fine if people want to believe they’re together. People like to fan the way they want, and I don’t have issue with that. My issue has always been the harassment that people send to Sam, Cait and their friends, partners, or the flat out lies. You can have an opinion, but facts are facts. And Starz “approving” the pic? I think that’s strange for so many reasons. Starz doesn’t care who their dating. There is no rational reason to have them pretend to date others for PR. Zero. Do people really think that strong, feminist, tweets-about-woman’s-issues-all-the-time Cait would let that happen? She would let Starz or anyone else tell her to lie to the world? Tell who to use her friend and pretend she’s dating them? Tell her to kiss them when she wins a BAFTA? I mean, that isn’t even a stretch, it’s just unreasonable. They would get more PR if they actually were dating each other. A lot more PR. So the PR argument actually works AGAINST ES not for them.

One of the photos of my graduation from The University of Edinburgh Hogwarts.