i'm sorry for posting so many selfies

I’ve been tagged to post a selfie by @volheimdallr, @elixmia, and @aleksandroskaya (absolute goddesses). Thanks, lovelies! 🖤 Here’s one that I posted to my about me page but never uploaded because I had a blonde moment, apparently.

I tag you all back as well as @daughterofthestorm @sophiethesophist @lorahardt @eloquent-cabbage @death-delirium @bloodofheroes @tarinya-quinn @victoria-krueger @blackfemalemetalhead @postorganichallucinations @quasarior @misshammett @wrestlethedevil @ashesofthepaleserpent @odinswarhorse @shakespeare-was-a-metalhead @lothloriennes @seventiescherry @my-sxe-world @sanguineacedia @kidzbopdeathmetal @ensomsjel @themcnelson @beardowulf @goodbye-to-gravity @yggdrasill– and all my other mutuals!


thank you for the birthday wishes my loves ;-; i really appreciate every message i got, tbh i can’t believe that many ppl actually care about me LOL you guys are always so amazing and i’m infinitely grateful for you 💘  here’s what i did yesterday and if you’ve never seen my face well here it is (idk how to take non-winking selfies lmfao)

love u


This took so long 😂 I was tagged by @softglowtae & @taeboos to do selfie tag 💜🌸 & and @softglowtae also tagged me to post 8 selfies from 2017 💗🌻. Suddenly I realized I didn’t take many good selfies, ha-ha 🙊

I tag (only if you want to! no pressure, angels 💓) @kthwhy @vanillalattaes @maknaelne @lostmytae @gwangjuhope @kimtae95s @artistictae @sometimeintheafternoon @taekookl @cryjeon @7eon @hosokey @taetle @dreamytaehyungx @gukiday @lattetae @soft–yoongi


I’m starting a Halloween selfie tag! Post as many or as few selfies of you in your Halloween costume! (I’m immovable object to my gf’s unstoppable force so I figured strong black makeup was all I needed). Tag a few friends ^^

I’ll tag @bbbambam @baekhyuns-diamond @yiffxing @soyousgf @taonsil @swaggyt-enthusiast @lucky-suho @linglily @isotopamine @suhosfurry @wystm @xiaolu-latte @spoopysoo non obligatory, have fun! I’m sorry if I forgot anyone OTL