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Day 2.
I kept my promise. only 30 potential Mattsun doodles! XD  Have a stretching Iwa…..who is… shirtless… because… uhm… Oikawa still hasn’t given him back his jersey! yes.. that’s it.

If you have any suggestions for the following Inktober doodles feel free to send them to my askbox, just make the first line ‘INKTOBER’.

SpockFact #89

Two years into the five year mission, Spock realized he didn’t know what’s in those colorful cubes that everyone eats. Vaguely disturbed, he spent months in the lab attempting to determine what they were. At first he thought they were jello (which would have been bad, since he is a vegetarian). However, they aren’t. Nor are they fruit squares, nor dyed protein. According to his scans they are nothing real at all. Whatever they are does not exist in this universe. He attempted to publish a paper on the cubes and got a visit from Section 31. He elected not to publish the paper.

(submitted by @adenil-umano)

Presentable Liberty - A Mini Fan Fiction by Oosh

He doesn’t remember getting home.

He doesn’t remember finishing the game.

He doesn’t remember saying bye to The Grumps. 

He doesn’t remember anything except the feeling of loss and hopelessness.

Mark lay on his sofa and let out a sigh, pressing his thumbs into his temples as he tried to address the chaos in his head. Thousands of questions were gathering like a tornado, whirling through the deepest parts of his brain. He sits up, and ruffles his hair. ‘Maybe I should have cut it shorter’ he muttered to himself.  He coughed and walked to the fridge and grabbed one of the beers he’d hoarded for the next Drunk Minecraft series.

He gently placed his phone on the dining table. It had been a few hours now since the video had uploaded. Presentable Liberty. He shuck his head as memories flickered though this damaged consciousness. 

He doesn’t remember uploading it.

The fans sat. They sat for an hour and watched. At first they were amused by this strange little indie game. Then they were confused. Then distraught. Then beyond anything. They lived a game through a man many consider their idol and saw him question them. 

It was part of the act. Some said.

Mark wouldnt really think that Others muttered Would he?

He didn’t know what he was thinking. He just got up. Strode over to the front door and locked it. 

A week past. A week of silence. 

The fans sat. They waited. They worried. They stopped. They fought.

The Drunk Minecraft reserve was gone. A bottle pyramid now dominated the dining room table. Mark stood in awe of his achievements. He even gave himself a round of applause before throwing the last bottle in the middle of the pack. The smashing resinated through the apartment. Mark closed his eyes and let the sharp echoes flood his ears. The silence had been deafening. 

The glass settled and the silence was broken once more. A note glided underneath Marks front door. He tip toed around the beach of glass and picked up the envelope. 

It was crisp and white. The front has black typewriter ink which simply read 'Heroes’ Mark looked through the peep hole in his front door. No one. He tore the top of the envelope and pulled out the paper which nestled inside.

'You’re still there aren’t you?' The note read.

'Funny’ Mark thought. 'Of course I am. I’m right here.’ He tossed the paper aside and began to make his way back to the kitchen.

Another note.

'Mark?' 'YES?’ He shouted. He ran back over to his door. The pressed his eye on the peep hole. No one. He banged on the door with the palm of his hand 'YES?! HELLO!? I’M RIGHT HERE! CAN YOU HEAR ME?’ He turned and rested the back of his head against the door. He began to tap it slightly as his eyes closed. Another note brushed his shoeless feet. He spun around and glared in the peep hole. No one.

'Its awfully quiet without you.’


'Sorry we didn’t come sooner’


'We didn’t want to disturb you. But…’

'But what?’ Mark muttered. 'But what…’ he whispered again. He gently placed the notes on the cabinet next to his front door. 'God. I’m sorry.’ He muttered into his hands as his wiped the small tears off his cheeks.


'You don’t have to be sorry.’


'For theres nothing to be sorry for.’


'Mark. We are here' The note read. Marks blurry eyes scanned the paper over and over.


'We are beside you' He read out loud. His voice breaking and hands shaking. He slumps to the floor, pressing his head against the floor desperately waiting for the next note to be posted.

A dark shadow came close to his eye. He picked it up and leant against the door. Delicately he lifted the lip of the envelope, and lifted the thin piece of paper from within. 

'We exist’ it read simply. He held the note close to his heart and sighed. Another note glided into his hand that rested on the floor. It was the same as the others, yet somehow it felt different. Mark didn’t want to open it. He didn’t want to destroy it. An envelope of hope. Proof that he’s not alone. It was more than just a piece of paper holding another inside. It was a symbol. A sign that his community were the greatest in the world. For so long Mark had been the stable point in so many lives, and he’d cracked. A tiny little indie game had cracked him, and this tiny little envelope had glued him back together. 

He ironed the envelope out with his fingers, stood up, and carefully placed it in his back pocket.  He looked at the devastation of this apartment.  He unlocked the door and took the key out of the lock. Shoes on. Hoodie on. He left the apartment and went to the office.

The fans sat. The fans saw a note. The fans opened up the black envelope with a pink moustache embossed on the front. They carefully opened. They read. And read. They held it close to their hearts and smiled.

’ I exist to. Thanks to you. And theres nothing better to do with your life than live it. Now lets live it together. Forever' 


I did a thing uwu. Also progress gif woot woot.

down down down (i'm taking you with me) - kaythebest - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
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“I have the code to get into his room,” Yoongi mumbles. Taehyung hears his rifling through the many papers on his desk. “But the actual door into that wing is locked and secure. Requires a code and a fingerprint. So you’ll have to get those from someone.”

“Or.” Taehyung scans the room again for a different reason. “I could get someone to let me in.”


“Oh no, however will I convince someone to let me into their bedroom?” Taehyung says gleefully.

vminweek round 1 prompt 1

anonymous asked:

How do you go about making a comic page? Do you start on paper and scan it? How do you decide on panel sizes? What program and brushes do you use? How do you decide on color? Sorry, I'm trying to make a comic but I feel like it doesn't look right, and you're so good at it I figured you could explain what you do and I might realize what I am or am not doing. Thank you.

Hi there anon, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you, but I hope it’s worth it! I decided to make a video for you in which I go through the entire process of making a comic page.

I don’t mention this in the video but I tend to work on all the pages of a scene in one go. So right now the scene I’m working on is 20 pages long, so there are 20 WIPs in my comic pages folder on my comp, all in relatively the same state of completion. This is just how I like to work, it makes the process a bit more streamlined.

Good luck with your comic, I hope I was able to help you!!

Failed drawing with fail paper OTZ a reminder to myself to get more colors and practice more with copic markers ( I’m sorry Allen ;-;)

Aaaaand when scanning I discover my monitor or pc is doing strange things with resolution ಠ_ಠ only this year’s illustrations have been affected despite using the same configuration for years….

Anyway, sorry for the rant and have a nice weekend /o/

anonymous asked:

uhm hello.. i'm kinda lost in drawing. i've only used to draw in paper but i recently brought drawing tab and i'm not really good at drawing even in paper. i could just 'copy'. i also try scanning a sketch and trace it in sai and it just looks like a kid traced it TAT so maybe that's why the more i suck in drawing in tab? would it be better to master in traditional way first or i could learn in tablet, you think? THANK U! I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH AND YOUR ADVICES!

Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s just ONE way of doing this? Or just one advice that would work the same for everyone.

Whenever you switch to something new, especially after you got used to doing something one certain way, it’s always a bit hard and feels off to change and be GOOD at it right away. I was used to riding my cousin’s bicycle and when I bought my own it felt a bit off and just different from what I was used to. I still rode though, and now whenever I switch to something other than my bike, this is what feels off for me. 

Similar with drawing, I guess. It’s a matter of weather you think you really want to get better at it, or if you’re fine just the way you are, only with traditional (which is also totally okay) :)

If you want to master the digital area as well, keep practicing, don’t give up immediately and don’t narrow down your own limits just by assuming you suck, you don’t. You’re just new to this, and we all come from somewhere and start somewhere. 

bindstome  asked:

Do u draw everything digitally? Some artists do while some draw traditionally. My method is draw by hand, scanned and edit it digitally to the computer. Is this method bad or there's no wrong way to draw. I been wondering about this because your digital and traditional look so similar and natural. (btw, I love your art :D )

No no!!! I do all sorts of combos. Some stuff I sketch out on paper and scan, some stuff I start digital. There is no wrong answer!!

that’s the super cool thing about art, is that there are so many routes to finished art.

so here’s a piece I did with a scanned sketch:

and here’s a piece I did with a sketch straight in sai!

one of my fav art books has this quote that’s like…there are no rules, just tools. I really think that’s important! Lots of artists find they sketch more comfortably on paper, I go back and forth. Neither one is “right” or “wrong”. c: 

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering could I have a one shot please? Like where I'm Harry's girlfriend and I'm accompanying him on tour and I'm really good friends with the 5sos boys and Michael has a crush on me? And Harry gets jealous and stuff and I just think Michael's crush its cute? Sorry if I'm annoying :-(

Of course, and you’re not annoying at all, I love taking requests; it keeps me occupied haha. ☺︎

I scanned the table, looking for a quick snack to eat before the concert. After grabbing a handful of cheese and crackers and piling them on a paper plate, I began to walk back to my seat next to Harry, but instead walking right into someone’s chest. 

“Whoops, sorry,” I apologize. “Michael,” I smile once I look up to meet his eyes.

“That’s alright,” he shrugs. He looks around at the table lined with food before he takes a few crackers from my plate.

“Hey, get your own!” I move my plate to the side, out of his grasp. 

“But you took the last ones,” he whines. 

“Fine,” I grumble, handing over my hold plate. “I wasn’t hungry anyways.”

“Yay!” he cheers childishly. He wraps his arms around me in a bear hug with the plate still in his hand before almost skipping back towards the couches where everyone else was sitting.

I squeeze myself in between Ashton and Harry, who is quick to hang his arm over my shoulders.

All the boys take turns joking around with each other, and me being the only girl in the room, I got bored pretty quickly, so I began to exchange funny faces with Michael as everyone else told stories around the room. Harry, of course, noticed our glances and he immediately put a stop to it.

“Did you like this morning, babe?” Harry huskily whispers in my ear, sending a cold shiver down my spine as my mind is filled with the memories.

I nod feverishly as I bite down on my lip, unintentionally turning Harry on.

“Maybe we could continue with round two?” he says maybe a little too loudly. 

“Gross,” Niall yells from across the room, his face contorted with disgust.

“Somewhere else, please.” Calum covers his eyes with his hands as my cheeks flush from embarrassment. 

I look up from the ground and up to Michael to see his reaction, and sadly, there’s a slight frown plastered on his face. Trying to cheer him up without Harry noticing, I send him a small smile; he soon returns the favor but with a bigger one.

“Michael has a crush on you, you know,” Ashton mumbles so only you and Harry can hear his voice. You arch your brow as you look back across the room to him, only to see a confused look on his face, as there are three people blankly staring at him. 

“Aw,” I smile back at Ashton, “that’s so cute." 

Cute,” I hear Harry mutter under his breath.

"I’m gonna get some carrots or something,” I mumble, squeezing my way out from between Harry and Ashton’s shoulders. 

I search the table for food again before Michael is standing to my left. I gasp when I bump into him yet again.

“Ashton told you, didn’t he?” he asks.

I nod, slowly, not knowing if it was a good thing to know, or a bad thing.

His cheeks begin to flush, so he covers his cheeks with hands in embarrassment. 

“It’s fine, you don’t have to be embarrassed,” I reassure him. “I find it cute, actually,” I smirk up at him. 

“[Y/N]?” Harry calls from the opposite side of the room, getting impatient. I turn my attention from MIchael to Harry and slide my feet backwards a few inches, trying give MIchael the impression that I want to get out of the conversation.

“Cute, huh?” Michael chuckles, completely ignoring Harry and my signal to leave.

“Yeah,” I laugh. “Were the crackers good?” I change the subject, seeing there’s probably no way out of it.

“Yeah. I was thinking of sharing one with you, but then Louis came and stole it, an-" 

”[Y/N].“ Michael is interrupted by Harry’s forceful voice. "I’m about to go on stage, can I have a kiss, please?” he asks as he walks closer to me, already sure of the fact that hes getting a kiss from me.

“Good luck,” I grin after pulling my lips away from Harry’s. “Michael, aren’t you going too?” You turn towards him as Harry walks out. 

He nods and breathes out a “yeah.”

“Have an amazing show, I"ll be rooting for you from the side,” I assure him. 

This time it was me who pulled him in for a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

“Thanks,” he smiles. “Cutie.”

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