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hear your heart | Deaf!Cas/Hearing!Dean AU

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Dean first saw him in a coffee shop. It was a cliche and Dean goddamn knew it. He walked into the place, signed to Sam to ask what he wanted and caught the eye of a guy sitting near to the wall. His blue eyes bore into Dean’s and at first, Dean felt defensive. He and Sam had grown to ignore the stares. It had been so many years since the fire and this life was all that Sam knew. That didn’t stop people from staring at them when they were out. 

Go and grab a seat. I’ll bring this over. Dean signed.

Sam nodded and found a seat not far from Dean. Even now Sam wasn’t keen on being around hearing people on his own. Dean brought their drinks and went to sit down with Sam, all the while noticing that the guy was still staring at him. 

What is it? Sam asked. 

Some guy over there won’t stop staring. It’s like he’s never seen sign language before. Dean signed with a frown. There were millions of deaf people all over the world and yet it still seemed to weird a lot of people out. 

If it makes you feel awkward I can just lip read. Sam signed with a shrug. 

No, I’m not going to stop just to placate some judgemental asshole. Dean signed while he frowned. He’d always been protective of Sam and it had become more and more of a deal over the years. Dean was the elder one, the one to look after his younger brother. He never told Sam that another reason he was so protective was because of Sam’s deafness. Sam never thought of himself as different because he had never known any different. He’d hadn’t even been a year old when the accident claimed his hearing and he had no memory of a life before his lost his hearing. 

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awhile now ; luke au

happy birthday nicole!!!!! you’re one of my best friends on here and i thought i’d gift you some childhood best friend boxer!luke. oh and yes, there’s angst for my angst queen 💕 i hope you like it. i love you!!! 

They had always known each other.

His bright blue eyes had been imprinted in her memory since they we’re children, growing up together. She watched as he grew older, the light in his eyes slowly fading when he realized that his parents were no longer in love.

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I'm Sorry | mgc

Hiiii can you do an imagine where Y/n’s from France and the boys go there and she falls in love with mikey/mikey falls in love with her but they have to break up bc he leaves?¿ I love you so much your account is amazing!!! 😄😄❤❤

It’s one of those days where you basically curse every single person you see around. A lot of people scattered around the street, taking their time walking and blocking your way. You were late for work and if you don’t get in time, you’ll probably get a never ending yell from your boss.

It was summer in France, meaning everything’s hectic. There’s tourists everywhere and there’s the citizens roaming around the city. Most of the time you wouldn’t mind them but if they’re walking like turtles and blocking your way, you had the right to be pissed.

You were almost running on the way to your work when bumped to another person in the street and you swear you were about to throw a fit until you saw the beautiful boy standing in front of you. He had dark hair and bright eyes. He had an eyebrow piercing and some tattoos on his arms. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?” You nodded at him and started walking. “Wait!” You turned around to look at him and he caught up to you. “Do you know where this cafe is? I’m supposed to meet my bandmates there but I’m lost.” He showed you the text and you nodded. “That’s where I work. C'mon I’ll take you there.”

The both of you didn’t speak throughout the walk. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to but you were really late you had to be there fast. You wanted to talk him, ask him about his name or why is he staying in France, safe to say he interest you. He felt the same too. He thought you were beautiful. He noticed that you were in a hurry so he didn’t dare to speak.

When you arrived, you were ready for your boss’s shouts at you but you didn’t hear any. The cafe wasn’t as packed as you thought it would be and some of your co-workers worked an extra shift. “I’m really sorry sir, I helped a customer find his way here.” “It’s okay just go get your work clothes now.”

The whole day passed and you didn’t see the attractive boy again. After the both of you arrived, his friends ordered some pastries and coffee then left after a while. You were disappointed that you didn’t get to know his name.

You were closing the shop, a consequence you have to face for being late, when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You were surprised and was about to hit the stranger when you saw the attractive boy from this morning. “I’m sorry for scaring you. I just wondering if you uh wanted to- maybe you could go get coffee with me?” You chuckled “I don’t think you notice but I already work in a coffee shop.” He blushed furiously and looked down “I’m up for some pizza though?” He looked up at you and nodded. “I’m Y/N.” “I’m Michael.”

That one date turned so many. He asked you out again after and then the date after that then the date after that also. You found out a lot about him. He was from Australia and he was staying for a while in France, to record some album with his bandmates. He asked you to be his girlfriend after a few dates and of course you said yes. He was avery sweet boyfriend and you couldn’t ask for more.

He called you one day, decided that the both of you needed to talk and discuss some things. You were nervous to say at least. He was never that serious when he talks to you. The both of you met up at the pizza place that you guys ate at for your first date. You laughed ad you remembered Michael’s flustered face when the soda went through his nose because of laughing too hard on your jokes.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you saw your boyfriend entering the shop looking upset. “What’s the matter Mikey?” You cooed at him. “We need to talk.” He said sternly at you. You were taken back from the tone of his voice, contrasting his usual cheery tone. “What’s going on?” “We need to break up.” You widened your eyes and you felt your heart drop.

“What? What did I do? Did I do something? Mikey please talk to me!” You were sobbing now and you didn’t mind that people are looking at you. “I’m leaving for tour. I’m not ready for long distance relationship okay? I love you, don’t forget that, but I just can’t not right now.” You held his hand from across the table and kissed it. “Please Mikey. Can we just try please?” His eyes were red and you can see how much he is trying not to break down in front of you. “We can’t.” He looked at you pleadingly.

“I’m sorry.” He stood up, kissed you one last time and left you all alone inside the shop. Heartbroken that the first words he said to you were also the last words you’ll ever hear from him.

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Ashton Smut (requested by many)

It was Saturday morning and I was laying on my couch watching Lost on Netflix. I remembered that my parents left for there “alone time” for the week. I grabbed my phone and texted my boyfriend.

Me: Hey babe come over? I have the house to myself ;)

Ashton: Be over in 10

I hurried up to my room and changed quick. Ashton may have gotten me some stuff from Victoria Secret for Valentines day. As soon as i got done i heard a knock at the door. I ran downstairs and opened the door and it was him.

“Im glad you invited me before i ate my breakfast” he said.

“Same now to my room” i said pulling Ashton up the stairs.

When we got into my room he slammed the door shut and pushed me up against it. He started to kiss my neck and then he met my sweet spot and started sucking on it. A moan escaped my lips.

“Already?” he asked me.

“I guess i just need you that bad” I said while sticking my lower lip out.

I got on my bed and Ashton followed. He knew what I wanted and took off my shorts. He saw that I was wearing the black lace thong he got me and he smirked.

“Carry on Ashton”

He slid them off and brought his finger to my clit. His index and middle finger went inside me and he started pumping them in me. He took them out and licked them.

‘Im pretty hungry now so I’m just going to eat" he said.

He brought his head down and I felt his tongue go between my folds. He started to go faster and faster. I started to arch my back.

“Ashton I’m ready” i said telling him I was about to orgasm.

Once Ashton was done he lifted his head “That was quite tasty. Probably the best breakfast in a while.” he said opening the door.

“Well aren’t we going to finish, what the hell Ash” I asked.

“Not until after dinner. You can have desert, if you know what i mean” he added a wink.

“No. I do not know what you mean” I said adding a wink after like him.

A/N: sorry i know this was a shit piece of writing i haven’t wrote in a while