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people need to be told they’re worthy
 of being alive by someone else or they can’t go on.

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Giroud & Ramsey

.. Yeah because we love them and can’t get enough of them ❤

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awwww, Aaron is so giggly *v*  #thegiroudeffect

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can we pleasee take a minute to remember this!! (ft. welbz) 

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Lol, Aaron trying to look pretty while Oli is getting ready  “dancing” ? 

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mmmmm….. and then this happened …. ?? i need answers 

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Is it too obvious that i LOVE them TOO MUCH! ❤❤❤

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Pls tell us you're headcanons about bilingual licht! There are people who know German who can help you with that if you want to!

Well… when I said “Licht bilingual headcanons” I actually meant “LawLicht headcanons with German included” (?). Ahahahahajhasd is that still ok for you Anon-chan? xD Welp, here they go anyway lol:

1. Licht starting to trash-talk in German to Hyde, thiking he wouldn’t understand, but then Hyde responds in German and Licht is shocked xD And… maybe a little turned on(?)

2. Licht being used to English so much (or Japanese) that he only talks in German when feeling homesick/sentimental.
3. That said, if Hyde sees him somewhat down, he goes and talks to him in German so he can relax.

4. Sometimes when Licht is practicing piano, Hyde starts singing in German to accompany Licht’s music. Licht secretly enjoys it.

5. I mentioned in a post some time ago that I like the idea of Hyde’s humming or singing calms Licht down. Well, Licht feels specially comfy when Hyde sings in German.
6. When abroad, Licht and Hyde like taking walks while talking in German, even if they know the local language of the place they’re in. Surpisingly, Licht feels more comfortable and expresses himself more openly when he’s talking in his mother tongue.
7. Licht’s speech becomes slightly different and becomes more talktative with Hyde in German. Not because of the language itself, but because of the type of message he’s saying. Some things he find it less embarrassing to say in German -wink wink-
8. Licht gives Hyde German nicknames. Sometimes, sweet nicknames that the rest can’t understand (“the rest,” referring to Mahiru and the other Eves www)
9. Hyde dirty talks to Licht in German 8) Successfully(?)
10. ^He actually says kinky stuff in German to Licht in front of everyone cause he has no shame knows no one will understand. Except they actually do, since his Servamp siblings probably know a bunch of languages too ww.

Pretty sure I’m missing one or two headcanons, but there you go xD

Btw, that was sweet to say that people might want to help me out with the German, Anon-chan ( ´ ▽ ` ) I haven’t actually written any story yet regarding this, but I’d like to ask, how abouy you, people? I’d love to hear more headcanons about this :pp Specially from the German fandom, who can actually think of some better ideas, I’m sure xd It’s your time to shine ☆ (?)

Thanks a lot to my friend Dave who helped me with the German!! And to Faun for singing in German(?) hahaha

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I LOVE your thoughts on the reverse AU! How would their relationship change? In the drawing it seems it's Félix who has a crush and Bri doesn't care(?). What do they think fo the other? And what about their relationship as Chat Noir and Ladybug? Sorry, i'm just really curious ahah I really liked how much thought you put into this au and would love to read more XD

Thank you so much for the message! I gotta be honest, I really had to think about this because the reversal AU is something I did on a whim and the other ideas kind of just came when my brain decided not to leave it alone. So, for you, here’s what I got…

Bridgette just saw Felix as a casual new classmate until her friends took a liking to him. After being forced to think about this potential new friend, she can’t help but see him as some kind of anomaly. He’s the heir of a fashion empire, but dresses with the fashion sense of a rich 9yr old.  Also, the kid has the vocabulary skills of a university professor but can’t figure out how to stop greeting her with “Hi-llo” at least twice a week. She wasn’t even completely sure Gabriel had another son…no wonder he doesn’t talk about him much.

For Felix, Bridgette just caught his eye the first time he saw her and every observation he’s noticed about her then after just convinces him more that he’s in love with her. She has an obvious talent for fashion but he’s caught on to the fact that she’ll talk about wedding aesthetics and setting visuals with a brightness that isn’t quite present when she just critiques clothing. She’s well composed and seems to carry herself without regret. Maybe he’s attracted to the positive qualities he can’t seem to find in himself.

They still fight well as a team, with the occasional hiccups you’d expect from newbie heroes. Chat Noir’s never seen himself as much of a leader, so he’s more than happy to play second fiddle to Ladybug, and avoids the spotlight whenever possible. He just wants to be a good sidekick and his support for Ladybug is bordering on big bro levels of caring. Ladybug definitely still works hard to be a focused and capable leader and she mostly succeeds. She can go from shouting orders and fighting villains like a natural hero, to a timid, shy mouse the minute her and Chat Noir have a non-urgent moment to themselves. With all the oblivious friendzoning she gets from Chat, she appreciates the time she does get with him…even when it’s accidental.


…She might still have difficulty understanding personal space….

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I'm barely 5'1 and I saw the height chart for the rfa members and I wanted to cry. Honestly I'm shorter than Rika! -A- So my friends suggested a hc of how the rfa take advantage of my height or what they'd do. XD I'm a sinner so if u want , u can make it a nsfw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but it's entirely up to you~<3 Also I love ur blog, I've read most if not ALL ur work & I luv u bc ur an amazing person *sends hugs* -I'm sorry our ideas was so uncreative 😂- Thank you ^_^

Aaah, it’s not that they were uncreative, I just couldn’t get any inspo! Don’t say thaaat (ノД`) I appreciate the kind words, though! Thank you!
I don’t know much of a nsfw aspect for this, besides you easily able to slip under a desk/table for their benefit, though…

- He thinks you are the cutest thing!
- He loves giving you big hugs and picking you up off the ground a bit each time.
- Sometimes when he does that, if he’s reaally happy, then he spins you around a bit too!
- He loves that you stand on your tip- toes to kiss/hug him. He tries to meet you halfway if he picks up on what you’re trying to do
- Be prepared for him to try and show off being able to reach things for you. He’ll wear a small proud smirk and say something cheesy at times.

- If you ever seem upset about your height, he’s quick to tell you how your height is perfect and there’s nothing to worry about.
- And…That it does make you cute. When you wrap your arms around his neck and gently pull him down to kiss his cheek, he m e l t s
- Every cuddling position is super comfortable, and he loves pulling you close. You two seem to fit together perfectly, and he loves it
- Though, if you wanted, he would buy you heels so at least giving him goodbye kisses were easier.
- Bending down to properly kiss you, seeing your cheeks flush, always gets his heart pumping too!

- There wouldn’t be too much of a height difference! She might not notice until you pointed it out, then realized you really were a bit shorter.
- She would think it would add to your cuteness, to be honest.
- She wouldn’t say much about it outloud, though. She wouldn’t want to risk embarrassing you
- But…when you snuggle up to her, cuddling or asleep, she’s trying her best not to blush with how adorable you are.
- She does want to teach you a few self-defense moves, just to look out for you!

- Y E S. Now he feels like he truly is a man!
- Reaching to get things for you, squeezing you in tight and lovable hugs, the way you bury your face in his chest- He Loves It
- Granted, you’ve assured him he’s ‘still a man’ to you, but it does help him feel assured he can help/protect you with anything!
- He personally loves cuddling on the couch with you. The two of you fit on there well. Thanks to yout height, there isn’t much tangling of the limbs…Kinda.
- He loves coming up behind you, wrapping his arms around your torso and leaning down to rest his chin on your head, just talking to you about something. You playfully pout sometimes, but you’re just too cute!

- Be prepared for So Many Jokes. He’s going to run up his whole supply of short jokes, and then make new ones to throw at you.
- Sometimes he’ll let out a dramatic sigh, use your head as an arm rest, and muse outloud about where you went to
- Jokes aside, he thinks you’re adorable! You’re easy to beat in tickle wars, and he loves you snuggled up next to him in bed. He feels like he can really protect you if he just hugs you tight.
- Sometimes he might offer piggyback rides, like a dork
- He also loves lifting you up to kiss you! He loves how you giggle when he does that!

HAPPY (super duper late) BIRTHDAY @fb-phe13!!!!

Decided to draw the Rogue One gang for you, since I know you like that movie a lot! I changed my mind like a hundred times tho so that’s part on why this took so long (and I’m not entirely sure I’m super happy with this, I swear I tried haha) 

I was listening to this while working on this and I noticed it worked sooo well for them haha, so yay?? xD 

Anyway, I hope you like this! ily friendo!! <3 

So we found this “interactive kiosk” or whatever it’s called.
And we typed “killing stalking memes” in Google.
And… we ran away, leaving this shit like that. 😂 😂 😂
I regret nothing, Seungbae can even arrest me. #THUGLIFE
(but damn, I wonder how many people have seen this and got nightmares 👌)
not sorry

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The anon obsessed with James and Emilia here... "but James respects the fact Emilia's married and that she loves Remington". So HE IS in love with his best friend?! Oh my god!! I'm sorry for bothering you, but I love them so so much, really ♥

Hehehehe xD Look xD I’m not saying that James and Emilia wouldn’t live happily ever after in some other story but as far as I know they are friends, not a couple. I also can’t say James wouldn’t be happy with someone else, he definitely would be. Nevertheless, I love teasing you! :D I’m cool with whoever you decide to ship. Your obsession is my fuel xD (Don’t mind grumpy James ;))


I love truten! They’re best friends growing up that turn into something more! But just like with kakavege I don’t enjoy them over sexualized. Mostly because they’re my sons and I feel very paternal for them xD (if I ever get around to drawing more of my after gt au you’d probably like it cause they’re living together and are courting) but yeah I love truten! And I don’t really ship them with anyone else. I really love watching they’re friendship grow in dbz, gt, and dbs. They’re such goobers. ♡

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Chops sorry ta say this but.... I'll be stealing all the mun's love (I'm soo gay hahaha xD)

WE HAVE LOST TWO PHONES AND FOUR WALLS TO MAGIC THIS MONTH, NO MORE. Also, don’t worry my friend I will protect you from the grumpy skell. 

Also, I am gonna finish up asks and post a few pictures of Papyruses when I get back from dinner, so be on the look out for that!!

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21. Astrals, I’m so sorry for hitting you! (I am so so sorry I completely misunderstood and thought you meant we make the title ourselves I'm so so so very sorry for the confusion!!!!! Oh man that's really embarrassing and again i really sorry!!!!)

XD XD XD Due to  our discussion my friend, it is a headcanon for all I write about - thank you for sending in this request and I’m still very sorry for my outburst!

I’m very sorry Ignis is even shorter than the others! I’m pretty tired today and I cannot wait til half term on the 23rd October… (I think)

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Gladio looked at you in confusion, a brow raised, hand held out for you to take. You were sprawled on the floor, your rush to get from one side of your apartment to his side before you went crashing onto the floor at his feet.
“What are - “

Astrals, I’m so sorry for hitting you!” You stood by yourself, far too embarrassed to even take your boyfriends hand, face red and eyes to the ground.

He simply tilted his head. “What do you mean?”

“I caught your leg as I tripped.” You stared at the ground even harder.

Honestly, Gladio found this side of you downright adorable - from staring at the floor to the way your hands were clasped in front of you, from the red flush on your cheeks to how quiet your voice was in your awkward state.

He merely smiled and pulled you into his frame gently, his arms wrapping around your waist. “Well I didn’t feel a thing.” He kissed your temple and offered you a reassuring smile,

Just as he had said, he truly had not felt a thing.

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Prompto stared at you in complete shock, the comical kind, with his hand on his forearm. You had been trying to explain your opinion upon the importance of listening to reason and analysing the situation over making impromptu decisions, arms moving around to emphasise certain points. Youf, obviously, ended up giving him a bit of a whack whilst he went to take a sip of his water from his bottle.

You immediately stopped what you were doing and looked at him. “Astrals, I’m so sorry for hitting you!” 

You were in a panicked state, to which he had no idea how to react, and you gave him the tightest hug you could. He was stock still for a few moments, face a bright red, before he relaxed and leaned his cheek against yours.

“It didn’t hurt that much. Promise.”

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Ignis on the other hand, wasn’t a jokster like Prompto, and he wasn’t painless like Gladio, he could very much feel the the sting from the playful slap that was a little harder than you had intended. The only sign he showed was a small twitch on the lips. But you noticed it clear as day. Much to his dismay.

“Astrals, I’m -”

“No need to apologise, dearest.” He smiled kindly at you, taking your hand in yours. “It was simply an accident.”

“But -”

His hand upon your cheek, his nose upon your nose, stopped you from complaining. “It is nothing to be sorry for, dear.”

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Noctis was a little concerned for you at first - you were huddled beneath a blanket, back to the door and your face to the back of the chair where you were curled into a ball .

He walked quietly towards you, his feet padding against the carpet. The prince brought his hand to your forehead, tucking strands of your dishevelled hair behind your ear. You pushed it to one side, clearly not in the mood.

 He frowned and clambered over you, sliding relatively easily between you and the back of the chair. But you only rolled onto your side, your shoulder catching his chin…

“Ow…” It was quiet, a mere mumble, but it got you to turn again to face him, a hand appearing from the warmth of the blanket to touch his chin. 

“Astrals, I’m so sorry for hitting you….”

He nuzzled his face into your neck and gave you the quickest of kisses, silencing you with the way he held you for extra comfort. “Never you mind about that. Just lemme be with you.”

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Regis was sprawled out on the floor. You see, what had happened had caused in him and yourself to burst out laughing. You were meant to be attempting to fish, but a somewhat unmannered bluegill decided to be….rebellious. So what ended up happening was you used a little too much momentum to pull the fish out the water.

The bluegill smacked the newly crowned King in the face with a little too much force, and he was currently on his butt,not knowing whether he was laughing because it was funny, or if he was trying to hide his pain.

But it was honestly clear that you found it amusing as you took his hand. “Astrals I’m so sorry.” You wrapped an arm around his waist in a sideways hug, a grin upon your face.

“You should make the fish apologise dearest.”