i'm sorry for my friends xd

Giroud & Ramsey

.. Yeah because we love them and can’t get enough of them ❤

right?  @thegametheboysandthearsenal 

Feel free to add more pictures and gifs! 

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awwww, Aaron is so giggly *v*  #thegiroudeffect

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can we pleasee take a minute to remember this!! (ft. welbz) 

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Lol, Aaron trying to look pretty while Oli is getting ready  “dancing” ? 

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mmmmm….. and then this happened …. ?? i need answers 

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Is it too obvious that i LOVE them TOO MUCH! ❤❤❤


“Omg! Look guys! Leak images of Pink Pearl” lol XD

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AW COME ON I WAS HALFWAY THROUGH DRAWING A FATALBERRY FLUFF SHIP THING BUT THEN YOU PUT THAT UPDATE ON US AND I HAVE NO IDEA IF MY LONE SHIPPER'S HEART CAN TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS *cough* I mean, I'm fine what are you talking about :^)))))) Really though, I'm kind of a gullible 'oh, everybody's gonna be friends!' type of person so I was not expecting that hand twist and I'm scared because all I wanted was for them to get along and be friends but nope you crushed my heart-- (I love it though)

Haha oh no I’m so sorry XD Fatal isn’t very good at making friends sometimes. But! Since pairings aren’t canon to the actual story, please feel free to ship them, haha! I’d hate to stop you or anyone else from having a bit of fun :) It’s totally not gonna stop me from drawing cute stuff with them so don’t feel like it needs to stop you too <3

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wait you have people-. why. why are people like this. chara's not evil. YOUR chara isn't evil. they're doing unkind things yeah and they need to take a chill pill but they. augh. bro. i'm so sorry bro. stay strong. can i call you bro? i call my female friends bro too but you might not be good with that

I call everyone bro XD

even though I don’t state Chara as “evil” some people just assume that’s what I’m doing and throw a piss fit XD


Never trust on Sin Martinez. Never trust on a Troll translator.

I saw an old viral video about this, and i remained to Error XD….

…I’m Sorry!?

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

Undernovela belongs to @pig-demon

And Blueberry @underswapped @popcornpr1nce

*La translation:

Hi Asgoro.

I don’t speak Spanish but my friends helped me to write this admiration message.

You’re ugly. You have bad breath and nobody loves you. 

I’m a fool and you’re stupid. 

Toriel won’t be yours ever.

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I'm sorry for the yandere anonymous I made my friend drunk then bet him to do it to a random person on Tumblr so very sorry he said so weird stuff


first one was idk
second was @upsidedownphysics
third is your friend???????????


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Dear guy @ the cafe, I'M SO SORRY I STAYED PAST CLOSED I WAS STUDYING AND LOST TRACK OF TIME AND DIN'T REALIZE THAT YOU GUYS CLOSED FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES. I'M SO SORRY. (i'm also sorry that my rommate and her friends thought it was no big deal and were laughing at how horrified i was that we stayed past close) i apologized the whole way out while pakcing my stuff and lol i'm so scared to go back now xD (4/9)


Me in 7 requested by anon (this one is based on a conversation i had with my friend. We discussed how “great” i would be as a detective xD)

Me in 8 requested by @electronthehusky (seriously guys what’s wrong with you? xD)

Patchi in 10 requested by anon

Blushy in 15 requested by @saltydezthings

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My friend accidentally said "yuri on rice" instead of "yuri on ice", and my immediate mental image was Yuri Plisetsky laying on a giant pile of rice. So, naturally, that mental image is now presented to you (I'm sorry if this is stupid or annoying, it's very late and I'm probably the only one who finds this funny).

This isn’t stupid or annoying at all anon I actually read this ask out loud to my friend Adrian while we were on Skype and we laughed xD Thank you for this blessed image 

Anonymous said:  Can you draw JohnDave where John is trans (ftm) and comes out to Dave after getting a haircut and a binder, so Dave sees him like that for the first time and is just like “oh no my best friend is hot” and gets really red in the face and John’s like “???????????????????????????”

sure xD

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i'm sorry if i'm asking too many questions, but i'm curious to see what a choro + ichi fusion would look like (me and my friends like to joke that the fusion would probably be a kinky ball of anxiety lmao)

Here ya go~

This is Seafoam Chalcedony, & yes. He is indeed a kinky ball of anxiety. :P

I love how most of my fusions for Choro end up being constantly sweaty. XD

19th - 20th of May ~ Your presence softens my pain


Sooo I was chatting with my good friend @auraturner about the new issue of mtmte (which was fantastic by the way) and as we where talking about how funny it is that whirl has basically become the matchmaker of cyclonus and tailgate at this point….a crazy, crazy thought came to mind and well…this is the result of that idea XD

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To make things brief, my friend does not see the appeal in his face and I thought instead of using my own words to argue pointlessly, I can show her that there IS in fact a lot of other people that agree with me and also find him frustratingly, incredibly, ridiculously, aesthetically pleasing.

I mean, strength in numbers, right?