i'm sorry for my friends xd


Never trust on Sin Martinez. Never trust on a Troll translator.

I saw an old viral video about this, and i remained to Error XD….

…I’m Sorry!?

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

Undernovela belongs to @pig-demon

And Blueberry @underswapped @popcornpr1nce

*La translation:

Hi Asgoro.

I don’t speak Spanish but my friends helped me to write this admiration message.

You’re ugly. You have bad breath and nobody loves you. 

I’m a fool and you’re stupid. 

Toriel won’t be yours ever.

Lady Lazarus

Adrinette Month Day 9: Akumatized

Soooo this got a lot longer than intended and it’s three days late and I’ve missed every other day including the past two days and probably today if I’m being realistic, but here’s my contribution anyways? 



Holding her breath, Marinette watches the shimmering mass of ladybugs cascade over Chat Noir’s body. With a swish, the last trace of the swarm disappears, and with it, the last trace of her hope. Chat is still motionless before her. Her fingers still come away sticky with blood when she presses them futilely against his wound.

Apparently every classic book, movie, and fairy tale was right. No amount of magic can bring back the dead.

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Anonymous said:  Can you draw JohnDave where John is trans (ftm) and comes out to Dave after getting a haircut and a binder, so Dave sees him like that for the first time and is just like “oh no my best friend is hot” and gets really red in the face and John’s like “???????????????????????????”

sure xD


Joining the Battle Royale AU, thanks to @sakudrew and @ronyascribbles‘ awesome posts! And I dragged @happywonderfuldays and @fatedchosenone with me~

Marish used to be a delinquent until she met Lia and Mai. These angels became her friends and saved her from the pit of loneliness. Since they are the only people who could understand Marish, she swore to protect them at all cost.

But nothing goes right in the BR. When Lia dies(?) and Mai weeps over her lost friend, Marish becomes unstable. She is then determined to kill everyone to keep Mai safe, even her own life. So don’t expect any mercy from her. She will kill you with no hesitation, as long as you don’t take Mai as hostage.

she won’t survive in this game

☆  Phone Wallpaper - Blonde Jin  ☆
I did this because blonde Jin is love. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

~ You all can save this and use it if you want ~

(It was my first time doing something like this and i’m so emotional done today because of KIM SEOKJIN. I had much fun do this for @jinscutehands to bother her. LMAO. Really random. I’m sorry my friend for doing this to you xDDD)

19th - 20th of May ~ Your presence softens my pain

@durararas replied to your post “Sorry if this bothering you.. But are you gay?”

I’m so sorry idk why I found this so funny

@xatsushis replied to your post “Sorry if this bothering you.. But are you gay?”

I FOUND THIS FUNNY TOO LOL (and I’m also straight lmao)

Even more funny is when I posted this ask and I lost 5 followers in a row LOL they were disappointed XD

So, uh… I’ve been tagged by the wonderful @austinamelio to do this challenge, so… here we go! Thanks for tagging me, love! :3

The last song you listened to: I’ve been listening/writing the next part of ‘Flashes’ to this, and I like this song very much bc yes. I know, great reasoning XD

Your lock screen: My lock screen has… no significant explanation. It’s just that galaxies and starry skies are my aesthetic, so I just made it a lock screen and it’s been like that ever since.

Selfie: I took this yesterday, so I’m sorry for showing you my horrible face. I am so, so sorry. LMAO not XD

I TAG: @poe-also-bucky @imhereforbvcky @buckys-fossil @buckyslion @mellifluous-melodramas @bovaria @defendors and anyone else who would like to participate in this! (Sorry if you’ve been tagged already or done this before!!)


It’s because we don’t understand that we wonder what the other is thinking and try so desperately to understand every word they say… You end up thinking to much about the other person, and being close to them becomes painful, so you try to distance yourself… I believe you become friend with someone by doing that over and over and… as much as I hate to admit it, that’s how I became friends with these guys.

Kiznaiver Ep.12

Like or reblog if you like Jonghyun's face.

To make things brief, my friend does not see the appeal in his face and I thought instead of using my own words to argue pointlessly, I can show her that there IS in fact a lot of other people that agree with me and also find him frustratingly, incredibly, ridiculously, aesthetically pleasing.

I mean, strength in numbers, right?

I was tagged by @roraewrites to post my last selfie, locked screen and screenshot of last song I’ve played. Sooo here I go! XD
Sorry I don’t tag anyone because ppl I wanted to tag were already asked to do this sooo feel free to do this tag by yourself and tag your friends anyways. :3 😍

Oh wow I’m going to be super busy

Because I mean like uhhh my birthday is a week ago, and yesterday is the birthday of my bestie, so I’m pretty occupied. I finally had a free time now, but since I plan to send some Valentine gift for my friends (and bf lol), then boy, I’m still busy.

I REALLY wanna join the Owari no Seraph Shipping Week too, so I’m going to be very busy, like no kidding xD

I’ll probably be late on my entries but whatever, I’m still submitting, doesn’t matter how late it is~ 

Get To Know Me Better Tag

Rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

Tagged by: @billericaytobarcelona
Thank you so much I appreciate it! And I am a huge fan of your blog! <3

Name: Kaycie

Nicknames: Kayc (I’m also called Kun by my mom and Messi by some close friends XD)

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 5 ft 1 maybe…

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff and proud!

Favorite Color: I adore blue and red (because Barça y'know) but I also love the mixtures of colors, particularly orange, in sunsets. I find it captivating.

Favorite Animal: Ooh! Dogs are chill. I love sloths and koalas. Pandas are neat too.

Time Right Now: 9:29 pm USA EST time

Cat or Dog Person: I actually can’t stand cats because they despise me! Whenever I’m around a cat it tries to attack me, no joke!

Favorite Fictional Character: This is tough, but I’d have to say Dally from the Outsiders.

Favorite Singer/Band: I have a bunch! Troye Sivan, EDEN, Barcelona, Stephen, The Fray, Lifehouse, TØP, P!ATD, Oh Wonder, and a lot more hah.

Dream Trip: I would absolutely die if I had the chance to go to Barcelona. Mainly to see Barça play, but also to tour the cathedrals and cities. I’d like to go as many places as I could–basically I want to travel the world!

Dream Job: I’m working on becoming a professional soccer player. Also as side careers I would love to pursue writing, photography, and maybe a physiologist. Who knows?

When Was This Blog Created: Tbh I’m not sure…sometime last year–before the summer I think.

Current Number of Followers: a little over 100 which is insane because I thought I would only get porn blogs following me! Haha but fr I appreciate everything! Ilysm! <3

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: I mainly just wanted to hear and converse with other people who have the same interest as me, and maybe make some friends along the way :)

Why Did You Pick Your URL: well I love Barça and ‘bae’ at the time was a popular word lol. I might change it idk

Users I Want to Get To Know Better: This tag has been going around forever but whoever wants to do this feel free to say I’ve tagged you. @kingpique @luchorgasm @mascheranoi and whoever else wants to it! (Btw don’t feel obliged to do this–if you’re not comfortable with it it’s totally cool.)

selfmadeelf replied to your post: selfmadeelf replied to your post: …

that happens to me so often. with the drabble challenge the ones that I had the greatest blank space in my head turned out to be the funniest :) and I actually had something fenders in mind. with Anders so reluctant and in denial that he has feelings for Fenris that he blames everything on him. Their friends turn it into a joke and one alcohol induced confession turns into an angry rant about all the (mostly good) things that are Fenris fault ;) silly brain of mine

I like it!