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I'm breathless, jealous jaebum is my life, mark is having so much fun... i can't. Jb is literally like "let's have the rooms like before, not because i want to be with youngjae or anything tho, i'm asking because jackson misses you" AND THAT NOTE ON HIS EPISODE WITH YOUNGJAE... that boy fell so hard. Sorry for the rant ;;;

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mark mentioning youngjae to make jaebum jealous broke me how bad do you think jb wants youngjae back in the room?

My dear anons,

I’m broken and breathless along with you both! I cannot believe how obviously these boys were airing their drama over Youngjae in their episode! Where was the subtlety??? Where was the attempt to disguise Jaebum’s jealousy over Markjae??? Was it in Jaebum’s attempt to bring in Jackson/Markson??

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Yes, very smooth, Jaebum. Jackson is totally the one doing the missing here and having a hard time… Jaebum remembers he wrote a note exposing himself, right?

Then again, Mark wasn’t much better with the subtlety with the way he was needling and taunting Jaebum at every opportunity! I mean…

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From the very opening! This boy has gotten so savage, and Jaebum is suffering. Seriously, though… everyone knows what trash Jaebum is for Youngjae and how much he wants him back in his bed room. I bet there’s a whole situation going on off camera about it, and that’s how Mark knew so well that it was a soft spot! That taunting little turd… I love Savage Mark. I mean, can we just have a moment to talk about the little shit-eating voice he uses when he messes with Jaebum about spending Chuseok with Youngjae??

Honestly! The way he mumbles the name while watching Jaebum like a hawk, and then looks SO pleased with himself when Jaebum gets thrown off and reacts… I can’t help but see this as him messing with Jaebum by saying Youngjae’s name to make him jealous and then pretending he didn’t… (Which also brings up the question: is it a game of Mark’s to regularly make Jaebum think he’s going crazy by hearing Youngjae’s name, and then acting like he didn’t say it?? I totally used to do that with my best friend about the band that she was really, really into…) And then Jaebum gets so awkward as he tries to cover for his momentary panic… 

And let’s not ignore how pained Jaebum looked when Mark talked about waking Youngjae up in the mornings! You can’t convince me that the smile Mark gives him then isn’t gloating, because it’s so obvious that Jaebum is remembering and highkey missing when that was his job as Youngjae’s roommate… And Mark is loving this chance to tease him!

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It’s really not even a question of how badly I think Jaebum wants Youngjae back in the room! Jaebum was willing to use the 2jae GOT2DAY episode to publicly beg him to come back, and then he used the Markbum episode to publicly beg Mark to switch rooms with him so that he can go join Youngjae… I think it’s safe to say that he’s desperate! He’s fallen so hard for our Sunshine boy, that he can’t even pretend to be cool about it anymore! Not that he was particularly cool with his subtle complaints ( x ) and hinted bitterness ( x ) throughout the last year… but now he’s decided to even abandon the subtlety!

Ahh, I just really can’t handle how much Jaebum misses Youngjae and what lengths he’s going to in order to get to sleep with room with him at the dorms again! At least he only has to wait a little while longer… I hope! For both his sake and my own trashy heart…

Why is the dark gifset trend so popular? Is it a form of neo dadaism? Is it a popular trend purely for the absurdity of posting a 2x4 set of black.jpeg and calling it a gifset and pretending I can see what’s going on in the murky depths? 

Kicking off the hiatus with 5.04

A few people have requested that I continue my commentaries™ during the hiatus & after all the positive feedback, I couldn’t say no! But I expected to have an awful day & it actually went well so I thought I’d go ahead and do it now. You know since I’m going to avoid all my responsibilities anyway it might as well be for a good cause🙃

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Maine Gothic

You watch as fog creeps over the islands in the harbor, engulfing them in thick mist. “What islands?” people ask, when you remark upon it. You find you can’t remember either.

Moxie comes from an era when soft drinks were medicinal. In fact, there hasn’t been a new batch made since 1884. It oozes out of cans and bottles, a dark, foul-tasting sludge. Everybody knows this. Everybody drinks it anyway. The glare of the Moxie Man compels them to conform.

Snow falls from a clear sunny sky. “If you don’t like it, wait ten minutes,” says an old man sitting on his porch. Ten minutes later it’s raining blood. “Just wait ten minutes…”

There used to be giant pine trees up in the northern woods. Actually, nobody knows if they’re still there or not. Nobody dares venture in far enough to find out.

Masses of shuffling, groaning humanity clog the sidewalks and shamble through the woods. The locals sigh, mutter under their breath about tourist season, and sell overpriced t-shirts to replace their bloodied rags.

It snowed this April, and the April before that, and the one before that too. Nobody can remember the previous years, but all agree this snowfall is a dark omen. Just like they did last year.

“Fireworks are legal!” declares Governor LePage. “Fireworks are legal and everything is good.” You watch the fireworks, sated, unable to hear contrary thoughts over the crashing sounds.

People from out of state laugh when you call Portland “The City.” “Portland isn’t a real city,” they say, “it’s just a bedtime story! A fairytale!“

The locals sigh with relief when the temperature reaches 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything feels warm when your blood is frozen in your veins.

Fire rips across a blueberry barren, devouring the blood-red bushes in a sacrificial ritual of destruction, the only way to ensure a bountiful crop next year. Actually no wait that one’s completely true

The people speak in tongues. “Jeezum crow, ’s dahkah'n a pocket out heah! Ayuh, gunta stahm.” Nobody’s truly understood each other since 1820.

“Maine: The Way Life Should Be,” reads the sign just after the bridge from New Hampshire. The Governor’s addition reads “Open For Business.” Another mill was torn down yesterday, leaving a town destitute and in total denial. They can still see the smokestack, puffing away like anything, why can’t you? They don’t need help, not from anyone from Away. Their smiles stretch wide, a mask of fear at a future they refuse to imagine.

The state motto is Dirigo, “I Lead.” But where? you ask. You’ll never get an answer.

Family of Rogues Scene Analysis #1

Okay there is SO MUCH to say about this episode so I’m splitting it into a few posts (scene analyses and one to two broader posts about relationships and themes). 

Here’s the post for the “office-rescue” scene.

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How would Dachi, Kei, and Kageyama react if their crush was lab partner for a huge serious project?

this ask makes me so happy you have no idea…

Sawamura would be so happy that everyone would think he must have totally wrecked the basketball captain in a competition again. He might be a little bit nervous though, evident only when he almost sets his sleeve on fire on the bunsen burner when he reaches across the table to grab a different utensil. He would definitely use this advantage to get to know his crush a little bit better, and he would put even more effort than usual into this assignment because he wouldn’t want his crush to suffer a bad grade and have it be his fault. Though his “calm” exterior wouldn’t falter, Daichi would also be really happy about obtaining his crush’s phone number, passing it off as a way to get in touch with them for the project. He would think he’s pretty smooth, though he’s really not.

Tsukishima would appear indifferent, but he would actually be pretty fired up about it (just like the bunsen burner haha admin j is so funny). He’d actually talk way more than usual, even asking his crush their opinion on questions he probably already knew the answer to. He also asks them a lot if he can help them with anything, since academics is a pretty strong suit of his (and maybe because he wants to show off his smarts). But at the same time, Tsukki wouldn’t get too distracted since his grade would probably matter a lot to him. Most of the time he’d appear really calm and collected, but he’d be bubbling with warmth (just like the beaker after they poured in the chemicals haha admin j is so good at metaphors).

Kageyama wouldn’t really know how to react (unlike the chemicals they are using admin j is overselling her puns). On one hand, he would feel very lucky to be paired up with the one person he really wanted to be paired up with, but on the other, the question that stands is “now what?” Kageyama would likely not turn on the charms or anything, but would proceed through the experiment in usual polite lab partner manner. He might be really embarrassed though since he’s not the sharpest tool in the shack, so he might accidentally mix the wrong chemicals or set his worksheet on fire, but he’d try really hard to not be too huge an inconvenience to his crush, since the last thing he wanted to do was saddle them with all the work. This might be the time Kageyama actually has the motivation to devote more time to his studies than usual.