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so I was scrolling through your fic tag and stumbled upon the one where dean and cas watched Hercules with sam and they finally confessed to each other because of it. The parallels!!!!

Right? That’s one of my faves! Ah, I need to make a miniature meta-ish post now :P 

Hercules, the Hero: Zeus & Hera’s son, who is born as a God until Hades’ minions feed him the potion that strips him of his divinity. Adopted by mortal parents, Hercules is lost and doesn’t know where he belongs.

 Searching for answers, he does everything he possibly can to redeem himself as a God in the eyes of his father, Zeus. 

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Megara, the Damsel in Distress: human, has trust issues because of previous unsuccessful relationships, and is found to have sold her soul to Hades to save an unfaithful lover. Hades then manipulates her in order to defeat Hercules. She’s also the anti-Damsel who refuses Hercules’ help when he first comes to rescue her from a Centaur. 

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Meg falls in love with him, yet is adamant on keeping her feelings to herself.

The gist…

Hercules becomes a celebrity after slaying many monsters, but Zeus tells him it isn’t enough to restore his Godhood. He confides in Meg.

On the night of Hades’ World Domination, Hades makes Hercules a deal: give up his powers for 24 hours. He accepts on the condition that Meg stays safe. He is heartbroken when Hades reveals that Meg was his tool the entire time.

The Titans are unleashed, and during this Hades Apocalypse, Meg – consumed by guilt (and of course, her love for Hercules) – is critically injured when she saves him from a falling pillar. This breaks Hades’ agreement on Meg being unharmed, and Hercules gets his powers back. 

^Dean will say this in S13 #myS13wishlist

He frees the gods and saves Zeus, but Meg dies before he’s able to return to her. 

Wikipedia continuation: With Meg’s soul now Hades’ property, Hercules breaks into the Underworld where he negotiates with Hades to free Meg from the Styx River in exchange for his own life. His willingness to sacrifice his life restores his godhood and immortality before the life-draining river can kill him; he rescues Meg and punches Hades into the Styx, where souls flush him under. After reviving Meg, she and Hercules are summoned to Olympus, where Zeus and Hera welcome their son home. However, Hercules chooses to remain on Earth with Meg, in merit of immortality.

I mean, the clear parallels/reverse parallels and romance tropes Smack-Dabb you in the face here! 

Hercules and Meg were each other’s weaknesses. 

Hades knew this, and he used it to his advantage. Sound familiar? 

Who has been mocked and criticized for Falling from Grace – for falling in love with ‘Humanity’

Who has endured years of soul-searching: unsure of his true place both on Earth and in Heaven?

Who, after seasons and seasons of phenomenal character build-up, is destined to make the same choice Hercules did

Who will “sacrifice” or shed his divinity (and HAS sacrificed, many times) for the one human he has always prioritized over everything else? The one human he loves the most? The one human who is his weakness?

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Who used to desperately initiate demon deals, selling their soul? 

Who experienced past toxic mental and emotional struggles of the self and dealt with their own trust issues?

Who was manipulated by Evil forces, then ‘saved’ by the one they love?

Who doesn’t say he’s in love, but shows it instead (and is ready to use his words this time, now that he tore down his internal walls)? 

Who does Meg – Hercules’ Resilient Human Lover – symbolize quite accurately?

Just like Hercules and Meg…

Dean and Cas are each other’s weaknesses. 

I’m a complete sucker for Disney Love Story Parallels because Destiel is also narratively written as a romance, and it still blows my mind that you can match them to nearly every famous love story/romance trope out there! 

So, I expect S13 to be the season where all of these romantic storytelling elements grow more and more obvious to casual viewers as we enter the Endgame Destiel homestretch (12x19 onwards). The cake is baked. We’re just waiting for the icing to dry until the glittery finishing touches are added.

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I'm breathless, jealous jaebum is my life, mark is having so much fun... i can't. Jb is literally like "let's have the rooms like before, not because i want to be with youngjae or anything tho, i'm asking because jackson misses you" AND THAT NOTE ON HIS EPISODE WITH YOUNGJAE... that boy fell so hard. Sorry for the rant ;;;

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mark mentioning youngjae to make jaebum jealous broke me how bad do you think jb wants youngjae back in the room?

My dear anons,

I’m broken and breathless along with you both! I cannot believe how obviously these boys were airing their drama over Youngjae in their episode! Where was the subtlety??? Where was the attempt to disguise Jaebum’s jealousy over Markjae??? Was it in Jaebum’s attempt to bring in Jackson/Markson??

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Yes, very smooth, Jaebum. Jackson is totally the one doing the missing here and having a hard time… Jaebum remembers he wrote a note exposing himself, right?

Then again, Mark wasn’t much better with the subtlety with the way he was needling and taunting Jaebum at every opportunity! I mean…

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From the very opening! This boy has gotten so savage, and Jaebum is suffering. Seriously, though… everyone knows what trash Jaebum is for Youngjae and how much he wants him back in his bed room. I bet there’s a whole situation going on off camera about it, and that’s how Mark knew so well that it was a soft spot! That taunting little turd… I love Savage Mark. I mean, can we just have a moment to talk about the little shit-eating voice he uses when he messes with Jaebum about spending Chuseok with Youngjae??

Honestly! The way he mumbles the name while watching Jaebum like a hawk, and then looks SO pleased with himself when Jaebum gets thrown off and reacts… I can’t help but see this as him messing with Jaebum by saying Youngjae’s name to make him jealous and then pretending he didn’t… (Which also brings up the question: is it a game of Mark’s to regularly make Jaebum think he’s going crazy by hearing Youngjae’s name, and then acting like he didn’t say it?? I totally used to do that with my best friend about the band that she was really, really into…) And then Jaebum gets so awkward as he tries to cover for his momentary panic… 

And let’s not ignore how pained Jaebum looked when Mark talked about waking Youngjae up in the mornings! You can’t convince me that the smile Mark gives him then isn’t gloating, because it’s so obvious that Jaebum is remembering and highkey missing when that was his job as Youngjae’s roommate… And Mark is loving this chance to tease him!

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It’s really not even a question of how badly I think Jaebum wants Youngjae back in the room! Jaebum was willing to use the 2jae GOT2DAY episode to publicly beg him to come back, and then he used the Markbum episode to publicly beg Mark to switch rooms with him so that he can go join Youngjae… I think it’s safe to say that he’s desperate! He’s fallen so hard for our Sunshine boy, that he can’t even pretend to be cool about it anymore! Not that he was particularly cool with his subtle complaints ( x ) and hinted bitterness ( x ) throughout the last year… but now he’s decided to even abandon the subtlety!

Ahh, I just really can’t handle how much Jaebum misses Youngjae and what lengths he’s going to in order to get to sleep with room with him at the dorms again! At least he only has to wait a little while longer… I hope! For both his sake and my own trashy heart…

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Here I'll bug you again! Micro fic #49: nightfall - pairing is your pick! ♡

#49 – nightfall

Eternal night was a concept not lost on Ignis; he understood quite well the plight of those bereft of light.

But being lost in the darkness of night differed quite greatly from being lost without sight.

The blindness that robbed him of his eyes had been painful, as if claws and teeth had dug into his skin and ripped the flesh off his face.

But it was incomparable to the fear and worry of knowing his beloved was fighting a goddess for an ancient power, his own skills immature to that of a deity.

It was a shock to his system and his mind, the concept that his eyes were wide open and yet there was nothing to be had in his field of vision.

But it was nothing like acknowledging the fact that he would never be able to stare into the blue eyes of his prince again; to memorise and capture his face and features all over again.

It was a loss he mourned over as short as possible, a loss he ignored as best as he could, tried to take to it and accepted it as fast as it was needed.

But the most regrettable thing, that the last memory he had of Noctis – beautiful, raven-haired, moonlight-kissed, starbright-blessed Noctis – was him falling from the skies, dropping into the raging dark seas surrounding the Hydraean.

And all Ignis could do was watch him drown.


Maine Gothic

You watch as fog creeps over the islands in the harbor, engulfing them in thick mist. “What islands?” people ask, when you remark upon it. You find you can’t remember either.

Moxie comes from an era when soft drinks were medicinal. In fact, there hasn’t been a new batch made since 1884. It oozes out of cans and bottles, a dark, foul-tasting sludge. Everybody knows this. Everybody drinks it anyway. The glare of the Moxie Man compels them to conform.

Snow falls from a clear sunny sky. “If you don’t like it, wait ten minutes,” says an old man sitting on his porch. Ten minutes later it’s raining blood. “Just wait ten minutes…”

There used to be giant pine trees up in the northern woods. Actually, nobody knows if they’re still there or not. Nobody dares venture in far enough to find out.

Masses of shuffling, groaning humanity clog the sidewalks and shamble through the woods. The locals sigh, mutter under their breath about tourist season, and sell overpriced t-shirts to replace their bloodied rags.

It snowed this April, and the April before that, and the one before that too. Nobody can remember the previous years, but all agree this snowfall is a dark omen. Just like they did last year.

“Fireworks are legal!” declares Governor LePage. “Fireworks are legal and everything is good.” You watch the fireworks, sated, unable to hear contrary thoughts over the crashing sounds.

People from out of state laugh when you call Portland “The City.” “Portland isn’t a real city,” they say, “it’s just a bedtime story! A fairytale!“

The locals sigh with relief when the temperature reaches 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything feels warm when your blood is frozen in your veins.

Fire rips across a blueberry barren, devouring the blood-red bushes in a sacrificial ritual of destruction, the only way to ensure a bountiful crop next year. Actually no wait that one’s completely true

The people speak in tongues. “Jeezum crow, ’s dahkah'n a pocket out heah! Ayuh, gunta stahm.” Nobody’s truly understood each other since 1820.

“Maine: The Way Life Should Be,” reads the sign just after the bridge from New Hampshire. The Governor’s addition reads “Open For Business.” Another mill was torn down yesterday, leaving a town destitute and in total denial. They can still see the smokestack, puffing away like anything, why can’t you? They don’t need help, not from anyone from Away. Their smiles stretch wide, a mask of fear at a future they refuse to imagine.

The state motto is Dirigo, “I Lead.” But where? you ask. You’ll never get an answer.

I actually had to go looking for it, but I now have both a vine of the moment you’re asking about, and the link to the fancam it’s originally from!

I’m glad I was able to find it for you, because this is certainly a moment that should never be lost and always appreciated!

However… I think this should serve as a warning about how dangerous it is to ask me any questions about 2jae moments… because I never just find the one that’s being mentioned, and finding that fancam means that I’m currently too overwhelmed with all the 2jae interactions from that fansign to keep it to myself… so forgive me if I go off on a long tangent??

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Family of Rogues Scene Analysis #1

Okay there is SO MUCH to say about this episode so I’m splitting it into a few posts (scene analyses and one to two broader posts about relationships and themes). 

Here’s the post for the “office-rescue” scene.

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Why is the dark gifset trend so popular? Is it a form of neo dadaism? Is it a popular trend purely for the absurdity of posting a 2x4 set of black.jpeg and calling it a gifset and pretending I can see what’s going on in the murky depths? 

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ummmmmm youngjae's birthday post on instagram????? what do you mean my heart just exploded into a million pieces???? I'm not crying at all??? High school sweethearts??? whAT DID YOU JUST SAY

My dear anon,


I just??? have so many emotions???? Like…… okay, first of all, I would have loved a RECENT selca of the two of them, but the fact that this is from predebut at the filming for their music video??? HAS YOUNGJAE HAD THIS PICTURE ON HIS PHONE FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS??? I mean, I can’t help thinking about the possibility that this is the very first 2jae selca. At the very least, the earliest we’ve ever seen!?! (Though if anyone else knows of another predebut 2jae selca, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME!!) Ahhh, I just have so many emotions about the picture itself… and then the fact that Youngjae hasn’t made a instagram post for any of his members birthdays over the whole last year… but then he’s one of only two members (plus Mark’s dad) to post for his Jaebumie hyung’s birthday??? Ahhh…. so many emotions.

AND THE HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS VIBE. I’m still screaming inside. Just the idea of tiny first year Youngjae being the cutest, goofiest kid and upperclassman Jaebum with the cool, chic image meeting him and them falling for each other… Jaebum waiting at Youngjae’s desk for him before class, and Youngjae always showing up only just before class starts because he oversleeps and making Jaebum late for his own classes, but Jaebum doesn’t even care, lingering every day just so he can ruffle Youngjae’s hair and shove some sort of snack or drink at him and then stroll out all casually cool. Youngjae acting like he hates it because “it’s embarrassing, hyung. People keep staring and asking me about you.” and Jaebum all like, “Good. They’d better know you’re mine.” (And then his awkward nerd self coming out like, “You are mine, right?” and Youngjae having to reassure him with affection because Jaebum is a needy child.) But Youngjae actually loves it and he probably locks himself in a bathroom and cries at Jaebum’s graduation because he doesn’t want him to leave… and then Jaebum switches to waiting at the gate for him before and after school, and Youngjae complains about him looking like a creeper, but he’s secretly always happy when he sees Jaebum waiting for him, and………. OKAY, I’LL STOP. 

Anyway. I rambled forever, but I love this picture and everything it implies and suggests and just… yes. I love 2jae and their love for each other so so much.

I’ve filmed so many hard ones — hard in different ways. Carrying Beth out in season 5 was hard. I just looked at her and went away and cried for a long time and then came out and did it. But that was different because I didn’t want to break down on camera, I wanted it to look like I had already been crying for half an hour. They’re all different and you approach them in different ways.