i'm sorry for everyone who thinks this is real

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I got ambitious and made this insanely high res for some reason or another so that made it take thrice as long to get through.

But it was worth it because this is more fanart for @themarydragon, who I think I’ve previously mentioned is a writing wizard, but it’s worth saying again, especially in case I haven’t. This is from Chapter 8 of her fic Calm Waters Run Deep, at some interim point of the night. Good stuff.

Also, Mary, if you happen to want the 18x12 in, 300 dpi version to print, just message me. It’s the least I could do for ya!

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I'm never one for understanding open endings, so if I may ask, what do you think happened to Hux in "what's real or isn't"?

sure! sorry it took me a while to get around to this – i was out of the country without my computer and i hate typing large amounts on my phone. 

i’m going to stick this under a cut, for anyone who hasn’t read what’s realyet.

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Due to difficulties in real life and a lot of delay with the progress i am sorry to announce that the wix page this time will be cancelled. I’m so sorry for everyone who was waiting for it, but i won’t be able to finish the page in a long time and i don’t want either to be that late with the page.

thanks anyway to everyone who sent their entry, you can post it if you want

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A friend of mine spoke up today and told me that I'll never pass as a guy because I'm very skinny and only 5"5... I don't really know what to do?? How do I respond? It really hurt my feelings but what if she's right? What if no body ever wants to be my partner or Everyone can see right through me and they just know.. I'm sorry to bring this to your ask box but I'm really upset me I had no one else to talk to

yo honestly tell her to just SHUT the FUCK UP like?? who the hell does she think she is to say some nasty bullshit like that to you (her “friend” supposedly)? listen anon, she sounds like a real asshole, and is exhibiting some really toxic and transphobic behaviour– and you dont need that negativity in your life. 

listen anon, we love you very much. i love you very much. and you are very brave and no matter what anyone thinks you are a boy and you are passing. these harmful messages passed onto you by your “friends” are nothing but challenges that face your direction in the pursuit of your happiness. 

if you really do feel some great body dysphoria though, might i suggest some sole insertions to make yourself taller? i have them, and they work amazingly! i also have a great binder selection as well as recommendations for packers and stuff too!!

you are lovely, and you are passing enough. if you say you are a boy, then you are a boy, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!!! seriously fuck ur friend dude she sounds gross

@ everyone who replied to the kylo post

(Sorry I’m out and the replies system is fucked anyway) meh I’m thinking of putting it on a side blog or smth but like… I don’t give a fuck about kylo tbh I can take him or leave him but to me it’s obvious that the real evil guy is snoke along with his cult like order and the youngsters under him are like the second generation terrorists brainwashed into joining the cult which are basically… ALL of the current isis kamikazes in Europe, like ALL of them are young second generation and from an integrated family and like, I get that you don’t like him (I do) but nailing him and hux as the token evil white guys who don’t deserve redemption bc evil white males makes me roll my eyes bc they’re the arm, not the head if I’m making it clear, and honestly if ppl dont even get that and then talk about terrorism and being #woketm as if they got the mechanism.. dunno I’m just irked

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🎤 your favourite cover by the members

obvs yoonseok’s cover of ‘I Was Able to Eat Well’ lol  

🗡 in hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end? 

seokjin - would win all the sponsorships, would be underestimated and then poison literally everyone. low-key wins the hunger games.
yoonseok - the only true alliance, don’t fight people unless threatened, spend the majority of the hunger games in trees eating fruit together. hobi gets killed by jin and yoongi unsuccessfully seeks revenge its sad.
namjoon - dies first. probably falls on a bomb or some shit. 
jikook - jimin uses kook’s gayness against him and utilises his abnormal strength and abilities but casually kills him in his sleep when the opportunity to team up with tae arises 
vmin - they’d have a suicide pact bc jin tricks them into thinking he’s dead and “i can’t live without you, bro”.

🐰 describe jungkook with 3 emojis 

😈 🐰 🍆 

BTS askbox meme 💌

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Have you noticed an increase in admins just getting really down? It really bothers me... I can't imagine how much stress they're going through and I don't think that running a scenario blog relieves any of the pressure so I guess I just wish they wouldn't try to update their blogs at all, rather than trying to keep up with it. I guess I just wish people who are having problems wouldn't concern themselves with making an imagines blog bc it'll just be a lot harder for them, I sound awful but idk

I mean… I guess you’re trying to look out for them but the imagines blog isn’t what hurts us. We’ve had these problems before we have the imagines blogs, true, but that isn’t unusual at all; most of the people on tumblr fall in between those ages where things like depression and anxiety begin to manifest even greater and sometimes (I can’t speak for ALL other Admins) we need a break from this reality.

Which is what these imagines blogs are.

These are our escape. Where we can write about the characters we love and we can talk about the characters we love with hundreds of other fans, and make new friends through this. This brings us happiness, it counts as a distraction from the issues we may have to face in our daily life, and in all honesty, it may truly help Admins (include myself) find some support and realize what the next step is when it comes to finding a way to battle depression/anxiety/a variety of other mental illnesses.

But saying someone who has depression or anxiety shouldn’t make an imagines blog is kind of going a little far, even if they don’t use it as a way to escape. Whether they post about it or not, I’m positive each and every Admin of any Imagines blog has SOMETHING going on in their life that stresses them, causes them to get depressed, causes them to lose motivation, etc. Maybe they don’t update as much, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad at what they do, or anything along those lines.

I’ve been having increased issues and I finally made a post about it on this blog (because I don’t like posting personal issues because I know someone will say something negative because that’s just how some humans function) but look at all the work I’ve done, and the feelings I’ve inspired in people via my writing.

None of that would’ve happened had I thought “oh I have depression, I shouldn’t make an imagines blog” 

My whole point is, anon, that everyone has problems. But that doesn’t stop real life from happening, so why should it stop us from doing something that we enjoy?

~Admin Kuroko

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I've been feeling insecure lately and I don't know why, but sometimes I have these thoughts that Harry and Louis may have cheated on each other (especially Harry on Louis) and they have broken up at sometime, Idk. Cass, help me! What do you think? :'( I'm sorry for being a lil' stupid, but I just wanna know if I'm projecting insecurities, or if we have some proof of a time where it looks like they could have done something like this...

urgh… disclaimer: sorry if i sound like a bitch, but you’ve come to me while im in THE WORST mood, and i dont mean to sound like a bitch but im just going to be really blunt with you okay…

WHO THE FUCK CARES???? i understand that the idea of harry and louis being this perfect couple is a really nice thing to hold onto, but everyone needs to stop thinking of this real life couple as a fantasy and yes, stop projecting your own insecurities on them. the fact that we dont know them personally, but so many people are so emotionally invested in the status of their relationship is really fucking scary to me… i 100% understand, because i do it too, feel the need to want to know everything because you’re curious.. and it’s human nature to want to find out stuff that we arent allowed to know, because we dont like being lied too… BUT you CAN NOT base your emotions on the status of a relationship of 2 people you dont know. it’s unhealthy!!! you need to find the line between being happy for them by following their relationship and completely basing your daily mood on if you believe they’re solid in their relationship or not!!

you need to find that peace babe… because you’re gonna do your head in just thinking about shit that doesnt even matter in the grand scheme of things. because look, if something did happen between them what are you going to do about it? what can you do about it? you wont ever know… nor will you ever find out the minute details of their relationship… so why are you worrying about it? why do you let yourself get so caught up in it? also, who the fuck cares if something did happen like that… they’re clearly in love and you can see that with your own 2 eyes. whats the point focusing on something that you dont even know happened or not? 

i really despise when people come to me and ask if i still think they’re together, or if i think they’ve broken up, or if i think they’ve fought before… because I DONT CAREEEEEEEEEEEEE AND I DONT WANNA TALK ABOUT THAT AND IVE SAID THAT HEEEEAAAAAPPPPS OF TIMES ON MY BLOG… they’re happy and healthy.. isn’t that enough? and fwiw there is no ‘proof of a time’.

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hello sorry 2 bother you i hope you're havin a good day !! everyone tells me asexuality isn't a thing and that i'm weird and i just haven't found the right person etc etc etc am i insane or do you think a human is capable of not being interested in anything sexually i feel like i have something super wrong with me and people's discouragement makes it even harder for me to feel okay in my own skin i just want to be accepted and !!!!

Of course it is a real thing ! Nothing is wrong with you and there are many other ppl who share the same feeling and thoughts!!!! I know countless others who identify as asexual and it is a completely valid and functioning lifestyle! It is ridiculous that someone else believes they have a right to a vocal opinion on YOUR own sexuality!  Trust your own mind and body before anything!!! Nobody else can tell you how you feel and what is real or not!! Most ppl in the normal world are close minded or raised a certain way or are just very ignorant!! Please know there are countless ppl out there that will love you and understand that yr own personal preferences are none of their businesss!!! Find a close friend that you trust or someone online that has dealt with similar issues and talk it out ! Sometimes vocalizing an identity struggle can help you understand it more and give you the confidence you need. Also have faith and be hopeful in knowing that society is slowly (but surely) moving forward towards social justice and more humans are learning acceptance!!! Yr good yr good! Thank u for the kind words btw means alot 

You know why I love manga?
Because that’s how real life should be.

Those manga with the greatest, deep and well-developed plots teach you several and important friendship, love and life lessons.
The world would be a better place if only everyone would read mangas.

And people discriminate them as something childish.
Never trust those people who think comics are childish.

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I get the feeling you're gonna think I'm some 'undercover Larrie' for saying this but I'm an anti and LARRIES AREN'T MISOGYNISTS. Like god damn, stop diminishing that word. They don't hate women, they hate EVERYONE who gets in the way of their ship, male or female. They don't hate the women they hate BECAUSE they are women (which would be real misogyny) but because they're blocking their fantasies, and I'm sorry but you are dumb if you can't see that.

Whether you’re a Larrie or an ‘anti’ doesn’t  matter -  I disagree.  I would not diminish the word misogyny by using it in an offhand manner. I consider it a pretty grave accusation and don’t make it lightly.

Misogyny isn’t simply “hating all women”. It’s also about diminishing women using the sort of gendered insults that have been used for centuries to reduce women to a series of stereotypes that can easily be ridiculed and dismissed. 

So when Larries accuse Briana of being a “gold-digger” because she had sex with a rich man; or when they say that she’s a “dumb blonde cliche”; or  when they distribute a “sex tape” to imply that Briana is a slut; or  accuse her- the new mother of a 2 month old baby -  of being “useless and doing nothing with her life”, they are using gendered insults and perpetuating misogyny.

Yes, Larries are hateful towards men too (hell, not even two month old male babies escape their hatred!). And yes, Larries hate the women associated romantically or sexually with 1D because they get in the way of their fantasies. They then choose to attack them by misogynistic means.

Just because Larries are “equal opportunity haters” doesn’t mean they’re not misogynist or that they don’t engage in misogyny.  And was it really  necessary to call me “dumb” before engaging with me on this topic?