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Better be known I got the throne like I don’t know that there’s a king
Never grew up around a family because I’m not a human being
And anyone under my level that’s coming in my spot, for the top
Let ‘em have it, cause when I leave, the whole world drops [x]

the thing about writing a ship is like y’all realize there are aspects that AREN’T supposed to be realistic, right? this was something i learned way back in the day when i watched how i met your mother and i realized the writers had no clue how to keep barney and robin together and make it interesting and engaging. the thing that worked with barney and robin was the almost-maybe-will they-won’t they aspect of it. once they got together and stayed together, their relationship grew stale and boring. and that’s not to say it couldn’t have been interesting and well done, but the writers, in my opinion, sort of failed in that regard. where they succeeded with marshall and lily, they dropped the ball with barney and robin.

that stupid show is the reason why i’m very conscious of how i write ships and especially how i write slow burn. i don’t want to have all this build-up, chapters and chapters of build-up, only to get the two characters together and have them be constantly together all the time and everything is perfect and then you get bored of their relationship. or maybe bored isn’t the right word for it; it’s more just like you’re accustomed to them being together so it doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore. 

like, when an author only has the ship kiss once every three chapters, then i’m going to cling to those kisses with all i’ve got. i’m going to cherish those kisses and get a tingly feeling inside when i read those kisses. if the characters kissed every paragraph, i’d get used to it pretty quickly and then it wouldn’t feel special anymore. is it more realistic to kiss a lot? probably. is it better storytelling? debatable. 

there is of course a place for these characters fuck all the time!!! fuck for four chapters straight!!!! nothing but sex!!!! but there’s also a place for gentle touches and small gestures and refraining from constantly touching each other. 

is any of what i’m describing “realistic”? probably not. but sometimes you have to sacrifice realism for the sake of good narrative engaging storytelling, and hopefully you do it well enough that the audience suspends their disbelief and forgives you for not writing something 100 percent realistic. 


Walk to the ends of the earth and you might just find yourself along the way. 


I don’t know how Tada-nii would react to Hiro dating, because Hiro has never dated.  Huh.  Wonder why.


(little note, I’m not an ask blog and I usually don’t take requests either >.<  This was just a cute ask I had sitting in my inbox for a really long time, and happened to fit well with something I wanted to draw anyway ^ ^; Thanks for understanding! <3)

  • Bpd: isolate yourself on purpose and never do anything outside your mandatory daily activities trust me this is a great idea
  • Bpd: why are you so boring and never do anything interesting? God you're such a pathetic person who doesn't even deserve to live

12 June - first of all, sorry for being so inactive as of late exams have begun so I’m spending all my time either revising or relaxing and don’t have much time to answer people ! but ye here are my notes for philosophy which I’ve now started doing on pictures of idols because i got bored one day and did it and realised I can actually remember a lot like this because I have a p visual memory. plus it stops me getting distracted and looking for pictures of them when I should be studying. ik it’s trash [ive been posting a lot more on my ig:studysthetics than here so if u miss me I’ll b there]


it’s 2017 & people still think they can invalidate someone else’s headcanon
a flaccid concept
a false reality

     anyways, w/aylon p/ark is white.

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I've literally been on your blog for only ten minutes and I already love it; the saltiness is a relieving change from all the "friendship" and "everyone ends up good" tropes. Thank you for that; I am also sick of the boring power of friendship bullcrap that Mashima loved to use. I love your outlook on it. (Btw for the 5 canons can you do Rogue? Thx~)

how about my boy rogue for the canon meme :3c

Rogue as he is kind and so much potential.

I’m glad you like the blog! I hope you enjoy your time here!

Canon: What actually happened.

Rogue is….not my favorite? I try to love him for you guys but like. He’s not my forever baby. I like his character arc, particularly the Shadow, Future Rogue, and his giving Sting his magic.

Headcanon: What you think happened, based on the characters, settings, storylines and all reasonable extrapolations thereof.

Rogue’s shadow demon is a Shadow Self (Persona 4). It is the half of him that he hides from the world and even himself, and the more he denies it and refuses to accept that it exists, the stronger it grows. It is all of his worst traits (ordinarily minimal) amplified and to the exclusion of his good ones.

Heartcanon: What you feel ought to have happened, quite divorced from rationality or sense.


Soulcanon: What you know happened, deep down in your soul, regardless of what anyone says. Including the creators of canon, themselves.


Crotchcanon: What your gonads wish had happened, or, alternatively, what turns you on.


He sits quietly near the windowsill, imagining what the sounds were thrumming outside- the gust of wind, assorted car honks, some sirens, the rare bell, gossip, maybe even quiet laughter- masked by the thick glass. He scratches his silver locks, daydreaming, staring aimlessly at the clouds, and when he gets bored the places his palms on his no feeling legs and counts the cars with his fingers- black, white, black, black, gray, red, black, white, truck. He tries to hum sometimes, in his head, recalling tidbits of music he once liked. There wasn’t much he can do, not for a while now, but still he sits there. Koushi refuses to spare a glance behind him, the machines constantly beeping, connected to his fragile body.

He sighs as he pulls into the dark car park. The blue sky long gone, the dark promising him rest. His was a schedule- a routine to be more exact home, eat, sleep, shower, work, eat, drive- mostly taken for granted. He stares at his sunken brown eyes in the rear view mirror, unkempt brown locks on the edges, a face that was probably seeking lost opportunities and more time. Time he usually spent taking detours (rather long ones) to and from work. Tooru clicks his seatbelt off and locks his blue car.

11 Random Facts

11 Random Facts

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Shit, Facts..

1. The first impression I give people is always being a bitch. The thing is, I’m just very shy at first.

2. I’m very loud, I’m always singing HSM-songs. 

3. I’ve been writing fanfictions since I was 9 (in my native language) First, Zac Efron then Justin Bieber, and now Harry Styles lol - also a Zayn Malik fanfic

4. My life goal is to be a veterinarian and live in London.  

5. I used to smoke weed, but had once a bad trip and never smoked again. 

6. I’m a make-up enthusiast and shopaholic. - also I’m a beautician. 

7. I got the name ‘Charlotte’ because it was the only name my dad could properly pronounce. 

8. I have a belly button piercing, a tragus piercing and two helix’s.

9.  My favourite colours are orange, pink and blue.

10. I passed my driving test from the first time, which is very uncommon in the city where I live. I think it’s because of the jokes I made. 

11. I eat everything except raw tomatoes and olives.

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thank u!! //weeps at being a fav’s fav

10 facts uHM okay this took forever i’m bad at facts i’m such a boring person :’))

  1. i’m gonna be 20 this year ://// i don’t want to face adulthood
  2. i work in a bakery sometimes but its not as fun as fanfic wants it to be
  3. i dropped out of school Twice and still havent finished but thats Okay with me
  4. ive been in a relationship for a year o///o
  5. i’d kill a man for mozzarella sticks i’d kill 100 men for mozzarella sticks
  6. im getting my first tattoo in 5 days!!!! aaaa!!! its weeb related bc of course it is
  7. my fav animals are jellyfish because they’re So Beautiful
  8. i didn’t sleep for almost 40 hours and decided it was a good idea to buy hamsters - their names are pepper and mint :’)
  9. i found out one of my fav characters in a book i was reading is a lesbian and i actually cried about it bc i was so happy
  10. ive been on tumblr for almost 5 years i think?? and i’m stuck here i can’t leave no matter how hard i try 

Okay like I too am bored of Lavellans who have no personality other than In Love With Solas but why is it so bad to have Lavellans who don’t know how to lead and are scared of being in positions of power and depend on people for advice?? friends tell me it is not bad to be like this in real life but then why is it bad to make my Lavellan like me? Am I just bad and people are trying to avoid telling me that? Please just actually tell me if I’m bad I want to know so I can try to change?

Constance Bonacieux...

…Will never again not look like Beauty and the Beast’s Belle to me. I don’t know when that particular connection was made, but they register as very similar to me.

Initially it was a visual thing, I think? They both have that reddish tint in their hair, and some facial similarities (at least, to me)

But, thinking about it further….they actually are a match in other ways. Belle sings about being bored with her life, about wanting “so much more than they’ve got planned” and Constance’s entire storyline is basically just that. She’s not in a terrible situation, but is underwhelmed with her life. Her marriage, her role in society…they’re a far cry from what she wants and the majority of her story is about gaining the courage to make her own way.

I don’t see d’Artagnan as the Beast character, really, though. I mean, kiiiiinda, I guess? If we replace The Curse with the death of his father and draw comparison with his S1E1 “ill manners”…and a lot of his character growth (breaking the curse, theoretically speaking) does revolve around Constance. One example is how he goes from “I don’t need a woman to protect me” to trusting and relying on her as an equal.

You know who would be a better Beast, though?

Olivier ‘Athos’ de la Fere.

I hear the screeching of breaks and a resounding “whaaaaat

Hear me out.

I don’t mean this in a shipping sense, although obviously if we’re talking AU, hey, maybe you do ship Constance/Athos and that’s fine! But from a canon, drawing-of-comparison standpoint with no romance involved, and with a little headcanon thrown in, Athos is perfect for The Beast.

“The Curse” is his brother’s death- more than that, it’s Milady’s betrayal (however you feel about that) and it’s grief and guilt and all that pain Athos carries with him. You could even say it’s his implied alcoholism and lack of interest in his own life following Thomas’ death.

Now, it’s generally accepted that d’Artagnan is the one who came charging in and saved Athos’ heart, and I don’t disagree. D’Artagnan became a younger brother to Athos and, arguably, almost a son. (According to book!Athos There are only 15 years between them, but honestly it’s enough to throw some paternal shades into their dynamic. Friend, brother, mentor…) And there is no denying d’Artagnan was ultimately great for Athos in a different way from Porthos and Aramis. But,

Athos had already become a Musketeer before d’Artagnan showed up.

Here’s a man who, even in S1E1, is so ready to accept a death he doesn’t deserve. He offers no complaint post-sentencing when most, I feel, would pitch a fit at the prospect of such a dishonorable end, especially being innocent. And he regularly drinks his sorrows.

So, aside from perhaps thinking it a convenient way to eventually die, why would this grief-stricken man sign on as a musketeer to begin with? Maybe because it’s as good a way to get through a day as any, but there’s a snippet where headcanon comes in:

In S1E1, Constance shows no sign of knowing Aramis or Porthos, and they both act like it’s a first meeting when she arrives in the Garrison. But she not only knows Athos, she tells d’Artagnan that Athos is her friend.

By that time, Athos is already close friends with Aramis and Porthos, so for Constance to know one but not the other two, she and Athos would have to be friends well outside his life as a Musketeer.

Enter Headcanon, and getting back to the Beauty and the Beast comparison.

This is purely speculation but, what if Constance is the one who got Athos to try for the Musketeers in the first place?

What if Athos came to Paris, drifting from tavern to tavern in the throes of heartbreak and grief, throwing his life away one bottle at a time (the Beast, in the depths of hopelessness, resigned to his fate.)

And then, by some chance or the hand of God, Constance Bonacieux crossed his path. And at that time she’d be engaged or newly married, settled into a dull pattern of life that she knows isn’t what she wants, but…she’s never really known different, outside of books. Where reality is concerned, she’s left to assume this is really all life has for her, and so while she isn’t happy, she’s not miserable. And anyway,

Going by the Beauty and the Beast analogy; Athos’ curse - he’s in such despair, wasting his life trying to drink the pain away. He’s distrustful, in a sense, of women in general, or tries to be. As far as he’s concerned, life has come to a halt. (Plus we could go as far as to consider Milady as The Enchantress, and compare Athos’ Nobility and post-Thomas’-death rejection thereof to the Beast’s royal status and post-curse ruination of the castle…torn portraits are present in both cases)

And then Constance Bonacieux finds herself in this man’s life, and she’s having none of it. (in addition, headcanon: for their first meting, Athos passes out at Constance’s feet, drunk. Call-forward to meeting d’Artagnan?) She almost forcibly befriends him, and he comes to accept her friendship.

Think of the Beauty and the Beast scene after Beast fights off the Wolves, where Belle and Beast argue as she tends his wounds.

That becomes the exact picture I imagine for Constance and Athos. Instead of falling in True Love, though, they build a friendship, and Athos, while not fully whole again, starts to regain his life, joins the Musketeers. This puts him in place for later development when d’Artagnan arrives.

Constance, meanwhile, becomes more sure of herself. Not quite ready yet to question society’s notions of her role in life, but beginning to realize she wants more. Consequently, after wrangling Athos at his worst, she is far less likely to take nonsense from anyone.

This got long and fell apart a bit toward the end, but TL;DR: Constance is totally Belle and Athos makes for a really good Beast and you know what? It might even be a fun AU with the original storyline rearranged a little bit.

i got tagged by the amazing @malkii , and this is so so late i’m super sorry >< but here it is!!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • my phone
  • sleeping mask
  • spare coins
  • gum
  • water (wow that was a boring list)

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • mikasa pop funko
  • suga figurine (i would like to point out that it is suga and not daichi bc my mom wouldn’t buy me daichi bc ‘he’s too plain’ smdh
  • genji poster from my brother’s ovw posterbook
  • eos lip balms
  • bts postcard (i have even more in my backpack cus i never bothered to take it out)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  • see a clear sky w the galaxy
  • dedicate a couple days to unwind
  • go to a music concert (@/monsta x pls come to hte US i’m begging u)
  • go to one of those nice japanese hot springs
  • have a supportive, caring, wholesome s/o ;-;

5 things that make me happy:

  • school breaks
  • art
  • music
  • treating myself
  • my friends <3 <3

5 things I’m currently into:

  • kr&b
  • lofi music
  • skincare
  • mob psycho 100 (currently watching)
  • white minimalist stuff

5 things on my to-do list:

  • moisturize
  • study
  • finish my art project (it’s getting there it’s getting there)
  • get closer to ppl on the soccer team
  • read more books

5 things people may not know about me:

  • i still can’t differentiate between left and right unless i do the hand thing
  • i’m good at poetry
  • i wear fuzzy pants to bed
  • i have a ton of calvin and hobbes comic books
  • nearly all my faves from fandoms have been the leader types

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Ughhnbjjbgu. I’m ten minutes in the door home and my dad is stressing me out already. Like hes not meaning to. But it’s fuckign. Telling me what a hard week it’s gonna be and how my brother is really stressed being the only one working. Which is true. Like I’m sorry I’m not getting any money till a month and I know it’s really hard and stressful. But I am applying for jobs and idk what more I can do. It’s not my fault the new welfare system is a joke and it wasn’t like I was fired or some shit. Please let me rest it’s only Saturday I’ll deal with next week next week

Villainous Attributes??? - For Ciel Grayve?

Bold is what applies
Strike/Bold means can be but not often
Italics for what needs explanation

Aggressive | Callous | Cannibal | Careless | Compulsive | Cowardly | Domineering | Envious | Greedy | Hypocritical | Impatient | Impolite | Kidnapper | Lazy | Liar | Lustful | Materialistic | Murderer | Obsessive | Overcritical | Overemotional | Patronizing | Psychotic | Sarcastic | Self-Indulgent | Serial-killer | Torturer | Touchy | Unclean | Unpredictable | Untidy | Vain | Vengeful

Another meme-y party that I’m rather late to! Feel free to grab this if you’re interested, but tag me so I can see it as well. :)

Might as well just explain all of them.

Aggression is not typical, and is reserved only for specific situations when action is called for. On the rare occasions that she gets called upon for an important task in the field, she goes at it with the single-minded directness and determination of someone unwilling to sit on her laurels.  The battlefield isn’t a place for gentleness.

Sarcasm is just part of her normal humor, but when used, it’s most often a gentle prod.  The sharpest sarcasm is saved for those she considers close, but who she feels slighted by, so this degree of sarcasm is extremely rare.

Ciel can be self-indulgent, but not often or to excess.  She enjoys her luxuries, but she will never place her personal desires above the needs of someone else.

As far as vanity goes, it’s almost part and parcel to being a songstress. There is an expectation to look good much of the time, but her vanity doesn’t extend so far that she will avoid getting her hands dirty, or fuss too much about breaking a nail or getting paint in her hair.

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