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I'm kinda having a bad day, I'm extremely sensitive to being yelled at so my question is If the boys accidentally snapped at their gf and they were sensitive too, and they take it personally, and shut the boys out because they got scared of them, what would they do?

Oh my goodness, anon, I’m sorry that you’re having a rough day. I hope it gets better soon! <3 Sorry that these are super long, but maybe they’ll make you feel a bit better! 

Leo: As tears well up in her eyes and she mouths an apology, Leo’s face goes slack. He curses at himself and then reaches out and takes her in his large arms as gently as he can. Leo tucks her head under his chin the best he can and he rests one hand on her back, drawing soothing circles in between her shoulder blades. He apologizes, multiple times, but she gives him the silent treatment. 
 Eventually they part and she leaves the lair, leaving Leo to marinate in his own thoughts. At this point he would go through stages of guilt, annoyance, guilt again, then anger, then acceptance. He didn’t mean to snap at her, he knows that she’s sensitive, but she should understand that he wouldn’t hurt her, right? (“It’s almost like she doesn’t even trust me!”) But he’s supposed to be the levelheaded one that keeps his cool, that’s the whole reason why he’s the leader. Leo stays up that night with the events of the previous day haunting him.   He would think of all the ways to try and make it up to her, and text her an apology, asking her to come back to the lair whenever she’s ready and that they’ll talk then. 
 It might take her awhile, but when they finally do meet face to face, he would be the one to show up with a list of grievances that he’d want to voice, but end up just hugging her and reassuring her that he’d never hurt her, that she’s safe, and that he promises never to raise his voice at her again.

Raph: As soon as the words leave his mouth, he wishes he could suck them right back in and then hide under a rock. She look like she touched a hot stove top the way she retracted and held her arm to her chest. He bites his lip and against his better judgement, he turns right back around and locks himself in his room. How could he recover from something like that? How could anyone? When she, his girlfriend, looked at him, someone she should be able to trust inexplicably, with fear…it broke his heart. 
  When his gf avoids him, or gives him the cold shoulder for a bit, he gets angry. How dare she act like this! He broods around the lair, he practices more, and is generally like a walking time bomb. He starts thinking up excuses for his actions, even though he knows that it’s wrong. (And he thinks she’s being childish. Yeesh.) He just doesn’t want to accept the fact that, even for a brief second, his girlfriend was scared of him.
  When he finally sucks it up and texts her, with the encouragement of local love guru Michelangelo, to come back to the lair to talk, his palms get clammy and his stomach churns. Once she arrives the tension is terribly thick, but he begs her to hear him out. Eventually as he explains, he starts crying as he reveals that he’s scared of losing her. Though it’s difficult for her, for fear of getting another volatile reaction, his girlfriend explains her side of the situation and he listens with intense focus. All is well in the end, but he’d be scared to touch her for awhile, for fear of rejection. “Do you really think I would hurt you?”

Donnie: Shit. Holy shit. He curses himself a thousand times over. He stares at her face for any sign of emotion, but regrets it when her bottom lip starts quivering on its own accord. Donatello knows that his girlfriend is hypersensitive and isn’t prone to snapping at her anyway, but today he just lost it. He knows full and damn well that that’s no excuse, and when she flinches away from his touch his stomach dropped. Suddenly all those times she asked if he’s killed come to mind and his breath hitches. Surely she couldn’t believe that….but when she hightails it to the lair’s exit, he doesn’t bother following because he already knows. Donnie puts his head in his hands and shakes his head. “What have I done?”
He goes over the probability of every outcome if he apologized in different ways, but nothing seemed high enough. Snapping at her wasn’t fair, she didn’t deserve it and he knew that, but she also wasn’t responding to any of his texts and it’s been three days. THREE. Donnie starts getting even more worried and tries to call her. 
 She responds, but not exactly how he’d like, but it’s better than nothing. When she agrees to come back to the lair to talk, he is relieved, but also nervous. Would she still be scared of him? He straightens up the lab a bit and turns off the monitors (aside from the surveillance ones) before she gets there so she won’t be overstimulated during their conversation. She shows up unimpressed, but by the end of it they’re both shedding a little tear. 

Mikey: He’s not usually one for angry outbursts, and especially not around his gf, who he knows is more sensitive than she’ll let on, but it was an accident. It should be fine, right? HA. She bites her lip to look strong, but he could see her eyes watering, and her cheeks grew hot. “Babe, I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to-,” She hits him with the “No it’s fine, I get it.” Before grabbing her purse and making a beeline for the exit. He chases after her, but stops short of the door. He could still see her swiping aggressively at the tears falling down her cheeks. 
 Mikey would feel like absolute GARBAGE for the rest of the day, and then some. But this sweet boy is very in tune with his feelings and he knows that she’s gotta come around eventually, right? HA.
  After three days, Mikey begins to lose hope and chooses to take a visit to her apartment. Standing on the fire escape, he knocks on her window, using their special rhythm (two knocks followed by three knocks) He waits and watches for any movement from within, but there is none. He waits. He waits for two whole hours before an idea hits him full force. He leaves her apartment to run back down to the lair to get a secret weapon. 
  A couple hours later, armed with nothing but a retro boombox, Mikey stands once more on the fire escape. He clicks play and lifts the boombox above his head as it blares Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes. A couple of minutes pass before the blinds shift and Mikey sees a flash of her hair. Hope swells inside him when he hears the window lock click and suddenly she’s standing there with a knowing smirk, one eyebrow raised. In a dramatic event that rivals any Cusack or Hughes movie, Mikey apologizes and promises to do better in the future. 

Okay guys so i’m not going to be responding to any (more) of the posts and asks about my supposedly being a homophobe. I’ve gotten a lot of really genuinely kind messages mixed in with the bad ones, and I’m thankful for the support, but it’s really not something I feel like I can fix in any way. 

I’m sorry that people are interpreting my words as hateful and homophobic; they were never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. I was asked a question and I answered it, and if in doing so I offended anyone, I am sorry. But I’m not sorry for my beliefs; I can’t be. I don’t hate anyone, and while I know that that isn’t going to convince the people I’ve angered, I feel like I should repeat it anyway. 

People who treat their friends bad make me so angry. You have this great person in your life & think it’s okay to just treat them horribly & act like it’s no big deal? How do people not see that that’s NOT OKAY AT ALL?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @alexloehr !! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

NILSA MY ANGEL thank you so much for always being so kind to me, you are a wonderful friend and always manage to make me feel better whenever I have a bad day! I LOVE YOUUUUU !! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

reasons why Preston Garvey is Actually The Worst™©®
  • has the nicest eyes, which causes me to get lost in them and not be able to continue my game
  • his laugh is really adorable, which again distracts me while i play
  • still manages to be a good person in the likes of the Wasteland
  • best dress sense in the Commonwealth, making us all look bad c’mon dude at least tell me where you get ur clothes from
  • hums nice songs while he’s patrolling, getting them stuck in my head
  • won’t let me hold his hand
  • says he ain’t a hugger when he’s one of the most huggable people i’ve encountered
  • has the nerve to expect me to do the job that my character agreed to in the first place
  • helping him out lead me to getting a castle my guy i can’t handle all this stuff to build

—To be honest, with the drama that’s going on here for like what, a day or two? I want to say this, just to get this off my chest. If someone dislikes something or about a certain sexuality, yet if there’s no hate being spoken by that person, then there is NO excuse to hate them nor harass them if they’ve just committed a crime. 

Be an adult, or the better person in this situation, don’t be a child who’s acting as if they’re triggered by it. Just accept it, and move on. Just stop it. 

Why Thorin fell in love with Bilbo

Thorin has been through so much. Many of his close family members are gone, and he witnessed most of them die. After Smaug destroyed everything, Thorin was in charge of a homeless, grieving kingdom, while being in grief himself. The elves who were supposed to help him didn’t do anything, and therefore Thorin had to find the work he could to take care of his people. A huge responsibility lies upon his shoulders, and he has no one to guide him. Some time passes, and Thorin probably develops signs of post traumatic stress. Of couse he doesn’t know that this sickness even exist. Later, while searching for his father, whom he still believes to be alive, he meets Gandalf; Suddenly he is convinced to take back his homeland and kill a dragon. Doing this, he has to protect his most loyal friends two of which, is his nephews and heirs.

And then he meets Bilbo. A small, comfort-loving creature with acorns, handkerchiefs, bare feet and curly hair. Bilbo is a contrast to everything Thorin has ever experienced, but after all, Thorin hasn’t experienced a lot of nice things. Bilbo is nice. He is protective. He is amazing. While Thorin is dealing with one of the most serious and most dangerous times of his life, he unexpectedly falls in love with a little, peaceful hobbit.

@yurarat!! Happy (late) Birthday!! hh gosh I’m so sorry I’m latee,, but after some, uh, minor setbacks, I finally got it finished!! Happy birthday hon!!

Owari no Shipping Week, huh….

How about if I do literally all the ships? ouo

Nah that would be impossible, but…. I wanna multiship so bad here.

Maybe drawing Yuu x all the characters would be good? *^*/ 



hyuna being precious as always ♡

Soraru’s new song and Mafumafu’s contribution

Soraru: This is my first Vocaloid song. Please listen!

Mafumafu: (RT) Last night he told me, “Miku isn’t working,” so I spent the whole night tuning Miku’s voice! We also arranged it together!

Soraru: I do feel bad about that…

Mafumafu: “Mafumafu: ‘Hello? What’s wrong?’ Soraru: ‘Miku isn’t working…*panicked voice*’”

Mafumafu: Getting to work on Soraru-san’s first Vocaloid song, “The Lying Witch and the Grey Rainbow,” has made me personally incredibly happy. I really feel that being able to create the things you want to make and posting them online is one of the funnest things you can do. Events are fun too, but maybe because of my hikikomori brain, I find uploading videos and doing livestreams the most fun.

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(❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers

thank u!! //weeps at being a fav’s fav

10 facts uHM okay this took forever i’m bad at facts i’m such a boring person :’))

  1. i’m gonna be 20 this year ://// i don’t want to face adulthood
  2. i work in a bakery sometimes but its not as fun as fanfic wants it to be
  3. i dropped out of school Twice and still havent finished but thats Okay with me
  4. ive been in a relationship for a year o///o
  5. i’d kill a man for mozzarella sticks i’d kill 100 men for mozzarella sticks
  6. im getting my first tattoo in 5 days!!!! aaaa!!! its weeb related bc of course it is
  7. my fav animals are jellyfish because they’re So Beautiful
  8. i didn’t sleep for almost 40 hours and decided it was a good idea to buy hamsters - their names are pepper and mint :’)
  9. i found out one of my fav characters in a book i was reading is a lesbian and i actually cried about it bc i was so happy
  10. ive been on tumblr for almost 5 years i think?? and i’m stuck here i can’t leave no matter how hard i try 

tbh I hate that not wanting doubles is this thing that immediately means ur a fucking asshole, like okay yeah the jokes are funny sometimes but  some of us actually cannot mentally take seeing ppl with same ids/kins. I won’t speak for everyone that has this problem, but I personally don’t hate any doubles, I don’t think they’re bad people but it just fucks with my mental state..It’s literally nobody’s fault it’s just one of those things.

~open rp~

The elf looked around, trapped in a jar in what seemed like a bag. He didn’t know what had happened since he woke up trapped, but he didn’t feel anything special about it. He had to see the person or being to be scared. Suddenly he heard different voices, and was worried of what was going on…then someone opened the bag and he looked at the light that shone at the jar, then he was met by a face of somebody.

Okay like I too am bored of Lavellans who have no personality other than In Love With Solas but why is it so bad to have Lavellans who don’t know how to lead and are scared of being in positions of power and depend on people for advice?? friends tell me it is not bad to be like this in real life but then why is it bad to make my Lavellan like me? Am I just bad and people are trying to avoid telling me that? Please just actually tell me if I’m bad I want to know so I can try to change?

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Name: Miranda

Nickname: Some of my friends call me Miran, one of my really close friends likes to call me John.

Zodiac: cancer

Height: 4″11 or about 150 cm (I’m super short lol)

Orientation: straight

Ethnicity: Irish/Spanish if we’re being technical

Favourite fruit: grapes are sooo delicious

Favourite book: I guess The Power and the Glory

Coffee, tea or cocoa: I love cocoa

Favourite scent: water, fresh rain, dew, anything involving water pretty much

Average sleep hours: 4-10 hours depending on the day

Cat or dog: cats but I like dogs a lot too

Amount of blankets: 1 usually but I’ll have 2 if it gets really cold.

Dream trip: uhhhh I haven’t really thought about it lol

Created blog: around May of last year, so this blog isn’t even a year old yet

# of followers: last I checked it was like 1,313 or something

I guess I’ll just tag whoever wants to do this?