i'm sorry followers who follow me for other fandoms

Fandom Friday - Feb. 10 Edition

A lot of us are knee deep in reblogging and boosting info regarding Despicable Tromp and his minions, and although that is good, it can push our fandom interests to the side. It can also be draining. So in order to give ourselves a break and have some time to recharge, I’m declaring that every Friday is now reserved for fandom events to celebrate ourselves and our interests. 

February 10 - Favourite Character Day

- Post and reblog meta, art, gif sets, and fic about your favourite character.

- Post and answers some ask memes about them.

- Boost the work of followers and mutuals.

- Rave about you favourite character in a post.

- Whatever else you can come up with.

This is for ALL fandoms, but if you’re in my fandom (Dragon Age), whether you follow me or not, feel free to tag me for a reblog. For other blogs in other fandoms who have lots of followers, I encourage you to do the same and offer up your blogs as a platform for smaller bloggers to share their work.

Every Monday I’ll make a post with a different theme for the following Friday, but please, if you’ve got some ideas for future Fridays, drop me a line!