i'm sorry colton

Okay but in the deh cast’s #hamforall vid they’re all just having so much fun? Like Jennifer acting tough and being so pumped and Mike bouncing as he raps and Krystolyn was so cool at the beginning and I can’t believe Will is such a good rapper and Colton rapped he rapped COLTON RAPPED and Michael singing Washington’s part was so great just. It was just so perfect they are all so perfect I loved it I love them all (also I love that they and the cast from cfa are like? friends? it’s just so cute)

ben platt.

can we all calm down for a second and remember what ben has done for us, the show, and the theatre community as a whole. 

he has put his everything into this character for four years now, he has managed to become a voice for those of us that didn’t feel we had one, and he’s helped to create what is arguably one of the most important pieces of art currently on broadway. 

the announcement of his choice to retire from such a both physically and emotionally demanding role should not come as a surprise to any of you. I will continue to commend everything he’s done as and for evan, and just because he will be stepping away, does in no way mean that all of his actions are no longer worth anything. they will always be important, and now there will be an opportunity for someone else to bring life to this character as well.

am I trying to say that I am not sad to see ben step away from a character that means so much to him? no. but it does mean that there is now the opportunity for one of two things to happen; one of the covers, colton or michael, could step into the roll full time and finally get the recognition that they deserve. or this means that someone completely new and unknown to the broadway community could step up and make their debut. either way we win.

I think its incredibly important to be able to see the character of evan as an embodiment of more than one person, because as soon as we can see him as others, we begin to see him as ourself. and the second that you are able to connect with a character in that way, is the moment that you’re found. 



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Okay, so this made me ugly cry happy tears. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Whatever you do-don’t imagine it’s Alec as he stands there waiting for Magnus crying and overwhelmed by all the people and kind of in disbelief that this moment is actually happening..that he gets to have this.

Don’t think about how Magnus would be walking down the aisle and how Alec’s heart would skip a beat as he thought about the time before when Magnus walked down the aisle and saved him.

Don’t think about how Magnus would be just like Jeff and hop right up there and do a little spin and say hi and make everyone laugh and then openly wow at how beautiful Alec is because he wanted to say out loud how beautiful he was the last time but that tux wasn’t meant for him, but then Alec was incredibly brave and changed their lives forever.

Don’t think about how Magnus looks at Alec, just so happy and in love and Alec beams back at him through his tears.


“Colton is the best Mortal Kombat player I’ve ever seen in my life! Fanta and I were under the impression that we would have to teach Colton to play Mortal Kombat. Colton comes over, and in four hours, I only beat him once! He knew every character… I’m still astonished.