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The Doctors as "My Immortal" Quotes

William Hartnell: “Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?” asked Professor McGonagall"

Patrick Troughton: “Then swooped he in singing to the tune of a Gothic version of a song by 50 Cent.”

Jon Pertwee: “And den……………..I jumped secxily in front of da bullet!11”

Tom Baker: “U must go back in time and sedouce him. It is the only way.”

Peter Davison: “he put his arm around me all protective.”

Colin Baker: “I need to wear like da hotset outfit EVA.”

Sylvester McCoy: “What was DAT al about?”
“It wuz to blackmail u.” I snarked.

Paul McGann: (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!)

Christopher Eccelston: “You dunderheads!1111111111” screamed Dumbledore wisely"

David Tennant: “I’m good at too many things? WHY CAN’T I JUST BE NORMAL? IT’S A FUCKING CURSE!”


Peter Capaldi: “I was even upset went to rehearsal with my Gothic metal band, Bloody Gothic Rose 666. I am the leader singer of it and I play guitar”

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Truth or dare with the skating fam:
  • <p> <b>Yurio:</b> Hey Yuuri, I dare you to spend 1 hour with the person you hate the most in the closet.<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> *Stands up and leaves*<p/><b>Everyone Else:</b> Wait what-<p/><b>Yurio:</b> SHIT<p/></p>

PORN TO MAKE HISTORY 2: QUAD SQUAD is finally available! 
74 pages of 18+ Yuri!!! On Ice goodness, with sexyfunny comics and illustrations by Bigbigtruck, Kori Michele, atelierMUSE, and koukounut. 

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Day 4 → Family/Friends

Chris and Vitya going out to party (ノ^ω^)ノ♥ ゜・。。・

the resolution is better if you click on the pic ;)

also an excuse to draw Victor wearing a suit~


So… I’m still in the middle of watching Sherlock… But now I’m also in the middle of watching Doctor Who~ xD (New series, so from 2005 ^-^)

But I finished three totally inacurate lil doodles of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor(s?), so at least I have something to share! :D 

[Other Dr Who fanarts: Small Ten doodle, Nine and Ten w/ flowers, Nine and Eleven small doodles]


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savingraphaelsantiago asked: the last hours edit

"to the last hours of my life, you cannot choose but remain part of my character, part of the little good in me, part of the evil." — Great Expectations, Charles Dickens
Zexal cooking show
this all started when i heard at the televison the italian voice actor of Astral that he was presenting a cooking program, i'm (not) sorry for this, i didn't...

i spend my time doing this shitposts check it out if you like Yugioh Zexal i regret nothing on doing this…in the future i’ll post serious stuff i promise

Suitors & Princess MC React To: Fidget Spinners (feat. GIFs)

Ya know, these fun new spinning toys/pieces of senseless garbage:

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There are two VERY polarizing opinions about this device (As I mentioned before: fun toy or piece of garbage), so you decide which end of the spectrum you’re on. xD


Sid: *Has seen people use it, but hasn’t really taken the time/interest to actually find out what it does.* Is this like a fancy bottle-opener?

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Alyn: *Thinks it has the potential to be dangerous.* Maybe it’s some kind of a weapon..?

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Albert: *Researched everything and anything about fidget spinners.* It’s apparently a device used to relieve stress. I wonder if it actually does…

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Giles: *Isn’t really into the whole fidget spinner thing.* I wonder if Michelangelo would like this. *Gives fidget spinner to Michelangelo.* Well that’s one way to keep him occupied.

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Robert: *Attempts to use it as a paint brush holder. Ends up painting various designs on multiple fidget spinners.* I guess it is kind of useful, in its own way…

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Rayvis: Oh, I am very aware of what those things are. *Walks away at the very sight of fidget spinners.*

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Byron: *Takes him a while to figure out how to use the spinners, but once he does, he often plays with them absentmindedly.* Oh, so that’s why they’re so appealing. They’re actually kind of entertaining.

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Leo: *Plays with a fidget spinner during work.* At least it’s more entertaining than my meetings.

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Nico: *Immediately figures out how to use the fidget spinner. Can now do “tricks” with the toys.* Hey, they’re actually kind of fun!

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Louis: *Backs away from the spinners.* Oh no, do NOT let those things near me: I’ve seen what they can do to people with long hair.

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Princess MC: *Attempts to use a fidget spinner. Immediately gets it caught in her hair.* WHY ME?!?!

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BONUS - Louis: *Carefully helps the Princess untangle her hair from the fidget spinner.* I WARNED YOU ALL: KEEP THAT DEVICE AWAY FROM YOUR HAIR.