i'm sorry certain people got you down

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Jess, curious if you got a heads up about Cait's post of the pic? Because you got warning about MM's rainbow pic, right? Several "warnings" about her, like baftas, all the way back to last year before anyone knew who she was? Would you now be willing to tell us all the times you remember being told something would happen before it went down? I'm still trying to figure out what to make of that particular puzzle piece, and Cait's pic is another piece in a picture that still makes no sense to me.

No I didn’t and I didn’t get a warning about the rainbow picture. Sorry I should have clarified. I got a warning about the picture she posted on Easter Sunday. I was told what it would be and when it would be posted. I shared that information privately with certain people as soon as I got it so anyone who thinks I’m lying can fuck off. I have the receipts to back up my claim 😂

As for the BAFTAS, I was told in advance that seating arrangements had changed at the last minute but wasn’t told she would be there. Uhh I can’t really remember anything else other than her name being dropped in my inbox a year ago and of course the winery picture. 

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Hi! I got this idea after reading your hcs- I hope you don't mind.How would Starish and QN react if their S/O has a habit of cracking their joints. Like they stand up after sitting down for a long while and CRACK- I'm sorry this is long- *runs away*

The habit of the s/o is also a really bad habit of mine. I get questioned for it all the time. So, I’m gonna respond to this using what people have actually said to me if it works for certain characters. Lol. I hope that’s fine.

Natsuki: “___-chan, you’re going to hurt your little bones if you do that all the time!”

Tokiya: *shudders* “Please stop doing that!”

Cecil: “Doesn’t that hurt?” *tries to crack his knuckles* “Ow!”

Ren: *blinks at the sound but says nothing*

Otoya: “Geez, I didn’t even know you could crack your back like that!”

Syo does it too. So he doesn’t even notice

Masato: “That’s very dangerous. You’re going to give yourself arthritis if you keep cracking your knuckles.” 

Reiji: “Snap, crackle, pop!”

Ranmaru: *also does it *“Wow, I can’t pop that one. Help me do mine.”

Ai: “I would appreciate if you didn’t do that around me.”

Camus: “Ugh, you should see a chiropractor.”