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oh goSH I don’t upload any art in like a month but then. two in one night. mostly bc I kept going back and forth between working on both like every other day hahaha

also I started this way before mr. greg aired or else I probably would have went with something more sombre???? but fuck it I ship pearl/happiness so here’s her smiling goddamnit

Sometimes I have to remind myself that Namjoon started as an underground rapper and was recommended to bang pd, ridiculed for becoming an idol but carried on so his voice could be heard. How Hoseok started as a dancer and after listening to hip hop, came to love rapping. When they asked him to film an audition tape, they gave him a camera and came back 2 hours later to find him still filming, allowing him into the company on determination alone. How Yoongi was told by people around him that making a living off music is risky and that he’s not going to make it, to going underground, living off hardly anything and then coming 2nd place in bighits rap contest, earning him a place. How Jin was scouted off the street just because of his looks, chose bighit over SM and started with no experience to be where he is today. How Jimin chased his dream so much, with his parents backing him every step of the way, driving him all over everywhere to auditions. To only being a trainee for a year, never knowing if he was really going to debut but still sticking by it and carrying on. How Taehyung wasn’t even going to audition and just went to support a friend instead, but after being prompted by staff he auditioned and was the only one that day to make it through. How Jungkook had offers from 8 different entertainment companies, but chose bighit simply because he thought Namjoons rapping was cool.

It may seem like they all came together by some sort of fate, or a miracle, but it truly was their passion to succeed and make it within the industry, to allow 7 boys following the same dream to stand on stage together and say they’ve made it.

Episode 12x01 spoilers, watch out for unoriginality since people have probably already done this

@destieldrabblesdaily Shirley this is all your fault (I guess you could say happy really late birthday I don’t know)

concept; an arena filled to the brim with people holding up their phones, lighting up the entire centre. there’s a spotlight on calum and only calum. the chords of invisible begin to play and the maori teenager takes a small breath before putting his heart and soul into the performance. with everyone watching him, he is able to tell a story like no other. and, when he finally finishes his breathtaking performance, the crowd start cheering and applause rings through his ears. “maybe, just maybe,” he thinks to himself. “maybe i’m not all that invisible.”


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•Okay okay so Nicky is getting married
•so obviously he throws himself a bachelorette party
•because his cousins are meanies and won’t throw him one
•Andrew originally didn’t want to go but he remembered what happened last time
•and he’s not willing to let Nicky go out on his own
•too many nasty homophobes he’s not willing to take his chances
•aaron of course didn’t want to go but Katelyn convinced him that it was the right thing to do
•Kevin is forced to go because Andrew isn’t about to leave him alone
•But Kevin is secretly excited although he won’t show it
•the rest of the foxes go obviously because they’re a family™
•(lets pretend for this hc’s sake that they semi got along now)

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