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Hello! Can you do a scenario when you're married to Jackson and one day (chirstmas day?) after babysitting he tells you that he want a child?You're very shocked but then something unexpected happens to you?With a happy ending? Thanks and please if ur open ^^__^^ I wAs the one that requested the Leo I meant to put Jackson I'm sorry !!

This is so cute ^^ But I’m not sure if it’s good enough ^ n ^ Hope you like it though! Btw I’m always open so just send your requests and I’ll write them for you ♥ 

“Yeobo! Look what I’ve got for you today!” Jackson shouts, running towards the kitchen where you are preparing lunch. You look up from the pot to see your husband carrying a child about four years old on his shoulders. The cute chubby boy grabs Jackson’s hair while beaming

“Auntie! Superman is here!” The kid’s eyes filled with excitement as your husband runs around the kitchen

“Yo! We’re team Superman! Yeobo! Is there anything we can help?” Jackson is still Jackson, always getting overexcited easily, for just a second, if Jackson didn’t plant a kiss on your lips like he usually did, you would think the person standing in front of you isn’t the wild&sexy man you’ve married, but another four years old kid having fun with his buddy.

“Help me bring these dishes to the dining table then. Be careful, okay?” You pat Jackson’s head as team Superman work on their mission. Thankfully, there isn’t any breaking sound echoing through the room.

“Marshmallow, is there anything you want to eat?” You ask the little boy as he scrunches his nose, exclaiming

“Auntie! I’m Superman! And Superman eats everything!”

“Okay then how about carrots? Aah~” Knowing your nephew never be fond of vegetable, you tease the boy by shoving a slice of carrot to him as he grins sheepishly

“Hihi but I want samgyupsal more!”

“Fine, yeobo-ah~ can you pass the bowl to me?” You ask as Jackson says

“No need to , my darling~ Here, Marshmallow, I’ll get it for you”

“Yeobo, his parents is going somewhere again?” You open your mouth to receive a spoonful of your favorite food from Jackson while questioning him

“Yeah, my brother and his wife had an urgent meeting today, and my mom couldn’t fly all the way here in just two hours so… I’m sorry yeobo-ah, I know you always have backache at this time of the month…”

“Actually I don’t feel like that today so don’t worry, yeobo-ah. Besides, who can even get mad with you cuties!” You pinch your Supermen as Jackson leans closer to peck your lips

“My yeobo jjang! Just imagine one day when we have our lil Jackjack! I’ll definitely teach him fencing and you can teach him your amazing recipes. Soon after receiving tons of awards in fencing and the title of Master Chef, lil Jack will make his debut in Korea, or US, we’ll plan on that later! Oh, I gotta show him my dougie dance…”

You prop your elbow up on the table, resting your cheek on the palm of your hand, smiling while listening to your husband talking non-stop about your unborn child, and that’s when his request hits you.

“Yeobo, I want to have children, or maybe just a child” Jackson enlarges his puppy eyes at you while plopping on the chair next to yours, your husband is using the ultimate weapon he hasn’t used for a while, the weapon that has made you fall for him in the first place, not his wild&sexy nor his humor, yes yes, his aegyo! “Can we have  a baby? Can we? Either lil Jackjack or lil Y/N is good, yeobo-ah~ Pleaseeeee~”

You and Jackson are married for almost a year now. Although you’ve agreed with each other that you wouldn’t plan for a child, at least until Jackson achieves his Grammy award, somehow, seeing Marshmallow or lil Superman right here jumping around, listening to his cute voice whining for another lollipop, feeling his tiny hand grabbing yours somewhere to show you something makes you think otherwise.

Even before Jackson spills out his wish, you’ve already sensed something different. According to the calendar, it’s about time you had your period but you’ve actually two months late, not to mention you suddenly crave for citrus, which isn’t your favorite taste of food to be honest. But you didn’t tell Jackson, yet, you want to be sure yourself before lightening up his expectation.


It’s one Christmas morning when you cover your mouth while rushing to the restroom as Jackson is interrupted from his sleep. The sound of you vomiting fully wakes the boy as he quickly runs towards the closed door, asking nervously “Yeobo! Is something wrong? Are you okay in there?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Don’t worry!” You assure your husband as taking a few more deep breath. Holding the pregnancy test, you stare at it for a second before it works its magic “This is it. The moment of truth…”

“Yeobo? Are you sure? Can I come in?” Jackson knocks one more time as you open the door, hugging him tightly. Your eyes twinkle with joy as you inform your husband

“Yeobo! I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant yeobo-ah!”

“R-R-REALLY? SERIOUSLY? OH THANKS GOD! FINALLY! THANK YOU SANTA! AFTER ALL THESE YEAR, YOU FINALLY GOT ONE RIGHT!!!” Jackson happily shouts while holding you by the waist, lifting you up to spin you around before pulling you back into his warm embrace “Thank you so much yeobo-ah~ I love you so so soooo much!” Jackson presses his lips on yours, the movement of his lips stronger and more passionate as he lays you down onto your bed, caressing your hair. Jackson showers you with his loving gaze before attaching your lips with his again, also sliding his tongue into your mouth, his fingers lacing with yours as his kisses trailing down to your jawline before landing on your neck, leaving his love marks here and there. Mr. wild&sexy  backs up to place a feather-light kiss on your lips as rubbing your nose with his, he rests his forehead upon yours while smiling

“As much as I want to kiss you more, yeobo-ah~, but let’s go buy some stuff for our baby!” Jackson beams, capturing your lips with his again before carrying you to his car, fastening the seat belt for you.

“You’re overexcited, yeobo-ah~ we still have eight more months to go!” You stroke his hair as Jackson can’t hide the happiness in his voice

“I know, I know, but let’s just take a tour at the Mommy&Baby shop first!”