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I know we’re joking a lot about Matt Murdock being pulled from a dumpster but tbh I’m pretty sure most of the Avengers and associates have probably been pulled from a dumpster at least once.

Like, you know preserum Steve was getting dumped in trash cans right and left and Bucky was fishing him out of them. (and Winter Soldier Bucky probably does surveillance from them, here have a sad)

Clint, obviously, dumpster trash.

But also Kate Bishop because I feel like that’s a Hawkeye thing, being thrown off buildings and out windows and into trash cans.

And Sam gets thrown into one helping Steve out once (it’s not really Sam’s fault, ok.)

And Tony found himself in many a dumpster in his youth. (occasionally next to Rhodey. it should be said that it was only once Rhodey’s fault they landed in the trash)

Reed Richards probably gets thrown into dumpsters by other Avengers on purpose. (and Johnny too probably)

If Bruce de-Hulks in a dumpster he considers that a good day.

Sometimes Thor gets knocked out of the air and can’t course-correct. (and Tony once threw Loki into a dumpster, so)

Peter Parker, yeah, he’s been in a few dumpsters, both to evade authorities or enemies and also because sometimes baddies have good aim.

Wade Wilson, jfc, he throws parties in dumpsters, probably. If you’ve been tossed into more than one dumpster, there’s a 90% chance that one of those times you were thrown into a dumpster with Wade in it, or had Wade thrown in on top of you.

Like, the only Avenger that I am 100% certain has never been thrown into a dumpster is Natasha because throwing Natasha into a dumpster would be the last thing you ever did. (also, she’s Natasha. You might aim her at the dumpster, but she’ll parkour off the fire escape and land neatly next to it while Clint goes sailing in. )

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how do they find out if their kids are alphas? do they just have to wait for them to say 'hey I have a weird thing on my privates'? or is there a different way? at wat age do they usually present? how do betas present? wat is Maria? I'm sorry for all the qs please feel free to ignore them all

In general an alpha won’t go into heat. Betas go into heat as well but the nobles have kind of bred betas out of their family lines what with mostly caring about alphas/omegas since they carry the political power. (Loki goes off the rails a little when he’s old enough to understand what being a beta in a royal family means; either his mother had an affair or he was a foundling. It fucks him up.) Also it’s easier to tell when a female is an alpha because, you know, internal penis. If a hard-on develops she knows she’s an alpha. But if a male child reaches puberty and doesn’t go through a heat, the child is almost certainly an alpha, so they never have to wait for the child to come forward and basically admit they were masturbating and their dick suddenly looks different.

(Although Harley did run to his dads and whisper, “What the fuck is up with my dick?!” Then he runs to Tony and whispers, “Mama please help me Dada and Papa are laughing at me and something’s wrong with my–uh.” “It’s called a knot, sweetie,” Tony says sympathetically. “Just give it a squeeze.” “Oh my God,” Harley says, mortified, and doesn’t come out of his room for a week.)

All betas can bear children, so they also go into heat. The main difference between female betas and alphas is that they don’t have a retractable penis. This technically puts them on par with female omegas and in the end it’s really only the scent of their heat that really differentiates them; omegas have a sweeter scent mostly because it entices alphas more. Although to be fair, among the commoners of the kingdoms, female omegas can just say they’re particularly sweet-smelling betas and no one really bats an eye about it even if it’s a clear lie. It’s easier to court and marry betas; dowries aren’t as high. The difference between male betas and omegas is that betas also have the ability to inseminate; they have knotted dicks just like alphas. (There is the stereotype that alphas have bigger dicks but really it just depends from person to person.)

Presenting is just the fancy term for puberty, so it typically happens anywhere from twelve to sixteen (with the usual outliers who are not abnormal but just uncommon). Unfortunately, trauma can affect a child’s presenting age. Omegas, if they are in danger, will go through puberty much earlier because most people will take care of an omega even if it’s only to use them to their advantage later; it’s a survival instinct that, in ye olden tymes, omegas would use to suffer through undesirable mates until they had an opportunity to escape and find a better one. Alphas, when in danger, do not present until much later than they normally would because they don’t want to be seen as possible competition or a threat; alphas will also have to suffer through undesirable circumstances until they have an opportunity to they have the opportunity to escape, and it’s only when they feel safe that they finally present. When betas are in danger, they will go into heat, but will not grow knots; this is a throwback to the instinct to take care of omegas, and only when a beta feels safe will their knots form.

(This is why Tony survived what could have been his own murder as well. Obadiah had every plan to kill him too if he presented as an alpha. The stress and anxiety of the uncertain times following his parents’ deaths and Obadiah taking control of the throne kick-started puberty for him, and he presented early out of desperation. Tony says the saddest thing is that he’ll never know for certain whether his parents would have been happy with him being an omega or not. He likes to think they would have been, but he’ll never be sure.)

Maria presents as an alpha and Bucky weeps because finally, finally, one of his children is suave and knows how to flirt. And Maria is the biggest flirt. At one point she even mentions to Loki how if he waits any longer to get married he’ll be an old maid and she’d be open to courting him. She certainly wouldn’t mind coaxing him open, either. Loki chokes on his mead and Steve and Bucky bask in the glory of REVENGE for all the times Loki flirted with Tony just to make them mad. Tony frantically pounds Loki on the back while also scolding Maria for flirting with Loki because he’s thirty years her senior. Maria shrugs, smirking.


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