i'm sorry but this was too amusing omg

A brief verkwan headcanon nobody asked for

But I’m writing it anyways oops

- Okay so Vernon is like yo Seungkwannie let’s go to the amusement park bro

-And Seungkwan thinks oH my goSh is he asking me on a dAte omg ajfdkl; wait wait Boo get yourself together he’s probably just asking in a friendly way

- And so off to the amusement park we go

- They start out on simpler rides not too scary because Seungkwan definitely loves the teacups too much as he spins them around like a maniac

-And Vernon is like lol okay Boo do what u want

- Eventually Vernon sees the big roller coaster and begs him “Kwannie let’s go on it please pleasee”

- “Uuggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t wanna”

- “Oh I mean it’s fine if you’re scared…”

- Cue 20 minute lecture on how the Boo Seungkwan is absolutely not afraid of some silly roller coaster and oh look this lecture took so long that it’s suddenly time to get on the ride oh no

- Deep breaths Boo this is for love yes be brave for love

- Cue nonstop shrieking

- Cue hysterical laughing at said shrieking

- After the ride Vernon receives the silent treatment from an upset diva Boo

- Okay it’s getting late out now but after all that excitement Vernon needs to win one of the games before they leave to prove his love for Boo

- He wins an adorable hedgehog plushie and promptly gives it to Seungkwan with the most pure and precious grin and ever so slightly pink cheeks

- Cue blushy Boo

- However Boo Seungkwan doesn’t give up so easily he’s still mad at Vernon for laughing… kinda mad… (He can’t really still be mad he loves hedgehogs)

- Anywho it’s pretty dark out now getting chilly but no need to worry because Vernon has an arm around Seungkwan

- Boo snuggles happily into Vernon’s hold as they walk home together with their hedgehog son

Congrats you made it to through to the end of whatever nonsense this is