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I'm not Cute or Short. (Older!Damian x Reader)

Pairings: Older!Damian x Reader

Warnings: idk tbh

Request: Hiya! Can I request older Damian who has a short s/o? Like out of no where he notices his s/o’s height and he just loves it? Thank you! - anon

a/n: omg I was freaking out when I got a request. Anyways, I love the request so much and the first thought of it made me descent into awe and cuteness. Ps. Sorry if it’s too short..

You thought going to the amusement park with Damian would be a great idea that was until all the cool rides had the most unfair height requirements. You both walked away from another heart stopping Roller-coaster demanding for you to be just a little bit taller. You crossed your arms as you headed for the food stands. “I hope you know your height is the best thing about you, right?” He spoke softly catching up to you. “It isn’t if doesn’t let me get onto any rides.” You frown. He furrowed his eyebrows with confused look. “I do not understand. There are so many adorable things about your shortness.” He pats your head. “Hey! I am not short. I am just not as tall the people who are actually tall.” You punched him playfully. “Nope, you are short and I love it.” He plants a kiss onto your forehead.

“Damian, I am not cute and neither am I short” You said seriously.

“you are.”


“but you are cute.”

“fine I am short bu-”

“you are cute.”


“I love you and you are cute.”

“Well when you say it like that I’ll accept it.” You said laughing.

“Why are you even noticing this only now?” You ask. “Well, No one has ever really mentioned it.” He said smiling. “I appreciate your comforting words, but I’m still just the problem I am” You sighed. You looked around the food stands in despair, not over the recent conversation. Suddenly, Damian’s face lit up. “I promise you a perfect just the way you are.” He held your hand. You smiled happily “Well, when you say it, It makes everything better.”.

“Now, I have to go the bathroom. Why don’t you get some food and refreshments?” He said letting go off your hand. You nod your head as you both went your separate ways.


“What is taking Damian so long? It’s been thirty minutes.” The thought bounced through your head. You sat at a table with two iced-teas and cheesy nachos. You saw a silhouette that appeared like Damian’s and called his name “Damian!”. He looked at you a brisk walked towards you. “I’m sorry I took so long, Beloved.” He huffed taking a seat. “Yeah, you took thirty minutes.” You said giggling. “Anyways, we must eat fast. I have something to show you.” He smiled grabbing a Nacho.

“Dami, I.. We already went here. I’m too short.” You whispered as he continued pulling towards the ride. “and it’s not a problem, because you made me feel better already.” You gave a smile. “I know beloved, but I bargained.” He grinned. You both went up to the man at the entrance of the ride. “Sir, I believe it is our turn?” Damian asked. The man nodded his head and gestured to go inside. “Oh my gosh, Damian I love you.” You squealed walking into the attraction. “I know you do, but I wanted to deserve it first.”

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omg i just realised that their names form into PIG we're fandom of PIG *oink oink* I'm sorry I had to share :D

this is amazing. thank you for sharing.

imagine the boys finding this out and Ignazio starts snorting like a pig, and he’s making Gianluca laugh, even though Gianluca is trying to pretend he doesn’t find this amusing. Piero looks on disapprovingly. And then to your surprise GIANLUCA GIVES UP ON THE ACT AND JOINS IN AND STARTS SNORTING LIKE A PIG TOO and Ignazio looks like a proud father whose child just started walking on its own. Piero’s face is blank as he looks at the two idiots snorting. Gianluca and Ignazio look at him and both snort like pigs once more. Piero hesitates. Piero snorts. the transformation is complete. 

il volo has become

il porco

  • *knock knock*
  • Jackson: *opens the door*
  • Jackson: *sees a blonde kid with mushroom hair* oh hello! Who are you guys? Are you lost?
  • Jisung: hello mister. My friends and I got lost while playing pokemon go and we ask the people around if they have seen Mark hyung and told us he's here.
  • Jackson: 'Mark hyung'?
  • Jaebum: hey Jacks- whoa why are there kids outside?
  • Jackson: I dunno, they said they were looking for Mark hyung..
  • Jaebum: hey Mark!! These kids are looking for you?
  • Mark: um what?
  • Jackson: do you know them?
  • Jeno: wait, you're not our Mark hyung..
  • Mark: hey...aren't you guys those NCT Dream kids? Um sorry but you got the wrong Mark.
  • Mark Lee: hey guys! OMG I thought you guys went home without me. I got sidetracked cause I just saw a clefairy and it lead me to this side of the vicinity.
  • Mark Tuan: I'm guessing you're the Mark that they are looking for?
  • Mark Lee: oh yeah! My names Mark too. Woah this is Markception! 😆
  • Jackson: *is filming with his phone*
  • Jaebum: did you get all of that?
  • Jackson: yeah this is all too amusing to not to film! 😂