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@vonbielefeld I really adore your fic a home in you and was inspired to draw these kids.


Matt Bomer in Everything  White Collar (2009-2014)

I love playing the dichotomy of someone who’s smooth, graceful and hyper-intelligent on the surface but underneath is really a big kid, and a romantic at heart. He’s always testing his boundaries.

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Adds another drawing to my ever-growing pile of Lyn fanart


I want to be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

listen i love kl*nce to death but any chances it ever had at being canon which were probably slim in the first place are undoubtedly ruined by the way some shippers👀☕️ won’t stop shoving it down the staff’s throats like.. constantly bringing it up and demanding when it’s gonna be canon is going to do the exact opposite of what you want. shut the fuck up


quickly finished a old-ass wip hope you guys like~~

Instagram Aesthetic
Descendants Main Five + Auradon Students

hello pls ignore the terrible picture lol graphic design is Not my passion. but anyways, i hit my first hundred followers on this blog so i figured i may as well do a ff! i’ve met some really great people ever since i got into kpop and made this blog! even though i’ve only had it since may, i’ve come to really treasure the friendships i’ve made and i also really appreciate every single one of my mutuals, whether they’ve been following me since the beginning or if they’re brand new!

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no ok forgive me for bringing this up but i’m rereading deathly hallows and i have a lot of thoughts like

it’s honestly no surprise people who have only seen (or like predominately watch) the films love snape. why did the films not have snape call lily a mudblood? why did the films not include any notion that snape was really a death eater fresh out of hogwarts, that his friends were death eaters, that he was the one to provide voldemort with the prophecy? if you watch the films, and either forget about the books or have no knowledge of them, then snape does seem like a very tragic and heroic character. and i’m not saying that his character wasn’t interesting, i’m not even saying it’s a problem if you DO like snape

but erasing all of his characterizations from the books makes him unrecognizable. snape fell to the same issue that hermione did in the films – they became characters who were not at all like their book counterparts. hermione, who was bossy and dreaded any sort of failure and was relatable with like anxiety and shit, became the ultimate warrior-woman who could do no wrong in the films. snape, who bullied his students, called his ‘best friend’ a slur, but actually had a more fleshed-out background and characterization, became a martyr who marginally picked on kids and made snide remarks and died for unrequited love in the films. in the films, snape literally appears as the innocent kid who got bullied for no reason and completely ‘deserved’ lily’s love because he never insulted her. the books, because snape was actually, y’know, written well, provided the conflict. they made you have to decide if you actually liked snape or not, they made you unsure if you felt sorry for him or not. the films stripped all that away and said “here’s the poor kid, oh no his crush doesn’t love him back :(( he was a double-agent how brave he died for love!” and the craziest part is like there’s no emotional build-up between lily and snape in the films (or books honestly like as i’m reading the prince’s tale there’s no real romance but that’s beside the point) but like particularly the films because we don’t see young lily and snape talking, we don’t see them argue or any real aspect of friendship. we’re just supposed to understand that snape really really loved lily which apparently really really made snape a good guy. and that’s just not the case?

but what i LOVE about the books is that snape IS a grey character. i don’t want to have to like a character just because that’s the only option. it’s what harry struggles with when he experiences SWM and sees what his father was like. it’s about seeing a character for all of their traits and figuring out how you feel about it. and that being said, snape was an absolute bag of dicks. it’s all written there. what he did as a spy WAS brave, his death WAS sad, but that doesn’t automatically negate all of snape’s characteristics. cause the way i see it if i knew someone like snape in real life i wouldn’t automatically forgive him if i found out he was in love with my mom and was a double-agent, i’d still have very mixed emotions. but like when you see snape FEEL remorse it actually seems really cool because you can see he’s experienced some sort of growth as a character. and before you point it out, i’m not here to justify james potter either. i’m not even here to say one was better than the other because if that’s what you think you’ve missed the entire point of my post

what i’m here to say is i’m really mad at the films for stripping the actual content of who snape was and what he did, and how like snape’s complex character from the books is what MAKES him interesting


//I needed to do this for a long, long time……..//

I love… @blueherondale‘s Afire Love…((I read it when I first discovered ONS and I fell in love!!))

anonymous asked:

Is there anything you especially dislike about Korean society? I know that the country has a lot of problems but what are the worst ones for you? Like things that make you go 'omg i'm so sorry you have to deal with that'. I find Korean culture, language, society, media etc really fascinating but man, the general public sure has to suffer a lot. :/

Lol girl don’t get me started…

Actually I have to make a presentation in my one class that is only foreigners. We were told to it could be about any feature of Korean society. I’m thinking about doing it about the concept of 헬조선. My professor is probably going to be thrilled that of all things in Korea I chose that, but I’m excited. It’s gonna be great when the presenters before me do topics like ~Hallyu~ ~Korean 정~ ~marriage in Korea~ and then I’m gonna come up like “hey guise lemme tell you why people think Korea is LITERALLY HELL.”

There’s a new movement where some Koreans have started to reject the term 헬조선 because at least the people in hell are sinners who deserve to be punished, while Koreans get punished even if they did nothing wrong. Worse-than-hell 조선. Hahahaha

Many problems in Korea stem from the suffocating societal pressure to be perfect. Nobody is proud of their own accomplishments, because they are never enough. Getting into any big university in Seoul is a feat, but it’s nothing to be proud of if you didn’t get into SKY. Getting an 850 on the TOEIC is very hard if you’ve never even lived in an English-speaking country, but it means nothing, because somebody else got a 950. And the (depressingly) hilarious part is that even those who do get perfect scores in everything, and do graduate from Seoul National, and do get hired at some big company like Samsung, still usually end up in a job where they work their asses off constantly every day of the week with little rest. The only difference is they’ll have more money. Putting money as the only goal does not a happy society make.

This is what leads to suicidal high school students that come home from hakwon at 12am. Men who come home at 2am completely drunk out of their minds. Women, many of whom spend their day working too, just to come home and take care of her husband’s demanding parents who expect them to keep a perfect household. Of course that gets into the next big problem which is people treating everyone below them badly. It’s not uncommon to see bosses who treat employees like their personal slaves, professors who treat their students like their personal slaves, and so on and so on. 

On top of worrying if you’re good enough, Koreans also have to worry if they’re normal enough. Koreans expect that everyone else will and should act just like they do personally. This is why being foreign in Korea is already kind of a sin it itself. As a foreigner I’ve heard Koreans often make claims that contradict each other, prefacing each one with “that’s the way it is here in Korea.” Whenever they see someone doing something in public that goes against their personal moral code, they attribute it not to difference of opinion, but “strangeness” or even insanity in the other person. Instead of tackling these differences case-by-case, they argue over who’s opinion is more widely held by other people and thus common law. Telling someone on the bus you wish they wouldn’t eat chips next to you? Too hard. It’s preferable to instead start a giant discussion about it with other people to establish whether or not eating chips on the bus is going against Korean moral code or not. If it is, that chip-eating person was a crazy, immoral jerk not worthy of Korean society. Lol.

Every decision must first be evaluated on the basis of how the people around you will react. Even if you personally want something, it’s unacceptable in the case that the people around you, be it your family, friends, or even strangers, don’t approve. One’s decisions aren’t necessarily intended to make oneself happy, but to make others happy. This extends into the way one looks. Changing one’s appearance is not seen as a way to express oneself, but as a way to be more acceptable to the society. This is why Korea has the highest rates of plastic surgery in the world. While western people are thought to get plastic surgery for personal vanity, Koreans do it just to be considered “acceptably normal.” 

The last thing I’ll point out is that Koreans are opportunists. They see no problem with using other people to get ahead. You may argue that this is a facet of every capitalist society, and I would agree with you, but the extreme competitiveness in Korea makes it even more pronounced. Koreans are not afraid to pretend to befriend somebody so that they can gain something from them. They see this as a fact of life. It’s nice as a foreigner to have Koreans come up to you on the street desperate to be “friends” with you, until you realize they’re just looking for free English practice/help.

So yeah these are the reasons, along with some others, that I don’t think I can keep living in Korea much longer. I originally intended to, as I really loved my life here the first couple of years, (and there’s still things I love about Korea ofc) but seeing so many sad worn-down people around me has really taken the joy out of Korean life. Doesn’t help that being treated as an outsider forever sucks. If you’re not Korean, no amount of Korean fluency or cultural knowledge makes you “normal.” You’re always an other.

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honestly, i'll never understand how cancers are exactly cardinal signs. everything in their personality descriptions show a fixed quality to me (especially for their clinginess thing to the past and the stubborn traits). truly puzzling. sometimes i could swear they were the fixed water sign while scorpio is being the cardinal one.

Well… I could sit here for hours trying to explain why the signs are considered to have the modalities they do, but it really comes down to your misconception of the modalities themselves so you’ll just have to read more about them. A lot of people tell me they ~disagree~ with how the signs are categorized and like… Sorry you feel that way but it’s not changing lol. You just need to learn more about it, you know? It makes sense to the people who study it.

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ahhhhhhhh your art deserves so much more attention i love how you make such beautiful art in a few simple lines!! something i have to know, how do you draw eyes/head/anatomy in general? in my opinion, that's the most eye catching thing in your art! i really would like to know how you do that! thank you in advance!

hi!! thank you so much for the kind words, they made me really happy ahhh!! T//w//T

as for how i draw stuff, i don’t think i’m…the best person to ask LOL but here’s my process/some things i try to keep in mind when drawing!

i still have a lot i need to work on with my art but i hope this answers your question! ;w;

anonymous asked:

Hello beautiful! can we have headcanons about when Endeavour meet todoroki's s/o and it's really a mess. He thinks her quirck is useless and try make todoroki break up with her, and idk he knows another girl who can be perfect for his son? I hope it makes sense, sorry english is not my first language, i'm not good with it lol we all love some angst shiet S2

Hey my love 💕 First off, thank you for your ask! You’re English is fine, I got you 😉 I’m not a native speaker either

I might need to tell you guys that everything Endeavor does, his behavior towards his wife and Shouto, hits really close to home for me. I can’t tell how much hatred I feel towards him and how disgusted I am. So, sorry if this might come off as rude or angry and I apologize if angst is missing.

  • From the very beginning, Shouto was sure that inviting his s/o over for dinner at his father’s house was not really a good idea. Nevertheless, this relationship is really serious, so s/o would have met his father anyway sometime, even without this arrangement
  • Arriving at his house, s/o is really polite and kind, showing their best manners, even towards his hostile father. It seems like they’re not stressed at all, but Shouto is. His stress level rose through the roof the moment they entered and he is really tense, observing everything, ready to protect his s/o when needed
  • However, since their arrival everything goes a little too smooth, his father is indeed eyeing his s/o warily, but he didn’t make any remark so far. This smells really fishy, and Shouto is on high alert
  • The moment the actual dinner starts and the friendly chatter between his sister and his s/o lapse into silence, an unnerving tension starts filling the room, clawing it’s way up on Shouto’s spine. The chopsticks in his hand shake slightly and he almost breaks them when his father clears his throat, obviously to say something
  • “So s/o I heard about your pitiful quirk and I was trying to find some qualities in you that might befit my Shouto, but I couldn’t”, Endeavors says, locking his gaze on s/o. S/o doesn’t even bother to look up “I heard a lot of people saying a lot of unnecessary things today”, they answer, leisurely sipping some cold soba
  • Both, Shouto and his sister are sitting there dumbfounded by the response of s/o and they are both surprised how calm they are
  • Of course this wouldn’t be the end of Endeavors insults “I hate weak people”, he remarks “Oh? Then I wonder how you are able to live with yourself”, they counter while finishing their soba. His father snarls “You can be glad I didn’t kick you out of this house the moment you entered. This, though, will be your first and your last time. I already found a girl that is fitting for my Shouto and I’m in the middle of preparing their marriage. You are nothing, but a big mouth with some average talent. You’re not worthy becoming a part of this family”
  • Shouto is shocked, neither did he hear about any arranged marriage before, nor is he sure his father is not going to do something stupid any minute. His fist clenches, and he is ready to stand up when he feels the soft, warm hand of his s/o cascading over his leg in order to calm him down
  • S/o puts their chopsticks aside, their gaze meeting Endeavor’s for the first time during this dinner. Even though the hero just openly threatened them, they look composed and like tranquility itself “First, you invited me over to your house, it would be idiotic to kick me out immediately. Second, I really love Shouto and unlike you, I value and cherish him. Some empty threats won’t change that. Third, in order for you to insult me I would first have to value your opinion and I don’t”
  • Endeavors fiery bird flares a little, amusement twinkling in his eyes “You’re a brave one, aren’t you?”