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Otp moments to think about

~ A jumping onto the sleeping form of B and screaming ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ before showering them with kisses and presents

~ A taking the hand of nervous B to calm them in public and whispering encouraging words

~ A taking care of B when B has been working too hard and neglecting their basic human needs

~ Adopting a pet!

~ Sharing their favorite music with each other

~ Introducing each other to movies and TV shows that mean a lot to them!

~ Babysitting

~ Playing video games

~ Reuniting after a long time away from each other

~ Coming up with and discussing theories at 2 AM

~ Knowing each others triggers and having well thought out plans for when those moments happen

~ Helping each other get over bad habits

~ Helping each other maintain good habits

~ Having inside jokes in public and sharing looks and smothered laughs

~ Laying on the hood of a car, looking up at the stars and talking about childhood memories

~ The calm before the storm, a small, precious moment that they have, not knowing if they’ll see each other alive again

~ A admitting a hard-hitting truth to B

~ Shopping!

~ Reading and cuddling on a sunny day

~ Trying out glasses

~ Whispering sassy comments to each other and ‘staring into the camera like their in the office’ looks but their each others cameras

~ Trying to outsmart each other in front of a teacher / boss / high rank

~ you say TWISTER and I raise with MESSY TWISTER (paint!)

~ Finals week and coping mechanisms

~ A lost their baggage and needs to borrow basically everything from B

~ Late night phone calls

~ Napping

~ Jamming in the car

~ Introducing each other to their families

~ Tired monday mornings

~ Stealing food and hauling ass from a party neither of them want to be at

~ Reenacting the Dirty Dancing dance move and messing up

~ Lost in the woods 

here are some highlights from the first time the foxes sit neil down to watch space jam

“why would he go to baseball of all sports. baseball

neil: moron mountain? really?
andrew: yeah, you know, your home planet

neil: i don’t understand. who are the loony tunes
nicky: neil i weep for you

“you’ve heard of the dream team? well we’re the mean team”
“where’d they get this footage of the edgar allen ravens”

“did they base lola bunny off allison”

*daffy walks onto the court to absolute silence, no applause whatsoever*
“hey aaron—”
“don’t fucking even”

*the loony tunes all fall asleep during mj’s motivational speech*
“neil shut the fuck up”

“i have faith in my team”
“is that captain dan wilds, offensive dealer for the palmetto state foxes”

“thanks guys, you got a lot of… a lot of… well, whatever it is, you got a lot of it”
“i can’t believe they found this clip from wymack’s last post-game speech”

“so where’s the exy remake starring kevin”
“don’t even joke about that”


I’ve read quite a few horror tales in my time, and I’ve got a certain fondness for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson. 

There’s something about man seeking to become his best self, only to unleash his inner demons and desires, that truly fascinates me.

I also like to think that Jekyll is not so innocent. He uses the identity of Hyde as an excuse for his immoral behaviours so not to feel any consequential guilt.

“If it wasn’t me in control, it’s not my fault.”

Jekyll is a truly evil character, and his potion is just a ploy to satiate his needs for violence and chaos.

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I’m now a firm believer that Otabek had a crush on JJ when (if) they were rinkmates in Canada. Could explain why he hates JJ so much. What if he got friendzoned for Isabella, or just flat out rejected. And JJ being the sweet and lovable dumbass that he is, is trying to repair their relationship and just be friends. I think that would make for an interesting plot twist, and doesn't have to steal from Otayuri development.

i feel u bro, beka def had a thing for jj back then, it was kind of hard not to. jj was an ass at times, but he had the best intentions, and he did everything he could to make otabek feel welcome in his home rink while pushing him to be stronger and better. it slowly thawed at otabek, he’s always admired the fierceness of his competitors, and he recognized the kindness in jj’s over the top antics.

but I don’t think otabek is capable of hating those he cares for. he’s quiet, but it makes him very self aware of his own feelings, as well as those of others. he recognizes that isabella yang is different. she like otabek sees beyond the projected “king” image, and recognizes the jj that just wants to be told he’s doing well. that he is enough.

so he can’t hate jj, can’t put the burden of beka’s own feelings on to his budding relationship. so when a chance comes to return to his home rink, otabek doesn’t think twice about it. he can see the hurt in jj’s face when he tells him. the canadian punches his arm and jokes that otabek better not go soft, but his blue eyes are glistening with unshed tears. it’s almost enough to make him stay. but he thinks of the family he hasn’t seen in years, of isabella’s lipstick stain on the sweatshirt jj borrowed, of the growing heaviness in his heart and mind.

the distance between them stretches farther than the miles separating them. otabek’s sparse responses combined with jj’s impatience leads to little contact between the two. slowly but surely, otabek finds it easier to breathe again.

a year passes. when the engagement is announced, beka isn’t as broken as he thought he’d be. perhaps his heart will always hurt a little bit for jj, but he has no regrets. sometimes feelings don’t need a resolution, they just need to be.

this is the single most important thing i’ve ever drawn

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Dean gets jealous so easily when it comes to Cas. Whenever someone flirts with him (he doesn't know they're flirting) Dean will give them death glares until they back off. Most of the time he'll go up to the person and say something like "sorry sweetheart he's taken". And one time, Cas realised that the waitress was flirting with him and smiled politely, saying "sorry, I'm taken". Dean smiles smugly with a "hell yeah he is"



Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR; Faust’s “Stimulating Fists of Annahilation”.

A.K.A.: Faust’s finger attack, Thousand years of pain, Kancho attack, best overdrive in the game

Screenshoted from this video, all creditis due to them

“In Depth Analysis:”

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HELLO! Are requests still open?!? If so could u please do some headcannons for Jumin, Zen, and V where their s/o stays up late every night doing work and they can't seem to catch a break? (lots of fluff and cute things? *hint* ) I'm completely jammed with homework rn cuz one of my teachers just gave us our books for a class that starts next semester but expects us to have a bunch of work completed by the first day of the class?! sorry for ranting! I hope u r doing great and have a beautiful day!

yes!!! i love this request so much and im very happy to finally write it!!! thank you for this

i hope u dont mind, but in these hc’s they live with their s/o!!! 


  • his keeps reminding MC that its bad for their skin to stay up so late, and staying up always leads to late night snacking
  • he’ll usually stay up late with them anyway
  • “Zen, i can tell you’re tired, and the condition of your skin is more important than mine anyway”
  • Zen would be sitting at MC’s desk with them, head resting on the table
  • “i dont care about my skin! what if i go to bed and you get lonely?”
  • “i wont get lonely”
  • he would sit up and wrap his arms around MC, then talk with a little whine in his voice
  • “yes you wooouuulllddd”
  • “Zen- I”
  • “stop trying to convince me to go to bed, because i’m not going to sleep until you are!”
  • 20 minutes later, Zen is asleep with his head on the desk
  • “Zenny? wake up. i really think you should go to bed”
  • Zen sleepily shifts himself, placing his head right in front of MC to interrupt their work
  • “fiiine, but you have to come with me”
  • his voice is like a sleepy whine and its so cute
  • the next day when its time for MC to get started on work he begs them not to


  • he’s up late working a lot too
  • him and MC will work together in his study, sitting at the same desk and holding hands while they work
  • Jumin always begs MC to go to bed at a decent time, but they just respond with “i will when you will”
  • sometimes while they’re working Jumin will get up and leave the room without explanation
  • he returns a few minutes later, draping a soft blanket over MC’s shoulders
  • sometimes MC will fall asleep while they’re working and wake up in bed next to Jumin
  • because he carries them back to bed when they fall asleep!
  • he rarely goes to bed first because he’s a seasoned business man who is used to staying up late working
  • sometimes he gets distracted by MC and will just stare at them while they work
  • “Jumin? dont you have something you should be doing?”
  • “oh, hmm? sorry…i just think you look cute when you’re tired”


  • tells MC all the time that he’s amazed at how hard they work
  • “you really are incredible”
  • “im not incredible, im a procrastinator” 
  • “well I think youre amazing”
  • he stays up with MC, too
  • he usually makes warm tea for both of them
  • V knows MC shouldnt have caffeine at this time of night, but if they’re going to insist on working late they should at least have some tea~ 
  • V falls asleep on the couch while MC is working
  • he’ll wake up half an hour later, rubbing his eyes and yawning
  • “hey sweetheart, are you still working?”
  • “yup”
  • he stretches and walks over to MC, wrapping his arms around them to hug them from behind
  • “i think you work too hard~”
  • “its all thanks to your tea”
  • “wont it be time to quit soon?”
  • he keeps falling asleep on the couch, he wont go to bed without MC



I have no words

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Do you heard about caged bird au from Eunoriablithe? If it's yes, l would ask... maybe you will join the stir party and draw something about it. Sans in red dress or kinda ship between them

(sans in dresses is my jam)

(the dress isn’t exactly red though, sorry..)

caged bird au belongs to @eunoriablithe

“you want a songbird? i’ll give you your goddamn songbird.”

(but papyrus is an insomniac so this won’t happen.)

Concearning Exo-CBX's 'Ka-Ching'
  • Ka Ching is like SM went;</b> "What are songs I, myself have produced that are good? Ah yes the 'Lookie' was a true bob, but this is EXO i need something big... 'Louder' I mean sorry 'Lotto' yes, now downgrade that and sprinkle some Irene and Yeri up on that shit. Alright and to top it off...Shinee.... retro SHINEE is my jam okay but not the music,,, just the over saturated colour scheme. Okay good? Let's go."
  • SM *after demo*: </b> "A Japanese song I love it!"
  • SM worker: </b> "Sir I thought this was their comeback???"
  • SM: </b> "Nah man throw it at Japan. But because EXO is all about that Chinese and Korean promotion... make sure the Japanese song is 30% English okay? Okay. :)))"
  • I'm not trying to hate on the song or the group, this is for comedic effect only plz don't be upset </i>

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Ok so. I'm in love with your Elsewhere U story and I have to know. How often do the Fae become too curious and involved in human life and vice versa? Is there an unofficial exchange program with people volunteering to be changelings? Do they have to have specific skills such as cooking or poetry or botany to qualify? When they come back -if they come back- are they the same? Or are their eyes a little sharper, voice a little sweeter, footsteps a little quieter. Sorry for the tangent I just ❤ u

Never apologize for the tangent, this is my JAM and i <3 u 2. Even unofficially, exchange program is too strong a term! But once in a while yeah, intentional switches will happen, with contracts determining behavior, etc. drawn up and gone over and over by law friends. Given the amount of trust necessary between the two in order to swap lives, it’s a rare thing. But it does happen, and they both go home a little different - how could they not? -  although it depends entirely on what they’ve been doing over the course of the year what kind of different it is.


Hangin’ from last night!! Sorry I missed the very beginning but I was stoked and not ready to start recording I also cross posted this onto YouTube as well in case vimeo isn’t your jam https://youtu.be/hZ67dvDqC08

What If? (Pt.2)

Title: What If? (Pt.2)
Summary: You indulge yourself in a harmless passion, following a train of thought, but when Mikey catches a glimpse it may not be so harmless after all.
Author: Velcr0Kitty
Characters: Mikey x Reader
Word Count: 1488
Warnings: Angst, fluff, body image… issues? I guess?
Author’s Notes: WELCOME BACK MOTHERFUCKERS I AM CAFFEINATED :) I was gonna post this as one big fic (I had hit like 3000 words) but I decided to split this up. It keeps growing :D (I took liberty and tagged a bunch of you people)

It was three agonizing days until you saw Mikey again. According to Raph he spent most of his time in the training room, relentlessly pushing himself to several limits. When one of the others could force him out for a little while he spent all of his time in his and Raph’s room “mopin’ over that weird book.”

Splinter had approached the others expressing his concerns and, until Leo mentioned your breakdown, he had nothing.

“My child?” Splinter slowly entered your room where you were laying, sketching away. You jump and try to hide your sketchbook, throwing it behind you. He quirks an eyebrow and extends his hand, motioning for you to hand him whatever it was. It was the first time since the fight you’d even touched a pencil and it seemed that all you could draw was Mikey. So, like a little kid in trouble, you hand it over. As recognition and something akin to pride swarm his features you shrink further into yourself expecting to be reprimanded. Instead he gives you a small smile and hands it back.

“Well done. That’s a very fine piece of art.” He pauses, giving you time to start explaining on your own. You sit with your eyes closed, hoping he’ll just go away. He simply stares at you, patiently, and sits. After a few tense, silent moments, you break.

“I’msosorrySplinter, I didn’t mean any harm! I draw. I was gonna go to art school then my- and then- and I just drew Mikey, Ididn’tmeantohurthim I’m sorry!” You blurt in one breath and start crying, again. Splinter had grabbed you mid-sentence and just held you. You sobbed and cried and rambled until you could breathe again. The whole time the rat who had become a father to you patted your back and waited for you to calm down.

When you had quieted and stopped shaking Splinter lied your head on his lap, combed through your hair and slowly spoke.

“Child, you must tell me what has happened. I was worried about Michelangelo, but now I fear for you too. You must explain, if you can,” and so you did. You explained everything. Your past, how bad off you were when they found you, your crush on Mikey, that night, your idea, the drawing, all leading up to three days ago. You had to stop a few times at the more painful moments and had cried silently the whole time. Once you had finished Splinter sat silently. He drank in your words, rolling them around in his head and slowly formed a response. He does this often when spoken to so you give him time and just enjoy the comfort he provides.

“Given the circumstance, you should go to him.” As he speaks, you slowly sit up and match his gaze. “This isn’t something that can be fixed outwardly, but from the inside I believe it can heal.”



Mikey loved the feel of adrenaline coursing through him after training. It put a pep in his step until it wore off and his muscles started to ache. He figured, while he was still hype, that he’d go bug his favorite sweetheart. As he wandered towards your room he enjoyed the serenity of the lair. He could hear his brothers loudly speaking then quietly disbanding, each wandering off to their separate corners. He hears Raph’s music turn up, he hears the familiar beep of Donnie’s lab door, he hears the shower, probably Leo. His hands drift to his pockets and his mind drifts to his girl - uh, well not his girl but… god, he wanted her to be. He always knew there was something about Y/N but… lately? He couldn’t help but think of you.

He was surprised to see that you weren’t in your room, so he took the time to, well, indulge himself. He looked around your room at just how you it was. The furniture, the colors, lighting, nerd stuff littering every surface, fuck even the smell. The 19 year old’s chest tightened as he took in that smell and enjoyed the little energetic rush that spiraled from his chest, down his arms and settling low. His stomach turned over and he closed his eyes, starting to daydream. Out of a dreamy fog an image of burying his face into your hair as he held you tightly swarms him. He could almost feel your small arms trying to wrap around him and failing, but still tightening nonetheless, as well as you nuzzling into his neck. The ghostly press of a kiss or two sends another shot through his body and this one snaps him out of his dizzying day dream.

He jumps and sobers up, remembering you could walk in at anytime, and continues snooping. With his arms latched behind his back he wanders around the room. His eyes fall to something on your bed. It was a some loose papers, a couple pencils, and, near the headboard, a few peculiar books. Confusion seizes him while curiosity drives him to take a peek. He glances at the door frame, pausing to consider the morality in this situation. The little devil on his shoulder has been screeching since he saw the papers and the little angel has been rambling more than Donnie. Mikey shakes his head and turns back to the papers picking up a pile of about four. His brows furrow. His jaw drops.

The paper between his fingers showed a drawing of him and his brothers side by side. Perfectly. A low whistle escapes him. Angelcakes did this?

“It’s like a photo,” he whispers breathlessly. A gargantuan smile splits his face as he excitedly flips page after page. His brothers, Splinter meditating, him laying around, Raph and Donnie sparring. He ran out of his pile and practically dove for the others. Some of the drawings were higher quality, some merely sketches. It didn’t matter, he devoured them all with fervor. Pride swelled in him and bubbles over into small bouts of giggles. He barks a sharp laugh and covers his mouth when he finds a damn near perfect capture of Raph’s bitch-face. He grabs one of the actual sketchbooks and leans against the steel beam that comes down in the middle of your room, flipping it open.


You quietly approach the increasingly scarey curtain of beads separating you and Mikey. Splinters last words before you left the room ring in your ears.

“Of course, young one. Anything can be healed if you tend to it correctly. At the very least, you can mend the damage and lessen the blow.” You lightly chant this to yourself as you approach the archway to the shared room. Mend the damage, lessen the blow. Mend the damage… You’re met with a very grumpy Raph within the first few steps. He’s laying on the top bunk, your entrance catches his attention. The red tails of his mask flail a little as he looks at you, then snaps to Mikey for a moment (who is moping quietly in the corner, sitting on his drum kit’s stool leaning against the wall) and back again. He mouths ‘You dealing with this?’. You gave a curt, nervous nod.

“Oh, thaNK FUCK,” he groans, a little too loudly. Mikey swerves around, startled by the sudden outburst, locks eyes with you and confusion turns into a scowl. Raph slides off his bunk and moves past you, giving you two hearty good-luck-shoulder-pats on his way out. You reach out towards Raph a little as he wanders away silently yelling at him to not leave you alone. You begin to slightly tremble for the second time that day. Turning back, you find Mikey has turned around once more.

Alright. Fine. I guess it’s all on me.


Mikey had made it through 2 of your old sketchbooks before he got to a newer one (he figured they were old cause he hasn’t worn that in at least a year) and picked up on a, um, theme so-to-speak. This book was near full, the only one on the bed that was closed, and was chock full of drawings of him. Of course his family was in there but it was totally rare if he wasn’t also in the drawing. To be honest, he was too stunned that none of them even knew about this amazing talent of yours to freak out about how much of him there was.

So far his favorite was one of him casually standing, facing away from the viewer, arms crossed, relatively serious. His first thought was, of course, ‘wow,’ but then it was ‘is my ass really that nice?’ It was then he saw a cute little cartoon you in the corner with sunglasses on staring at his ass, biting her lip and making a really funny face. That one he promised himself he was gonna make a copy of whether you knew about it or not.


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