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The Female of the Species

Chapter Three


Nathalie slowly awoke to the sensation of her earlobe being bitten lightly. “Mmm,” she murmured sleepily, “that’s nice. Why don’t you wake me up like that more often?”

“I’d have to wake up before you,” Gabriel murmured back, “and this might be the first time that’s actually happened. Trouble sleeping?”

“Mmm. Yeah.” As Nathalie woke up fully, she remembered the thoughts that had plagued her late into the night, and she sighed. “Yeah, you could say that.”

“You’re quite worried about this meeting, considering you’re not even attending.”

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turn towards me, I'm lonely too - Chapter 1 - Pigfarts23 - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Oh hey look I did another thing instead of doing what I’m supposed to.

Loosely inspired by @aina-p ‘s amAZING drawing. (I say loosely because I added my own twist on the idea (so soz)) 

I’ll put updates for this under the tag “turn towards me” okay okay.