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I'm not sure if you've ever done one for this but can I request a Sprite for Felicia!Soleil please?

sorry this took so long!! redrawing hair like soleil’s…………. is really hard…………… it has so much texture and i couldn’t even do it that well…..

EDIT: i completely forgot to change her hair to Felicia’s shade of pink so now… here it is 

My friend @olivia-mindglare now replaying sdr2 and on her way sending me screenshots.

One of the latest screenshots was this one (if you forgot - she’s telling this to Komaeda):

Just imagine freaking Komaeda in “#1 DAD” t-shirt teaching kids how to make bombs and let shit on fire.

This is the best.
(I bet Ouma would be so happy)

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Hello! Could you rec some blogs to follow? Thanks!

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How are the SDR2 cast in DR3 OOC? That's an argument I've never really gotten. Ditto for your argument of Nanami being "accidently sociopathic".

I entertained the idea to make game/anime comparison with screenshots, but I have no time unfortunately. As a whole, I would say that the cast was turned into one big entity without distinctive personality, where everyone thinks the same and acts as one. But for some specifics examples :

Mahiru in sdr2 : What do you mean Fuyuhiko murdered my best friend ? I’m going to confront him and give him a piece of my mind. Yes, it’s reckless, but I just can’t let it pass.

Mahiru in dr3 : *cowers behind Sato anytime Natsumi gives her the bad eye, including when nothing could ever happen since they are in public*

Sonia in sdr2 : I start to dislike Souda because he doesn’t treat me as a human being and is unable to understand that I’m not the ‘doll princess’ he takes me for.

Sonia in dr3 : I dislike Souda because I’m a bitch, and my whole arc is to learn to acknowledge what a great person he actually is.

Mikan in sdr2 : My behaviour comes from years of emotional, physicial and probably sexual abuse, both at home and at school. The reason I’m so attached to Junko is because she is the first that showed me kindness, making me dependant of her.

Mikan in dr3 : A fucking spat on the face of everyone who ever went through abuse, and I’m seriously pissed. Also brainwashing.

Fuyuhiko in sdr2 toward Peko when they hide their relationship : ‘Shut up bitch, I didn’t ask for your opinion, go away.’

Fuyuhiko in dr3 toward Peko when they hide their relationship : *take her into his arms in front of everyone else* ‘are you okay ? I care so much about you, I’ll definitely kick the ass of the person who hurt you, because dr3 is heterosexist and Pekoyama is 100% unable to stand alone without her man by her side.’

Komaeda in sdr2/drae : The reason I became despair is because I think it could create hope. Contrary to others, Junko couldn’t get me by the sentimental side of my being, but by the logical one, and she was able to give me a purpose, which was so important that after her death that I had to saw my hand to put her’s instead.

Komaeda in dr3 : Brainwashing, lol. Also Izuru is hot, I guess. Wonderful.

Hinata in sdr2 : I don’t understand one thing about videogames, what is Chiaki talking about ? I don’t understand any of the references, sorry it’s just not my thing.

Hinata in dr3 : Chiaki never met someone who was as interested in videogames as Hinata, and he is able to keep up with her when they play together, and to recognize the pin she has in her hair as a reference to a videogame.


As for Chiaki, when I say she is sociopathic, I’m not talking about the hum… medical condition ? That is to say, I don’t think we could make a case of Chiaki suffering of any personality disorder. It’s always good to be very careful with it.

It’s more a case of Twilight-sociopathy, where the S. Meyer really tried to write her character as super caring and selfless and admirable, but because of her unability to write them properly, they come across as the worst people in the world, who don’t care about any life beside theirs. While Chiaki doesn’t have thousands pages to be developped contrary to Bella Swan, she is still… something.

Since I have to use a reference, I’m using Hervey Cleyckley’s list.  I’m going to say it again, but this list shouldn’t be used for self-diagnosis, and the most ‘accurate’, when it comes to diagnostic is the Dsm-5 list, which disqualifies Chiaki, of only with the ‘The subject is at least 18 years old’.

She is very cute and very saturated to make her even cuter, she talk with this cutesy voice and blush a lot, and for these reasons everyone is apparently ready to make a godess out of her. As for her intelligence, I guess it’s a case of Idiocracy. In a world where everyone has a negative IQ, I guess she is supposed to be smart.

  • Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking

Fair enough. I think this is mostly to separate this kind of personality disorder to other pathologies. She isn’t an irration thinker, as far as I can tell.

  • Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations

Obviously. She goes through life with the same apathetic behaviour, even when murder is happening in the school or one of her classmate has just been shot.

  • Unreliability


  • Untruthfulness and insincerity
  • Lack of remorse and shame
  • Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior

These ones don’t apply to Chiaki, because they ask for some kind of agenda on her part. When you do absolutely nothing with yourself, you also have no reason to feel remorse/shame.

  • Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience

I don’t even know where to start with this one. But she apparently thought that running into Junko’s lair without telling anyone and bringing someone who was still unable to walk with them was okay so.

  • Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love

She is a student in Hope’s Peak but seem absolutely unbothered by the unfairness the school treats the Reserve Course Student, and doesn’t seem to find problematic that she is treated as a queen where Hinata is treated as shit by the school. Because of the ‘tell don’t show’, I don’t think I’ve seen her have one speck of love for anyone. She doesn’t bond deeply with any of her classmates or Hinata, and has the most uncaring attitude when Hinata is upset by the murder of two of his classmates.

  • General poverty in major affective reactions

Does… she… even have reactions. Kidding, she fits.

  • Specific loss of insight


  • Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations

Yup. My god, Hinata, stop having an existential crisis and focus on the game, thanks bye.

  • Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without
  • Suicide threats rarely carried out
  • Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated

These one don’t really qualify. Doesn’t fit the ‘cute waifu’ enough, honestly.

  • Failure to follow any life plan

Literally her only wish for the future is playing videogames with her friends. It’s not even that she has trouble following life plans. She just doesn’t have any.

That’s was long, but then what did you expect when you send me an ask, I’m unable to not be super-long about anything  8)

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So you mentioned something about marrying an anime gnome boy and the only one that comes to mind is Wirt. Is there another anime gnome boy I should know of? I'm curious!


(by the way if you have not watched this youtube video yet you need to immediately because it’s the best thing ever created on this earth)

title: domestic issues
pairing: shizuo/izaya
word count: 5,566
summary: ten things changed when heiwajima shizuo lugged all his things into orihara izaya’s spacious, immaculate, minimalist apartment.
for @monstrux

Ten things changed when Heiwajima Shizuo lugged all his things into Orihara Izaya’s spacious, immaculate, minimalist apartment.

i. the decor

Izaya watched in hidden horror as Shizuo dropped a ragged, worn-out cow plush on his couch that was worth more than the sum of all of Shizuo’s rental payments. He regarded it cautiously and had half a mind to poke it with his foot, just to see if anything would come crawling out of it. Shizuo didn’t seem to notice; he went back to unpacking his things and despite the growing clutter around him, all Izaya could focus on was that cow. “…Shizu-chan, what’s that?”

Shizuo blinked. He straightened while holding a few paper cups and plastic utensils.

“…A cow.”

“I see that,” Izaya answered patiently. “I mean why is it on my sofa?”

“Because he’s my favorite,” Shizuo explained with a frown, challenging Izaya’s eyebrow raise with a glare. There was a tense silence as Izaya’s eyes dropped to stare at the stuffed animal again. It looked extremely old and was patched up in various places, some done better than others. It was obviously a childhood toy of Shizuo’s; based on his preference for dairy products, Izaya supposed a cow being Shizuo’s favorite animal was more than obvious.

He didn’t like it. Everything Izaya owned was practical and when it began showing signs of wear and tear, he’d throw it out. He didn’t like things being dirty or scratched and Namie had once told him he spent more on chessboards than food.

He informed her that he couldn’t just keep charred game pieces around.

She dryly instructed him to stop burning things.

However, despite Izaya’s dislike of it, he knew that it was important Shizuo. Shizuo wasn’t a sentimental type of person and his clutter came mostly from convenience and having to repurchase low quality items. So for this to be kept after all these years must have meant it was something he was fond of and Izaya sighed.

He hated compromise.

“…All right,” Izaya said at last. “Just keep it on the bed.”

When Izaya had proposed they take their relationship to the next level with Shizuo moving in, it was primarily because Shizuo’s apartment was so bare Izaya hadn’t thought his apartment would change too much. He expected, obviously, Shizuo’s presence to be more constant and was willing to allow for some degree of messiness. But as Shizuo unpacked his belongings, out came old books and journals, stuffed animals and a blanket.

Shizuo didn’t have many things, and so that was why Izaya didn’t think he’d notice Shizuo’s belongings around the apartment. But Izaya’s apartment had the bare necessities of the bare necessities and so even Shizuo’s coaster on his coffee table made all the difference in the world. Finally tearing his gaze away from the coaster, Izaya noticed crumpled tissues on the other side of his table.

“Shizu-chan? Here.”

“Why are you giving me a trash can?”

“That’s a crumpled up napkin.”

“It’s a napkin from where we had our first date.”

Izaya decided to give Shizuo the benefit of the doubt and assume that the napkin wasn’t used. Giving a slow sigh, he nodded and set the trash can down again, deciding to go hide behind a computer so he wouldn’t have to watch all of Shizuo’s things invading his personal space.

Heiwajima Shizuo brought with him a flurry of what seemed like old trash, but Izaya supposed a few memories in his apartment wouldn’t be the end.

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Hey! I just sent in that Junkrat ask, could I be a little selfish and ask to include McCree as well? (I'm so sorry I literally forgot to put him in there as well, it's like 6am here, I've barely slept, its not a fun time, I'm pretty sure my blood is more coffee at this point ahaha) If its not doable/okay thats totally okay!!

Thanks for all the kind words! And it’s no problem! Sorry if they’re a little short, I’m a bit stressed myself after this week… =_=


  • Probably one of the best boyfriends to have when you’re stressed, he’s just so caring and sweet when you’re feeling down.
  • Will drag you away from your work if you’re still trying to, draping himself over your desk or lap or shoulders dramatically and whining, drawing out your name or one of his many pet names for you.
  • “(Y/nnnnnnnn), baaaaaaaaaabe, come on. Daaaaaaarlin…”
  • Kisses your head and neck, pretty much anywhere he can reach, and uses his cold metal hand on your side.
  • Finally, when you agree to stop working, he looks like a happy puppy and carries you back to the bed or couch with him!
  • Goes to make you both hot chocolate if you’d like some, and probably starts a marshmallow war at some point!
  • Old wild west movies! The entire night is filled with old wild west movies, and McCree is so happy. There’s also lots of jokes and silly impressions until both of your sides hurt!
  • Cuddling under his serape, on his lap or snuggled up into his side as he buries his face in your hair and kisses your head and shoves his face in your neck to tickle you with his beard. 
  • Starts mumbling as he gets more tired, about how you’re so beautiful and how much he loves you!


  • Kisses your forehead and cheek while you watch, and rubs your back when he sees you getting tired.
  • Also tries to be annoying to get you out of working, wrapping his arms around you and whining for you to get to bed.
  • Kisses your neck and probably blows raspberries on it to annoy you.
  • Drags you away whether you agree or not, carrying you bridal style to the bedroom or living room, and throwing you onto the bed or couch.
  • Makes hot chocolate, hot enough to burn your mouth while he can drink it just fine, but it’s delicious anyway!
  • Puts on action movies with a lot of explosions, because, hey, he’s Junkrat.
  • Cuddles you with yours arms and legs entangled, hugging you like a koala if you try to leave!
  • You don’t even need a blanket, he’s like a living space heater when it comes to cuddling, and will lay there with you for hours until he sees that you’re calmed down and feeling better.
  • Makes jokes and tell stories from the Outback while you watch, making you laugh until your sides hurt in the end.
  • Also mumbles as he gets sleepy, about loving and how you’re so amazing, but also how he’s just so lucky to have you.

Hey everyone! So about a week ago this blog had it’s first anniversary which is crazy! It honestly doesn’t feel like that long at all and it’s amazing how many awesome people I’ve had the privilege of meeting on here over the past year. I thought I’d make a list of all my absolute favourite blogs, just as a little high five for you all being awesome. Of course I adore everyone I follow, but these are my absolute favourites of the bunch. Sorry if I missed anyone! And like I said, I love everyone I follow so much <3

Also, I just thought I’d write a little message to my wonderful boyfriend @yoongii-trash / @gudejama who I actually met through this blog. If any of you guys don’t know him he’s the sweetest, most thoughtful, funny, caring guy I’ve ever known and I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy as I am right now without him. I love you bby and I WANT TO PUBLIC FLIRT OKAY PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW YOU’RE SPECIAL

And thank you to everyone who’s followed me over the past year! It’s been a weird year and this blog has been a lovely place to hang when I’m down, everyone gives me so much love and I’m always thankful

Okay so here’s all my faves ily all x x x

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after hitting a milestone of 1k followers & having this blog for nearly a year, i’ve decided it would be nice to post my first follow forever ! first of all, tysm for following me !! honestly, i still remember how ecstatic i was when i reached my first 100, so lowkey this still seems a bit surreal to me ?? i truly love you guys a lot & honestly pls feel free to hmu at any time !!

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Bamon Day Domestic!AU - Roommates || “Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere…” x

hello, lovelies!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

it’s kelsey, and since my one year anniversary was a little over a month ago and it’ll be 2017 in about 2hrs for me, i thought it was about high time i did one of these!  i’ve met and talked with some very extraordinary and incredible ppl since i started my got7 blog, and i’m so grateful for having discovered this wonderful ahgase family 😊  i know 2016 as a whole hasn’t been the greatest of years, but it’s been one of the best i’ve had in a long, long time personally.  and this fanbase and our 7 goofy, talented boys are the reason for that. so, without further ado, let’s get started 😁  

ps, please excuse the crappy edit, my limited photoshop skills stop and start at making gifs 🙈 

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Imagine SouGou's first kiss being all because Gou wanted to know what a kiss was like. And Sousuke being like "I can teach you," and Rin finding out later somehow and being confused about how he's suppose to feel! X3

this is wonderful I wanna write this someday.

Okay but it could go two ways and I like both:

1.) Platonic SouGou where Gou is genuinely curious about it and she can’t have a boyfriend yet because everyone is scared of Sousuke + no one is hot enough (or as awesome as her brother) for her excuse you she has high standards. So she really just wants to know, and she sees Sousuke as this big brother who would teach her anything. Sousuke sees her as a little sister so it’s just a peck on the lips that he does as long as she promises to tell him whenever something is bothering her. (++ “At least my first kiss is with someone who honestly loves me a lot”)

Fast forward 5 years, Rin finds out about it and is ready to kill Sousuke. But Sousuke’s like “huh?” And Gou’s like “Nii-chan, what are you thinking?” and she kisses him on the cheeks. And everything is beautiful in niichan land.

2.) Romantic SouGou with Gou asking that because she’s had a crush on him forever and she thinks it’s probably not going anywhere so she jokes about it. And Sousuke allows himself this one moment to kiss her once in the pretense of teaching her despite also liking her but feeling like dating your best friend’s sister is the worst kind of offense. And then when Rin finds out, he’s all “TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!” and Sousuke’s like “Can I?”

And then they clear up the misunderstanding and everything is beautiful.


yoooo guess what time it is IT’S CHRISTMAS which means christmas follow forever ayyyyyyy

i want to thank everyone for making my dash look hella and also for being hella nice and hella supportive and just for being hella

yeah i’m not very good with this stuff but just know that i love u all ok

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO CLONE CLUB FOR BEING LITERALLY THE BEST FANDOM EVER i definitely don’t regret joining, you guys are amazing <3

also let’s ignore how bad these gifs are ok

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Morning Moving

I have been neglecting you guys so bad, sorry 😘 As you can see by the boxes we are in the process of moving! @clydetherabbitgreen and his surprises.. I love the house babe as you said I would.

Flew my baby out this weekend and @anitacole tagged along LMFAOO. See how she in the middle, I had to fight to take pics with the girl solo. Jealous minded people I love so, SMH. All jokes aside thank you pain in the ass for helping me pack, you really love me *tears*

please, climbing class shippers, hear my plea. i came up with an au that i would love to see someone write! it’s a soulmate au, but with a twist. more under the cut! (no, but seriously. it’s really long. if someone would be so kind as to write this that would be AMAZING but… also i guess technically this is long enough to be a fic on its own now, cause it REALLY got away from me)

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As first I want to thank everyone who is in this fandom,so thank you for being cute and lovely!By my project post you liked/reblogged you are in this one! So these are ski jumping blogs in tumblr:

A-C: aliniiii , aleishhhaallyouneedisskijumping  , anders-fannemel , allineedaresportsandmusic , andreas-wellinger , alexandraterrible , annyoingkid blueberryfriday, blenamiboa , brigizs, bittersweet999 , buticanfly , balletdancer987, bayernruinedmylife, castagnetti , czarnaczapka , chuckbassbejb, catveins, captain-fantasticoh, cupofagoodtea, chaoticmoonstarlight, coccocookie czikita3 , cooljuliaaxx
D-G : dressage1986 , deltazvelty , dont-take-my-wings , demonsofthenight, eternal-moony, e-durm , evil-evi , ev3lina148  fmanzi , futureskijumpinglady , football-matters , freziooo, fucking-paradise-cityginnyonfire
H-K: hellonika3 , heeyskijumping , holdyouunder , hopepainter, ilovenearlyeverything, imamu-land, little-sunshine04, llamameilusa , liinuwhoa , liftmyhandsandtouchthesky , linanorwaylover, juli81d , justanbloggen , jumpleague ,kulkowa
L-O : liashkeane, luvmyandi , liveyourlifewithoutdoubts, love-skijumping-meeeetka, love-s-kijumping , miyomika, magioghvitetekopper,mrs-wellinger , my-volley-love , matteoiluca, ,miss-angelika , m-speedwaygirl  ,mypatatajka , mimzzis , michlhayboeck  , me–oh–my, mrs-morgenstern,misieeeeeek, mylifemychoice1 , mindflipping , marsilainen , myherrehx , missrosecrawleymasika10, mia-san-bayern-muenchen , natallial , nessimessi25 , ontheroadtoparis , oczy-winiara
P-T: positiveseb , pau0uvex , phil-sjoen, peterprevc, peterr-prevcc, resovianka27queenkraus, quoteangeljumping , stjerne-n , skijumping17  , skijumpingislife, skijumpingworld , snow-smile-skiing , shivero , summerlovegirl4ever , sosotis , ski-springen-battery-lifetime , skijumpingmylove , skijumpingformula1 , stoszynka , schlierisredbull , skijumpftw ,spotted-sheep , silke326 , sobrale, skijumping-schlieri , smudlinka , skijumpingyeah , skyisthheonlylimit , sarawellinger , skispringenaustria , skijumpingnorway , skijumpingcrushes  , skijumpingshippertjasawillalwaysloveyou , thepri1996 , pursuit-for-dreams , the-fourcade
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others:  -moonrunner

Those who wrote names of countries,these are results:
-The biggest number of ski jumping blogs here are from Poland.Big number also come from Germany,Hungary,Finland,Slovenia and Austria.Here are also couple blogs from Croatia,Bosnia&Herzegovina,Latvia,France,Portugal,Norway,USA,Czech Republic,The Netherlands and Russia /i’ll do one post very soon with exact results!

anonymous asked:

I like the "Zayn is late for everything" thing too, but I like it best when combined with other things we know about Zayn, for instance how he's the most likely to forget his passport, or how he never packs any clothing. I like the idea of him showing up super late to the airport, and being like "Guys, I'm sorry, I just realized that I forgot my passport, and I didn't bring any clothes!" only to discover that Liam has his passport and Harry packed a bag of clothes for him or something.

Yes, I love absent-minded Zayn headcanons. Zayn not remembering clothes, and when he’s looking for that one shirt he loves so much Harry just digs it out and hands it to him. Niall having all of Zayn’s family’s birthdays scheduled into his phone so Zayn won’t get in trouble for forgetting any. Liam having all of his important documents. Louis making a lot of noise about being annoyed at Zayn but also always having tea to hand to him because he’s the worst in mornings anyway. 

(ugh and then this gets sad with them unconsciously still doing this; Louis makes two cups of tea because he’s half asleep; Liam has to dig through Zayn’s passport stuff to get to his; Harry finds Zayn’s shirts in his bag; Niall gets an alert in Zayn’s aunt’s birthday.)