i'm sorry but these are all hilarious to me

I realise this is a travesty but if I may propose this scenario for your consideration: angie faced with s2!peggy

can you imagine the amount of “what the fuck,english” that would occur

peggy: *is ooc* angie: *looks into the camera like she’s on the office*

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Hey amy! I just lost my dog, so i've had a bad week. Got any cute headcanons about Dami and his numerous pets?

  • I’m going to go ahead and assume that Damian names his favorite bats from the cave, and since Damian’s record on pet names is all over the place– some of them (Goliath, Titus) are dignified, while others (Batcow, Spotty the rat from B&R 13) are definitely not– I imagine the bat names get pretty interesting.
  • Damian: Antigone, Bonaparte, Ulysses, Jezebel, Scheherazade
  • Also Damian: Rita, Earl, Capitalism, Lemon, Bagel Bite
  • Alfred the cat has spyware in his collar. So far it’s been a useful and multipurpose investment, good for eavesdropping on both one’s family and unsuspecting criminals loitering in the parts of the city where a stray cat would go unnoticed. Conveniently, that is most of the city.
  • Titus sleeps at the end of Damian’s bed, for the death nightmares. It helps to have someone to hug.
  • There are also geese on the Manor grounds– they come in and out of the pond on the east side of the property– and Damian has been feeding them Cool Ranch Doritos for the past month as part of an experimental plot. That’s Tim’s brand of chips; if everything goes according to plan, the next time Tim takes a picnic lunch, he’ll be swarmed by expectant geese. It’s going to be hilarious.

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Can you recommend some running man episodes? I usually watch the episodes where my Idols appear or the ones that I see in the previews and seem interesting, but I'm struggling to find good episodes!! THANK YOU!

Sorry for the super late reply! I’ve only started my uni break today and just got around to compiling this list!

Basically here are episodes that I hope you enjoy (may not have lots of idols IM SORRY!!!). I’ve given a brief desc of each episode to help you pick and choose which one to watch. But TBH I recommend start from the beginning and watch it all if you have the time ;) ALSO early episodes are freaking hilarious to watch cause they’re so smol and missions were cray :) 


Episode 3: Early RM dynamics + one of the funniest missions

Episode 12: The case of the Pygmalion Effect

Episode 15: Ji Hyo’s Heart Race game is rlly cute

Episode 52/53: Hunter Min Soo (one of my all time fave guest)

Episode 57: Cha Tae Hyun as a guest always makes a fun ep

Episode 59: Hip Hop ep - random slang + ‘swag’ + twist

Episode 60: The Tru-Gary Show

Episode 74: RM Survival Series !!

Episode 79: Great theme (Sherlock Holmes) + suspense

Episode 84/85: Big Bang

Episode 90: Older guests bring best laughs

Episode 91: Yoomes Bond’s first appearance

Episode 98: RM MT

Episode 103: Tuna Nuna appears

Episode 111/112: Another example of older guests making ep fun

Episode 118: Hunter Min Soo II

Episode 126: Experience the RM deceit

Episode 127: F4 Busan Boys

Episode 130: Reincarnation

Episode 133/134/136: Macau + Vietnam

Episode 138: RM teamwork !!!

Episode 145: RM vs Laws of the Jungle (great missions)

Episode 146: Betrayer’s Club

Episode 147: Kim Soo Hyun + Lee Hyun Woo + gags (ps I highly recommend you watch 'Secretly Greatly’ which starred these two)

Episode 152: Han Hyo Joo - great female guest

Episode 155: Just a great ep in general which has you hanging off your seat

Episode 159: omg them building the boats in the pool

Episode 162: Idol Ep - funny intro + good ep

Episode 163: If you wanna see JH get treated like a princess that she is

Episode 164: Ah-In annyeong~

Episode 165: Like this ep cause it’s RM centric + feels

Episode 168: Mission was rlly good + well executed

Episode 171: RM family dynamics

Episode 175: Gong Yoo + one of the funniest water missions

Episode 178: MUST WATCH !! SUPER FEELS !!

Episode 185: Surprise kiss :’)

Episode 190: RM dynamics once again in RM vs Guests

Episode 197: Ddakji - you thought ddakji was boring but boy wil you be proven wrong

Episode 205: Super funny + intro had me dying

Episode 209: One of my fave eps cause dying of laughter from start to finish

Episode 213: ACtress Special - image out the window

Episode 216: laughed so hard at one of the missions

Episode 231: Return of Yoomes Bond

Episode 236: RM vs Shinhwa vs ZE:A

Episode 240: Karaoke time + great guests

Episode 247: Invade Kwang Soo’s house :))

Episode 260: #tbt idols

Episode 261: Horror Special - prepare yourself

Episode 267: RM only - great team dynamics + feels YET AGAIn

Episode 270: Watch and find out - RM only

Episode 271/272: RM 100 vs 100

Episode 277: Zombie War + zombie dance = laughter

Episode 280: SNS Reply Race

Episode 285: RM members face their fears

Episode 288: No guests

Episode 291: Q&A - find out about the members

Episode 293: RM House

Episode 316: Train to Prison

Episode 321: Interesting theme !!

Episode 324/325: Prepare your tissues, our squid is leaving T_T

Episode 329: RM only !!

(All the recent member’s week episodes are nice too!!)

i am sorry again for dash-spamming about this, but i just…i can’t get over it!

i can hear birds. birds!!! real birds! and i just watched episode 10 of yoi and the music at the end was so hilarious and cute and i just…i am so emotional. it is such a gift to be able to enjoy all of this again, like watching my favorite shows and movies for the first time.

i listened to agape on repeat this afternoon and i was almost in tears at how beautiful it was. i knew it was graceful, soothing music, but i had no idea how beautiful it was and to hear it along with the character’s voices was amazing.

i just can’t get over it. i feel so lucky to be able to enjoy this again with my hearing aids. also, yurio’s little laugh when he gives yuuri katsudon piroshki is the CUTEST THING. it honestly makes my heart skip a beat when i remember that, hey, i can actually hear this now. it’s bizarre, but amazing, and i am sorry again for gushing, but do you know how amazing it is to be able to hear this???

do you realize how cool it is to hear the ice skates with the music? it is such an awesome sound and i just…ugh, i am overwhelmed. overwhelmed. 

i am honestly just so happy.

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story time omfg.. my mom just called and told me the best thing

SO as y'all know….. i went out with some people last night. they all went to breakfast this morning (my mom included) and i couldn’t go because i had to open up the store etc. anyways so all the girls + their husbands and kids went (so that’s 6 adults, 4 kids) to denny’s.

my mom was supposed to go on a date tonight with some guy but she hadn’t heard from him at all this weekend. guess who walked into the denny’s with another woman? u guessed it; the dude who wasn’t responding to her.

so, my mother, being the petty person she is, texted him saying something like “so i see why i haven’t heard from you all weekend. btw, i’m in denny’s right now.”

this isn’t even the best part guys

at the end of their meal, my mom hadn’t heard back from him yet, the waitress comes over and tells them that everyone’s meal had been paid for. everyone was like?????????????? (keep in mind just how many meals that is y'all)

a few minutes later, my mom gets a response from the dude saying he was sorry and he paid for her and her friends’ meals.

i mean y'all.. i laughed my ass off when she told me. karma don’t quit, she’s real and she’s getting all these dudes

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omg i messed up i'm so sorry lol...Baron Corbin, #13," my mom convinced we are dating cause we're roommates" ignore my last way,i'm sorry lol

You and Baron are currently expecting his mother at the apartment you both share. He had made plans with her to have lunch and, as you’re already a part of the family, they asked you to join them.

“My mom is convinced we’re dating since we’re roommates.” Baron spits all at once, embarrassment making him avoid your gaze.

“What? Are you serious?” You ask and when he nods his head slightly, you can’t help but chuckle. “Your mum is hilarious!” You say, trying to dismiss the nervousness this conversation is bringing up.

“Yeah, right. You and me, uh? Who would’ve thought? Only my mom.” He fake smiles at you, trying to shrug it off, but you know him as the back of your hand. Maybe he likes you too… ‘No, no way, you have to stop overthinking stuff’, you advise yourself, obviously not following your own advice.

“Well, it’s not that unthinkable.” You state. Baron looks at you with a blank yet questioning look.

“What do you mean?” He asks, curiously, secretly hopeful.

“I mean, you and me, it’s not that unthinkable. It could happen.” And how you wish he knew how much you wanted it to happen.

“Ah. Yeah, it could. We don’t know what the future has in store for us.” He agrees with you.

Suddenly, and finally, his mother arrives, knocking at the door loudly. Greeting you and his son, the woman rapidly sits down, glancing between you and him, smiling widely.

“God, I love seeing you two together.” She gushes, making the both of you blush a deep red and avoid her gaze. “Seriously, it’s so clear to ser how in love you are and-”

“Ma, stop. Please.” Baron begs, feeling the most embarrassed he ever was in his whole life. “We’re not dating, okay?” He finally confesses to his mother, making your heart sink.

“Yeah, we’re not.” You support, swallowing the lump in your throat. Weirdly enough, his mother lets out a chuckle, leaving you and Baron with a puzzled look on your faces.

“I know you’re not.” She states confidently.

“So, if you know… why-?” You start asking her only to have her cutting you off.

“Why? Because I can see the way you look at each other. You’re not together, okay. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other… right?” She winks at you, her tone slow as if she was talking to some kids and trying to make them understand something obvious. And it worked, you two kept silent, lost in your thoughts, until she spoke up again. “Oh look, I forgot, I have to meet my friend!” She says, clearing her throat. “Oh, my memory… not what it used to be. Bye kids, finish your lunch and be good.” She smiles widely as she says her goodbyes, leaving you and Baron alone.

“So…” You say, not really knowing what to do or say.

“So…” He replies, rubbing the back of his head.

“I have something to tell you!” You both burst out at the same time.

“You first.” He offers.

“No, no, you first.” You reply.

The next seconds of dialogue were a mixture of ‘no’ and ‘you talk first’, until you both finally spoke your mind.

“I like you.” You both say, yet again at the same time.

“What? You do?” He asks, dumbfounded.

“Yeah, you too?” You ask, shocked too.

“Wow. This… This is amazing.” He smiles shyly, and you smile back, feeling yourself blush.

He keeps staring at you, glancing between your eyes and your lips and you can’t resist him anymore. You lean into him, kissing his lips. They are even softer than you had imagined. And they felt so good against yours, as if they were shaped to match yours. In the blink of an eye, you’re in his lap. His tongue massaging yours really slowly, savouring the kiss. Damn, the man can kiss. And, oh god, the heat emanating from his body is making yours tingle.

“Damn.” He manages to say once you pull back.

“Damn indeed.” You blush, pecking his lips.

“Mama knows best, right?”

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Crazy headcannon! Maybe MTT lost his legs and got that scar like Darth Vader did 👉👈 (if you seen Star wars) ok ok,maybe i am a crazy girl who wants to find a explication of everything. We better hope you tell us someday about that /)·~·(\ (sorry if I didn't write very well, my first language isn't english :v)

As hilarious as a Star Wars Parody featuring Jedi MTT would be– “Fabulous, you have become”–I think my explanations will be a little more grounded.

I’m not withholding ideas to torture you guys (that is a lie), I want a story that is fleshed out as much as possible and then put into comic form because that is the best way I can express it.

I’m beginning to understand how it feels to have an rp blog. You start out with jokes and dank memes and suddenly you have overarching, linear narratives.

I always thinking somehow this is so related to @askthearcheroftokai and @asktakedashingen when they have some quarrels here LOL.

Thanks @bloody-geisha who giving me this pict to edit xD
And sorry if this isn’t funny at all ._.

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🗿🎻How would Jesse, kix,Wolffe,Cody,Rex,echo,fives and hard case react to their s/o pulling a prank on them?? Sorry if this is too long or I'm requesting too much 🎻🗿

(Not at all!!! I love these don’t apologize for giving me joy😊)

Wolffe: he’d give you the stink eye while you’re falling over laughing and high-fiving the Wolfpack because you got him good! (Greased the floor in front of his room and yelled out “Attack!” He slipped and fell on his ass and it was hilarious.) He might growl at you though so watch out.

Cody: one very expressive and sassy eyebrow raise is enough of a reaction to know he Knows Exactly Who Put The Itch Powder In His Armor. Is about to complain to Obi-Wan when the Jedi walks by and fist-bumps you without a word.

Rex: you tinkered with the voice modulator on his helmet so his voice sounded high and squeaky like a mouse. It’s very hard to be taken seriously I’m that state - and when he learns who did it, he’ll laugh it off….but watch. Your. Back. He will have his revenge.

Echo: you Force-lift him (sleeping bag and all) up to the ceiling while he’s asleep and watch him freak out when he wakes up. Once he realizes, he just sighs and says “again?” In a very defeated tone because this happens on the regular.

Fives: you painted his armor and helmet plain white (with washable paint) and he flipped the fuck out when he found it. His response? He tackles you to the ground and tickles you until you apologize and beg for mercy.

Kix: you thought about pretending to be sick, but didn’t want to actually terrify him, so you settle for leaving his equipment in very strange places and tying his shoelaces together. He rolls his eyes and says “really?” Like he’s not impressed -but he is. And you just started a war.

Jesse: is angry at first (who wouldn’t be, when you stole all his ration bars and replaced them with wrappers so he thought he’d been sleep eating? ) but eventually smiles and nods and says “Good job, kid. Good job.”

Hardcase: is fucking delighted and laughs at his own expense, even though you just replaced his caf sugar with salt. Offers to teach you more and better pranks because he’s the master.

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followed for your arts, stayed bc now i have a crush on p. much all your oc's one way or another, plus you're fucking hilarious (and also still the arts which are fire)

Tell me why you followed me and what made you stay

Pfffft ehehe :’) thank you so much and I’m sorry you have a crush on all my trash children. ❤️ They aren’t worthy :’D 

BTS as things my best friend and I have said

Yoongi: I keep hearing my bones crack when I move. I swear it’s like I’m a rice crispy. Every day snap, crackle, pop!

Taehyung: *hyperventilating* HOMOSEXUAL DINOSAURS

Namjoon: Fine wine you twat!

Hoseok: Oh sure, everybody wants to have crazy tree sex

Jin: At this rate, being friends with you is going to require me having to get Life Alert

Jungkook: The fact that we just talked about dicks for a solid hour says something about our friendship

Jimin: Hah! You just made the greatest bun pun of all time, ASSumption! *laughs very hard

Hc that Tim uses really random and bizarre threats, and with a completely blank expression. Things like, “I will mix purple ink with your toothpaste.” or “I will rig your laptop to play Hollaback Girl every day at 2:25am at maximum volume.”

And like it’s actually kinda terrifying because you can never be sure if he’s being serious or not? Like, whenever he threatens his siblings (and Bruce, on occasion), at first they’re just like pfft okay Tim whatevs but then after a while they just get this premonition hanging over them and they’ll be tossing Tim slightly nervous glances which he returns with a casual stare that is really intense and honestly kinda freaky help???

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Tbh I've had a shitty day, show me 76, Genji and Lucio being there for a reader who's also had a shitty day and feels like crap? Romantic or platonic headcanons, I'm not fussy.

• Would try and cook for you and fail hilariously.
• I’m sorry Jack but how the fuck have you kept yourself alive eating like this?
• Would drop the soldier act and just slob around with you eating takeout and keeping an arm around you all the time.
• Fetches you anything you can think of that you want.
• Very attentive.

• Sings dumb little songs to try and cheer you up.
• Most of them don’t even have words but the ones that do are silly and funny.
• Pulls you close and leads you in a dance; nothing fancy, just swaying back and forth to the sound of his voice.

• Is the best listener in the world ever.
• Will simply sit with you and listen to you vent and yell and scream or cry and whimper until it’s all out.
• He’s nice to hug, very solid and whirry.
• Takes you out for coffee or ice cream once it’s all out and tells you stories about himself as a kid to distract you.

I FUCKED UP ( spoilers for a bad ending under cut don’t look i just needed to rant )

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So this is pretty much how Fever time goes between Yu and Adachi:

Adachi: It’s showtime!

Yu: Feel my heat!

Adachi: What? Are you getting all excited because of me?

Adachi: Oh no, this is getting kinda fun.

Yu: We’re really going with the flow.

Adachi: You’re pretty good, for a brat that is.

Yu: That went really good.

Adachi: Is this you being serious? How sultry.

Adachi: You stole the show. You’re so saucy.

And after finishing:

Adachi: That felt pretty good. My hips hurt though.

Yu: That was perfect. Amazing!

I’m not kidding either, I’m totally serious.

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Do you skip and ignore some of your asks or is there just too many of them in order for you to have seen them all? (I'm just curious because my friend was so mad that you didnt answer her ask XD it was hilarious!!!)

i skip and ignore a lot of my asks :)))) and omfg yes, that’s hilarious, because this blog would be rlly shitty if i actually answered all of the asks i received, sorry not sorry babes.

Originally posted by justpriyanka

anyways, i’ve answered a similar question (how “long” does it take me to answer a question that’s been sent) over on my personal blog, and it goes a lot more in depth about the way i answer questions on this blog.~

feel free to read it right here!

also, there’s a section on my blog rules page titled ‘why your ask wasn’t answered’. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and while i’m answering non-2p related asks……,,,

no anon it’s not weird you ship me with emperor zao b/c he’s secretly my boyfriend and just doesn’t know it yet,, btw pickup lines aren’t working for me anymore but thx for trying and A+ for effort

….,,, rachel is right, everyone listen to rachel

god dammit zao not again

My Impressions of the Signs (based on my friends and their signs)
  • Aries: You like arguing, and you're very good at it. its kinda hot though.
  • Taurus: EVERYONE LOVES YOU. HOW DO YOU DO IT. You're also a natural-born leader.
  • Gemini: You talk a lot. I love that about you. And you're such a genuinely nice person as well.
  • Cancer: You feel like home. You're not appreciated enough.
  • Leo: I either completely love you or grow to hate you.
  • Virgo: We're so compatible, it scares me. Also, boys of this sign always end up liking me.
  • Libra: You're so beautiful and likable. You're freaking hilarious and I adore that laugh of yours.
  • Scorpio: Oh man. Marry me tbh. You scare me but you're actually a huge dork. I like you all the more for it.
  • Sagittarius: Fun person. Blunt to the point where it hurts. Your honesty is refreshing though.
  • Aquarius: I'm sorry for all the hardships you've gone through. You and your Aries boyfriend are two of my best friends in this whole world.
  • Pisces: You were always way too good for me.