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pansexualititty  asked:

Could you possibly make a nsfw egobang where Dan accidentally kisses Arin after a recording and turns out Arins wanted to dom him for a while ?? Maybe? (Sorry I've seen a lot of Arin being sub and it kinda bothers me cos I feel like it would be the other way around have a nice day I hope I'm not bothering you)

Late Nights

Ship: Egobang

Rating: Explicit

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Notes: Thanks for the request! You can also send me some and see all my ships/fandoms here!

Summary: “I wouldn’t leave you.” He whispered, and Dan could feel his heart break a little.

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[possible trigger for abuse]

Wow… thinking about that last post really made me feel bad for Yellow Guy.

What happened to him with the Love Cult was a dream, that’s established in the episode. But what happened in that dream really says a lot.

The catalyst for Yellow Guy going up the tree was Birdman killing the butterfly/bee. When that happened, Yellow Guy might have felt that his friends didn’t care about him at that moment, so he ran away and climbed up the tree.

Then comes the “little baby pigeon” to teach Yellow Guy about love. The “little baby pigeon” (let’s call him “Love Bug” because why not) starts off by singing about how other people can hate each other – and more specifically and implicitly, about how people hate Yellow Guy (including Yellow Guy’s friends).

That’s when the Love Bug takes Yellow Guy into the sky, talking about love and loneliness. When Yellow Guy says that what he’s feeling is just hunger, the Love Bug insists that it’s loneliness. This could represent Yellow Guy’s state of mind right then: even though he probably was mostly hungry at the time, part of him probably did feel lonely, and his mind might have been trying to convince him that loneliness was all he felt.

Cut back to Birdman and Red Guy on the ground. They see Yellow Guy flying across the rainbow, and they seem to show some relief before Birdman suggests that they go after Yellow Guy, because “that’s what friends do”. Red Guy agrees, saying they “might get left behind” if they don’t follow their friend. This part symbolizes the part of Yellow Guy that acknowledges and accepts that his friends love him. But then Birdman and Red Guy start talking about how they would rather eat the chicken and then eat the chicken (and the eggs) before (or instead) of chasing after Yellow Guy. That part represents Yellow Guy’s latent feelings of loneliness and exclusion, with his friends valuing chicken over their friend. Because I interpret this as being all part of the dream, I take this scene to be a manifestation of Yellow Guy’s thoughts and feelings rather than necessarily being what actually happened.

Back to Yellow Guy and Love Bug. They have reached the Love Cult in the sky. Here, the Love Cult insists that they love Yellow Guy, giving him a sense of acceptance, even though Furry Boy becomes aggressive when Yellow Guy tries to reciprocate that “love”. 

Another shot of Birdman and Red Guy, who have eaten the food and then decide to look for Yellow Guy. Again, because I interpret this as part of the dream sequence, it represents Yellow Guy’s knowledge that no matter what, his friends will come through for him.

Meanwhile, back in the sky, the Love Cult starts singing about how they express their love for each other. Their ways are actually pretty decent ways of expressing love. However, when Yellow Guy starts expressing his love for things, he gets shot down by Love Bug, because “that’s not how it’s done”. This could represent how Yellow Guy feels about other people’s expressions of love versus his own – he knows how greatly other people can express love, but when he does it, he doesn’t do it right.

This leads to the part about Yellow Guy’s “special one” – who isn’t even shown to exist within the dream world. She’s a dream within a dream, a concept Yellow Guy might have seen before, but knows little about. This is supported by his questioning of a “special one”. When he rejects the notion of having a “special one” due to his loneliness, this suggests that he sees himself as “unworthy” of this love that is being pushed at him, tying back to the last bit’s part about Yellow Guy not expressing his love “properly”. Love Bug tries to convince Yellow Guy that he’s “just confused”, which leads to the Michael sequence. This little story-within-a-story could be Yellow Guy’s sense of self-perception; he sees himself as an ugly “freak” who is destined to live alone. When the rabbit says that “even Michael” had a “special one”, this could be Yellow Guy’s hope re-emerging and reminding him that he is loved.

However, then comes the part where the Love Cult sings about how married love is the only form of love. Yellow Guy’s mind might be growing to convince Yellow Guy that romantic love is what really matters, and that what he had experienced up until that point wasn’t “true love” because it was friendly, not romantic.

Next comes the King Malcolm part. I don’t have a lot to say about this that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll cut to the part where Red Guy, Birdman, Roy, Sketchbook, and Tony are in the background as Yellow Guy is about to be forced into the Love Cult. Considering the changes Love Bug demands Yellow Guy to make, the presence of Yellow Guy’s closest friends and significant formative forces (re: Sketchbook and Tony) could be Yellow Guy’s perception that his closest friends and teachers believe that Yellow Guy must change his entire identity to become “acceptable”. The “forget about anything you ever knew” line from Love Bug could be Yellow Guy’s subconscious telling him that this isn’t right. However, at this point, Yellow Guy feels trapped, as seen by his being strapped to the chair.

Fortunately, this is where the awful dream ends. When he wakes up, Yellow Guy finds Red Guy and Birdman below the tree, saying they had been looking for him all afternoon. Birdman then apologizes for their behaviour earlier that day, and he offers Yellow Guy the last boiled egg to “cheer [him] up”. Red Guy adds that “it must be because [they] love [him]”. At that point, it seems to come to Yellow Guy that his friends loved him all along, and that their love is enough. Then there’s the whole bit with the caterpillar breaking out and yelling, “Father!”, only for Birdman to squish the “pesky bee” – which, given Yellow Guy’s dream sequence, might not be a bad thing this time. Then the credits role, and Malcolm is shown burning. The burning could be a final confirmation that yes, the ideals pushed by Love Bug and the Love Cult were wrong, and that Yellow Guy was always loved, and that romantic love isn’t the only form of love.

In essence, that’s how I read Yellow Guy’s storyline in DHMIS 3. He learned that even if he does feel lonely and unloved, he is loved by his friends, and that this is just as important as any other form of love.

TL;DR: my baby felt unloved, and that gave me feels.