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HOLY SHIT i cannot believe this —- how have i hit this milestone in just a week? i couldn’t have even imagined how much this blog would grow in such little time, thank you all so much!! this was a real spur of the moment thing so i apologize if i’ve left anyone out because of how rushed this was ( hench the terrible graphic )

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Ridiculously Detailed Profile

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  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
  • Height: 5 fulms, 3 ilms
  • Eye Color: One gold, one green
  • Hair Color: Golden-brown, sun-faded lighter towards the tips

The Facts:

  • Name Day: Who knows? Definitely not her.
  • Occupation: Ul’dahn troupe dancer
  • Allegiance: Mostly to herself, really.
  • Sexual identification: Pansexual, demisexual
  • Romantic identification: Panromantic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, though leaning close to Chaotic Neutral
  • Criminal History: Disturbing the peace, petty theft, relatively minor things like that. However, she has been an accessory to grand theft in the first degree.
  • Relationship Status: In a monogamous relationship
  • Sweet on: @braden-ffxiv


  • Favourite food: Sticky cinnamon buns from one particular stall on the Sapphire Avenue Exchange. Otherwise, she favours fruit, or spiced meat with flatbread.
  • Favourite drink: Water, or stupidly ostentatious cocktails of all kinds.
  • Favourite artist: She doesn’t have one; she thinks art (whether musical, visual, culinary, etc) is about passion, and as long as the artist is passionate about their work, she personally likes it regardless of quality. A bad singer who does so with gusto is more valuable to her than a talented singer who sings halfheartedly.
  • Favourite scents: Bright fruity ones, or Braden’s pine cologne.
  • Favourite person: Braden. But with regards to platonic affection, nobody has even come close to how much she cared for her recently deceased twin brother.


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Lowkey what makes me sad is people hating Saeran more because of the new route... ; × ;

See, I have mixed feelings about Saeran in V’s route. Not to give any spoilers away, but he acts differently than what he usually is like in the other’s routes. Saeran’s new personality honestly freaks me out a bit because it reminds me of a bad experience with someone I had in the past (that I won’t go into detail with for spoiler and personal reasons). But I still think that he’s a great character who deserves lots of love! But as far as hate for Saeran goes, I really haven’t seen that much of it. Although I did see a few posts hating on him for very invalid reasons. Almost everyone has a certain character from a fandom that they don’t like, I have plenty myself, which is completely fine since everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But it’s when people give ridiculous reasons for hating Saeran that make me upset, it’s like they haven’t even played the game sometimes! If someone is going to hate a character then that’s fine but they have to have some kind of valid reason, otherwise it just doesn’t make sense. But I know that Saeran had tons of fans which makes me happy, I’m sure that he’ll be getting his own route soon enough!!


Nia Amur Eiden:

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I’ve been exploring Junkertown and taking tons of screenshots, and here are some thoughts. I am so sorry for the massiveness of this post omg, please feel free to blacklist #long post if you need to!

  • The Queen of Junkertown is a BABE and I’m in love with her and also very gay. Also the flag of Junkertown is bomb, and I adore looking at all the various signage, it adds so much flavor to the map
  • Even a lawless society has to have a few rules, and those rules basically amount to: start shit, get hit
  • Junkrat and Roadhog really are hated by everyone, oh my god. Shoot them on sight. I love it.
  • “Watch your step!” Perhaps where Junkrat got his singsong line every time he lays a trap that someone triggers?
  • Base notes:
    • It looks like they’ve got a hatch in the floor there. (Edit: It’s been confirmed that it’s a pressure plate!! There’s two of them, if two people stand on them, it opens up a hidden treasure room!)
    • They have an entire fucking vending machine of pachimari, this is the most extra thing I’ve ever seen, I’m crying
    • Roadhog makes his own hogdrogen, and it looks like it starts out as a yellow sloshy liquid.
    • There’s a fish head in their kitchen area – I’ve always believed that Roadhog’s a vegetarian because of his anti-meat patches. Maybe he’s a pescatarian? Or maybe it’s just Junkrat who’s eating the fish?
    • Lots of chains hanging from the ceiling, probably to refill Roadhog’s chain hook
    • Everyone’s already pointed out that there’s only one bed in Junkrat and Roadhog’s base. Things Roadhog needs to sleep: an oxygen tank, a fan, and food. Look at all those dirty dishes. Someone pointed out that Junkrat has his own place to sleep and argued that this proves the base is only Roadhog’s house and thus they’re not sleeping together. Which is. Such a reach, why are you so vehemently against the implications that these two are together. Anyways, Junkrat does have a couch set up in his workshop with a blanket and a pillow and a fridge and a sink, but I don’t buy for a second that he actually lives there full time. He has too much of an established presence in the base for it to be just Roadhog’s house – he’s got those grenades and spray cans everywhere, and I’m pretty sure he’s the one chugging those soft drinks by the cooler. And these assholes eat their meals together like a married couple. Junkrat’s got the tiny bowl and the normal-ish chair and the entire pot of coffee, Roadhog’s got the big bowl and the tire-seat chair and the sensible single cup of coffee (Edit: I can’t believe I didn’t notice this until someone pointed it out – they stole Roadhog’s chair from the takeaway, look!). What domestic little shits. No, Junkrat’s workshop is just a workshop with some amenities, bc the man absolutely loses track of time when he’s tinkering and it’s easier to crash in his mad lab than go back to sleep with Roadhog, imo.
    • THE PLAN: Junkrat’s boundless enthusiasm makes me smile.
    • They have two chairs on their front porch with a cooler and some drinks in between them. Imagine these two just. Sitting on the porch together and sharing a drink. They’re so married, I’m l i v i n g for this domestic shit. 
  • On the subject of Junkrat’s workshop: he actually does play cricket! Or he at least owns a cricket paddle
  • Junkrat has a safe that’s covered in DANGER, NO ENTRY, GO BACK signs and that’s hilarious to me. Also hilarious: his “NO TRESPASSING“ sign over a door that’s boarded up from the inside.
  • It looks like both Junkrat and Roadhog got their tattoos at Swagman’s Needlepoint! Roadhog’s Wild Hog Power design is marked as sold. Junkrat’s bicep tattoo is also up on the wall!
  • I guess there’s?? A thriving music scene in Junkertown?? Where is the Mad Max flamethrower guitarist